summer's gone Walkthrough

Summer’s Gone Walkthrough

This Summer’s Gone Walkthrough will guide you through all the choices and routes to unlock all the scenes in the game.

Version: Chapter 4.5

Game Plan:

The guide lists the choice(s) in the game, so you can determine how to obtain scenes, relationship points and unlock items.


[Trigger] – Variables which affect dialogues and game events. [name +/-] – Relationship points gained/lost per character. [ImgName#] – CG gallery unlock variables.

[ImgR#] – Romance replay unlock variables. [ImgS#] – Story replay unlock variables. [ImgL#] – Lewd replay unlock variables. [MusicSTR] – Music track unlock variables. [ImgCh#x#] – Cinematics unlock variables.

{Go to Anchor} – Links which go to another location in the walkthrough.

Tip: You can search for variables by: Ctrl + F then enter Variable. This is useful to find where a particular trigger was set, or to find all the relationship points for a particular character.


This game contains adult material. All characters in this game are fictional and over 18 years old. You must be of legal age to play this game.

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C1 Start

CHAPTER 1 – Summer’s Gone Walkthrough

Following the accident, you take the gun from the driver.

  • Shoot her. [gunshot]
  • Throw the gun away.

You wake to find Nami in your room. You argue about visiting the hospital.

  • Insensitive joke
  • Joke [NTJ +1]
  • Nothing

At the hospital, Maja says you look suspicious.

  • Where can I buy some candy?
  • We’re here to finish the job. [JokeFinishTheJob1x0]
  • Say nothing, just stare.

C1 School

Bella hopes you aren’t in their classes, already got enough ugly guys.

  • Ignore her
  • These hands are rated E. [Equality1x0]

Jeff says, “You should come to the gym with us.”

  • I’ll think about it.. [jeff +1; Jeffgym1x0]
  • Most likely not. [jeff -1] Mila wants to talk. [milatalk]

Mila says to keep in mind there are people you can talk to.

  • Joke.
  • I appreciate your concern… But worry about your own stuff.
  • I will.

C1 Victoria

Maja asks you to visit Victoria.

Victoria will be attending ZPR, and starts physical therapy next week.

  • I wish you the best.
  • I see.

Maja gives you a ride back. [vici = 1; mila = 1]

C1 End

CHAPTER 2 – Summer’s Gone Walkthrough

C2 Start

Maja asks you to keep an eye on Victoria.

  • *sigh* Yes. [babysit; light +1; maja +2]
  • For a favor in the future. [babysit; majafavour; maja +1]
  • No. [dark +1; maja -3]

If babysit And Not majafavour:

Nami says she’ll look hotter than your future bride.

    • That won’t be hard.. You’re pretty hot. [nami +1]
    • Good luck

Nami asks you to let her into the bathroom.

  • Let her in and leave.
  • Let her in and shower. [showertog] Nami says she prefers guys with a butt.
  • And I prefer girls with tits.
  • I prefer Summer.
  • If milatalk: I like Mila. [wingnami; ImgNami1]

If jeff = 1:

Jeff arrives to take you to the gym. [fitness +1] If showertog: [namigrounded]

{Go to C2 Gym} Else:

If wingnami: [namigrounded]

{Go to C2 School}

C2 Gym

Jeff leaves to take a call. You spot Bella training.

  • Threaten her [dark +2; bellathreat; dominance +1]
  • Train without Jeff. [bellasafe]
  • Wait for Jeff.

Jeff says nobody is going to look at your pipi.

  • I don’t mind that. [dominance +1]
  • Good.

If milatalk: Jeff asks if you like Mila?

    • I do. [light +1; mila +3; jeffcomp]
    • I don’t know
    • Not really. [mila -2; dark +1]

Jeff tells you to be careful around Bella.

  • If bellasafe: I don’t think she is that bad. [bella +2]
  • I’m not afraid of her.
  • I am careful.

C2 School

If milatalk: Mila is about to hug you.

    • Hug her back [mila +1]
    • Block it.
    • If light >=2: Hug her tight. [mila +2]

Mila asks if you want to be mates?

  • Yes. [mila +2]
  • No. [mila -1]

If bellathreat: Bella is staring at you.

    • Stare back. [dominance +1]
    • Don’t look at her. [dominance -1; knowledge +1] Else: [knowledge +1]

C2 Cafe

If milatalk: Victoria asks if you and Mila are friends?

    • More like acquaintances. [mila -2]
    • Yes we are. [mila +2]

Mila says you and Victoria should go on a date.

  • Go on a date with Victoria. [vicdate]
  • I’m not interested, sorry.

Victoria says Nami is awesome.

  • Sometimes. [vici +1]
  • Not really. [vici -1]

Mila asks if you like Victoria.

  • Yes.
  • No.

Some guys insult Mila.

  • Interfere [mila +2]
  • Leave with Mila.

If milatalk: Mila tells you those guys bully her for being poor.

    • Want me to beat them up? [milalove +1; mila +3]
    • Ignoring them is the best you can do.

C2 School 2

Seems like Mila and Victoria are talking about you.

  • Give them a subtle smile. [mila +1; vici +1]
  • Don’t.

Class ends. [ImgSonya1] Victoria wants you to hug her.

  • Hug her [vici +1]
  • Leave [vici -1]

C2 Bella’s House

You ask Bella who her neighbor is. She asks why you want to know?

  • Because I’m going to fuck him up. [bellaknowsmario]
  • I’m just curious.

If bellaknowsmario: Bella asks if you want to do something to Mario’s car?

    • Yes. [dark; bella +1; bellavsmario]
    • No.

C2 Home

If bellavsmario: Do you meet up with Bella?

    • Meet up with Bella. [bellalove +1; namilove -1; bellameet; ImgBella2]

{Go to C2 Bella Meet}

    • Stay at home [bellalove -5; nami +5; ImgNami2]

{Go to C2 Stay Home} Else: [bellameet1]

{Go to C2 Stay Home}

C2 Bella Meet

Bella says she’s the worst that could’ve happened to Amber.

  • You could be worse [bella +1]
  • Probably. [bella -1]
  • Say nothing

{Go to C2 Basketball}

C2 Stay Home

Nami asks what made you smile?

  • You did. [namisextalk; namisleep; namilove +1]
  • Goodnight, Nami. Namisleep

C2 Basketball

Coach Hill asks what you like?

  • Winning [mrshill +2; mrstahl +2]
  • Food [mrshill -1; mrstahl -1]
  • Spongebob squarepants [mrshill -2; mrstahl +2]
  • Crushing enemies. [dark; mrstahl +3; mrshill +1]

If bellameet: You win the game. [nadia +2]

{Go to C2 Class}

Else: Bella knees you. [bellaknee]

{Go to C2 Nurse}

C2 Nurse

You’re taken to the infirmary. [ImgClaire1] The nurse asks if Bella hurt you on purpose?

  • Yes. [BNOP]
  • No.

C2 Class

If vicdate And toldvicitheyrehot: [bella +2]

C2 Bella’s House 2

If gunshot: [bella +3] Else: [NGOP = False]

If bellameet: [ImgBella1]

Bella wants you to tell her your story.

  • Tell her the story about Summer. bella +2; bellasummer
  • Don’t tell her.

C2 Home 2

If milatalk: You think about how to keep an eye on Nami.

    • I trust Mila. milatrust
    • I don’t trust Mila.

C2 Texting

Bella says Amber is a good therapist.

  • Then why are you, you? If Not bellameet And if Not BNOP: [bella +1]
  • We’ll see.

C2 Rehab

Maja asks you to meet her at a physical therapy center. [ImgMaja1] Victoria is panicking. You offer to face their fears together.

  • I promise you. [vici +5; vicpromise]
  • End it there.

C2 End

CHAPTER 3 – Summer’s Gone Walkthrough

C3 Start

Group hug. [ImgCeli1]

If vicpromise: Maja says you’re not alone either.

    • Hold her hand. [majalove +1]
    • Remove her hand.

Maja asks if you still have your parents?

  • Tell her [maja +2]
  • Don’t tell her

If vicdate And vicpromise: Maja tells you how Victoria imagined the date. [ImgVic5] You have a look around the therapy center. [ImgVic1; ImgMaja2]

C3 Nami Home

You tell Nami you met up with Victoria. [Nhl]

If bellameet And Nhl: Nami searched your room. [ImgNami3]

{Go to C3 Nami Upset} Else:

{Go to C3 School 1}

C3 Nami Upset

Nami says she can’t lose you, but feels you’re pulling away.

  • Tell Nami what you and Bella did. [namilove +1; NKAB]
  • Don’t tell her. [namilove -1]

You can’t sleep.

  • Go to her room

{Go to C3 Nami Bed}

  • Go to bed.

{Go to C3 School 1}

C3 Nami Bed

Looks like Nami’s asleep.

  • Join her in bed. [NSIHR; ImgNami6]

Nami says we should sleep together more often.

  • I’d like that. [Nsleep03]

You stare at Nami as she rubs your nipple.

    • Stay still [ImgNami8; NLIH03]
    • What the hell are you doing?
  • It would be weird.
  • Leave.

C3 School 1

Sonya gets on your bus [ImgSonya2] Sit with Sonya?

  • Sit next to Sonya. [sonyatalk; ImgSonya3]
  • Don’t sit with her

Karen asks you for your ID. [ImgKaren1]

Zara boasts she’s going to turn the sports team around. [ImgZara1] Mila is crying.

  • Comfort her [ImgMila1; MilaComfort03; milalove +1; ayua +1; marla +1]
  • Don’t comfort her

If bellameet: Mila got charged for the Holgerson break in. Else: Mila’s parents stole her savings.

Cheer Mila up?

  • Ask her out for dinner. [mila +2] Are you asking Mila out?
    • Yes, I am.

If vicdate: [miladateF]

Else: [milalove +1; miladate]

    • Only as friends [miladateF]
  • Don’t ask her out.

If bellameet: Bella pulls your face against her chest. [ImgBella3] Miss Harrison tells you class is over. [ImgHari1]

You tell Bella about the confrontation with Sai. [ImgBella4]

Ayua asks if you want to spar with her?

  • Fine with me [AyuaSparring]
  • No thanks, I can handle myself just fine.

You and Bella go to see Karen about your ID. [ImgBella5; ImgKaren2] Bella says, “A model? A fatty like that?”

  • Objectively, she has a very attractive body. [karen +3; Bjeal +1; KarenAttractive]
  • Some people like curves.
  • I have no type.

C3 Bella Home

Amber insinuates Bella caused your injuries.

  • You should give Bella some slack. [bllamb +1] Amber says she’ll talk to Bella later.
  • Please apologize to her. [bllamb +2; AmberAP; amber +3]
  • I don’t want to interfere.
  • She needs a firm hand. [bllamb -1]

You ask Amber not to tell Nojiko. [ImgAmber1] You go to Bella’s room. [ImgBella6]

You tell Bella you understand how she feels.

  • You were right… We aren’t so different. [BTY; bellalove +1]
  • Don’t say it

Claire knocks over Bella’s delivery. [ImgClaire3] If bellameet Or BTY: [ImgBella9]

Nojiko asks if you got into a fight? [ImgNojiko1]

If miladate: Mila texts you about the date.

    • Let’s keep it friendly at first [miladateF]
    • I would call it a date, yes.

Therapy session with Amber. [ImgAmber3] You join Bella outside by her car. [ImgBella10]

Bella takes you shopping for clothes. Joins you in the changing room. [ImgBella16] If BTY: Bella tells you to change in front of her.

    • Refuse to change while she’s present.
    • Change with her being present [UmB; ImgBella12; MCBL +1] If MCBL = 1: Bella tries on a new dress, asks you how it looks.
      • You do look.. decent. [bellalove +2]
      • Don’t compliment her.

Nami is upset no one told her about Nick, feels left out. [ImgNam10; ImgNami10]

  • You’ll always play a significant role in my life. [ImgNami11] Nami asks how you feel about Bella?
  • I’m starting to like her Nami asks, “How much?
    • If MCBL = 1: ..I- I think I am falling for her [NEWB; NB +1]
    • Just a normal amount, duh.

Nami might be able to give you some tips.

    • No thanks.
    • Okay.. Weirdo. [namilessons]
  • She doesn’t mean anything to me [NB -2] If bellameet: [NwB]
  • I don’t know. I haven’t made up my mind yet
  • It was different situation back then [nami -2; namix +1]

C3 Gym Options

I could visit the gym..

  • If namix = 0: Invite Nami to the gym [fitness +1; namigym] {Go to C3 Nami Gym}
  • If BTY: Invite Bella to the gym [fitness +1; bellagym] {Go to C3 Bella Gym}
  • If milatalk: Invite Mila to the gym [fitness +1; milagym] {Go to C3 Mila Gym}
  • Go on your own. [fitness +1; gymalone] {Go to C3 Gym Alone}
  • Don’t go to the gym. [NoGymCh3] {Go to C3 School 2}

C3 Gym Alone

If BTY: Robin asks if you’d like to train with them?

    • Train with them. [mobility +1; ImgRobin1; ImgSasha2]
    • Thanks but I’d like to train on my own.

{Go to C3 School 2}

C3 Nami Gym

You and Nami head to the gym together. [RCNKED] You apologize to Nia. [ImgNia1]

Nia asks you to spot her.

  • I will spot you. [niap +1; nami +1] Nami asks you to spot her.
  • Fine. [NamiSymlvl +1; nami +1]
  • I think you will be fine.
  • I am not experienced enough.

Nami and Nia shower together. [ImgNami14]

If fitness = 2: They admire your improved physique. [NamiSx +1; NiaSx +2] Nia asks Nami about Summer. [NaNiProTalk; NaNiSuTalk]

{Go to C3 School 2}

C3 Bella Gym

If bellasafe: [bella +1]

Bella asks if you’ll help Nami with her revenge?

  • Yes. [bellalove +1]

If bellasummer: [bellalove +1]

  • I am not interfering in Nami’s business. [bella -1]

If bellameet: Bella tells you she and Ayua are street racers. [Brace]

Mila is here. Should I say hi?

  • Go and say hi to her. [milatalk; TalkWithMilaGym]

If miladate: Mila asks if you’re sure you want to go on a serious date with her?

  • Change the date into a friendly one. [miladateF]
  • Keep it a serious date.
  • Don’t.

If TalkWithMilaGym: You ask Bella if she always has to make fun of Mila?

    • Stop it. [MBFAC]
    • Don’t tell her to stop it.

You pass Robin and Sasha. [ImgSasha1] You head to class. [ImgBella17]

{Go to C3 School 2}

C3 Mila Gym

Mila says, “Maybe my butt is too big.”

  • Compliment her butt. [milalove +1; MGP03] Mila asks if you prefer butts over breasts?
  • Yea, I do prefer butts. [MMCPB03]
  • To be honest, I do prefer breasts. [MMCBB03]
  • I like both equally. [MFAnal]
  • Ignore it and don’t say anything.

Mila tells you Victoria and Maja are going to invite you to the movies. [MiVicInvite03] You pass Robin and Sasha. [ImgSasha1]

You head to class. [ImgMila2]

C3 School 2

Nancy greets Nadia. [ImgLayla1; ImgNadia1] If Not bellagym: [BraceNadia]

Else If Not Brace: [BraceNadia]

You grab the banana out of Nadia’s hand. [ImgNadia2] You meet your maths teacher Cindy Mueller. [ImgCindy1] If majalove = 1: Maja and Victoria invite you to the movies.

    • Sure. [MajaVicCinema]
    • I can’t sorry.

If fitness = 2: [nadia +1]

Nadia introduces you to Nancy. [ImgNancy1]

Sonya is excited she can come to the board game. [ImgSonya4] You ask Coach Hill where to find Miss Marla. [ImgHill1]

You make your way through the college to Miss Marla’s classroom.

  • Knock at her door.
  • Just go in. [mmc; ImgMarla1] Marla is crying.
  • What’s wrong? [marla +1]
  • I don’t care.

Sai and his friends confront you. Jeff intervenes.

  • Thank him [jeff +1]
  • I could’ve handled it. [jeff -1]
  • Don’t say anything

C3 Amber Therapy – Summer’s Gone Walkthrough

Amber says hello. [ImgAmber4]

If bellalove >=2 And MCBL >=1: Amber asks how you feel about Bella?

    • I’m starting to like her. [amber +2; bellalove +1; BYF]
    • Neutral.

If mmc: Your session is over. Tell her about Miss Marla?

    • Tell her about Miss Marla. [marla +3; amberlove +1; AMMC]
    • Don’t tell her about it

You leave Amber’s office. [ImgAmber7]

C3 Bar

You tell Jeff you’re using Nami to play Sai.

  • Can I count on you to have an eye on Nami? [JNS]
  • Don’t ask him.

You tell them you’re going out with Bella.

  • I actually like Bella. [ayua +2; nadia +2; bellalove +1; AYTNA]
  • It’s more of business meeting. [bellalove -2] Ayua says, “Fight me- black man!” [ImgAyua1]

Nami says, “I will be there for you.. Till the end.” [ImgNami17]

C3 End

CHAPTER 3.5 – Summer’s Gone Walkthrough

C3-5 Start

You meet Bella outside the restaurant.

Note: Unlocks Ch1-3 story and romance replays. [ImgS1; ImgR1] If BYF: You give Bella a yellow flower. [bellalove +2]

If MCBL = 1: You both awkwardly turn away. [BMCL] Bella plays footsies.

    • Touch her foot back.
    • Don’t touch her foot back.

C3-5 Table

You join Bella in the bathroom. [ImgBella18]

If MCBL = 1 And BTY: Bella feels guilty about goading Brenda.

    • …You’ll most likely meet her again. If it really bothers you this much… keep an eye out for an opportunity to help her and redeem yourself. [WBIH]
    • Don’t suggest Bella to try and redeem herself. If BTY: You go get burgers. [ImgR4; ImgBella19] You follow a trail to a lookout. [ImgBella20]

If MCBL >=1 And BTY: Bella says we’re a good team.

    • Yeah, we are a good team. [ImgBella23; bellalove +3; BellaKiss03x; ImgR5]
    • Disagree [bella -3]

C3-5 Home Nami – Summer’s Gone Walkthrough

Nami greets you when you arrive home. [ImgNami18]

Nami shows you a photo of Mila and Vic. If BellaKiss03x: [ImgMila3; ImgVic2] Nami says, “Look at those full and perfectly shaped tits…”

  • I like smaller breasts [MCPKT; nami +1; mila -1]
  • Big breasts are certainly… not bad [MCPGT; mila +1; vici +1]
  • I like Bella’s size [MCPKB; nami -1]

Nami says, “The way your hand is on my thighs… busted!”

  • But I do like your legs. [NamiThighs3x5] Nami says, “What about my feet?”
    • Nothing against yours, but I really don’t like feet in general.
    • They’re smooth. Relatively nice, I guess. [McFeet]
  • Don’t compliment her thighs.

C3-5 School

Nojiko asks you how college is going. [ImgNojiko2] Sonja greets you as she gets on the bus. [ImgSonya5] Nia greets you as she gets on the bus. [ImgNia2]

Miss Harrison speaks to you about blocking the stair. [ImgHari2] You sit with Mila and Vic to avoid Nia in class.

If namigym: You tell them Nia is socially awkward. [VicNia3x5]

The lesson starts.

  • Touch Victoria’s hand. [vici +1; RoRum; SNtay; vicbes] You space out when seeing Vic’s smiley eraser. [ImgVic3]

{Go to C3-5 Ladies Room}

  • Don’t touch her hand.

{Go to C3-5 Vic Hand}

C3-5 Ladies Room – Summer’s Gone Walkthrough

You accidentally go to the ladies room.

Robin pushes you into a stall when some other girls enter. [ImgRobin2] If fitness = 2: You overhear the girls talking about you. [GTMIH]

The girls discover you in the stall. [ImgS3]

{Go to C3-5 Vic Hand}

C3-5 Vic Hand

You return to class. [ImgMila4]

If milagym Or miladate Or miladateF: Mila wants to show you a nice place. [MiPark] If BellaKiss03x: {Go to C3-5 Marla}

Else If MiPark: {Go to C3-5 Mila Park} Else: {Go to C3-5 Sport}

C3-5 Marla

Miss Marla asks what happened with Bella?

  • Tell her you and Bella kissed. [McBSteKiss; marla +1; ImgMarla2]
  • Don’t tell her about it. [MDKATK]

Ask Miss Marla how she’s doing?

  • How are you doing? [MaFrWGD]

Miss Marla says, “I… I’m fine. Thanks for asking.”

  • I like the new haircut.
  • Have a nice day.
  • Don’t ask her how she is doing.

If MiPark: {Go to C3-5 Mila Park} Else: {Go to C3-5 Sport}

C3-5 Mila Park

Mila takes you to a park. [ImgS2; ImgMila5]. Music track unlocked (no variable set).

C3-5 Sport – Summer’s Gone Walkthrough

If BellaKiss03x: Bella stays in bed, doesn’t go to school. [Bzh; MusicOUT]

The girls change into their new training uniforms. [ImgL1; ImgSasha3; ImgSonya6] If BellaKiss03x:

If RoRum And miladate: Mila upset you kissed Bella. [Mkaykb] Else:

If RoRum And MCBL >=1 And BTY: Bella upset about the Robin rumor. [ImgBella21] If RoRum: A TV reporter asks you about the Robin rumor. [ConfSto]

Some seniors chase the reporter off. [MusicEly]

Coach Hill tells you to do stretches with Sasha. [MusicCant] Ayua tells Sasha to come to the bar opening. [ImgAyua2] Sasha does a plough pose. [ImgSasha4]

If BellaKiss03x: Nadia yelled at Bella the only time they played RPGs. [ImgBella22]

If fitness = 2 Or fitness = 1 And mobility = 1: Jeff will help you and Trent make the team. [JeffTeamHelp] Damian arrives. [ImgNancy2]

If fitness = 2 Or (fitness = 1 And mobility = 1): Jeff notes you’ve been working out. [JGW +1] You and Trent ogle Zara and Nadia to put them off their game. [ImgNadia5]

Nia accidentally flashes a nipple. [ImgNia3]

Nia says she’ll play hard if you come by her place on Sunday.

  • Deal. [NiaDeal]
  • No deal.

If miladate Or miladateF: [MPhob]

Mila freezes when something is thrown her way.

    • Be encouraging. [MilaEnc03x]
    • Leave it be.

C3-5 Basketball – Summer’s Gone Walkthrough


Coach Hill says, “I want to see a fair game.” [ImgS4]

Nadia suddenly sprints after the ball. [ImgNadia3; ImgNadia4]

If NiaDeal: Nia intercepts, you score. [HillImpressed; NiaSynergy] Else: Sai tries to score, but Trey intercepts. [MStahlSaiTalk03x]

You accidentally tear Zara’s top off. [ImgZara2; MusicDTTS] If NiaDeal: You put your arm around Nia. [ImgNia4]

C3-5 End

Zara and Nadia ambush you in the girl’s changing room. [ImgNadia5; ImgS5]


CHAPTER 4 – Summer’s Gone Walkthrough

You’re still handcuffed in the girl’s locker room. If BellaKiss03x:

Robin calls Bella, who comes & frees you. [BellaKiss3x5; ImgAmber8; ImgeBellaCh41] Else:

Robin calls Miss Marla. Another class finds you. [FoundByMarla4x0; ImageKate1; ImageMarla3; ImageTwins1] If BTY: Kate says you should’ve just kissed her. [KateInsult]

boardgame04 – Summer’s Gone Walkthrough

You go to the library, confront Nadia & take her banana.

  • Give her half of it. [NadiaBananaHalf04]
  • Keep it all for yourself.


You start playing the tabletop game. [ImgCh4x1] You gain a camouflage ability. [ImgNamiCh41]

You find a map & argue about scouting the route to the power room. [ImgCh4x2]


You encounter four aliens & attack them. [ImgNadia6] One survives. Nadia asks if you want to deal with it?

  • Let Nadia kill the alien. [ImgNadia7; LetNadiaHaveTheKill4x0]
  • Kill it yourself. [KilledTheAlienYourself]
  • Spare him. [AlienLeftALive]

You head out to find the alien’s ship. [ImgCh4x3]

You find Sonya. She apologizes for killing all the aliens. [ImgSonya7]

  • No. I’m proud of you. [SonyaProud4x0]
  • Shit happens. [SonyaShitHappens4x0]

AfterGame – Summer’s Gone Walkthrough

Nancy invites you to the barn. [ImgNancy3]

Nadia asks how you got out of the handcuffs? [ImgNadia8]

If FoundByMarla4x0: You tell Nadia she owes you a favor. [NadiaFavour4x5] Else: Nadia is sad about you & Bella. [NaIntVer]

Professor Cindy Mueller arrives late for the game. [ImgCindy2] Sonya is part of the gang now. [ImgSonya8]

NamiHome04 – Summer’s Gone Walkthrough

You return home.

If NSIHR:Nami asks if you’ll sleep in her room again?

    • Yes, let’s sleep together. [NUE04]
    • No, let’s not do it again.

If BellaKiss3x5:

Nami asks if you have feelings for Bella.

    • Yeah, I think I do have feelings for her. [McBellaFeelings4x0]
    • I’m not sure…


Nami is worried you’re doing too much & will burnout.

  • Hold Nami in your arms. [NamiCuddle04] If Not bellameet. [NamiTni4x0]
  • Keep a reasonable distance.

If BellaKiss3x5: You ask Nami if she’s in love with you. [NamiLove4x0] You return home. Nami asks what you think of the top? [ImgNamiCh42] If miladate And Not BellaKiss3x5: [MilaDate]

Nami asks what you’re doing in the dark?

  • You look beautiful. [NamiBeautiful4x0]
  • Don’t say it.


You arrive at Nick’s house.

Nami says, “…This is what I was talking about at the lake.” [ImgNamiCh43] Zara asks how you got free?

If BellaKiss3x5: Bella freed you.

Zara says it must suck that you’re dating Bella.

    • Correct her and say you and Bella aren’t dating. [MCxBLNoDate4x0]
    • Stay quiet. [McxBLDate4x0]

Else: Zara owes you one. [ZaraFavour4x0]

Zara drives you to a special training session. [ImgHill5] You shoulder Zara, knocking her to the ground.

  • Carry her. [ZaraCarry4x0]
  • Don’t carry her and tell her to get up. [ZaraR +1]

Coach Hill offers you a ride on a quad bike, but has an accident.

  • Drive it yourself. [ImgHill4; McQuadDrive4x0]
  • Don’t and let Miss Hill drive it. [ImgHill2; HillQuadDrive4x0] Zara says, “Safety first”.
    • Put your arms around Miss Hill’s waist. [ImgHill2; HillWaist4x0]
    • Put your arms up higher and close to her breasts. [ImgHill3; HillBoobs4x0] If Not BellaKiss3x5: The guys ask about a rumor you banged Nora. [NoraRumor] You run laps, Zara gaining a big lead. [ImgZara8]


You return to Nick’s place.

Vanessa suggests playing tennis. Takes you to a room to change.

If UmB: Vanessa comments on the quality of your underwear. [VaAla] Vanessa asks if you have a crush on someone.

    • Yes
    • You know the answer. [VaInt]
    • No. [McNoCrush4x0]

Else: Vanessa wants to take you shopping for better clothes. [VanessaShopping4]

    • If low quality underwear brings shame to your family, you had no status in the first place. [VaBew]
    • Alright, if I have to. [VaUeb]

Vanessa is surprised you haven’t peeked. [ImgVanessa1; ImgCh4x4]

You call Bella to warn her Vanessa is no airhead. [ImgAyua3; ImgBellaCh42]


If fitness = 2 Or mobility = 1: You win the point. [ZaraSp +1] Else: You lose the point. [ZaraSp -1]

Vanessa & Zara argue.

  • Throw the ball at Zara’s head. [ZZWDBI; McCoZa4x0]
  • Can we just keep playing? [McNoCoZa4x0]

If fitness = 2 Or mobility = 1: You win the point. [ZaraSp +1]

If fitness = 2 Or mobility = 1: You win the game. [ImgVanessa4; ImgNamiCh44] Else: Nami & Vanessa win the game. [ImgNamiCh44]


The four of you get in the Jacuzzi. [ImgVanessa5; ImgNamiCh45]

If fitness = 2 Or mobility = 1: Zara tells you about her mom. [InfZaraMom] Nami wants to sit on your leg. [ImgZara6]

  • Fine. [ImgNamiCh46x; NamiTni4x0; OeVaGe4x0]
  • No, sit on the edge. {Go to VicHouse04}

Nami wants to give you an ass job. Tells you to close your eyes and lay back. [ImgNamiCh46]

  • Do as she says. [ImgNamiCh46; NamiTni4x0; HcNaFrt] You tell Nami you find what she’s doing uncomfortable.
    • Comfort her and pull her towards you. [ImgNamiCh47; NamiTni4x0]
    • Let her calm down.
  • Put an end to it. [KoFuNa]

You tell Nami to stop. She apologizes.

    • Comfort her. [ImgNamiCh47]
    • Don’t comfort her.


You & Nami say your goodbyes & take a bus to Victoria’s place [ImgZara7; ImgNojiko3] Nami asks what you think of Vanessa?

  • I find her quite impressive. [VanessaImpressive4x0]
  • I don’t know yet. We would need to see her more often and under different circumstances. [VanessaUndecided4x0]
  • I don’t like her. [VanessaDislike4x0] Next stop is ours. [ImgNamiCh48]

If BellaKiss3x5: Meanwhile. [ImgCh4x5]

C4 End


CHAPTER 4.5 BETA – Summer’s Gone Walkthrough

You enter Victoria’s home. If miladate: [MilaDate] You place Victoria’ legs on your lap.

If BellaKiss03x And vicdate:

Victoria heard you kissed Bella. Asks what this means for our date?

    • Cancel the date with Victoria. [VicDateCanceledBella4x5; vicdate = False]
    • Continue dating Victoria. [VicDateContinuedBella4x5] [ImgRS59; ImgVicCh4x58]

If vicdate Or VicDateContinuedBella4x5:

Victoria has been researching the date. You just want a simple date.

    • Give her a kiss. [ImgVicCh4x59; VictoriaKiss4x5]
    • Don’t kiss her.

You follow Mila to the kitchen. [ImgRS60]

If miladate: [MilaBruise4x5; ImgMilaCh4x511]

Mila asks you not to tell the others about her parents.

    • Kiss her [MilaKiss4x5; ImgMilaCh4x512]
    • Don’t.

Mila shows you the Aurora social media app. [ImgKate3] If miladate Or miladateF:

Mila asks which picture she should post?

    • Grey top. [MilaOrderly4x5]
    • Black top, cleavage. [ImgMilaCh4x523; MilaDaring4x5]
    • Let her decide. If BellaKiss3x5: [MilaDaring4x5] Else: [MilaOrderly4x5]


Mila says golf is the only sport she really likes.

  • Joke.
  • Serious.


The group decides which movie to watch first. [ScaryMovie4x5] If vicdate: {Go to SmVic4x5}

Else If miladate: {Go to SmMila4x5} Else: {Go to SMovie4x5}


You feel Victoria slipping closer to you. [VicMovie4x5]

  • Pull her onto your lap. [SVic4x5]
  • Don’t do it. {Go to SMovie4x5}

Victoria has popcorn in her cleavage. [ImgVicCh4x60]

  • Take the boob-corn. [VicBoobCorn4x5]
  • Decline and pick a new one.

{Go to MajaToys4x5}


Mila sits closer to you. [MilaMovie4x5]

  • Put your arm around her. [MilaScaryMovieCuddle4x5]
  • Keep your distance. {Go to SMovie4x5}

If Not milagym:

Mila asks boobs or ass? NB: Bug, should be setting McPref variables.

    • I like the look of a well formed butt.
    • I like the look of some well formed breasts.
    • I don’t have a preference. I like them both.

{Go to MajaToys4x5}



If Not milagym:

Mila asks boobs or ass?

    • I like the look of a well formed butt. [McPrefButt4x5]
    • I like the look some well formed breasts. [McPrefBoobs4x5]
    • I don’t have a preference. I like them both. [McPrefBoth4x5]

{Go to MajaToys4x5}


The girls go looking for Maya’s sex toys. [ImgMilaCh4x513] The girls want to try a nipple pump on you.

  • Let them put it on your nipple. [ImgNamiCh4x544; MCNipplePump; ImgVicCh4x61]
  • No.

If VicMovie4x5: [VicProtect4x5]


You all lay down and play truth or dare. [ImgMilaCh4x514]

Nami picks truth. Mila asks if Nami she a fetish? If bellameet: [NamiFaceSitting] You pick dare. Nami asks you to make out with Vic.

  • Make out with Victoria.

{Go to VicMakeout4x5}

  • If BellaKiss3x5: Don’t do it (Think of Bella.) [DKVDBB4x5]

{Go to FourSomeAfterwards}

  • Don’t do it. (You don’t want to.) [DKVD4x5]

{Go to FourSomeAfterwards}


Victoria presses her soft lips on yours. [VicDare4x5]


All four make out. [ImgVicCh4x62; Foursome4x5] If BellaKiss3x5: Mila kisses you wildly.

Else: Mila kisses you gently. Click Continue to exit the scene.

Mila puts a stop to the make out session. [ImgRLFoursome4x5]

{Go to FourSomeAfterwards}


MC and Nami leave to get pizza. [ImgNamiCh4x549]

MC reveals he’s aware of Nami’s feelings for him. If not NamiLove4x0: [NamiLove4x5a]

{Go to JohnnyPizza}


MC and Nami arrive at Johnny’s Pizza. [ImgRS62]

You meet Aziz. If fitness = 2 Or fitness = 1 And mobility = 1: [MCCanidate]

{Go to Pizza4x5}


MC and Nami return to Victoria’s house.

If Foursome4x5: Talk about the make out session. [NamiBi4x5; ImgVicCh4x63] If RoRum: Talk about what caused the Robin incident. [MilaVicHelp]

The movie ends.


You go for a walk with Mila. [ImgR6; NamiPeaceTreaty = False; ImgMilaCh4x515] If MilaDaring4x5: Mila needs to work at the bar every single day.

    • Mention Garden of Venus to her. (Onlyfans.) [MilaVenus4x5ID] If MilaDate: [MilaVenus4x5]
    • Don’t and be on the watch for a different solution. [MilaJobLookout] Else: [MilaJobLookout]

If MilaDate Or BellaKiss3x5:

Mila has almost saved enough to get her own place.

    • Put your hand on her butt. [MilaButt4x5]
    • Don’t.

You say, “I guess I need a job too.”

If Not vicdate And (BellaKiss3x5 And MilaEnc03x): Mila kisses you. [ImgMilaCh4x517]


Mila kissing scene. [ImgMilaCh4x516; McPa +1; MilaKiss4x5x] If BellaKiss3x5: [McPa +1; MilaBellaAmour4x5]

Click Continue to exit the scene. {Go to MilaKiss4x5Con}


Mila kissing scene. [McPa +1; MilaKiss4x5; ImgMilaCh4x516] Click Continue to exit the scene. {Go to MilaKiss4x5Con}


Mila and you walk back to Victoria’s house. [ImgNamiCh4x545; ImgRLWSMila4x5] If MilaKiss4x5: You like Mila. [MilaLike4x5]

{Go to Ch4x5NachtPart3}


You go for a walk with Victoria. [ImgVicCh4x65; ImgR7] Victoria says, “You’re a normal boy… with sad eyes.”

  • I don’t want to be normal. [McHonest4x5]
  • That’s all I want… A normal life… A normal mind. [McNormal4x5] If vicpromise: [VicErh4x0]

You wish you could fulfil Nojiko’s dream of having her own practice. [ImgVicCh4x64]

Victoria says sometimes she does naughty things.

  • Tell me about the book you’re reading. [VicEroticBook4x5]

If vicdate And Foursome4x5 Or VictoriaKiss4x5 Or VicDare4x5: Victoria says those books taught her about foreplay.

  • Tease Victoria a little. {Go to VicTease4x5A}
  • Don’t and enjoy the moment quietly. {Go to VicWalkCon4x5}
  • Don’t ask further questions.


You tease Victoria’s breasts. [ImgVicCh4x66; McPa +1; VicTiddyTease4x5] Click Continue to exit the scene.

{Go to VicWalkCon4x5}


If Not vicdate:

Victoria asks, “And you really don’t want to go out with me?”

    • Reconsider and go out with her. [VicdateEntry2]
    • Sorry, no. I just don’t feel like it. [VicFriend4x5]

You walk back to Victoria’s house. Victoria asks, “Do you wanna scare them? [ImgNamiCh4x545] [fitness +1; ImgRLWSVic4x5]

{Go to Ch4x5NachtPart3}


You go for a walk with Nami. [ImgR8] If Foursome4x5:

If BellaKiss3x5: Nami questions romancing Bella and others simultaneously. [McPa +2]

Else: Nami says it’s funny you’re acting like nothing happened. [McPa +1]

If NamiTni4x0 Or NamiCuddle04 And NUE04: You’re looking at Nami’s butt.

    • Slap her butt. [Cheeto_Butt_Slap_4x5] Nami says “Do it again! I dare you!”
      • Do it again. [Cheeto_Butt_Slap2_4x5] Nami says “Do it again! I dare you!”
        • Do it again. [Cheeto_Butt_Slap3_4x5; ImgNamiCh4x546]
        • Don’t do it again.
      • Don’t do it again.
    • Don’t do it.

Name says, “We should go on a hike someday.”

  • Pull her closer. [ImgNamiCh4x547; Nami_TNI_4x5]
  • Don’t pull her closer.

{Go to Ch4x5NachtPart3}

Ch4x5NachtPart3 – Summer’s Gone Walkthrough

You build a pillow fort.

If MilaKiss4x5: Mila kisses you. [McPa +1]

If VicTiddyTease4x5: Victoria kisses you. [McPa +1]

If BellaKiss3x5 And Foursome4x5 Or VictoriaKiss4x5 Or MilaKiss4x5 Or McPa >1 Or Foursome4x5: You have a panic attack. [McPa -2; Mc_Panic4x5]

You strip to your underwear. [ImgMilaCh4x518]

Nami says she’s not wearing a bra.

  • Tiddy-Joke. [NTJ +1]
  • Don’t joke on Nami’s expense. [Nami_SB +1] Victoria says Bella has nice boobs. [ImgVicCh4x67]

Nami doesn’t seem to want you to go to Nancy’s party.

  • I’ll go. [NancyParty4x5]
  • Right, I didn’t. [NancyParty4x5]

{Go to Morning4x5}

Morning4x5 – Summer’s Gone Walkthrough

You carry Victoria to the bathroom. [ImgRS61]

You carry Victoria out of the bathroom. [ImgVicCh4x68]

If BellaKiss3x5: You tell Maja your changes are mostly due to Bella. [MajaBellaIn4x5] If MCNipplePump: Maja notices you used her nipple pump. [MajaFetishBDSM]

Maja greets Nami. [ImgNamiCh4x548]

If NiaDeal: You joke about Nami. [MajaJoke4x5]

If MilaKiss4x5 And BellaKiss3x5: You noticed Mila is being more forward now. [MiEH4x5] If MilaKiss4x5: Mila sits on your lap and kisses you. [ImgR9; ImgMilaCh4x520] [ImgMilaCh4x519]

If bellagym: You ask what happened between Mila and Bella. [BibiBellchen4x5] Bella middle school flashback. [ImgBellaCh47; ImgRS63]

You say Bella isn’t a bad person.

    • Neither are you. [MNABP4x5]

If MilaKiss4x5: You kiss Mila. [ImgMilaCh4x521; McPa +1]

    • Don’t comfort her. [MTBP4x5]

You say your goodbyes. If MilaDate: [ImgMilaCh4x522]

{Go to End4x5}


You walk to the bus stop.

If OeVaGe4x0 And NamiCuddle04 Or HcNaFrt Or NamiCuddle04 And Nami_TNI_4x5: You’re confused about your feelings for Nami. [ImgR10]

You arrive home.

If OeVaGe4x0 And NamiCuddle04 Or HcNaFrt Or NamiCuddle04 And Nami_TNI_4x5: I could just tell her how I feel?

    • Tell Nami about your change in perception. [ImgR11; NamiLove4x5] You kiss Nami. {Go to NamiKiss4x5A}
    • Keep it to yourself for now. [NamiNoLove4x5] If BellaKiss3x5: {Go to BellaEnd4x5}

Else: {Go to EndScreen4x5}

    • There’s no change in perception. [Nami_No_Perception4x5] If BellaKiss3x5: {Go to BellaEnd4x5}

Else: {Go to EndScreen4x5}


If BellaKiss3x5: {Go to BellaEnd4x5} Else: {Go to EndScreen4x5}

NamiKiss4x5A – Summer’s Gone Walkthrough

Click Continue to exit the scene.

You leave the room, fighting off a panic attack. [NamiKiss4x5; ImgNamiCh4x550] If BellaKiss3x5: {Go to BellaEnd4x5}

Else: {Go to EndScreen4x5}

BellaEnd4x5 – Summer’s Gone Walkthrough

You hear a low, familiar rumble outside. Bella arrives. [BellchenEnd4x5; ImgCh4x51]

{Go to EndScreen4x5}

EndScreen4x5 – Summer’s Gone Walkthrough


C4.5 End

End Of Game

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