Adventures of willy d

Adventures of Willy D Walkthrough v1.1

This Adventures of Willy D Walkthrough will walk you through all of the quests, unlock all of the scenes and colletions.

Game Version: v1.1

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How to play – Adventures of Willy D Walkthrough


O = Opens screen with keys used in game

H = Hint what to do next in main story of game

F5 = load save screen

I = Inventory open/close

M/N = Show/Hide cash money

Esc = skip animation/cutscene

Q = quit to desktop

Left mouse click = action button used for walking examine use and take (etc)

Left click can also be used to skip text in most of situations. Be careful sometimes it may skip 2 lines cause some shorter sentences like “Yes” or “Sure” etc.

Important events can’t be skipped this way.

Inventory may be open also if you move your cursor to top of the screen (this may be glitchy at the moment but i am working on it to make it better)

To use item from inventory simple left click it and it will be attached as your new cursor meaning you wanna use that item on someone or some place.

Right mouse button = cancel current item in “hand” and cursor of standard command will again appear. Also “teleports” Willy to any exit of scene

Double Left Click = Fast walk

f12 = screenshot (they will be saved inside screenshot folder inside game folder)

Version 0.0.1 – Adventures of Willy D Walkthrough

– At the start in the bedroom pick up the CAR KEY which is by the wedding photo on the night stand.

– Go to the living room, use the door on the left side of the screen. Rolling arrow will show up whenever you may go into a different screen (doors, walkways, stairs etc).

– From there go to the kitchen (right bottom corner of scene).

– Pick up the APARTMENT KEY. It is located by the plates just to the left side of the fridge on the kitchen counter.

– Go back to the living room and from there go to the left side of the screen to reach the door to leave the apartment.

– Use the elevator to go out of the building.

– Use the CAR KEY on the car and it will bring up city map. There is only 1 location to go from here so go to the Office. Just select location with cursor and left click it.

– Go inside the office (Main big door).

– Pick up WEED from the table where the fat guy is sleeping.(that face xD).

– Click on Maya (young girl that is working on a computer) and it will open up a dialog selection screen.

– Select “How is your back?” and go through all the conversations in that line.

– You may say bye to Maya after this and now you may go to the main office (left side of screen).

– In here you may talk to Miss Skye. There is A little sexy animation if you tell her she looks lovely today.

– Tell miss Skye that Maya told you that she needed you for something?. She will ask you to finish the report that she gave you to do for next week only the she needs it today instead.

– Go back to the office where Maya and other 2 characters are. If you look on the floor just under Maya’s chair there will be PHOTO. Pick it up (optional).

– Go out of the office and use your car (no need to “Drag” car key anymore left click is enough now).

– Go to “Home” location and back to the building (left side of scene).

– Give WEED to the junkie that is holding the magazine by the tree. He will give you magazine in exchange for the weed.

– To see it open up inventory and click COLLECTIONS. You may open the magazine pages by simple left clicking on the page (it goes both ways foward and back)

– This time Willy will say that the elevator is broken and he needs to use the stairs.

– There will be a little cut scene now on the first floor, watch it and after you are done (whenever you wanna stop watching of course ;P) Stop peeking by clicking on the right side of the scene door where willy hides.

– Go up to the second floor and enter your apartment.

– In the kitchen there is ENVELOPE that you could not take before. Now you can pick it up and there will be another cut scene.

– If you did pick up the photo of Maya in the office, you may go to bathroom and use that photo on the ugly picture above the toilet. when you hover your cursor over Maya’s photo there (when

placed over toilet) there will be icon that shows penis in hand. Use it to see cut scene with animations. Willy will mastrubate (this is all optional) you may skip whole cutscene with ESC.

– Go back to the office and talk with miss Skye and enjoy 🙂 (she will be standing by the table now).

– After you are done with her go out and either talk to Carlos or “drop” the ENVELOPE on him (it should have same effect) Tell him that you have some sexy pictures of miss Skye. After finishing

talking to him he will give you a GOLD CARD. Ask carlos is there something new and he will mention Rose’s bar.

– Now Rose’s bar is open on the Map location. Go there. You may enter inside Rose’s bar and talk to Rose. There is also Strange girl there that has a few sexy random animations. On the right side

of the scene outside Rose’s bar there is a sexy girl, Talk to her and say i have a golden membership card. There will be cutscene that you may repeat anytime. fter cutscene is finished when you

are ready you may click “Cum on her face”.

Version 0.0.2 – Adventures of Willy D Walkthrough

– Go to Rose’s bar and speak with Rose. Tell her you need to use the toilet. She will offer you to use the one in her office.

– Stop speaking to Rose and go to her office. Look at her picture on the wall (click it at least once) and if you wanna take her photo from her purse (it is located on the chair by computer

table). Go back to the bar and tell Rose that you saw her picture. Willy will mention his friend Neal. Go To map and new location will be open, Neal’s Place. Go there. Optional: You may use Rose

bar on ugly picture in bathroom same as Maya’s photo. If you go there check your neighbours on 1th floor (they changed pose).

– At Neal’s street, go inside green door (Neals building. And check fuse box by elevator door. Willy will see he needs a fuse. Go out and speak with the nervous guy.

– Speak with Daisy and ask her about another drama School. She will mention there was one in Majora street. Go there.

– Take fuse from fuse box at the start (you had to at least once see the empty fuse panel in Neal’s hallway is missing to be able to take this fuse) And go left side of screen speak with Gabriella.

– Now go back to Majora’s street And speak with Ally Girl, ask her do you take cash then go back to Neal’s place.

– In the hallway you may use the fuse to fix elevator then it will work on both floors (though it is occupied, not that we are complaining eh) go inside Neal’s Apartment and speak to Neal ask him about a restaurant reservation.

– He will mention your mother in law. Go there (on the map new location) Go inside house (villa) and speak with mrs Maria. Ask her favour. She will give you restaurant reservation.

– Go back to majora street and talk to ally girl.

– This time you will have option to chose between 3 sex poses. Click on each name on the right side of the screen to chose pose and when done click on cum to… cum. You can from now on use her services always.

Version 0.0.3 – Adventures of Willy D Walkthrough

– Press “H” (new function in game) and it will show hint what to do next in the main story (this will not guide you to some events that are optional to do). Click it when you don’t know

what to do and don’t wanna spoilers from the walkthrough. Hint text will show on top left corner of screen just a little bit under inventory.

– Go to villa maria (maria’s house) there the maid will tell you that Maria and Diane are by the pool and that you may change your clothes in her (Nadya’s) room.

– Go up the stairs and first door that you see is her room. From here you may also go all the way right and enter bathroom. In Amphora behind jacuzzi is a magazine

click there and you will add another collection of art of pornography. You may check it by pressing “I” for inventory or moving cursor to the top of the screen and then click on “Collections”.

– Go down the stairs and out to the pool (doors on right side of villa interior lower flor). Go to the right side of pool and there will be a sort of “cut scene” watch it till the end and after it

is done go back to the pool right side and talk with either Maria or Diane (it will open same dialog layer). Ask them the last question in the dialog “what do you do here?” That will open a new

one again at last “what you girls wanna do now?” ask them that and there will be short cut scene. Nadya will tell you Claudia (neals girlfriend) need a ride. Finish talking and go back to house

(enterance is just under 2 towels on the pool yellow and bluish one on bottom of screen i will make mark in future version so it is more clear where passage is).

– Go up the stairs and back to nadya’s room and pick up your clothing. Now go out to your car and on map pick Neals place. Click on claudia or simply go little foward her and a cut scene will

begin. She will let you know where she needs to go (this will happen automaticly).

– Once you are in Jeb Village a hint will say just to explore it. This part i wanted to be this way you may find out about Dee Dee from girl in north street and that etc.

So, if you are stuck or just too lazy to do things here is exactly what you need to do. Go to south streed on jeb village. Click on window on left side of screen that say0s “Peek through window”

A man will appear and tell you he don’t like you peeking through his window, also he will ask did bar opened yet. (he ask this only first time when you check it). go to main Jeb village street

and click on door of bar. (it is in middle of screen under sign cafe bar -Dick Cockless) click on big green door. man from inside bar will tel you that bar is open. Go back to window you peeked in and again man will come out.

This time he will ask did bar open and will go from his house to bar. Now if you click on window Willy will not see anything interesting. Go to middle street and walk anywhere in that area. A cut scene will show

– A girl at the door of that house you just peeked in. That girl is for future update tho, but you may go there and check her out (not much interaction with her now tho).

Hit will now change if you press H it will say to go back to villa pool so do exactly that.So undress in boxers and go to pool. Once you are there you will see only Diane. Talk to her. She will

tell you maria is in her room cause she had a phone call. Ask diane why she is not sunbathing. Willy will offer to bring her suncream. Go to upper floor. Just move to right side a cut scene

should be triggered you will hear Nadya from her room (yes where you left your clothing).

– Watch whole cutscene (can’t skip it cause it is part of main story). After that you will be in bathroom. If you did not before, pick up new issue of Art of pornography from amphora (see above)

– You may go back to Diane and let her know that you could not find suncream (about suncream) or you may even now go into maria’s room and talk with her. Tell maria about problems with Fiona (your

wife her daughter) And again say “i dunno what do to with my problem”. maria will offer help. There will be animation of Willy grabbing her boobs. You may skip animation by pressing ESC button.

And from now on you may come back and ask to touch her boobs again anytime. After you asked Diane about suncream (after sex with maid) she will tell you she keeps her key in vase by door of her room.

– So go to upper floor and by Diane’s room there is big grey vase. pick key to her room there. To enter her room you will need to use key every time (just drag it from inventory and click on door)

Inside her room you will find suncream in shape of dildo. Pick that up and there is a short video on her laptop. You may see it and skip it with ESC button.

Version 0.0.4 – Adventures of Willy D Walkthrough

Before you speak with Diane Press F5 and save your game (in case you have started from beginning). Now talk to Diane or use suncream on her. Chose line “Chose path”. This will

open 2 options. First one will ulock incest and second one will continiue without incest. path that you chhose is for the main story.

(Incest path)

– If you have chosen this path willy will say that he promissed mom to visit her. Go dress up and enter your car to open City map. Go to mom’s place (right middle side of map

near coast in “Goodhood”. Enter the building and then go to living room. There is valve on the wall over the kitchen sink just on left from mom’s head. Take it you will need this later.

– Talk to mom. Speak with her about lunch time. Hint will now say that you need to spend some quality time with Dee Dee. You may go there or do following:

There is 50:50 chance mom will “fix her dress” by touching her boob. Wait this animation to happen and then talk to mom again. Ask “what was that” then after more dialogue will open

so talk about “Mrs Maria fountain first, then about Mrs maria statue. and stop talking with mom (exit dialogue). While you are just vaiting there there will be again 50:50 chance mom do that

same move or she will fix her dress by revealing her left boob. After that talk to mom and chose. “I saw your boob” line. And after that comfort mom. She will now show both boobs to Willy.

– Exit talking to mom and just wait. now there is 33% chance that mom will either touch her boob, reveal left one or both. Wait till she reveal both boobs and while they are

both out go to mom’s room (bottom left side of screen behind armchairs). Inside room there is pc with printer. Click on PC keyboard to print picture. Pick up picture from

printer and there will be mom’s photo item added. You may use this photo in Will’s house bathroom on ugly picture above toilet. there will be cutscene as with previous 2 pictures you used there.

– All this animations mom does are random and it may take some time to right one to play. You may however do this later if you don’t feel like waiting.

– Go to jeb Village and speak with Dee Dee (if you started game from beginning you could do this as soon as she appears). Talk about Carlos. And more about carlos.

– Then ask her why she wanna be escort girl. And say so you wanna be escort girl. Go back to your office enterance and speak with Carlos. Tell him I met a girl in Jeb village.

– He will ask you to do him another favor. This time you will need to “practice” with Dee Dee to see how good is she in her “future job”. Go back to Dee Dee. She will not be

by her house door. So go further south to fountain (click in middle bottom of screen on the road). Dee Dee is standing by the barn enterance spak with her and tell her you spoke with Carlos.

– Old man who reads newspaper will say you should be quiet. ASk to practice with her but she will refuse cause she moan loud and old man could hear her even from barn. Stop

talking with her and go further left to sewer enterance. Enter inside sewer. Here you just need to have Valve to use it on pipes (you may use valve or just left click pipe works both ways)

– To start water running you need to open pipes in correct order. First pipe is across little bridge and all way up in dark, now go back across the bridge and touch pipe closest to exit of sewer

and finally go across bridge again and touch pipe that is nearest to bridge on right side of sewer… This will start sound of old generator and water running through pipes.

– Go back to Dee Dee And speak with her. You will now be able to “practice with her” from now on. Go and do that at least once. There will be several animations to chose from.

– After you are done “practice”. Hint sometimes stays same at this point (spend some quality time with dee dee) if it does you may simple go with Dee Dee again and hint will change.

(Normal path) (no incest)

– If you chose this path willy will say he promissed his neighbour Alan to visit him. Go dress up and enter car. Go back to your home and on first floor enter into Alan’s

apartment. Talk to Amanda. Say I am not sure have i came to early. Then ask her how are you. Then I still don’t believe alan is cheating on you. Now go to motel (it is

placed in desert area in Los Labia on map), Go to left side of hotel parking area and check window just by red car without plates. Willy will say that is alan with young girl inside.

– Enter motel room on the left (last door). use switch to turn lights on and take valve that is just above toilet sink. Go back to Amanda and ask her will she still make lunch.

– You may Also tell her about Alan after you do all dialogue it will open her “random” animations and she will from that poin on sometimes (randomly) show her panties, reveal boobs

and play with her boobs while revealed. There are several animations that will play while you are just waiting there (you must exit dialogue for this to be able to happen). After this hint will

say that you need to spend some quality time with Dee Dee.(if you have allready played incest path you know what comes).

– Go to jeb Village and speak with Dee Dee (if you started game from beginning you could do this as soon as she appears). Talk about Carlos. And more about carlos. Then ask her why she wanna be

escort girl. And say so you wanna be escort girl. Go back to your office enterance and speak with Carlos. Tell him I met a girl in Jeb village. He will ask you to do him another favor. This time

you will need to “practice” with Dee Dee to see how good is she in her “future job”. Go back to Dee Dee. She will not be by her house door. So go further south to fountain (click in middle

bottom of screen on the road). Dee Dee is standing by the barn enterance spak with her and tell her you spoke with Carlos.

– Old man who reads newspaper will say you should be quiet. ASk to practice with her but she will refuse cause she moan loud and old man could hear her even from barn. Stop talking with her and go

further left to sewer enterance. Enter inside sewer. Here you just need to have Valve to use it on pipes (you may use valve or just left click pipe works both ways)

– To start water running you need to open pipes in correct order. First pipe is across little bridge and all way up in dark, now go back across the bridge and touch pipe closest to exit of sewer

and finally go across bridge again and touch pipe that is nearest to bridge on right side of sewer… This will start sound of old generator and water running through pipes.

– Go back to Dee Dee And speak with her. You will now be able to “practice with her” from now on. Go and do that at least once. There will be several animations to chose from.

After you are done “practice” you need to go back home.Hint sometimes stays same at this point (spend some quality time with dee dee) if it does you may simple go with Dee Dee again and hint will change.

– In hallway infront of door to your apartment there will be photo of Amanda. pick it up. You may use this photo in your bathroom on ugly picture above toilet.

Version 0.0.5 – Adventures of Willy D Walkthrough

(Incest Path)

– Talk to mom and ask is it lunch time yet. She will let you know Neal called you and he needs a favor. Go to Neal. On way back to him you will notice Melissa (Willy’s sister) by mom’s building.

– You may talk to her (optional)

– After you choose all of options to talk to her, and no matter with what order you do it, another option will show. Use that option to trigger cutscene of Willy touching his sisters ass. (you may

speed up this conversations with left click)

– After that Melissa will go inside mom’s apartment.

(after taking care of Neal’s car)

– Go back to mom’s place and speak with mom. Offer her massage. After few dialogue lines you will be able to touch mom’s breasts. If you do that there is option to stop on left side of screen.

click stop massage when you wanna go back to “normal” conversation. Hint will now say go to neal AGAIN. So go there.

(Normal path) (no incest)

– Go inside your apartment. Walk through living room, Willy will say there is message on his phone. Go to phone (on wall by bedroom door)

and click on phone. Neal will say he needs a fabor. Go to Neal. (look base path part of walkthrough).

(after taking care of Neal’s car)

– Go back to Alans Apartment and speak with Amanda. Tell her: you know I was thinking. That will open make out option with her. Do it if you wanna. Now go back to Neal and look base path after

makeout. There is also new room in motel where you may meet Emanuelle but for now you will just meet her

(No special interaction with her)

(Base path) (same for both incest and non incest paths)

– Speak with Neal and ask him what he needs. He will mention Giulio car service.Go there. You may also chack Drama school there will be small cut scene there with Daisy and Drama teacher. You will

need this for future game versions but not as important now. Go there. So go to Giulio car service (south part of map Duckyard district)

– Speak with Giulio. He will promise he will get car ready if you do him a favor to bring him package from treehole cabin. Go to Treehole cabin (a bit on right from Jeb Village also south part of

city map) Walk to right side of screen and after another scene shows there will be rock on left side near edge. By that rock there is rusty key. Pick it up and go uphill. Now this scene is big

and you need to go all the way to it’s left side following path (double click left mouse button for fast walk). Go uphill (left side of screen) and there will be gate. Use rusty key on gate.

– Now go to cabin. There is a small package on path to cabin. Pick up package and go back Downhill and then back to Giulio. Let him know you got a package for him. He will promise Neal’s car will

be ready tomorrow. Go back to Neal and tell him that his car will be ready. now go back to: Incest path: Mom’s place or no incest path: Alans Apartment.

(After massage for mom or after make out with Amanda)

– Go back to Neal. Speak with Claudia about favor for Claudia. This will open new dialogue to chose 3some sex with Neal and Claudia. This will stay open whenever you wanna come back.

– You may also after doing all with Neal car go to rose bar and ask rose about Sophie. After that you will be able to speak with Sophie

(she is by office enterance)


– There are total of 8 new dolls to be found. 6 on each path (cause incest path has 2 dolls bounded only for that path and non incest has replacement for those 2 different 2 dolls ofc)

From now on when you go and peek on your couple that are having sex on first floor of Willy’s building you will be able to chose all poses (animations ofc) that you have unlocked on your way through game.

Version 0.0.6 – Adventures of Willy D Walkthrough

– This update has nothing with main story but to “open world” things or unlockables. There is still a lot of content added so don’t worry that main story is paused. I just wanted to introduce

new things as “money”.

(worth for both paths with no difference)

– After having a 3some with Claudia and Neal, speak with claudia she will let you know that she is out of B-control pills. This will open Hotaboo shop on Duck city map.

– Speak witrh neal Need money line. And that will open 2 new jobs. ! new location is Duck Port warehouse. Other job is a joke from neal to have sex with old ladies for money.

lady that will do this is Martha in Jeb Village North. After you spoke with claudia and neal you now have 2 new locations to check (it is up to you what you wanna do first

cause as I said this is not part of main story). Also 1 more thing that opens after speaking with claudia and neal is scene in Diane’s room. so lets get started with all

that we may do:

(Scene with Diane)

– Simply go to Diane room (use key to unlock her room) and you will find her sleeping on her bed (you need to speak with claudia about pills first to this event open). Now

here is a “catch” if you are in suit willy will just quicking jerk by diane and put pants back on. But… if you are in boxers a whole cutscene of animations will happen. Willy

will be very quiet cause he don’t wanna wake her up. But what happens is cutscene that you may skip by pressing esc but you won’t have control over it. Cut scene will end up

with willy cumming all over Diane’s ass if you watch it whole (several animations happens there so be patient to see all)

(Money system:)

– There are 2 storage of money that Willy has. His pocket (cash) and money on his credit card. To check money in pocket press “M” and it will be showen in right top corner of screen.

– You may toggle this on and off with “M” /”N” buttons on your keyboard.

– To check money on bank account (credit card) you need to go to nearest cash mashine. and ofc, you need to have credit card in inventory. (you may pick it up in Willy’s Living

room on bookstand near door to bathroom). Once you have credit card in inventory, go to Cash machine and just left click it it will open screen (similar to dialogue screens)

only it will show currernt ammount of money on Willy’s bank account and options to withdraw certain ammount of money from it. By simple clicking ammount you wanna withdraw

it will automaticly be added to your cash ammount.

– There are total 2 cash machines at this moment 1 is just outside Willy’s home building and other by mom’s place (incest path only) I will add more in future updates. They are also seen on Duck

city map as small icon by places where there is a cash machine (blue dollar sign)

(Warehouse job)

– If you go to Duck port you may take a job in warehouse. There is warehouse supervisor that will explain some basics there. Once you accept job you may go inside warehouse and start with work.

Work here is simple. Pick up box from your left side of screen (where you start) and bring it to other side of warehouse and drop it down. There is indicator of how many boxes you moved from

one side to another. Willy will do this untill it reach max of 20 boxes, but you may exit whenever you feel and you will still earn some money. Once you are done with work or you just feel like

not doing it anymore you may go out (without box only) speak with Warehouse Supervisor and tell him you finished working. He will count how many boxes you moved and how much money you earned.

each box may be paid from 20-40 $ (randomly each time you take job). Money will be added to your total bank (credit card) account. So you will need use cash machine to check it out.

(Sex with older ladies job)

– This is vers simple job that Willy may do. For now there is only 1 older lady activated. It is Martha in Jeb Village north. After Neal joke about this, martha will actualy ask you to help her

with her “loneliness” behind her shop there in the alley. When you come first time she will offer it after speaking with her about mark. Just accept and there will be cut scene of Willy

“serving” her. This animation you CAN’T skip. That is whole point of actually earning money. Each time you do this Martha will offer Willy from 100-400$ So if you like this you may repeat as

much as you wish. She has 40% chance of being “in mood” for sex though. To reset this state of her just go out of scene (to Jeb Village middle) and enter north again. 40% chance that she will be

in mood for sex and 60% that she won’t. If she is not, just go out of scene and speak with her again etc.

(Working for Giulio)

– After speaking with Giulio now he will offer you job. If you ask for it he will give you same job as you already did for him, taking package from top of treehole cabin (same as from main story)

and just simply bring it back to him. Now ofc there is a catch. He will pay you for this favor every time, but it is random payment from 1-1000$ so, it will depend of your luck. You may go and

do this work if you fancy “gambling” I guess.

(Spending Money)

– Now that we know how to earn money we will need place to spend it ofc. There is Hotaboo shop for that and Orion star hotel. Hotaboo shop opens on map after you say that you will get B-control

pills to claudia. Orion Star hotel will open if you visit Diane in her room while she is sleeping there and checking Envelope on red chair in her room.

(Orion hotel)

– Here you may spend your money on Melanie. Speak with her and she will explain all you need to know. After you are done speaking an option will open to Arrange session with her. Now since she

don’t work for carlos gold card you have not worth anything. You will need to pay her CASH money. To “build” your session with her you can choose what poses (ofc they are animations) you wanna.

– There will be a price for every pose. Anal is most expensive ones and bj cheapest poses. You may build anything you like as long as you have enough money for it. Total ammount will be added to

“Pay xx$” line once you click there session will start with all poses you “unlocked” by paying. Unlike Carlos girls When willy cum on melanie he may stay in room and have more sex. Only after

you click exit session all will be reseted. Every time you wanna session with her you will need to “build” your perfect session or if you have enough money ($2000) you may have all of them.

– She will however give you “reward” after spending some money on her. First is after spending even $21 second revard is after you spend over $2000 (so must be at least 2001) and last reward is

after you spend more then $5000. You may also check how much you spent on her (from the moment you meet her and use her services).

(Hotaboo shop)

– Here you may buy things. There will be more shops and things to buy in future, and this shop will “extend” through time.

(Things you may buy here are: B-control pills / 1 TV channel / Tropy doll of Domina (shop owner) / Prototype Sex doll / B-pills are used for Claudia at the moment. If she don’t have em you won’t

be able to repeat 3some scene with her and Neal. When you buy this, go to Neal apartment and DROP pills on claudia (meaning you giving them to her) She will thank you and you will be able to do

3Some with her 10 more times (thatz much pills she has) if you drop another 10 pills on her she will just say she still have xx ammount of them and don’t need em yet.

– After buying TV channel just go home and left click on TV remote to see it… I will add more animations for each channel (for now it is 1 animation only as it is still experimental) and we will

be able to buy more channels in future also will create remote control so we may actualy control it by pressing buttons.

– Prototype sex doll after you buy it, it will be delivered to your bedroom (willy’s bedroom) and you may left click on her to see her “options” it will open alike dialogue interface where you

just “command” things to doll. You may use her in 1 animation for now and that is missionary. We will be able to upgrade this dolls with more poses for sex and for standing animations in future… still work in progress.

(Money on floor)

– As we now have money sytem, Willy will be able to find some cash on floor. It looks like dollar bill and if you click on it Willy will pick it up and some ammount of cash will be added to his pocket.

I placed some money on several locations i can’t really remember where so, go and find em lol.


– There are total of 5 New dolls to collect

Version 0.0.7 – Adventures of Willy D Walkthrough

(Incest path)

– After speaking to Claudia even before you have 3some hint will say go have lunch at moms place. So go there. There will be a cutscene for lunch time. Watch all you may speed up dialogues by pressing left click

– After lunch time go to julia and melissa bedroom. There speak with julia and tell her she looks pretty. then go speak with melissa and talk about Julia. In middle of this conversation willy will say he has to pee.

– Melissa will tell him to use bathroom and spare key is in middle upper drawer by enterance of apartment. Go there and click on middle ipper drawer, willy will find key. Go to living room and use key on bathroom door

– There will be mom under shower. Go anywhere in bathroom will triger willy talk. Now, here again there is a “random” animations but you may skip this cause they are not part of story. If you

wanna see all animations wait till mom touch her boobs there is 50% chance for her to do that so it may be very quick. While she is touching her boobs there is about 20% chance that she will

start mastrubate. if she does not and she starts to wash her face again you have to wait till she touch her boobs again etc. Now go back to jullia and melissa room and speak with melissa say

that was close. Willy will say he need go to Jeb village. Go to jeb village.

(Normal path) (no incest)

– After 3 some sex with claudia go to alans place. There will be cutscene for lunch time. Watch it (cause it is interesting lol. After that talk to Eve and speak about Amanda under shower. Now go

to motel. Enter second room (by old car) and go inside Emanuelles room. Go behind her bed there is path to her bathroom. See her mastrubate, willy will say that he need go to jeb village.

(Base path)

– After coming to Jeb willage (after lunch time events from either path) Speak with Amelie. Ask does she know Dee Dee. Now go to jebvillage north and speak with Erica. Ask about fight with Dee Dee.

Then go to Dee Dee and ask her about Erica. Now go to hotaboo shop ask Domina to buy dildo. After explaining she will give it to you for free. Go back to Jeb village and give (use) dildo on Dee Dee.

There will be 2 more options with Dee Dee sex scene. Try them or not up to you.


– In the hotaboo shop there is new silicon doll, schoolgirl. There are upgrades for prototype doll and for schoolgirl doll. Also you can buy battery for schoolgirl doll. Domina have all

explanations you seek so speak with her about this new cool upgrades.

– Also after you speak with claudia about doing her a favor MONEY CHEAT will be unlocked. To grab that money go back to Willy’s bedroom and add as much money you wanna toyour wallet. Remember to

save before you do this cause you may only do it once. After you do it money will be gone from floor (so SAVE BEFORE)

(New features:)

– Dolls may now be rotated manually. here is how you do it. once you click on doll she start rotation animation. If you wanna rotate manually just use your mouse wheel and it will stop animation

and you are in control of rotation. mouse up and down will rotate to different direction (left/right). If you wanna doll spin again you may click right mouse button and it will spin angain.

Remember mouse curstor needs to be in the tiny area of the small doll to do these things same as it was before for auto rotations.

– Since there are a lot of items in this update, I added arrows to inventory interface. If you have more items that you can see on screen you may use arrows to “scroll your inventory” left or

right depending where you have certain item.

– When you press F5 load screen will appear as before. Now we can “scroll” load save screens to left and right meaning you may save as much saves you like. So if you have some favorite scene save

before it happens and you may repeat it whenever you wanna by loading.

– You will notice new folder in file stricture called screenshot. Do not rename or delete this folder if you wanna be able to save screenshots. Press F12 to make screenshot and it will be saved

there as high quality PNG file with exact time and date you made this screenshot.


– There are 4 new dolls (no matter what path you chose).

Version 0.0.8 – Adventures of Willy D Walkthrough

(Base part)

– Talk to carlos and report progress with Dee Dee. He will tell you Maya is waiting at cinema. Go to cinema (new map location). Talk to Maya and you will both enter cinema. Talk to ticket seller

untill you ask him for hint about VIP room tickest. Go back to Carlos and talk to him: Can you help me with something.

– After talking to Carlos he will say he know someone who may help you. Go to Los labia (new map location). To find Hoyt you must do next:

– Go to los Labia south. try to get pass the dog (puppy sleeps in front of door of passage). Puppy will bark and Willy will run away. Now talk to Mrs Camila. Ask her is that her dog. She will tell

you it is charlota’s dog. Go to Los Labia Main street (one with ruined truck on right side of screen). talk to lucas (cowboy looking man)

– Ask him does he know Charlotta. He will tell you it is his wife and ask you a favor to bring car part from Giulio. Go to Duckyard and talk to Giulio. Say lucas sent you and he will give you car part.

Go back to Los Labia and give car part to lucas. He will call his wife (Charlotta) and she will move little puppy from passage. Now go to that passage.

– Passage leads to Alley go there. Go to backyard (it is just on the left from stairs under passageway) Stairs will lead you to balcony… You don’t need it for main story part. In backyard you

will see man in army uniform. That is hoyt. talk to him. He will tell you what to say to ticket seller. Go back to cinema and speak to ticket seller.

– This time he will tell you who has VIP room reservation. It is Gloria (maria’s friend). Go to Mrs. Maria’s house and ask her for another favor. She will give you VIP pass for cinema. Go back

there and watch movie with Maya. After movie go back to Mrs. Maria and thank her for ticket. She will notice you are excited and she will do something about it…


– After talking to Carlos what’s new 2 map locations will open (Rose bar and Majora street West) There will be Money pile there (money cheat) and it will not vanish after you use it. Instead, if

you need to drop money you may buy farts from fartman. There is another working girl in left side of street

– There is new outfit for schoolgirl silicon doll in Hotaboo shop. To use it drop it on SC doll in your room (after you buy it ofc)

– if you click on cinema poster named dark (left side of cinema street) it will ask you if you wanna see the movie on youtube. This is my own creation on my chanell so if you fancy that you may

see it (in game link will lead you there if you say watch it now)

– Selina quest: After you solve all for visiting Hoyt. You may enter Selina’s house. talk to her. Ask her about ancient book. She will say she need pages from it and that they are lost all over

the city. You may ask her hint and she does say a riddle that you maybe may solve yourself.

– Selina will be able to read your fortune only when her hands may slide over the crystal ball. Go to Mrs. maria after at least once trying to read fortune, and ask Maria does she have any hand

cream. She will give you one. Give it back to Selina and she will be able to tell your fortune. To unlock more “fortune” options you need pages from ancient book.

– Here is where to find all 4 pages. After asking about anciend book, you will be able to find 4 pages. page 1 is by the wreckaged truck just behind cowboy Lucas in Main street of Los Labia. (you

need to look just under the car door sort of hard to see it). page 2 is located in front of sewer enterance in Jeb Village (middle part of screen by stone wall)

– Page 3 can be find on top of treehole mountain by cabin at same place where you picked up package for Giulio. And page 4 is held by Mrs camila. Now for that you need to tell her that you collect

ancient book pages. She will tell you that she has one but she wanna rose in return. Go to Mrs. maria house and in fountain there (back at pool)

– If you click on roses after talking to Mrs Camila Willy will take one rose. Bring that rose to Mrs camila and she will give you page 4. each page may be used (dropped) on Selina and each will

unlock 1 extra sex animation with her.

(New features:)

– press 1 to lower game sounds wolume. Press 2 to raise game sounds volume. This may be at the moment a bit “glithy” but I will polish that through time.


– There are 6 new dolls to collect.

Version 0.0.9 – Adventures of Willy D Walkthrough

(incest path)

– After talking to Mrs Maria next hint will be to tell her your plans. Talk with her again and tell her what you planning next. Willy will say he is going to beach with his sisters. Go to mom place and since Melissa is not there talk with Julia. Ask her where is mMelissa. She will tell you Melissa is on the beach allready.Go to beach.

– On the beach go all way right till you find Melissa on lone beach. Talk with her (you need to talk all of dialogues to her untill suncream dialogue opens) After you gave her suncream, go back to fist beach scene and ask old couple for exact time. They will tell you and now head back to Melissa. Talk with her and Willy will be able to touch her ass again.

– After talking to melissa while touching her ass she will tell you need to let julia know that she need to help mom wash her back. Go back to mom’s place. Talk to julia about helping mom. She won’t wanna do it so, unfortunatly, you will help mom wash her back… Go to mom’s bathroom and speak with mom.She will let you wash her back. Now here Will’s dick

– will say that Willy is too shy and he need more self confidance. Go to hotaboo shop (see base path for this part)

– After willy got more self confidance, go back to mom bathroom and talk to her again. This time he will have courage to ask her to touch her boobs. After you are done here, go back to melissa on the beach. Talk to her (touch her ass) and there will be more options then before… ehm… You may repeat this option

(Normal path) (no incest)

– After talking to mrs Maria tell her about your plans. Go back to Alans apartment and talk to Eve. She will tell you her mom is on the beach. Go to beach and find Amanda on far right side of the beach last screen. Talk with her (you need to talk through all dialogues to open suncream option) Find ou exact time of day for her. Go to first beach screen and ask old

– couple to tell you exact time. Go back to lone beach and speak with amanda again. While you are touching her boobs she will ask you for favor. Go back to Alans apartment and talk with Eve. tell her about package. she will tell you that she had to meet with a friend in Majora street. Go to majora street and speak with stella. Here willy will say he need more self confidance

– And that he will ask Domina about pill. Go to hotaboo shop (see base path for this pat).

– Go back and “test” your self confidence on stella. Tell her she is pretty (and do all other dirty things if you wish). Go back to amanda to the beach and talk with her again. This time she will be a bit more dirty… You may repeat this if you wish

(Base part)

– After you done all things in either path and hint say to go to hotaboo. Go there and speak with Domina About self confidance. She will let you know that she need essence from Selina. Go to los labia and visit selina. She will let you know that you need to make essence on the lake on top of treehole by the cabin. Go there (on large mountain path you may use “T” button to “jump teleport to middle of that screen

– And also if you get stuck there). Go to the lake by the cabin. There will be 3 flowers on left side of screen. Willy will be able to carry only 1 petal per color at same time… You need to make indigo Essence. when you place 2 petals click on Rug and it will create essence of certain color. If you place 2 petals of same color it will create that exact color (so 2 red will give you red essence).

– Once you create at least 2 essencesof different color you may combine them inside your inventory to get another color. Read Puzzle part to see quickest way to create indigo essence. Now after you created indigo essence go back to selina and let her know you have indigo essence. She will “pack it” in a bottle and tell you you need to bring this to Domina

– Go back to hotaboo shop and let domina know you have indigo essence. She will “spray” you with parfume and Willy will have much more confidance… This is what you need for main story, but also there are a lot of things that you may do in “open world” things… Ask different girls and see if you may get something out of new self confidence for Willy….


– To get indigo essence you will need 2 essence color as Selina said, Purple and turquoise. Grab petals (flowers) all colors. place red and blue petal and make purple essence. Now grab another blue and yellow. Use those 2 to make green essence. Now you have to take 2 blue petals (remember Willy may only carry 1 petal each color at same time) so grab 1 blue, place it on the rug, and go back

– to blue flower and take another blue petal and place it on the rug. use rug to create blue essence. Combine blue essence with Green (drag em over each other inside inventory) that way you make turquoise. now combine turquoise with purple and you have indigo essence.


– Inside Hotel Lobby there will be new girl… She won’t let you use her service untill Willy has more self confidance and new scent on him. Her services are a lot cheaper then melanie has but cause she dont offer anal as service. To unlock anal with her you will have to use pose 69 (oral when you buy it) and let animation play for some time (around 10-15 sec) that will open anus practice.

– Now use anus practice for about same ammout of time and it will open Sweet anal… Now after you unlock this, you need to use sweet anal for a bit longer time (30-40 sec) and that will open rough anal… After you unlocked anal sex with Eliza they will always be there (no need to unlock em again) and she will never charge for those…

– Self confidace for Willy will unlock different options with girls for him. try talk to all of them.

– New art of pornography magazine will unlock after you ask Selina about essence. You may buy it in Hotaboo shop.

– New animation for couple in Willy’s building will unlock after you find out exact time of day on the beach.


– Rose pantyhose – Click on fuse box outside Rose bar (in dirty alley near Working girl) Willy will say nothing happens but he made rose bar air condition heat instead of cooling. Now speak to Rose and ask for her pantyhose.

– Rose Panties – You need to have her pantyhose and after Willy get more self confidance just ask her to give you her panties.

– Claudia stockings – Pick em up after 3some sex with her and Neal.

– Claudia panties – Pick em up after 3some sex with her and Neal.

– Selina Panties – After Willy get more self confidance ask her to give you her panties.

– Nadya panties – Pick em up from her room after having sex with her.

-Incest path lingerie

– Violette’s bra (mom) – Pick it up from cloth in her closet in mom’s bedroom.

– Violette stockings – Take em from floor of mom’s bathroom after Willy get more self confidance.

-Normal path (no incest)

– Amanda’s bra – Pick it up from sofa in her apartment after telling Mrs maria about your plans.

– Stella Panties – After Willy get more self confidance talk to Stella and ask her to give you her panties for… ehm… charity purpose.

(New features)

– There is new feature for Dolls collection number that show max dolls and total of dolls that you have collected. Same feature is on lingerie.

– New collection type called Lingerie. in here you will be able to see all panties, bra’s, pantihose or stockings that you collect from girls all around. It works same way as dolls. mouse wheel will rotate it manually and right click will reset animation, cursor must be in certain panties small icon.

– New look for collection screen. To open certain collection type simply click on it’s picture (It is pretty clear what is what i believe)

Version 0.10 – Adventures of Willy D Walkthrough

(base path)

– No matter did you play incest or non incest path, talk to Melissa/amanda and say you will check Daisy. Now if you did not do scene with Daisy in drama school you will have to do it now. otherwise go to Willy’s building and Daisy apartment will be open.

– Go inside and talk with Daisy. Say: i could ask someone for help. now go to Neal’s place and speak with claudia about Help for daisy. There will be cutscene. Now speak with mia and ask about Doll House. From Claudia’s place go to Doll house (under Villa Maria on the map)

– Speak with Nenad and say Mia sent me. he will ask you to find way in Doll house. Go to right side of screen and to forest meadow (doll house). there is a rock on enterance, examine it once and willy will say that Selina maybe may help him about carvings

– Go to Los labia and ask selina for help. She will give you Liquid Cleaner. Go back to Doll house (meadow) and use liquid cleaner on the rock. Cust scene will start. After cutscene you may go to Nenad and tell him that you found Doll house enterance. He will say

– he need a letter from drama teacher. Go to neal’s place inside drama school speak with Drama Teacher. Tell him about Daisy. Go back home and inform Daisy about your progress. Now go back to Mia and let her know all was allright. She will tell you Claudia asked for you. Speak with her. After sex scene

– tell her you need to go home and rest. Go home and infront of your apartment door Miss skye will be waiting. Speak with her. After you are done go inside your bedroom and click on chair by bed. Willy will take his wife stockings. Drop those to miss Skye. and enjoy.


– In hotaboo shop you may buy lube. Drop it on Miss Skye for additional animation – Anal

– New girl will appear in your building Jux Apo. As for now there are limited things you may do with her. Look for her in future updates also.

(New features)

– You may scroll bigger scenes even without walking there just go with mouse cursor to the edge of the screen to scroll

– there are new “autosaves” in save folder. You may load em from new OPTION menu (it is on main menu scene)

– in options menu you may change volume of music/ambience and sound sfx… This is still in “beta” state.

– In sex scenes if you see new cursor that looks like mouse, you may zoom in/out/reset main sex animation (background will stay same so it may look a bit weird)

– If you Right click on CUM button in sex scenes cumming animation will be twice bigger then normal.

– There are short descriptions of Lingerie collections.

– In doll collection screen click MIDDLE mouse button to zoom certain doll in.

– on sex scenes if you press SPACE it will togle ON/OPFF sex poses buttons good for screenshoots or even videos. By default they should always be ON when you come to sex scene

– If they are not on some scenes please report so I can fix for next update… But even if they are not they should show after you press SPACE and even when you don’t see em you may still click

– and pose will change (on spot where they appear as default on certain sewx scene)

Version 0.11 – Adventures of Willy D Walkthrough

(base path)

– after Skye scene talk with her and say you need a drink. Go to rose bar there will be new girl Mary there (that is Fionas best friend) speak with her Chose “talk to rose and mary” untill dialogie option opens when willy say he need to go back to beach.

(incest path)

– Go to beach and speak with Melissa about julia. Go back to Mom’s place and talk to Julia. You have to talk over and over again untill an option to kiss her appear. Now go to mom’s bathroom and use “undress and help mom” when inside of shower cabin

– Grab mom’s boobs without warning. After this you will be able to ask her for titjob anytime later. Go back to beach and speak with melisssa about Julia. And go on with I wanted to ask you something… This will open BJ option with melissa.

(normal path)

– Go to beach and speak with Amanda about Eve. Go back to amanda’s place and Eve won’t be standing in dinning room, so go through door to hallway and further left to Eves bedroom. Speak with Eve. This time she will be more shy. After option

– To kiss her appear willy’s dick will say we should go visit emanuelle in motel. Go to motel. There will be emanuelle kneeling there not knowing who entered and blinfolded. Go near her and speak with her. Chose say nothing… This will open bj scene.


– If you buy lube and give it to Claudia this will open 2 new animations anal and blowjob.

– If you pick up emanuelle’s panties from motel bathroom it will open new animation with her. Again speak with her and say nothing will open new option.

– If you collect all dolls (50) you will be able to enter first Bronze door of doll house.

(doll house chamber)

– When you enter you can read sign on the door that roughly explain what you neded to do. In temple chamber on right side on floor there is 1 Tissue, Grab it and go further to east room another Tissue is on the right side of this room. take it.

– Go back to west room. There is old dagger on the left side of west room. If you use faucet on left side of fountain there a sand will come out of it. grab sand 2 times and you will have 2 piles of sand. Go to main temple chamber again and use dagger on

– first pillar on left from enterance, there is a rope on bottom of it. Use dagger on rope. You will now have 2 ropes in inventory. Now, combine sand with tissue do it with both tissues and sand pile, Use rope on sand on tissue and you will get

– pouch with sand in it as weight. Use pouch on west room hook (it is between 2 faucets of fountain). Do same for east room use bag on hook. this will open door to Secret garden of Desire. Enjoy.

Version 0.12 – Adventures of Willy D Walkthrough

(base path)

– After either Melissa or emanuelle BJ scene hint will say to visit your friend Neal. So go to Neal and tell him you met Mia. He will ask you to speak with Claudia about his 3 some with Mia. Go to claudia’s place and ask Claudia about 3some. She will tell you

– that she will ask mia later. Go speak with Mia and tell her Claudia will open wine for them. Mia will ask you to do her favor and gain find Numed… err Nenad guy and ask him about insurance document. Go to doll house and speak with Nenad. Say Mia is asking about you.

– He will let you know that he need insurance but office was closed. Lucky you work in that same office so you have access to it. Go to your office and search your working desk (one on top of sleeping beauty… ehm… Peter. After Willy realize it is not his document

– he will try and find it on Maya’s laptop. but her laptop has password. now go to Maya’s place (new map location) enther her building and speak with Maya. Tell her you need a help with something (sometimes dialogue with maya opens a bit slow so just wait few sec). She

– Willy give you password. Go back to office and click on maya’s laptop and willy will find out that Document is in bottom drawer. take Document from bottom drawer and bring it back to Mia. Mia is not anymore by Claudia’s place so go inside Claudia’s house. Go further

– to Claudia’s living room (new scene) speak with either of them (it should open same dialogue). Tell you have document for Mia. Mia will thank you. Now ask about 3some, then talk more about 3some untill Willy’s willy…. cum. Willy will be emberrased and will go out of

– Claudias home and won’t wanna return till he is sure his dick won’t fail him again. Now go to domina and ask about endurance pill. She will give you recipe for Endurance gel. Ask her where you may find all things from recipe. She will point you to Selina ofc.

– Go to selina and ask her to help you with recipe. She will tell you where all things are. You don’t need to do things any order just need to collect em all 3.

– Go to hospital and try get into room (just right from doctor Scarlett) she won’t let you but your dick will have idea how to “get sick”. Go to Gioulio car service and ask giovanna to show you her boobs. She will offer to suck her boobs instead. Now here you may stop the animation

– And do it again and again. But we need to get sick so just leave animation running untill Giulio spot you and run towards you (this happens randomly tho) After willy faint they will bring him to hospital room. Chack white dresser on right of your bed and take pills.

– Other thing you need is Enduro herb. Go to jeb village sewer enterace (just behind Dee Dee and just grab herb from middle part of screen by small stone wall.

– Red essence you can make on top of Treehole hill by using 2 red petals from flower. You may grab only 1 petal and drop it on rug. then take another petal and place it on rug and merge those to red essence.

– Now that you have all that you need. Inside your inventory you may use either valve or knife (selina said any hard obj) to crush pills into dust. Use herb enduro herb with red essence and finally use dust on Enduro gel to get strenghten Enduro gel.

– By left clicking on Strenghten enduro gel willy will use it on his genitals… YOu may do this where ever you wanna a short animation will show (so it may be funny if you do it in middle of street). Now go back to claudias house and talk with girls. Say you feel sorry about

– last time. And then have some fun with both of girls in some hot ffm 3some. After you are done. Tell em you need visit friend. Go back to Maya and say thank you for favor. She will then suck Willy’s dick. The end for now.

(New feature)

– After you clean puzzle on rock it is no longer nessesery to solve it. You may go back to nenad and even tell him you don’t know how to solve it and he will “add” auto solve” button to puzzle.

– There is new scene inside Doll house that you may visit as soon as you open doll house. It is BJ contest. Go there and check how it works.

– There are new dolls and new lingerie to be foun d (check doll counter and lingerie counter)

Version 0.13 – Adventures of Willy D Walkthrough

(incest path)

– talk to Maya and say you need to go. Willy will say he need to visit mom again. So go to mom’s place and speak with mom. She is in her bedroom now (finally get out of shower). Ask her: “mom… I wanna ask you something” line in dialogue. she will speak about melissa not

– having job. Now go to melissa at the beach and talk with her about finding job. She will say she would work in hotaboo if they need workers. Go to domina in hotaboo shop and ask her about job. She will let you know her daughter Angel maybe need some help in clothing section.

– Go to clothing section in hotaboo shop (right side of screen) and talk with angel about job. She will say she could use assistent. Go back to melissa on the beach and tell her about job interview. Again go back to mom

– And tell her about Melissa job. Now you may ask mom to give you her panties. This will unlock sex scene with mom. (with outfits you may unlock more animations check unlockable)

(normal path)

– Talk to Maya and say I need to go now. Willy will say he need to check on Eve. Go to amanda’s house and speak with Eve. She will ask you for favor to help Stella. Go find stella in majora street and speak with her about job. Willy will say maybe rose need workers. Go to rose bar

– And speak with rose about workers. She will say she don’t need workers but hotaboo maybe does. Go to Hotaboo and speak with domina. She will send you to clothing section where her daughter Angel works. Speak with Anglel and ask about jon. She will say she need assistent. Go back to Stella

– And say that you talked to rose and found job in hotaboo. Go back to eve now and tell her all about stella new job.She will give you her photo that you may use in your bathroom. This will unlock Amanda’s room where you may have sex with her. New outfits will give you more animations so

– check unlockables section in walkthrough.


– After having 3some with Mia and Claudia you will be now able to ask Claudia to have sex with her alone, or 3some with mia (old claudia animations will be open

– After meeting Angel you may try and buy some clothing there. She will need you to bring her indigo essence from Selina before she may open shop. Go to selina and say angel need indigo essence. She will give you bottle of it. Go back to Angel and drag/drop indigo bottle on her and

– shop will be open now. Here you may buy different clothing for girls.

– List of girls for clothing changes:

– Maya – buy her corset and ask her to wear it. This will open cutscene with her and willy licking her pussy.

– Amanda – She may wear: Corset, Catsuit, Vdress. Night dress, Body Stockings, After you buy this for her you need to give em to her first (drag and drop item on her) then ask her to change to that certain outfit. this will open different options with small sex cut scenes and will

– unlock more sex animation in her “naked” state. Ask her to get naked again to use this animations as standard sex scenes (with buttons to change pose)

– Mom -She may wear: Corset, Vdress. Night dress, catsuit, Dream dress, innocent dress. With Mom some things are here different then amanda. At first she won’t wanna wear catsuit untill Willy at least once lick her pussy. After that you need to give her catsuit and she will take it

– Use option while she is in catsuit and she will give willy bj. After that ask her to dress into dream dress and she will finally fuck with willy. This will unlock also in standard naked sex scene. So ask mom to get naked to check this scenes when she is naked.

– After finding job for sMelissa check Julia and Melissa room. On the floor by melissa bed just under small cusion chair there will be photo of julia. You may use this photo in your bathroom on ugly picture.

(doll house unlockables)

– When you first visit doll house click on couple where man is sucking tit of girl in white boots on bench. He will recognize his neighbor girl. Now go back to your building and talk with her there. Say I see you found job. Then say you are dirty girl. Go back to Doll house and on place

– where she was with that man now there will be a doll. Pick up doll and go back to your building. Girl won’t be there anymore but you may now click on door of her apartment. $10 fee is to use peephole and see the scene inside her apartment. You may quit scene by clicking on white door.

– In BJ contest area, clcik at least once on Amy. Go back to where older lady gives handjob to young male. Sit and talk with her. Ask about amy. Go back to amy, and now you may talk with her also (a small animation there also).

Version 0.14 – Adventures of Willy D Walkthrough

(base path)

– talk to mom/Amands (depending of what path you played before) and tell you need to visit your mother-in law/Mrs. Maria. Go to Mrs. maria villa nd speak with her. There will be Lady gloria there also. Ask Maria what are you sexy girls doing here. Then ask is diane going also. She

– will say she should but she still sleeps. Go to upper floor of villy and enter Diane’s room there will be cut scene with nadya. Go back to Mrs. maria and lie about Diane and pills. Gloria will mention Nenad during talk. Now speak with gloria and ask about Memad. She will say she can’t

– reach him on phone. Willy will offer to go and tell him what he need. Go to the doll house and speak with nenad tell about Gloria’s need. After you are done talking Willy will get 1 new art of pornography issue. If you look at it on last page there will be something about Gloria. Go back to maria’s house.

– and speak with Gloria. Tell her about Nenad. She will mention art of pornography special with her only. And Maria will say she had it but don’t remember anymore and maybe nadya has it now. Now hint will stay to this point to find AOP specuial untill you find it. So you need to read carefully

– All hints Willy get from people. Go to Nadya ask about AIP, she will say she left it in hospital. Now go to hospital and speak with scarlett. She will say Hoyt took it. Go to Los labia and speak with hoyt. He will say he gave it to Lucas (cowboy looking guy by wrecked car) Go to lucas and he will finally say he gave it to

– Fuerto (he is mexican guy sleeping in Loas Labia north street, left side screen of Lucas place). After you grab magazine (you may ofc check it out cause it is actual collection as any AOP) go to The Cinema and enter inside. Maria and gloria will be sitting. talk with them and use all options till you start wathing movie. Now sit back

– And relax with one cool artistic movie. After movie say it was amazing to them and finally that you need to go. You may also watch movie again but this time you may also skip it at any time with simple button escape on your keyboard. Go back to Maria villa and speak with Nadya about her punishment.

– Punish her if you wanna… Speak with her again and say you need to check out diane. Go to her room and… well use her if you like to. That is end of story in this version.


– You may now buy body stockings and innocent dress to maya and it will open 2 new short cut scenes.

(new collection)

– there is new collection called Photos in this update. it is in “vanila” state at the moment but this will expand through time. There are total 57 photos to collect but most of them are in bundles 5-6 photos at one place so It should not be problem finding em all.

– new animation at Willy’s building neighbours is unlocked after Gloria ask you for Nenad

Version 0.15 – Adventures of Willy D Walkthrough

(incest path)

– Talk to nadya and say you will find more ways to punish her more. After that willy will say he need to check his sister julia. Go to Mom’s place and visit julia. Talk to her. She will say she tried call aunt but she don’t answer. Willy will offer to go check it.

– Go to map new location is added on map, Minora town. Go there and find door to aunts house. Inside speak with aunt first. talk about Julia phone call and about isabel. Now go to isabel room (on the right side of living room here) and talk with isable.

– Tell her you look happy then julia sent greetings and after that so what’s going on with you. After that go back to julia. Talk to her about aund and isablel. Talk with her about cuddle one and after cutscene once more. This will open “repeat” for this cutscene.

– Go outside her room. Willy dick will say he wanna have sex with claudia and mia. (see base path).

(normal path)

– talk to nadya and say you will find more ways to punish her. Willy will say he need check on eve. Go to your building into alan’s apartment and speak with eve. She wqill say Stella was there and wanted to talk to you. Eve will tell willy she lives in Minora town.

– Go to map new location is added “Minora town”. Go there and find stella apartment door. At start of scene willy will say hi and walk to stella to talk with her. Say eve said you wanted to speak with me. Then I still don’t get it. Then speak with leila.

– Speak with her. Your name is Leila. Then So you 2 live here alone. Then go back to your building and speak with Eve again. Talk about cuddle. there will be cutscene with them “cuddle”. You may repeat this animation /cutscene if you wanna. Go out of her

– Room and willy’s dick will say he wanna go to Mia and Claudia. (see base path.

(base path)

– Go to mia and claudia after finishing either of paths from above. Speak with mia. Tell her you wanted to ask her something. She will say she would but need to go and find Ninged… Err Nenad. So Willyas true gentleman will offer he do it for her. So go to

– Doll house area and speak with nenad about mia’s package. He will say it is still in Hotaboo. Willy will offer to take it for him. Go there and talk to domina about package. She will say it is not yet done. Go back to Mia and tell her that yourself. Now

– You will be able to have sex with mia alone or any previous, claudia alone and both of them together.


– After giving rose to mrs Camila in los labia (for page of ancient book) you will be able to make her “feel young again” behind the wall. This way willy will earn some money. She will offer 1000 pusos (in game $55) and this option is open always after she get rose.

– There are 2 new pages for ancient book to be found. one is in Minora town under green car on the right side. Other is in claudia street by the stairs that leads down ( just by Mia bronze doll). Drop em (give to) selina for 2 new options while she is reading your future.

– If you did punish Nadya, you may buy lube to go on with your punishment. Drop it on her and 2 mor animations will open when you punish her.

Version 0.16 – Adventures of Willy D Walkthrough

(base path)

– Talk to Mia say you need to visit friend in Duckyard street. Go there (where Giovanna stands). Come close to giovanna and dean this will trigger short cut scene. listen/read all text. Now follow dean to jeb village. he is now talking to Amelie. Come closer and listen.

– After that cut scene he will be gone to Dee Dee. Go to Dee Dee and again listen dean and Dee Dee conversation. After conversation speak with dean. Ask him about his sex experience. Here you will find out he is a virgin. Willy will remember Selina may help (who else)

– Go to selina and ask for help for virgin friend. She will give you anti-cum pill. Go back to jeb village and give pill to Dean. Talk to him and you will be able to do 3some with Dee Dee and dean. After 3some (at least once) talk to dee dee. Say you was great.

– Now go back to Duckyard street. Giovanna won’t be there but in her hideout (on this screen you may see resd container in middle left side of screen) this time this “door” will be open. Click to go there. Now here is a “mini game” it is big scene that scrolls up-down and left right.

– Inside Giulio walks and if he see Willy he will break his balls (see unlockable). So you need to find the key to advance to Giovanna’s basement without Guilio catch you. Key is located on cabinet by the sofa in south part of this screen/basement. On you way there

– You may find Kamasutra pages (see unlockable). After you grab the key go to upper right part of screen and use it on green door. You are now in giovanna’s hideout. Talk to her and have lots of fun.


– In Giulios basement there are total of 7 kamasutra pages. Willy will not pick em up (too afraid of Giulio?) but once you clcik on each it will open additional animationm with Giovanna. Giulio walks around by random choice of his next location. You will need some time

– To figure out where you are safe to stay but start position is always safe to be behind the wall.

– When Giulio catch you in his basement you will wake up in hospital and nurse Candy will be putting cream on Willy’s penis (jerk scene). If you keep on saying that hurts can she use anything softer for at least 5 times, next time when you end up in hospital

– She will be using her boobs to put cream on Willy’s penis.

– After seing 69 bj scene in jux apartment spend more 50$ (all together 100$) and pose will change to different one.

Version 0.17 – Adventures of Willy D Walkthrough

(incest path)

– After sex with Giovanna Willy will say he need to visit his younger sister. Go to mom’s place and talk to julia. There will be option to touch each other. talk to julia again after those scenes and tell her you need to go to Claudia. Claudia will ask for another favor.(look base path)

– After speaking with monique go back to Julia. Willy will suggest julia to touch with genitals while they are both naked. After scene speak with her again and say you need visit monique. (see base path)

(normal path)

– After Sex with Giovanna willy will say he need to visit Eve. Go to Eve and talk with her. You will be able to get naked with her and touch each other. After that talk with Eve again and say you need to Visit Claudia.(look base path)

– After speaking with Monique go back to eve and listen her suggestion. You will now be able to let her grind naked on your cock. Speak with her again and tell her you need to go to monique. (see base path)

(base path)

– Speak with Claudia. She will need another favor. Go to Erohide (new map location) and on far left side of screen enter monique apartment. Speak with her. She will say Yvonne is not home. Willy will come back later here.

– Now go back to Eve/ Julia depending what path you are playing. (see second part of incest/non incest path)

– Go back to monique. Speak with her. She will say Yvonne is back in rtoom with her boyfriend. Go in her room and speak with either of them (steve orr Yvonne). She will say she was thinking Claudia will help em in their silly request.

– Go to Claudia and ask her will she do it. She say she will in case her mom (Monique) refuses. Go back to Monigue. Speak with her about Yvonne request. Now go inside room and tell Yvonne that her mom agree to help. And again to Monique to let her know

– Yvonne won’t mind. This will open Lessons for Steve and monique. Speak with monique to start the lesson. After lesson. Speak with Monique and ask were you good enough. Willy will say he also have sex partne Maya.

– Now go to Maya and make her be Willy’s sex partner. Just don’t tell that to her boyfriend.


– In hotaboo shop there is Penetration spray to buy. You may use this on Dee Dee after you have at least 1 3some with her and Dean. Be warned this will open 3 new animations a bit “extreme” there will be 2 cocks in her pussy, ass or mouth (at same time in 3some)

Version 0.18 – Adventures of Willy D Walkthrough

– Talk to Maya and say you need to check your mother-in-law. Now go to the cinema and ask ticket seller where lady gloria and Mrs. maria are. He will say he thinks they went home. Willy will decide to ask Nadya about it. Go to Maria house and to nadya room

– Ask Nadya where Gloria and Maria are. She will tell you they went to Gloria’s villa. This will open new map location Villa Gloria, but you may travel there from Maria’s house enterance (passage in middle of screen just on bottom of maria’s house enterance).

– Go to Villa gloria. There are some people there you just need to go to the right part of screen and To garden. you may also go to map from this villa main screen if you go on bottom center of screen, or go back to maria’s house on left side of screen.

– Once you are in the garden you will see Heidi standing there. Introduce yourself to her. She will tell you that Gloria and maria are under shower at the moment. And she say you should come back later. Willy will decide that he will go visit daisy.

– Go to daisy apartment and talk to her say ” I was wondering” that will triger a cut scene with them going to drama school. Watch whole cut scene. After that Willy need to talk to Menud… err Nenad about daisy. Go to Doll house area and talk to Nenad about daisy.

– Nenad will go to his studio. This will open new map location “Hillwood”. Go there and enter Nenad’s studio. When you enter a cut scene will start. Watch it then talk to Nenad about movie. Daisy will come back with red dress on. Talk to her. say I asked nenad about movie

– After that “what should I do” and finally “I am ready for rehearsal. Talk to Daisy after “practice” and say I am going now (top of dialogue) also see “unlockable” part. To lose some more time willy will go and see if Monique need any help again. Go to erohide

– And inside monique apartment talk with her. She will say she was wondering if you will be there soon. Do another lesson for Yvonne bysaying ready for second lesson. After lesson talk to monique again. and say “I better go now”. Now go back to Villa gloria and to the

– garden. Talk with heidi again and ask are maria and gloria back. She will say yes and will prepare you for them… On this next scene, there is 33% chance that you will get there “too early” and you will be able to watch lady gloria and mrs Maria having sex.

– If scene was thewre click through all dialogues, and dialogue will open. Talk with them. After several lines it will open dialogue “I am ready” use this option to have sex with Mrs. maria. You may do it again anytime by using “can we do it again”.


– After first rehearsal with daisy you may talk with her and say I hope I was ok. then talk to to nenad about movie. Willy will say that movie need more “realistic” scene. Daisy will agree. Talk to daisy again to do “extended” rehearsal with her.

– When visiting maria at sofa in Glorias villa garden there is 33% chance you will see them having sex rather then just sitting. If that does not happen, just go out of scen and enter again (you enter scene by talking with Heidi). Do it until you don’t see scene at least once..

– On the main scene of Villa Gloria (enterance) where people are. Harley Hardwood will be but only if you did all Jux Apo side quests. So to make him “spawn” there you need to doo all her side quests, and then spend few more $ by watching scene in her apratment (standing sex)

– After you spend enough scene will be empty. Once it is empty there, that guy (Harley Hardwood) will spawn at Glorias enterance (by green car and blonde girl). Talk to him and say I think I saw you somewhere before. This will open new dialogue option on peep hole of Jux Apo

– apartment. If you pay 300$ you will get massage with her, with ahppy ending.

(new feature)

– If you right click at any enterance, door, passage to change scene willy will not walk to there but will instantly change to that scene. There is also walk hack and that is explained in another read me tex. file so read it b4 you use it.

– New collection type “portfolio” is added to game. It is in early state and under construction, tho once you have access to Claudia’s living room you may pick up her portfolio it is just a test “show” of how it will look. Not all animations there

– Are ready to use. So far only 3 walks and closeup are ready. See on screen button instructions how to use this animations. move your mouse over animation and click, rotate etc.

(old saves splash screen)

– If you use my saves that I create for each update and know what you are doing you will never see this screen. But for everyone who never read how to… text well, in case you try use saves from older version you won’t be able to play game anymore. So READ how to use save games

– And you will see that YOU DON?T NEED TO START NEW GAME EVERY RELEASE!! lol. all is clear there and more then 300 people are having no problems with that so it is YOU who do things wrong.

Version 0.19 – Adventures of Willy D Walkthrough

– Talk to Heidi and tell her you need to go to hillwood. Go there and speak with Nenad. He will say he need pages of movie script from his girfriend Danielle. She is now at rose bar. Go to rose bar and speak with danielle. She will give you first page. Click on page and willy

– Will say it is borring and it need to be fixed. After this, ask Danielle for pen. Use pen on script page to “correct it” (you won’t be able to use pen in front of Danielle) so go out of bar anywhere and try there. After page is fixed go back to Hillwood and drop page to Nenad.

– Speak with daisy and do 1 rehearsal (second part) speak with daisy again and say “I’ll be back later”. (also see unlockable for more pages). Go to jeb village and speak with Amelie. She will turn willy down and after that go and speak with Dee Dee. She will now send you to Erica and erica will send you back to her.

– Speak with dee dee again and then go to where Erica was and go on further to the bottom of screen, new area will be there old house. Go inside and speak with erica. Again go back to dee dee and finally speak with erica again and have fun with her (also see unlockable)


– After giving first page to nenad and doing rehearsal second page may be taken from danielle. Go back to danielle and ask for second page. Do same as with first (use pen on it then drop on nenad). After extender rehearsal do same for last page. Last page will be about anal. Daisy won’t

– Be able to take Willy’s penis fully unless you buy her lube to help slide in.Buy lube and give it to daisy after first anal try. After this you will be able to practice anal with daisy.

– In rose bar Danielle may “reveal her breast” (it is random animation) if she does speak with her and good things may happen… somewhere.

– After Willy got “in fight” with his penis in old house by Erica, he will mention he need therapist. This will unlock door to gabriella’s office in Erohide (just by 2 girls who are talking by her door left upper side of screen.

(Doll House)

– Silver door is now possible to open. You will need at least 75 dolls (no matter what color dolls) When you enter you will see 2 signs on floor, if you think you may do it your own read those cause they are guides to “puzzle” If you are stuck, read further this walkthrough.

– In main chamber there are 4 candle sticks each has 2 candles. When you click on them you will tund them on. But each candle that you turn on will also turn off some other candle. point is to make at least 3 candles (whole candlestick) to lit and only after 3 are already burning you will be able

– light last 4th. So here is what sign is saying. If you lit candle 1 (from left to right on screen) it will turn off candle 3 Candle 2 will turn off candle 1 and 3 candle 3 will turn off candle 4, and candle 4 will turn off candle 2.

– So if you did not touch anything so far easiest way is to lit this way, candle 2, then 1, then 3 and final is 4. This will trigger short cutscene and will show a statue of nun in middle of screen. Now other part of riddle is “when the nun becomes whore… part. After all 4 candles are lit

– Willy will be able to go to 2 rooms on sides of main room. So go to east room first. There you will find jar and silver dick. Take only jar. Go to west room use jar on statue. statue will start to move. This also trigger torch in East room to fall off. Go to east room take torch from floor.

– Place torch on Manhole and take silver dick. go to west room and use dick on statue. oil will start to leak from statues mouth. Use empty jar on oil. go to main room, use jar with oil on statue. Again back to west room, use enpty jar once more and fill it with oil. Now go back to east room

– And use jar on manhole (now jar will be heavy enough to keep door open). take torch and go to west room. use torch on oil and in main room use torch on any of candles. Now finally use torch on statue to burn her dress. She will now be naked and enterace to Silver chamber of lust will open.

– In chamber there are many couples you may for now interact just a little bit, but this will expand in future. You may speak with Mother superior and she may spank willy in confession room, or you may join weird 3some with nuns on far left part of screen. If you ask Mother superior where

– They came from new map location will open (Church) you may for now just visit and see what future bring but not much to do atm there.

Version 0.20 – Adventures of Willy D Walkthrough

(base path)

– After sex with Erica talk to her ask did you like it. Then willy will get in fight with his penis and will wanna visit therapist about this issue. So go to Erohide and visit Gabriella (she is terapist) her office is door by 2 girls on street that talk to each other. Go inside and speak with her.

(incest path)

– After talking with gabriella Willy will say he need o go to his aunt. Go to minora town and visit aunt. There will be uncle Karl sitting on sofa. Talk to aunt Leonora and choose “sit with them” option. This will open scene with them sitting on sofa. Talk with aunt and uncle untill part “talk about Oil” appears.

– Chose this part for a surprise fromk Leonora. After this say bye to them and willy will say he need to check on julia. Go to mom’s place and speak with julia. There will be scene same as before (rubbing penis on her pussy) but Willy will this time do something a little bit more then just rub. After you are done go to Erohide again

(normal path)

– After talking with gabriella he will say he need visit friend in Minora town. Go to stella’s apartment and speak with her. Listen her request. After scene is done, you may do it again only this time Willy’s penis will wanna be out during workout. There you may also check her bathroom (enterance is

– just by big closet ) for now can’t do much there… Go to Eve and she will wanna do something more then just rubbing. Do it (you may repeat later) and go back to gabriella.

(base path)

– Speak with gabriella and confess about your problem. Speak with her untill Hypno option open. Now you may take therapy from her she will hypnotize Willy and… well… you will see what happens there.


– In orion hotel there is new room “reception” once you enter Orion star hotel, go further up (through door by women in red and fat guy) there you will meet few new characters. Speak with Brenda. Ask about why is she here. She will say she is collector of coins. After you that talk with her she will say she will give you

– something in return if you find any coins for her. This will actualy open all coins locations. but you may ask Orson (her hubby) for hints where to find this coins… If you are too lazy to read his hints here are all locations of coins. ! coin is at church location (on left side of passage to church) another coin is in fountain

– in Jeb village (where dee dee is) One coin is at claudia’s street (just by stairs to down that leads no where on that scene) one coin is on treehole passge (the biggest scene by omnious shadow first rock by it) for this coin you will need Dagger from doll house bronze location so willy may reach it. And last coin is

– On location in los Labia on screen where you may see Selina on window. There is hole in the wall just by enterance to this scene. Willy will need burning torch to pick up this coin. So yes, go to silver doll house door, use torch on oil from “the pump” in west room, use torch on candles to light it and go to los labia.

– After you use burning torch there willy will find last coin. When you use coin on Brenda she will open “payment” for it. each time you collect a coin and give it to her it will open specific animation with her. Collect em all to have all animations unlocked with her.

– There are some secretes with Jade but I will let you try to find those on your own (it is way more fun trust me)

(Doll collection screen update)

– From now on dolls on this screen have new look of screen, but also changed functions there. once you click the dool you may move your cursor anywhere and doll will sill be spinning in middle of this screen. If you move your cursor to middle part of screen (where doll’s animation show) you will be able to rotate it zzoom in or out

– There are 2 buttons added there, one is controls and other is light to middle part of room (just estetics). Also every new doll you find will have flashing “NEW” letters over small doll icon until you click at it at least once. This way we may track what are newest dolls we collected.

(new function WIP)

– You may test new function that I will add to game in Willy’s house only for now (takes time to add this to whole game since game is really huge now) Go to will’y house (any room but bathroom) and press and hold “B” button (this will be changed once it is done) It will show all posible way outs of scene and also any

– object of importance (as remote, blupblup fist or if you start new game then also keys, envelope cc etc…) This function will show only passages and items that are important for main story I am NOT planning of marking dolls or any other collections this way (so you need to either wait for blupblup walktrough or… you know play the game

– and do some effort for extra rewards :D)

Version 0.21 – Adventures of Willy D Walkthrough

– Speak with gabrielle and tell her that you need to visit friend in her street. Now go to Monique. She will be glad you stop by and will want you to do third lesson. So do that with her. After lesson is done speak with her again and say that was interesting lesson. Now willy will say that he will visit either Eve or julia (depending on path

– So go to Eve/Julia. If with julia speak with her and listen julia’s wish. If with Eve then say Hey Eve I was thinking… So after those conversations and animations are done Willy will say that he is going to rose bar. Go to rose bar and willy will not be happy cause Mary is still there. Speak with Mary and say don’t you have anything to do.

– She won’t go away. Now you need to go back to your place and in Willy’s bedroom check on blue box by closet. Willy will find some naughty photos of Mary. Go back to Rose bar and speak with mary say I found some iteresting photos. Mary will go home after that. Speak with Rose and ask her for date. She will agree but only after all

– bar customers go away. Now go back to Monique and speak with her. She will say Yvonne need some favor from you. Go to her room and ask what she need… After you are done there go back to monique and say what happened. This will open “private” sex with monique so go and have some fun in her room. After you are done say I really enjoyed that.

– Willy will now say he need to bring photos back to friend (mary) go to map and find new location Mary place. Go inside and speak with mary. Speak untill she goes to her room. After she goes, you may go there too (left corner of screen is her room) You need to undress and then speak with her. You may undress at white armchair in her bedroom.

– Speak with her and have some fun.

Version 0.22 – Adventures of Willy D Walkthrough


-You may sell essences or even petals from lake cabin to Sister (nun) Larissa. After you do sell anything to her (even just 1 petal) new dialogue will open: visit church. Speak about that with her and after go inside church. There are 2 little “side quests” that start from here.

-There is a lady sitting on bench of church. talk with her ask about her daughter she will tell you she is student on Duck City university. This will open new map location. Go to university and talk to schoolgril Katy. Ask is she student there. She will say she wanna hang with popular girls. Go to left side of that scene and speak with Floara about Kelly.

-She will mention Library in doll house as hangout of her sisterhood. Speak with Katy again and say what Flora said. Katy will ask you to see what it all about in there. Now go to Doll house silver door and to Chamber of Lust. at the end of scene (near mother superior) there are doors that now lead to library. Gop inside and to left you will find girl named donna.

-Speak with donna about Katy and she will say Katy need to come there and have sex with someone. Go back to Katy tell her that. She will now go to Doll house. Again back to Library and find katy (she is by donna now). Speak with her and enjoy the scene. After you did this, you are able to give her b- control pills that will open more sex animations, and Lube to open

-anal scene with her. Anal scene start very slow but through time speed of animation will speed up to very fast so, if you wanna stick around and see how that works. anal speed will reset after each cum.

-In church Speak with priest about church. Ask can you check things around priest will say you are free to look around. After that go behind altar (behind priest) look at top of sceen there will be small key hanging on thin rope. Click on it at least once so Willy is aware of it’s existance. Now go to other side of church (right side of scene) there you will see

-nun touching her knee. There is thin rope there also. Use dagger (from bronze chambers) on rope to cut it. Key will fall from celling to altar. Go back behind priest and take small key (it is by candle on altar behind priest) use small key on small box in middle of church. You will get Virginity key. Go to Chamber of lust and use key on virgin nun that sits just by enternance.

-her animations will start with missionary. after some time more will open (so just wait and watch) all untill rough anal opens. once all animations are open they will stay there (they won’t reset) all animations have command to open new ones after some time so even Cum option may increase this but I guess fastest way is to use “Hard Fuck” when it opens.

-After you do quest with giulio to make him sleep, you may visit nurse Candy and lie to her that you still feel pain on penis. she will ofer some candycare help… enjoy there…

-After talking to harley about Jux (that opens happy ending massage for willy) go to bronze doll house door to Gardens of desire and find 1 photo there ( it is just before black girl having sex on bench) pick photo up and that will open new peek mode on jux apartment… enjoy the show.

Version 0.23 – Adventures of Willy D Walkthrough

(base path)

– Talk to Mary after sex and say you are going to Rose bar. In rose bar talk to danielle about sensitive personal issue. Go to hillwood and speak with Nemod… err Nenad about it. After that go back to rose bar and speak with danielle again.

– She will say she will consider and think about all this. Willy’s dick will say to visit Mia and Claudia to ask em about 3some with dee dee. So go there and speak with them. They will refuse.

– Now go to Jeb village and speak with Dee Dee. She will suggest to speak about this issue with Amelie. Go speak with amelie about it. She will wanna to do it with anyone else but willy…

– Go ask carlos if she may do it with someone else. Carlos Will refuse. Go back to amelie and say what carlos said to you. She will say she need to think about it. Now go back to rose bar.

– Danielle will no longer be there. Speak with rose and ask where is daniella. After that go to Hillwood and ask nenad for Daniella address. Go visit daniella and speak with her.

– Willy will tell her to do some sexy photos first. Go into studio (right side of screen from living room) and do first photo session with daniella. (this photos will be added to collection part not as item). After first session go to Hillwood and speak with Nenad.

– Show him pictures (by speaking about it). Go back to daniella and do another more sexy photoshot. (again this new falls into collection) Go to nenad again and show him new photos. Willy will say that he will make video with Daniella as well.

– Go back to Daniella and tell her that Nenad wanna her to make video with Willy. She will be excited. Go to her bedroom (left side from living room scene) Speak with daniella and have sex with her.

– Tell her how good she was and willy will say he need to go to Jeb village. Go to jeb village and find Amelie (she is now with Dee dee by barn) Speak with her.

– Have 3some with Amelie and Dee Dee (to trigger you need to speak with Amelie) and finally speak with dee dee and say how good she was.

(new function)

– when you open inventory you will see new button that will open load/save game screen directly in case you play on Mac and similar and your keyboard don’t have f5 button.

Version 0.24 – Adventures of Willy D Walkthrough

(incest path)

– After talking with Dee Dee and saying she was great hint will say to report progress to Carlos. Go to carlos. He will be impressed and will give you platinum gold card. Willy will say he need to visit his aunt. Go to Minora town and speak with aunt Lenonora. Sit with her and uncle. Say I am back again. After scene is done Willy will say he is going back to mom. Go to mom place and see if

Melissa is back from beach. She is in bathroom under shower. Talk with her. She won’t let you join her unless she is sure mom and Julia won’t hear you in shower. So now go to Julia and check is she still listening music. After Julia check mom. Willy will notice it is too quiet in her room. Mom likes jazz so willy will say that he may bring jazz CD from aunt. Go back to aunt and speak with her about music. Go to isabel room and speak with her about music. Go back to mom and make her listen music loud. After music is playing. Go back to bathroom and speak with Melissa again. Now she will let you join her. Speak with her about shower with mom. She will get excited about that story. Have fun with her. After you are done speak again with her and willy will say he need to go to Erohide visit therapist. Go to erohide and speak with gabriella for another session. Enjoy.

(normal path)

-After talking with Dee Dee and saying she was great hint will say to report progress to Carlos. Go to carlos. He will be impressed and will give you platinum gold card. Willy will say he need to check on Stella in minora town. Go to stella and speak with her there about her new job. She will notice your “erection problem” and she will offer to help. After she helps you with it tell her you need to go to motel. Go to motel room where Emanuelle is. There will be nude guy there blake. Speak with him about their situation. Offer to bring condoms. Go to Hotaboo shop and ask domina about condoms. She will give you condoms for free. Go back to Motel and speak with Blake again. He will thank you in specific way, so you will be able to have sex with his girlfriend. Have sex with Emanuelle. After sex say thank you to her and willy will say that he need to go to Erohide visit therapist. Go there and speak with Gabrielle for another session. Enjoy the session.


– After Carlos gives you platinum card new animations will unlock with Working girl in Majora street (near Fratman and money pile) check that out.

– At university you may enter inside (that is still work in progress) but there are some things there.

– As soon as you are able to go to Erohide, new shop is open there (Nenad’s store) explore that. You may buy some things there and that one is still in early state.

(new function)

– Autosaves from previous version now have separate screen (you may see button on main game screen)

– New options screen is made. There you may change volume of sfx and music. Hold mouse over circle on each bar (sfx or music) and drag left or right depending what you wanna do. After letting cursor you will heart sound how loud it is, for music you may hear during drag cause it’s playing on that screen all the time.

– Resolution options are here. If you play in full screen game will use auto resolution of your currrent desktop.

– If you apply windowed mode and and change resolution you will need to restart the game before changes apply to game.

– All this settings will be saved into game ini file so every time you start game will load your settings.

Version 0.25 – Adventures of Willy D Walkthrough

(base path)

-Talk with Gabrielle after session and ask did it help. You will get next hint from Willy’s dick to visit selina and have fun with her. Go to loas labia and speak with Selina about sex. She will see you in future helping Charlotta. Go to charlotta and she will be happy top see you. She will want you to check where her husband lost dog toys. Go ask Lucas where he was with puppy. He will say all over the city. But willy’s dick will again give you 3 hints (for 3 toys). (look at unlockable to see location of all toys). After you find at least 3 dog toys and give em to Charlotta she will offer reward for your hard work. But the key she need is not there. So after short cutscene go ask Mrs. Camila where key is. She will say Selina was last one to use it. Ask selina about guest key. And she will give it to you. Give key to Charlotta and you will be able to “use reward”. Each of dog toy will open different animation on her scene.

-tell chaltotta that you need to go. Again Dick will say you should visit Sophie by office. Go to office enterance and speak with sophie. Tell her about Mary and where she lives. Now dick will say you should do Miss skye for a bit. So go home.

– At home there will be surprise. After you enter cutscene will start. Fiona will be very angry and will after scene with skye react on photos in bathroom or silicon dolls in bedroom depending what you bought. After she get you out of house, go and Warn Mary that fiona is back.After entering Mary bedroom There will be cutscene and again fiona will appear and be even more angry. Now go and try warn Mrs maria. But there again things will go wrong. And fiona will have a breakdown. After scene go back to mary to try and fix situation you messed up. Enjoy the scene with Sophie.


-Dogtoy 1 Rose bar enterance by Working girl you will find a small tennis ball.

-Dogtoy 2 Neal’s street by trash near drama school. very small purple bone.

-Dogtoy 3 Jeb village middle just across dancer by yellow door there is small green donaut alike toy.

-Dogtoy 4 Giulio’s car service scene where Giulio originaly was with giovanna and later their mom stands.

-Dogtoy 5 Los labia terace where all Selina dolls were.

-Dogtoy 6 Majora street on small wall before working girl.

– New coin for Brenda is located at University outdoor scene a little to the left part of screen from Mrs. Kelly.

– You can find 3 new portfolios… somewhere… (all together there are 4)

– There is “secret scene” with Natalie. You can for now just open her apartment and search it. Her apartment is locatated at West majora street.

-Many photos are to be found also we keep Skye and Rose photos from main story.

(new functions)

-If you press 1 on your keyboard (not num 1) Whole game will go to black and white. You may undo this by pressing 1 again.

Version 0.26 – Adventures of Willy D Walkthrough

(base path)

-Talk to mary about fiona once more. Willy will mention that he need to go and apologize to Miss Skye cause fiona was yelling at her. Now go to map and find Skye home (it’s near doll house). There talk with Skye mom. Use all dialogues and after you do new dialogue option will apear so use it and talk with her until you find out that carlos is there too. Now go to pool of Miss skye. There will be a cutscene there. Watch/read it and after they start having sex willy willy will decide to go to rose bar. So go to rose bar talk with rose, Natasha will interrupt you two. Now talk with natasha. Use all dialogues options and new one will appear. After last one she will go to beach. Find her again on the beach. She will be on last beach scene Lone beach. Talk with her again and use all dialogues again till new one appear. After that Willy’s dick will say you should visit Monique and yvonne. So go to erohide and speak with Monique about yvonne new lesson. Go to Yvonne and teach her lesson 2. Talk again with monique. Willy’s dick will say you still did not apologize to miss skye. So go back to Skye home and at pool. This time you will be able to talk with carlos and skye. Ask can you join them in 3some. After 3some willy’s dick will say that they never fucked or even see naked their therapist. So go to gabrielle and talk with her about your “episodes”. She will say that you need “deep hypnosis” so this will open new scene with her from now on.


– In orion star hotel and talk with Jade. If you collected her photos from purse and her bronze doll you will have new option. Willy may say to her that there is a way to get more dolls for her colection. She will go to her room (just by piano) there you may talk with her. Willy will make ker do titjob so they both get dolls. You may do this titjob again after it’s done, second time it will have more sexy dialogue.

– In university hallway new enterance is added so you may now enter 1 of classrooms.

(new feature)

– There are 2 shader options for now that you may apply to game. it is simple just press 1 on your keyboard (not numpad) to get desturate black and white picture. if you press it again it will be off. press 2 to get cartoon/celshading shader. and 3 is low brightness in case you wanna “correct” too bright scenes while in cartoon or b&w otion. You may combine this shaders so game may be black and white cartoon. More shaders will be added in future. I recommend saving game before you try to use this cause it is still work in progress. It does work in real time so it may suck up your CPU/GPU a bit more while this are on. I hope you will like this new lil feature.

Version 0.27 – Adventures of Willy D Walkthrough

(base path)

-Speak with gabriella and tell her you will go to beach. So go to beach and there find natalie on lone beach and speak all dialogues with her untill 2 new open. You may from now on ask her for handjob. Tell her you need to visit your mother in law. To to gloria villa and back to where heidi was. There will be mrs maria. talk with her till you tell her that you need to go. This will open sex scene with Mrs. Maria when you ask her or better yet tell her that you have time right now…

(incest path)

After speaking with Mrs. maria willy will say he need to visit his aunt in minora town. So go there and talk with your aunt. She will mention isabel wanted to speak with you. Go to isabel room and speak with her untill willy say he will sit down with aunt and uncle and chat about politics and so. So now back to living room and sit with your aunt and uncle. Say “Idunno what to talk about” and new dialogue will apear. Speak about fashion.

This will make your uncle… sleepy… Now you can do something really naughty while he is taking a nap right by you and aunt…

(normal path)

After speaking with Mrs. Maria willy will say he need to visit friend in Minora town. So go to minora town and speak with Stella. Stella will say Leila wanted to speak with you and she is in toilt. So go to her toilet and speak with leila there till willy say he need to sheck what stella need. Go back and speak with stella and she will say you two bonded and she want to have more intimate relation with you. She will also want you to spank her… so do please.


After you collect 120 dolls (possible in this update) you will be able to enter gold doll house. Once you are there there will be 2 writings on the wall in main chamber. Read both to get clues what to do there. I set very little clues there on purpose since I really think this puzzle is easy. But ofc if you are not into puzzles and such here is complete solution that will not make you think how to do it. (spoilers belove)

In gold doll house go to either left or right door (both are open) and from there go to the bridge. On bridge you can touch symbols to change it’s number above symbol. Once you do it right it will play music that something has happened. So first combo from left to right is 1 – 3 – 2 – 4 and second combo (to get another reward) is 4 – 2 – 3 – 1

Now go back to main room and there will be 2 crystal balls with colors spinning inside them. take both crystal balls and place them on symbols (each ball on cyrcle with symbols in first room behind right or left door) after you set both crystal balls there middle doors of main chamber will unlock. Go inside to Willy’s heaven.

In willy’s heaven talk with Lulu girl who is following you. Talk with her and ask what is this place and where are girls. She will teach you that you will from now on be able to recruit girls without job to work here in your gold chamber. There are several girls we may already recruit.

Girl 1.

Go to claudia’s street and there will be new location if you follow the stairs on left side of screen to down (where mia was originally) there talk with Trixie to recruit her for Willy’s heaven gold room.

Girl 2.

Majora street just before working girl there will be Keiko. talk with her to recruit her for Willy’s heaven.

Girl 3.

Go to los labia to where Selina is peeking through window. There will be a girl in old clothes all smelly…

Talk with her and after selina agree to help her with job interview she will go to Orion star hotel.

In orion star hotel just after you enter hotel hall with piano girl you will see Dolores in red mini dress (same girl just wached out and looking hot) Speak with her to recruit her to gold Willy’s heaven.

In willy’s heaven you may ask Lulu about what each girl is for (gentle sex, hard sex etc) for now there are xouple of animations 1 withj trixie and one with dolores. in future there will be a bunch more with this and other girls.

Version 0.28 – Adventures of Willy D Walkthrough

(incest path)

-After you had fun with aunt on sofa say you have to go (to get up from sofa) and speak with aunt Leonora again. Say that you are going to say bye to Isabel. Go back to isabel room and speak with her. She will ask you to undress to feel more comfortable while talking with her. So Undress and speak with her until Willy start to jerk off. Go through whole scene and say bye to Isabel. Willy will mention that he wanna visit Yvonne (look base path)

(non incest path)

-After sex with Stella say that you need to go (first choice in dialogue) she will mention that Leila would appreciate if you say bye to her. Go back to toilet and speak with Leila again. She will ask you to undress. So Undress and chat with her a bit. She will then offer you may jerk while watching her. After she helps you cum Willy will say he need to go to Erohide (to Yvonne) so look at base path walkthrough.

(base path)

– After fun with Isabel/Leila go to Erohide and to Yvonne room. Speek with her and Steve. She will say she is ready for anal practice. Do anal practice with her. After that she will say that she wanna do full session practice while steve practice with her mom. So say I am ready for full lesson practice once (you will be able to repeat this at any time later) After you are done go and speak with Mrs. Monique about steve. Willy will say he wanna go to beach again. Go to Lone beach and find natasha there. Speak with her. Say I am back. After conversation she will offer you titjob.


-After you speak with Natashe and say I am back you can go and do a favor for Mr.s Maria in gloria villa garden. Go there and chose line favor for Maria. She will ask you to find Harley Hardwood. Now to do this you will need to have all Jux Apo mini quests done and Harley will be in front of Lady Gloria villa by his car.

If you have all done you also need to speak with him about how you saw him somewhere before. After that new dialogue will open. Willy will ask him is he Harley Hardwood and that Mrs. Maria wanna speak with him. Harley will go there by Mrs. Maria. So you can now go there and speak with Harley to open 3some with Mrs. Maria. This is optional scene so you may skip it and it is not important for main story.

– New dialogue with Mrs. Maria is Sweet memories. This is still experimental way to repeat her scene so please save before you use it. Once you chose this dialogue option you should be able to go to her grind and jerk scene in her room. If there are any bugs there please report so I can fix them. If this method works in future all scenes that could not be repeated will be added similar to this one.

-New pose is added to Amanda sex scene “Sideway” you need to tell her to get naked and additional button Sideway is now there.

– New scene with violette is added “sideway” She need to be naked to open standard sex scene and it will be there.

– After buying V-dress for Violette (mom) you will be able to compliment her while she is wearing this dress.

After scene in dress (anal) new button for additional animation will open under Anal. have fun with it.

– Savannah new girl is in warehouse with job with boxes. For now you may only speak with her.

– 2 gold doll girls now have 4-5 new animations. So check Dolores and Trixie when you unlock them to join gold doll house.

-After speaking and unlocking Natalie (piano girl from Orion star hotel) and once you have her silver doll, new dialogue with her will open. “you are working all day”. After that Willy’s dick will say you should wait for Natalie in her bedroom and hide in closet. Go back to her house and click on closet in her bedroom. Short cut scene will explain what is going on. Watch the scene… After this Willy will be able to repeat this scene any time by clicking on closet.

Version 0.29 – Adventures of Willy D Walkthrough

– Talk to natasha and say that ou need visit your mother in law. Go back to Lady gloria villa and speak with Mrs. Maria. Ask her about Lady Gloria. She will say that Gloria is on her yacht. This will open new map location on Spore island (right side of map). Go there and on yacht scene go all way to right to find and speak with heidi. She will say you need to be in boxers on yacht. board on yacht. There are several girls you may intaract with. Find capatain (red 1 piece swimwear and captain hat) talk with Harmony and she will sent you to yacht living room. Speak with lady gloria about yacht then about elvira and about megan. Go to left side of yacht living room and speak with Megan. After that go back to Lower Yacht deck and from there you will be able to climb stairs to upper deck. Thee is Elvira. Speak with her about megan. (you may also visit captain harmony in her cabin from here if you click on left side of this upper deck scene). Elvira will mention that Megan is friend with Angel from hotaboo. Go to hotaboo and speak with angel about megan. Go back to yacht and tell lady gloria your plans for megan. Speak with Gloria about Heidi. Go out of yacht and hang out with Heidi.


– Lulu now has sex scene so if you ask her she will make you… satisfied.

– After scene with Natalie mastrubating on her bed (in West Majora apartment) in her living room there will be laptop with her diary on it. Read it. Your dick will say that you need to ask domina about subbmisive girls. Go to hotaboo and ask domina about it. She will send you to Brianna (BJ content manager) speak with her about submission. She will explain everything and you will be able to “practice your skills” with her.

-After you do boobjob and ass rubbing with Candy. You will be able to ask her to have sex with her. She will say she has boyfriend. Your dick will say that it’s suspicious that he has no much time for Candy. So go to orion star hotel and speak with receptionist (candy’s bf) he will tell you the secret. After you meet Trixie and send her to Gold doll house, you will be able to ask trixie about receptionist. After that go back to Candy and tell her what you found out. She will then wanna revange sex.

Version 0.30 – Adventures of Willy D Walkthrough

-Talk with Heidi and tell her you need to go to Hillwood. There talk with nenad and ask where is Daisy. He will tell you she went home. Go to Daisy apartment and speak with daisy untill she wanna have some more practice for the movie scenes. Tell her that you are going to visit Diane next. Go to Villa maria and to Diane room. She is now awake. Talk with her about her pain in the ass (hehe) tell her that you will buy cream from hotaboo. So now go to hotaboo and ask domina for cream. She won’t have it but will tell you that Selina may make it out of orange essence. So go to Treehole mountain and on the lake make orange essence (yellow flower petal and red flower petal) go to Selina and give her orange essence)drop item on her) She will give you cream. Go back to Diane and there will be cut scene. After cut scene you may have fun with her and nadya.


– Several sweet memories are added to game.

– Diane sleep sex

– Skye in Willy’s apartment sofa

– Nadya sex scene (bugged in version 0.30)

– Maya anal scene

– Keiko Gold Doll girl has sex scene now.

– Amy (girl that stands at BJ contest in bronze room) has update so here how you unlock it. After you collect her silver doll, go back in bronze big room and speak with older lady that jerks some young man. Sit by her and ask about Amy. She will tell you she works in university as teacher. Go to university and enter classroom. Amy will be by teachers table. Now there is chance she will be with “lost” memory or she may be sane… you will see that if she does not wear any undershirt (under jacket) then she is “naughty version” if she has undershirt (grey one) she is nice). Ofc speak with her when she is naughty, you may reset this by re-entering classroom. When she is naughty speak with her till you come to part that she will give you BJ in toilet.

– Victoria (shopkeeper of Nenad’s store in Erohide) now has sex scene as well. If you tip her over 2000$ she will let you take gold doll. Then ask her about doll and it will open sex scene. Tipping her another 600$ will open more animations with her.

– In danielle’s room there is a blue book on armchair at back of room. Ask danielle to give it to you. Your dick will say maya will probably like it. So ofc bring it to maya. This will open option to have anal with maya. First as a “story” and it will add 1 additional animation in her sex scene in her room.

Version 0.31 – Adventures of Willy D Walkthrough

– Talk with diane and say you are going to visit Daisy. Go to daisy apartment and hear her news. She will say about new Nenad’s movie. Go ask Nenad in hillwood about his new movie. He will mention it’s about 2 girls and 1 guy. Willy will recommend Maya for another girl with Daisy. Go to maya and talk with her about movie. She will just say she will think about it. Now willy will mention he will check on Angel and if she will go to spore island yet. Go to hotaboo but Angel won’t be there. So Ask domina where is angel. She will say she is allready on Spore island. Go there and talk with Lady gloria try to find out where megan and angel went. Ask heidi where beach is. Go right side of screen over beach to Glorias Beach. There will be Angel and Megan sitting on bed by the beach. Speak with angel (all dialogues. And with megan untill you have option to cuddle with both of them. After cuddle angel will go back to shop. You can here cuddle with megan alone if you want to. Go back to lady gloria and tell her about Megan. Lady gloria will tell you she is lesbian but you may ask her to jerk your dick if you want. Now go back to hotaboo shop and to clothing section speak with angel. She will be in new outfit and makeup even hair… Speak with angel (admire her) Willy’s dick will be pissed from all this teasing and willy will say he will visit either sister julia or Eve (depending on path you play.

(incest path)

– Speak with julia and hear what she is saying. Then jell at her and say I want to fuck you. After sex scene you may talk about what happened with her.

(non incest path)

– Go to eve room and speak with her. After you will be able to have sex with her (in animation choose screen)


– If you bring package from top of treehole cabin to Gina, she will offer you a “different payment method” hear what she is saying about it… now you will be able to give her package for money as before or you can take her body as reward… Each time you enter her sex scene you will have random choice of poses (animations) with her. There are 7 different animations to see + cum so this animations are under buttons: Anal, R Anal, Doggy, R Cow, Blowjob, Missionary, Sideway and Cum. Cum will always be open but each time you enter this scene random ones will open as well. Some have more chance to be open some less. With some luck with few visits on her sex scene you will be able to see them all.

– After you pick up virginity kjey from church box, go to hallway where you could see nun touching her knee. She won’t be there anymore but now you can pass through hallway all way to church garden. There are 3 nuns you may talk to there. One of doors (on right side of scene) are open. Go inside and you will there meet nun you saw earlier in hallway. She will say she has problems with pain in her legs. Willy will offer massage but non will not be sure is that good idea. So willy need to go and ask priest about massage. Willy will agree it is ok. So go back to Tatiana’s room and give her massage 😀

– In church after you speak with Raquel (lady that is sitting there) about her daughter problems in school, willy will be able to say that he may give her instructions. Raquel will point him to school and say her Daughter name is Audrey, blonde girl with glasses. Go to university and now you can enter first classroom (from left side) there will be Audrey try to do some suspicious things. talk with her untill you get to phase she offers you a deal. Say I won’t tell your mom and you will be able to grind on her ass for now.

– New sweet memories unlocked when Claudia is in her living room sitting with mia. You can there repeat 3some with willy, neal and claudia.

Version 0.32 – Adventures of Willy D Walkthrough

(incest path)

Talk to julia and speak about Isabel. After that go to minora town and speak with Willy’s cousin Isabel. You will be able to talk about kiss with her. This will bring a cutscene with short story and some animations. After speak with Isabel and tell her you are going to Hillwood.

(non incest path path)

Talk with eve and she will ask you for favor to go to minora town and tell Leila she will be free for shopping. Go and speak with Leila ( inside bathroom of Stella apartment) You will have a cut scene there (jer behind her) after cut scene speak with Leila again and tell her you are going to hillwood.

(base path)

– Go to hillwood and speak with nenad about new movie. He will say he need package (dresses for actress) from hotaboo. Go to Hotaboo shop and speak with angel about package. She will say it’s already on way to hillwood. Go to daisy and tell her audition for new movie is going to happen. Now go to MAya and again speak with her about movie. She will say she will meet you there. Go to hillwood again and enter studio. Now on right side of screen studio B will be open to enter. Ener there and speak with all of them (lot of happen there but I don’t wanna spoil you anything) After all scenes Willy’s dick will say he wanna fuck any lesbian and will suggest Sophie. Go to Mary’s place and speak with sophie. Tell her you like her and there will be a story cut scene again. Enjoy.


– After you collect 132 or more dolls you will be able to speak with Jade about how to get more dolls. Once you do it will open sex scene with her.

– After you unlock entering to hospital room (where candy is) and you are able to enter through door not only by spawning there after Giulio scares you) you will be able to access Doctors office (bottom right part of sceen of waiting room where Doctor Scarlett originally was standing). When you enter Doctors office there is a chace she will be without shirt and you will be able to see her cleavage. you may re- enter if it does not pop up. so re- enter untill she has no shit (just coat). speak with her about insssurance. After this you will be able to fuck with doctor Scarlett (it won’t depend if she has shirt or not later).

Version 0.33 – Adventures of Willy D Walkthrough

(base path)

– Speak with mary and willy will say he need to go to hillwood. Go there and in studio B speak withmaya. She will say she need to go home first cause her mother need something from her. Willy will offer to go and check on that one. Go to maya place and speak with her mother sandra. Explain that maya is in hillwood. She will say about vacations on spore. Willy will offer to ask Lady Gloria about that issue. Go to spore island yacht and speak with lady Gloria. She will now ask you to hand out with megan, and as a real gentleman go and do that. Go to beach where megan is. Spend time with her (cough cough) and go back to lad gloria and tell her that you did. She will be happy about it and offer maya and her mom free vacations on spore island. Go tell that good news to Maya’s mom sandra. After that go back to hillwood and speak with maya again. After all is done you can join them in 3 some rehersal. Now on this scenes, it will depends if you unlocked daisy and Maya anal scenes, if not they will not do it with you ( each separately) if you did unlock those you will have 2 extra scenes. Enjoy.


-Nurse Candy has 1 new animation – Anal so go and check on that if you fancy candy.

-2 new TV channels are for sale at hotaboo shop so… try those as well.

-You can now ask Dolores (gold doll room) to fuck her harder. She won’t do it so willy will go to a quest to unlock this as well. Ask lulu for advice, willy will say he will ask his mother-in-law, she will mention models, only model you know is Claudia… she will send you to her mom Monique… after those talks go back to gold room and talk Dolores into hard sex anal and BJ. Enjoy.

(new feauture)

– Doll screen now is expanded and you can scroll screen from left to right and vice versa by simply moving cursor to edge (left or right) at this state it still may have some lil glitches (as if you are on actual scene that also have scrolling doll screen will “adjust” to that position rather then one you left it last time… If you encounter any other bugs please let me know. Reason for this change was to fit more dolls in future.

Version 0.34 – Adventures of Willy D Walkthrough

-After 3some with Daisy and Maya at atrium movie set, talk with them again and say you need to go to Hotaboo. So go there and angel will be waiting for you outside shop, ready for date. Talk with her to begin date with her. Date will be in Rose bar, talk all that you can with Angel till point where you may kiss her. After kissing, they will both go to Willy’s apartment and after even more kissing and touching angel will insist on sucking willy’s dick. After sex with Angel talk with her about whole situation. She will mention that Megan want to see Willy as well and that she will not be mad if willy go to Spore and fuck Megan some more. So go to Spore island and talk with megan. There will be extended sex scene with her. Willy will show her many different poses etc. After sex talk with megan and say it was amazing. Now go to Lady gloria and tell her that you made Megan happy. She will offer Willy to grind on her ass but without cumming… Even hint will say to wait next version it’s still not over here yet so read unlocakables…


_ after grinding on Lady Gloria’s ass…. Go talk with Elvira (on upper deck) Talk about Lady Gloria with her. If you read careful you will know what to do… but for you lazy ones… here it is what will happen. She will mention that she would let you cum between her boobs if you want even willy did not quite undertand that so dialogue will close after this lines. Click on her once more and ask about help. This will open titties fuck with Elvira from now on.

-trixie has no 4 more animations and 1 more cum option (no requirements for that) this are open as soon as you have trixie in your Gold room.

– If you collected 1 photo from bronze doll house of, JUX and Ice Apo holding hands, and you sent HArley Hardwood to Mrs. Maria, you may ask him about your neighbor. He will tell you how to get special massage. Go to your building and on door where you peek on Ice/Jux apo there will be new option (like dialogue interface) to enter apartment. There will be Ice Apo offereing you services for 500$ each time you wanna go to emotional mental and physical journey…

Version 0.35 – Adventures of Willy D Walkthrough

– Talk with lady gloria and tell her you need to go…

(incest path)

– You need to find Melissa…. She is now with mom in mom’s room. Go there and talk with her. She will tell you isabel want to speak with you. So ofc go visit isabel in minora town. Speak with isabel and she will tell you that she was thinking about you whole day. Go through all cutscene with some sexy fun. Speak with isabel again and tell her you need to go back to melissa. Go to melissa and speak about pictures that isabel sent to melissa. Talk through all cutscene (very long) and enjoy in repeating that later…. After you are done with 3some talk with mom and ask can you have sex only with her. Melissa will say that she won’t mind. (read unlockables also cause there is more on incest path)

– You need to go to Motel and speak with Emanuelle. She will be in her motel room alone. talk with her. She will want you to take her your home. In hallways you will stop cause she hurts her ankle. Amanda will come out and offer help. After all talk willy’s dick will say that he wanna fuck Leila. Go to Minora town and to stella’s apartment find Leila in bathroom. Speak with her and have some fun with her. talk with her again. Now go back to Amanda’s apartment. Speak with both girls. Go through all cutscene and enjoy. After you may repeat this as many times as you want. (read unlockables as well cause more content on this path also)


-Incest unlockable: After you had sex with julia with normal sex scene (with buttons) you can give her a gift. So go to Natalie apartment in Majora street and pick up pink teddy bear. Give it to Julia and after ask for anal. After you are done with anal try willy will say that he will bring some lube. So go to hotaboo and buy some lube. Bring lube to Julia and give it to her. Now you will have full anal scene open…

– normal path unlockable: After you have Eve sex scene (standard one with sex buttons) you can give her gift. Go to Majora street wet into Natalie’s apartment. Take Pink teddy bear and bring it back to Eve. Give teddy to Eve and she will when talking with her want to reward you with anal sex. After anal try go buy some lube in hotaboo and bring it back to Eve. Use lube on her and whole anal scene will unlock.

– After you learn all things from Brianna about submissive girls. You may talk with her about natalie situation. Now go to hotel hall and speak with natalie (piano girl) after she explain all to you… you will have option to come closer to her… explore yourself what that means…

(new feature)

– Main screen look different now it’s cause technical reasons… I will make it look better when I have time this is just temp title screen.

– When pressing O you will not go to scene with all keyboard buttons that can be used in game.

Please read all those especially what 1, 2 ,3 and 4 do cause they give you control of screen scrolling.

Version 0.36 – Adventures of Willy D Walkthrough

– After 3some talk with Mom/amanda. With mom talk about “is it alright to fuck you alone” and with amanda say “I need to go to Hillwood”. After that go to Hillwood. Studio B will no longer be open (where 3some with Maya and daisy happened) So talk to Nenad and ask where girls are. He will say they went home. So first go to Daisy apartment and talk with her about audition with 3some. After you done that do same with Maya. Go to her apartment and talk with her about movie. Willy will say he is going to beach. So go to beach and find Natasha and speak with her. She will ask you to check are photos of her done in Hotaboo. Go to hotaboo and ask domina about Natasha photos. Bring photos back to Natasha. She will agree to give Willy BJ so do it 😀 After BJ is done talk with her about divorce. She will say that you should ask Fiona friends to find out where she is. Go to Mary and talk with her about visiting Fiona. After this you will be able to have sex with Sophie alone. Enjoy.


– There is one new old coin for Brenda that will open additional animation with her. It’s located in erohide.

– You can now progress with Mrs. Kelly. Speak with her at university… After you used “Go to drink” part go to silver doll house and to library. There talk with Donna (girl that is having anal and you spoke with her before about Katy) ask her about Mrs. Kelly. She will mention she relax in her office sometimes at the end of school hallway. Go back to university and to far right you may enter Mrs. Kelly office. Speak with her about her neck and say wow you have sexy legs. After you giving her massage this will open additional animations that end up fun way 🙂

– After giving leg massage to Nun Tatiana you will be able to speak with her more about stretching her legs. This will open new animation with her.

– After you ask Neal for jobs and where you can get more money, and Port Duck opens… You can now visit Warehouse Office (on middle part of screen just by fence) In there there is Penelope who works here. You need to wait for her “random” animation to show her boobs. After that you may ask her about job offer. Her job offer can bring you money if you listen careful to her wishes and do them way she wanted. (order is not important but only poses she wanted should be used only once to get most amount of money at the end) every time you fail reward will reset to 0. so even if you fail to cum on correct spot all will reset to 0. You can however use her sex scenes as many times you wanna if you are not seeking for money and just enjoy scene 🙂 She will pay on your bank account so you need to check your credit card on ATM to see your new balance.

– In penelope office there is Mystery Package. Pick it up and bring it to Gina (Giulio’s mom) she will say that she will make up to you for that. This means next time when you bring her package from hill she will open ALL her poses and from this point further you will have all of her animations open always when you bring her pakage from hill.

– After talking to trixie in Claudia’s street new map location will open Star Girls. This is strip club that is still work in progress you may enter and see few girls and talk with one. This will be expanded in future but for now you can just go and watch animations there.

Version 0.37 – Adventures of Willy D Walkthrough

– Speak with mary and tell her you will visit Fiona anyway. This will open new map location (just a bit under minora town) called Fionas Father place. So go there and enter house. There will be a small cut scene so go through thet part. Then speak with Fiona about all situations… After you are done you will be able to have sex with her so do it. After sex Willy will say to her that he is going to visit Daisy… So ofc go and visit daisy. Her boyfriend is there in her apartment so another cut scene will start. After cut scene here… Have 3some sex with them. Talk with daisy after 3some and tell her you are going to visit maya. So ofc go and visit maya now. Speak with maya and tell her you were just at Daisy place with her boyfriend. Maya will also want 3some with another male but she will ask for complete stranger. You will need to find one new characters. But if you are lazy to find this person, here it is where to go: Your office enterance. There is Pierre. Speak with him all possible options and he will end up in maya’s house with you. You will have extended cutscene with 3some with maya and pierre… So enjoy.


– After you had bj scene with Amy in school bathroom… re enter classroom once again till you see her without shirt again, then you will be able to ask her to do anal in toilet. There will be full cutscene with anal and texts so… enjoy.

– After you had at least once rub on Audrey ass (schoolgirl in classroom) go back to church, speak with her mom about how you started wwith instructions with her, She will tell you that audrey need to work harder. Go back to classroom and tell that to Audrey… This will open new cutscene with her. Enjoy.

Version 0.38 – Adventures of Willy D Walkthrough

Ater 3some with maya… talk with her and say you need to go to spore island visit Elvira. So ofc go there, but since Elvira is not on upper deck anymore, talk with Lady gloria about elvira. She will let you know she went to hotel for her charity bidding and will explain all about it. Go to Orion star hotel and in hall where piano girl is go though passage with stairs that leads on upper floor of hotel. On right side is elvira bedroom. Go inside and peak with Elvira. Ask about bidding charity. She will mention you can find sponsor and you can participate as well. Go to Mrs. Maraia and ask her to be your sponsor. She will agree to limit of 2.5 million. Go back to elvira and ask about bidding. After someone overbid you, Elvira will mention that your wife’s father could be another sponsor. So go to fiona, and ask her to her father be your next sponsor 😀 He will agree but also with cap. After that is done go back to elvira and see bidding standings… As Willy see he can’t win his dick say he wanna fuck someone and mention sluts from erohide… So go to Erohide and speak with Mrs. monique… She will listen about your problems with bidding and will offer her help to freeze Harleys bank account while bidding is going on. So now you need another sponsor… Go to lady gloria and lie to her that Mayor overbid you. She will be very angry and offer to be your sponsor. Go back to elvira and watch bidding and willy will finally win. Now ofc you can and should claim your price so have sex with Miss Elivira. After sex scene talk with her again. Willy will mention he need to thank Mrs. Monique for all she did for him today. Go to erohide and thank mrs. monique. She will ask for advanced lessons for Yvonne and it’s 3some… You can now have 3some with her and yvonne’s boyfriend as advanced lessons…

– If you click at least once on Kayla (tatooed girl in front of Danielle home) you may go to university classrom and speak with Ivy… Now dialogiue will be different and you will be able to have sex with her. This will also open Kyla content as well. She will mention tattoo pattrens and that she sometimes find them on floor. So after Ivy say that this patterns may appear on random location (1 at time)

1. location: mountain just a bit away from your car.

2. location: Port duck outside just on right from enterance to scene (by trash)

3. location: Cinema outside scene on right side on floor.

4. location: University outside just on spot where mrs kelly originally stands.

5. location: Giulios car service first scene where Giovanna let Willy suck her boob.

6. location: Majora street a bit to left on the floor.

-In strip club speak with young stripper to get private practice lessons with her. Willy will insist on paying at least 20$ so you need to have 20$ in wallet

-When you take warehouse job at warehouse boss and after you done at least 5 boxes… don’t get outt, but speak with Savannah that you are tired. This will open boob grab scene for future so no need to do box job again.

– After massage with mrs. kelly and need to be full massage that ends by fingering her, talk with her. She will ask for her reserve key of office. So as she say go find Donna in silver room library scene (girl that already helped you with katy before and do anal all time) talk with her about Mrs. Kelly. She will say she gave key to flora. Go to university and speak with Flora (girl on left of scene blonde). She will say she gave it to audrey. Go inside university and into first classroom. Ask audrey (she need to be unlocked tho so look upper parts of walkthrough how to…) about keys. She will say teacher have them,. So go tell bad news to Mrs. Kelly. She will say she is way to horny and you can now go with her in university toilet and have sex at any time. Have fun with her.

Version 0.39 – Adventures of Willy D Walkthrough

After you talked with monique about 3some practice, talk with her about that you will go and thank all your sponsors. So first go to your Wife Fiona. Thank yher for her father being sponsor for charity event. Next go to Mrs. maria and thank her as well, and last but not the least Lady gloria on her yacht. There will be one more girl with her in yacht and they will give you a small lesbian show as reward from lady Gloria for not letting major win. Now willy will be horny (something new huh?) and he will want to go to beach and fuck natasha finally. So as willy want you will have to aact. Go to beach and talk with Natasha after some dialogue she will let you do it. After sex with natasha willy will realize that he lost hiy apartment keys. So you must go back to lady gloria’s yacht. There speak with Jessica (new girl by lady Gloria) and she will give you your keys back. Then she will propose new sort of reward for what you did for lady gloria… So naturally, Willy will accept.


– New tatto patterns can be found for Kayla. This spawn again random but only 1 pattern will spawn at one time. So this is just addition to same ones that spawned before now this may be included in spawn (it is super random so you will always check what was spawned and you will need to use even if it is old one you already saw to trigger new random spawn) now do remember that Kayla scene is skippable by pressing esc after you gp to her sex scenes… that may make it go really super fast search for missing patterns. New locations for this are:

7. Location: Strip club enterance – fine tattoo pattern

8. location: Majora street west by garbage near whore there – fine tattoo pattern

9. location: Forest pat5h to doll house – epic tatto pattern

Fine pattern will open BJ scene with her.

Epic will open full sex scene with her.

After touching Natalie (piano girl in hotel hall) go to her apartment in West Majora and read her diary on laptop. read entry 2. IT will say she will be packing from work to go home on upper flor of hotel in her hotel room. She will also mention that she hopes willy will fuck her etc… Now you need to have second floor open so meanning you will need do main story till you have sex with elvira part. Then go to upper room on left side is natalies room. Enter and wwhen you click on her you will only have 1 option to fuck her. Enjoy (her story is not yet over this nis just begin)

There are new animations of lap dance with young stripper Nella. So go to strip club and talk to her and pay for more animations (ingame money)

With nun tatiana, after you streacth her legs, talk about her feelings. She will say she listened mother superior about everything. So go to Silver doll house and speak with Mother superior. She will give you advices for Tatiana. Go back to tatiana and convince her that you know best what is good for her and enjoy extended sexy scene with her “therapy” with her fears…

Version 0.40 – Adventures of Willy D Walkthrough

-After 3some with lady gloria and her maid speak with Lady gloria and say how cool that 3 some was. After That go to Claudia and Mia and speak with them. Mia will say shw will do 3some with Claudia and Neal after all. So next stop is go visit your old friend Neal. Speak with him and tell him to shower. There will be short cut scene. In Claudia’s place again Willy will say that he will go till they do 3 some. For now claudia’s place will be closed. So Willy says that he will go home and rest. So go home and speak with angel. She will say Megan called them both to join her on beach on Spore island. After cutscene You will be there and they will talk about how much they love you. Harmony will interrupt conversation. She will say Lady Gloria need to speak with you. Afzer another cutscene you will be “free” to rejoin” angel and megan. Speak with angel and say here I am. After some talk 3 some scene comes. Enjoy in it. Now speak with angel and willy will say he need to see igf his friend neal need a ride again. So go back to Claudia’s place and ask Neal does he need a ride back home. Mia will want to have MMF 3some so yoiu can have one if you want.


– Lulu has 2 new animations so you can check those.

– Ivy have 2 new animations Anal and sideway (previous anal was re-named to missionary anal) so check that as well.

– After you done all quests with natalie and fuck her for 1 time in hotel room. Go back to her house and read her third diary entry. She will mention how she loved how Willy fuck her last time but she want even more. Now you can go back to her hotel room (after reading third diary entry) and undress and fuck her. That will trigger extended sex scene with some sotory in it. Enjoy.

– After Unlocking Savannah tit grab, now there will be another option Talk with Savannah. So talk with her. She will say that she gets wet watchjing how willy work. But she can’t have sex there cause her grenpa ios very close. So, go to Gold doll house and speak with Lulu aboput savannah. Lulu will say she is welcome there. Now go back to Savannah. Tell her gopod news. She will ask you that you ask her granpa about her leaving cause she is not used to lie to him. Go back out, speak with Warehouse boss. Now he will want contract for trainee. So next step is to go to Miss skye and ask about savannah trainee. She will mention that her monther valerie have contracts. Go in front of house and speak with Valerie about contract. She will give you one. Go back to Warehouse boss and drop contract on him. He will be pleased and let savannah be your trainee. Speak with savannah and send her to Lulu. She will now join your gold house as one of girls you may have sex with.

– If you speak with Mrs. Valerie after getting contract with her you may ask her for handjob. That will trigger short cut scene with hjer.

Version 0.41 – Adventures of Willy D Walkthrough

-After 3some with Mia and Neal speak with Neal tell him I am going to see Maya now. So next step is going to visit maya… Talk with her. She will say Nenad wanted papers for legal working on movie. So, as her agent, go to Nenad in Hillwood and speak with him. He will say that drama teacher need to give her letter of reommandation. Go to drama school at Neals street. Speak with drama teacher. He will insist he must give papers personally to maya. Willy will get angry and go and ask Lady gloria for favor to get those papers ready for maya. Go to Spore island and speak with lady gloria about Maya. She will agree if you do her a favor. As she has a secret. Now there are difference withg incest and non incest path. On incest she will ask about Megan her niece, and non incest she will ask about angel. So when Lady gloria ask you to, go and speak with girl she wanted (depending on path) after speaking with either of girls, go back to lady gloria and tell her news. She will offer reward for what you jujst did to her. This scene will have slightly different dialogues during sex scene depending on your path you play… After sex scene… Speak with lady gloria again and say you must go back to maya… Now go back to maya. There will be drama teacher inside her apartment and cutscene will start. After cut scene you may talk with drama teacher and… start big reherseal… Enjoy in most perverted scene in Willy so far 😀


-Coco and roxy in gold doll chamber, now have sex scene. As soon as you open gold room they will be ready for y<ou. I will add more animations in future with them.

-After anal with Amy< in school toilet. you may ask her to have more sex. She will refuse. Willy’s dick will suggest to speak again with older lady in bronze doll house that already helped you with amy. So go to bronze doll house and speak with older lady that jerks some young male on bench. Ask about amy. She will say secret words that “trigger” amy. So go back to school and inside classroom. Now you want amy to have undewrshirt (to be strict) speak secret words (Filthy whore) and she will “turn” to naughty version in front of your eyes… Speak with her to have full extended sex scene with story…

-After you collect both, Mrs. Kelly (teacher) and Amy (teacher) gold dolls. Go to silver gold dool chamber and to library and speak with Donna. Say to her that you fucked both Kelly and Amy her teachers. She will be impressed and let you fuck her as well. Fromk this point further you may ask her to fuck her ass…

Version 0.42 – Adventures of Willy D Walkthrough


– Buy wide open spray and give it to Mia… then ask neal to do 3 way with her. This will open 2 new animations with Mia in MMF 3some. 2 in pussy 2 in ass. Ofc this will work only after you already unlocked MMF 3some with her.

– When you have 170 or more dolls, talk with Jade (she must be in her hotel room). Tell her how many dolls you have. She will then agree to give coin to Brenda if she is willing to do 3 some with Willy and her. Go in hotel hallway and speak with brenda about that. She will agree for 3some. Speak with her again and send her to Jade bedroom. Short cutscene will play and after you will do 3 some with brenda and Jade. You can do this anytime you want from that point.

Brenda will go back out after every 3 way so ask her to join you and jade again if you wish.

– After sending trixie to gold room, speak with her and see what favor she need. She will talk about her sister Lacey, and how naive she is and will ask Willy to take care of her. Then go to Claudia’s street and down the stairs where Lacey is sitting. Talk with her about what trixie said. Willy will “sell her” a story about sex gymnastics… This will open funny sex scene with lacey with several animations. You can repeat it if you wish.

– To open schoolgirls in university you have to meet several criteria… Here is a list of them all.

1. have Miss Amy gold doll

2. have Mrs. Kelly gold doll

3. have Katy gold doll

4. have sex option open with Donna

– if you meet all needed criteria you can go and talk with Flora in front of university. Chose Chat a bit. She will be impressed how popular you have become in school anbd tell you to meet her in classroom of Miss Amy class.

Go inside school and to second classroom (where most of schoolgirl studends are) There speak with Flora again (on begin of scene Flora will always say Amy “magical words” so amy will always be in naughty mode from now on)

Speak with flora about becoming her boyfriend. She will say that from now on you may fuck any girl student you wish. That includes her. You can ask her for sex from this point on.

– First student in first row in classroom will now let you have scene with her. Talk with her about that to open scene.

– Second student in middle of classroom will also have scene. Talk with her to unlock this scene as well.

– Student in the corner (on far right side of screen in classroom) also have new scene, Talk with her to unlock sex scene with her.

– Student outside classroom that listen music all time (big boobs with fishnet stockings) also have sex scene talk with her to unlock it.

– After having 4 some with maya Pierre and Drama teacher, when you next time come and visit Maya she will have sex with either of two of them or some complete new stranger. This will show as very short cut scene where willy ask Maya what the fuck, line you can move mouse on left side even while sentense is above Willy’s head to see animations in full… by pressing left click she will turn to herrt regular outfit. There are total of 6 different animations to see there (they will trigger randomly on each enter) and I will add many more in coming updates.

– After Maya goes home from Hillwood, that will open new lopcation on map called Sandra’s Place it’s a bit higher from Erohide. You can now go there and enter Mrs. Sandra house. She is in bathroom so ofc go there on right side of apartment just aright from enterance. She will be naked in bathroom and small cut scene will show you out of it. She will then say through bathroom door that she is ready and has swimwear on her. Go inside and speak with her. Comliment her about her swimwear. Ask her what she will wear in clubs. She will then say she will show you the dress. After that go out of bathroom and through apartment (to the left on screen) talk with Mrs. sandra while she is standing in her sexy dress… Tell her how you like her boobs. This will open option in dialogue to feel her breasts. Use that option at least once… she will mention that she has sensitive nipples. Cutscene will end.

Now use that option again, it will start as before but later on willy will start licking and touching her boobs… It will end with surprise so enjoy.

Version 0.43 – Adventures of Willy D Walkthrough


-After unlocking students in university (talking with Flora about fucking all students and becoming her boyfriend) Speak with student that is sitting in university hallway just by enterance. She will say you could do 3 some with girl next to her turned from back. This will unlock short 3 some scene in hallway.

– Also talk with student outside of university on the grass. Now you will be able to have sex with her as well. Talk with her to unlock sex scene.

– After clicking on poster in front of Willy’s building and palace is open on map go to palace and on left side of screen go on to limousine scene. There is Samira there. Talk with her and you will be able to see short scene with Willy in her in limo. I wanted to do more with her but this short animation took 11h of rendering so pff… next time.

– After dropping orange essence on Selina for anus cream for Diane (main story part) a girl will be next to Willy’s car in los labia. Talk with her and let her touch your… car. After that scene go back to Selina and tell her that you met Esmeralda. She will tell you that she see in future you will touch her ass. Go back to Esmeralda and let her touch your car once more. This time scene will expand to another aniamtion of Willy touching her ass.

– After unlocking church and giving LArissa essence or petal, new option with her in dialogue will open come closer to her. This will unlock a small scene with her and willy talking. In future there will be more ofc.

– Also in church, after doing all therapy with Nun Tatiana, talk with her about more agressive therapy. Willy will talk her into more therapy to overcome her fears. This will unlock full sex scene with Nun Tatiana so, enjoy.

-After asking Valerie (Miss Skye mother in front o Skye house, lady in topless) to jerk your dick, new dialogue option will open- stare at her tits. So do so. After talk she will suggest that willy should fuck her titties. Ofc as true gentleman willy will accept. This will open full sex scene with her.

-In gold doll house ask Keiko for sex to see new added animations with her.

-Buy Lube from hotaboo shop and drop it on savannah in gold doll house to have extra 3 animations with her doing anal with Willy.

-After date with Angel from main story, go to hotaboo shop and speak with Francesca about dresses. Willy will say he want to buy some but need to “test”those. They will agree that she can wear them so willy see how they look. This will open option to change dresses on francesca. Further on They will agree that he need to test those dresses in certain situations (sex ofc) this will open sex scene with Francesca. There are 2 options for this, one withj classic buttons where you just click to change animations, and other is linear story with those. It’s up to you what you want to chose and how to play with her.

(new feature)

-Main photo screen now has number of collected/total photos of girl on their main icon so we don’t have to search what we are missing inside but can be seen also from main photo page.

Version 0.44 – Adventures of Willy D Walkthrough



-Amelie: After 3some with Dee Dee, talk to amelie about would she have sex with you alone. You will agree if you buy her dresses she will. She will tell you exactly what dresses she likes. It’s V-Dress, Corset, Dream dress Meow lingerie and nightz dress. After you buy her even 1 of this sex scene will open with her wearing that one. So if you buy all of this you will have more sex animations with her ofc.

– Erica: After sex with her and (one that we may repeat with “wanna have sex with your boyfriend.) new dialogue will open to have sex with her in her mini dress. This will instantly open new animation with her. but you may also buy her few dresses for extra animations. Dresses she will use are: Bodystockings, Classy dress, V Dress, Dream Dress. This will be added to her standard sex option so you will have more buttons to press to see this animations.

– Danielle: After sex with her speak with her about outfits for photos. You may buy her: V Dress, Classy dress, Catsuit, Corset, Night dress

– In los labia after touching Esmeralda ass while she touch your car… Go back to selina and ask to see future for someone else. She will mention Esmeralda will not react if you grind on her ass. So go back to esmeralda to get new grind animations from interesting camera angle… Enjoy.

– After Sandra slap you once in her apartment when willy lick her boob, next time Willy will be smarter and turn her around and grind on her so she can’t slap him, 1 animation added there so check that out as well.

– Talk with nun larissa and after talking move close to her 2 times and you will get a scene with her as well… Don’t wanna ruin surprise there so you will have to see yourself what it’s all abouit.

– After doing advanced instructions with Audrey (schoolgirl in class that is there alone) go to Raquel (lady sitting in church) and speak with her. She will tell you she wanna hire you for perma instructor of her daughter. After you go there to her apartment talk with her… Some sparkles will fly in your words and she ofc can’t resist our hero Willy. Enjoy her sex scene there.

– After doing all thiungs with young stripper Nella, new dialogue option will appear that she is doing all this for scholarship. So As willy is true gentleman he will offer to pay her scholarship. Go to university and speak with Mrs. Kelly (she need to be in her office) and talk about scholarshit. Then pay it. Go back to Nella stripper and tell her that ypou paid it. She will agree to have sex with willy.

Version 0.45 – Adventures of Willy D Walkthrough

(platinum Doll House Chamber)

-After you collect 190 dolls Willy may enter platinum (final) doll chamber. Inside there will be mysterious girl wearing nothing but hood on her head. Talk with her. She will ask you 4 questions. It’s number of Dolls needed to enter certain doll room. If you don’t remember and you feel too lazy to check it out through autosaves here are the answers.

Answer 1 = 50

Answer 2 = 75

Answer 3 = 120

Answer 4 0 190

If you fail to answer any of questions she will again ask you from start so you cn even guess by accident. Anyway, After you have done this first step west room of platinum chamber will be unlocked (as mysterious girl said)

Go inside and you will see 3 paintings on the wall and fireplace in middle. Now, here you will have to use torch from silver room you need to fire it up first so use torch on running oil in silver west room, use torch with candle to light it up and go back to platinum room to light fireplace in west platinum room. After fire is lit paintings will “melt” and you will see clue for next part of puzzle.

Basically what paintings show is empty spaces, pussy symbol and dick symbol. This will open east room. There are symbols of x in cyrcle on each painting there. If you use clue from west room it’s really easy to set this correctly. Remember that paintings that you have not solve and you exit room will reset to default null state.

So if you click on each symbol on paintings of east room will toggle 3 different symbols. x in cyrcle, symbol of female and symbol of male. They are also different in color as well, nuill x in cyrce is red, female is pink male is blue. So every time you click on symbol it will toggle between this states. Your job is to set them same as on paintings in west room. Empty spots need to be x sybol pussy = female and dick = male symbol.

After you unlock all paintings you may proceed to upper bedroom. Mysterious girl will be there all naked. Talk with here and she will explain how platinum room works. This will basically be “harem” of Willy. in future there will be about 20 girls Willy already met, that he will be able to invite to platinum room.

(incest path)

After you unlocked platinum room, you may invite Violette (willy’s mom) aunt Leonora, and Giovanna to platinum room.

More girls you invite (for now this 3) more poses you will get with certain girl. If you invite mom and aunt, you will be able to add FFM with mom sex options, if Giovanna is also there a FFFM poses will also be there. However you will have to add this each time before sex scene as this all are OPTIONAL, and you don’t have to do what you don’t like. More poses will be added in future.

(normal path)

After unlocking platinum room you may invite – Amanda, Stella and Giovanna. Read incest path for more details.

(new feature)

In platinum room, you will be able to use buttons for changing sex scene (animation) but also change speed of animation. ! is slowest 3 is fastest animation. I hope you will like this little addition as it was really super complicated to create.


After you have asked Selina for her panties, you may talk with her about outfits. So do it. She will say Willy will buy her ALL outfits from hotaboo. Now you need to buy them all but night dress (my fault I totally forgot about that on e) bring them all to selina and drag and drop on her. then it will open option to fuck her while she wears those outfit. When you use this first time small cutscene will start. I hopoe you will like the idea so I won’t spoil here anything about story. Anyway this will trigger selina sex scene with story. Remember you may use ESC to skip ALL this as any other cutscene in game (that feature is in game like last 20 version)

Version 0.46 – Adventures of Willy D Walkthrough

(Main story)

-Talk to maya about her papers for Hillwood acting. She will say you need to go to visit Nenad. So go there to Nenad’s studio and talk with him. Willy will brag about how he will fuck Lady Gloria soon. So, go back to spore island and try find gloria. Since she ain’t there talk with Jessica. She will tell you she already went to Hotel and need to you join in there. Go to Orion star hotel upper floor and to stairs on left one more floor up to penthouse. There will be lady Gloria waiting for you. Talk with her and see how this fine lady is keeping her promise 😀


– After grinding on esmeralda ass go back to selina and talk about how Esmeralda likes cars. Go back to Esmeralda and tell her that you will give her a ride in your car. So from now one when you want tome action with her just take her for a ride. There will be nice little scene in desert with her (several aniamtions)

– After you get both gold dolls of candy and doctor scarlett, talk with Candy about Dr. Scarlett. Go back and tell about candy to DR. scarlett… From this point on you will be able to call Dr. Scarlett to join you in room with candy and you will all have some fun there.

-After you grind on Sandra’s ass after boob licking, you may give her some Wine. Wine is located in Penelope’s warehouse office (Port duck). Grab winde from there and give it to Sandra. There will be short cutscene and she will be gone from living room to her bedroom. So go there (on bottom of screen where she was standing) and talk with her… This will open sex scene with her.

-You may now call Natasha, Daisy and her bf to platinum room. This will unlock many animations there so check that up

Version 0.47 – Adventures of Willy D Walkthrough

(Main Story)

Speak with Lady Gloria and do her a favor with restaurant VIP reservations. After you read all that she has to say, go down in hotel hallway where piano is, and pass piano to very right side of scene, new scene enterance is there. Once you are in restaurant talk (/listen) Jenna (working girl from version 0.03) Listen all that she is talking with her fiancee till part about Restroom appear. After you listened all that she had to say go to right corner of that part of restaurant and speak with Michelle about VIP reservations. Now go futher right to reach last part of restaurant. There will be Rose sitting by the table. Talk with her till you come to part about Restoorm issue. After that speak with waiter that is standing there, and finally go back to first restaurant part and speak with Michelle about restroom. This will open Jenna sex scene in toilet… before going to Lady Gloria you may speak with her to get funny cut scene in restroom…

Go up to Lady Gloria’s penthouse and speak with her about problems you just solved, she will ask you yet another favor to see where Nenad is as he don’t answer his phone. Go to Hillwood and there find TIGHT PINK HOLE bar. Enter inside and speak with Nenad there.


– You can add Miss Skye to platinum room now as soon as you open platinum room and after you solve Savannah contract.

– You may call Emanuelle to platinum room

– Giovanna has updated platinum room scene with MMF (optional)

– After being in limopusine at least once with Samira (lady by royal palace) You may stare at her boobs… This will open new option with her also in limo so, go and check that up

– New digital art of pornography is added and can be found (animated scenes)


– Press E on keyboard to open/close effects interface. From there you may apply 4 different effects to game screen. Note that this is still experimental. When applying fisheye move cursor to left or right part of screen to get different fisheye effect… Press W to turn off all effects.

– Fisheye effect will distord objects and character hitbox so would not recommend it during game play.

Version 0.48 – Adventures of Willy D Walkthrough

(main Story)

-Speak with nenad and ask him where his cell phone is. He will tell you that he will listen his messages if you sucessfully recruit Diva to act in one of his erotic movies. So, next step is to talk with Diva. Talk with her about Nenads movie. She will ask nenad are you really his hellper. After that you and Diva will go to Nenad’s studio. There, again talk to Diva about movie. She will ask for script of movie before starting audition. So go to danielle for the script. Once you enter her house a short cut scene will begin with Danielle and Jamal (her school friend) She will give you script and willy will go out. So back to hillwood and inside Nenad’s studio we go. Drag and drop script to Diva, and then talk with her about what you need to do. Audition will start and here you just need to enjoy, i guess. After audition speak with diva once more till she say that she need time to read rest of script. Now go back to Danielle. Another cutscene will start and after all is done… you and Jamal are ready to do 3 some with Danielle. To do 3 some speak with Jamal.


– In Tight Pink hole bar speak with Bethany about restoom. She will tell you that it’sbehind dancing couple (mimi) but also that she need to go in so you should not follow her. Ofc Willy will go there. Click on cabin A to peek what she is doing inside.

– New animations added to Heidi beach scene

– New animations added to briana (BJ contest menager) scene in bronze room.

– New character Destiny will appear in front of Willy’s building after finishing indigo essence quest

– You can now call Neal to platinum room… With him ofc Mia and Claudia will follow

– New content for Daisy after you call Neal to plat room so check those MMF animations

– A lot missing sweet memories added to girls in plat room so check those out as well.

– Dolls, many portfolios and photos also added

Version 0.49 – Adventures of Willy D Walkthrough

-After 3 some with jamal and Danielle speak with danielle. Willy will say he need to talk with Diva again. Go to Hillwood and ask diva did she read whole script. She will say yes and you will be able to do full audition for her movie. After audition speak with her again and tell her you are going to bar speak with Nenad once more. So go back to bar and since Nenad is no longer there, speak with Lucy. She will tell you Nenad went to Lady gloria. So of course you need to go there as well. Go to Orion star hotel up to penthouse. There speak with Lady Gloria say, I am here. After some talking you will be ready for filming your sex with Lady Gloria. After Filming that scene speak with lady Gloria ask was it good enough. She will then ask you to call Mrs. Maria and Diane to Cinema as surprise so they may watch this video you just filmed with Lady Gloria. As true gentleman Willy accept this quest. Go to Mrs. Maria and tell her about cinema. She will agree. Now go to Diane (in Mrs. maria Villa in her room with nadya) and speak with Diane about Cinema. She will also agree to come. Finally go back to Lady Gloria and speak with her about all this… After some talking a surprise scene will be possible… Speak with Nenad to start the scene… Have fun with this 🙂


– you can now add Elvira to platinum room, you must finish her main story to this be open

– in platinum room you may add MMF to Melissa/Emanuelle depending what path you play.

– After titjob with Samira you can ask her about more sex things. She will first offer BJ

– After you did BJ at least once with Samira give lube to her and you will be able to have anal sex with her.

– After seeing Bethany (gothic girl in hillwood bar) in toilet mastrubating, speak with lady Margot and ask to buy donut, she will give you one for free. Your cock will suggest interesting idea to soak it into Whiskey that is on bar there, so uise donut on glasses of whiskey on bar (near where Diva originally stands) and give that whiskey soaked donut to bethany. Short scene will play with Willy touching her pussy…

(new features)

– In portfolios now buttons lingerie and clothing will show this characters walk animation in their clothing/lingerie. Clothing section will be open as soon as we have portfolio, yet lingerie will open only after we collect all possible lingeries of that character. It takes time to make all of this so for now I made this 8 girls.











– all this girls have updated portfolios and additional lingerie to collect, so be sure to check places where this girls are to collect lingeries and unlock that part inside their portfolios

Version 0.50 – Adventures of Willy D Walkthrough


-Domina from Hotaboo has new line in her dialogue options. It’s about how much did Willy spend in her shop (all together) After you reach 20 000 or more, click on door right from her (by pult) and it will open new dialogue to have speciall session with her… So if you are into domina things with ladies you will enjoy…

-After you had sex wioth nun Tatiana in church and collected her gold doll, go back to silver doll chamber and speak with mother superior and tell her what you did. She will think you need to be punished… IF you think that too just tell her to punish you…

-Speak ith nun Larissa (just outside the church enterance) and use dialogue move closer to her 2 times after that you may speak with her about sex. After that you may also go with her to pentry… IF you are interested what happens there go there…

-once you had sex with lady gloria in her hotel panthouse and collected her gold doll go back to yacht and speak with Jessica (inside yacht where Lady gloria and her had 3some with willy) Ask her about Harmony and Coco. this will open both of them posibility to seduce them. So speak with each to get to their sex scenes.

-Once you have Gabriella (therapist from Erohide) gold doll speak with Destiny (girl in front of Willy building) Tell her: I must say and after that I have spare key… Go to your apartment and to your kitchen and take key by the sink there. Go back in front of building and drag drop key from inventory onto her. She will go inside. Go back to second flor and enter Mr MAggie apartment. Speak with Destiny to unlock sex scene.

-After Natasha is in platinum room and you have Gold doll of gabrella you may ask her to join your platinum room.

-Elvira has update to her plat room scene FFM and FFFM so check that out too…

Several girls have lingerie to collect


Dee Dee








-Find all of their lingerie to ulock lingerie on their protfolio

-same girls have clothing walk animation in portfolios also updated

-click sign above pink hole bar to toggle particles (smoke) on/off (for people who have issues with loading of bar scene)

Version 0.51 – Adventures of Willy D Walkthrough

(main story)

-Talk with Lady Gloria and say you must visit Fiona. Go to Fiona’s father house and speak with her about photosession for magazine. return to Hotel and talk with nenad again. Go down to hotel restaurant and speak with waitress Michelle about helping Nenad with photo session. She will say that waiter that is also there (in vip section) will cover her shift. Go there (where Rose is) and speak with waiter about Michelle shift. Willy will tell him about Jenna platinum service. He will be more then happy to accept to help willy with that. Go back to where Jenna is and speak with her about Platinum service. After 3some hint will say to go to cinema so do as hint say cause hints are never wrong! In cinema talk with Lady Gloria and Mrs. Maria. Watch the movie and see what heppens next. After all that speak with them again and say that you need to visit Fiona. So go to her house and short cut scene will start (this is end of this part of main story)


-Many girls are added to plat room and some new scenes for some that are allready there.

– You can now call this girls to platinum room

– Dee Dee (after all things from her main story)

– Amelie (after you had solo sex with her and bought her all clothings)

– Danielle (after MMF 3some and all clothings)

– Monique (after you finished MMF 3some and her main story) + FFM 3some with Mia/Claudia depening on path you play

– Erica (after her main story and all clothings) She also have FFM 3some with Dee Dee

– Maya (after MMMF 4some and her main story parts)

– Gabrielle now has MMF 3some with Daaisy bf (so daisy need to be in plat room)

– Leonora/Stella have MMF after you call maya and pierre to plat room

– Brianna (bj contest manager from bronze room) has new cum in pussy animation)

(new feature)

– When you press and hold B on your keyboard it will show all exits from current scene but also all items that are important for side story quests or main story on scene. This will not show collections (such as dolls, photos and similar) This feature is now added through whole game so it may help you with gameplay.

Version 0.52 – Adventures of Willy D Walkthrough

-Talk with nenad first and after all is said, talk with fiona and do the porn scene (you can skip whole animation with esc) Talk with fiona again and tell her star is born. Then go back to cinema and talk with lady gloria about Royal ball. After they all go from cinema you need to go to palace entrance. Lady gloria Will wait for you there and short cutscene will start. After she finish walking talk with her again and ask what now. She will bring you to prince in passage first and then to princess bedroom.


– After you aquire Bethany (gothic girl in hillwood bar) silver doll… Talk with Lady Margot about helping her. That will open “help in her warehouse”. After you helped her at least once she will offer you a flask as present for helping her. Take it and use it on whiskey on bar. Give flask filled with whiskey to bethany and she will go to toilet. Go to toilet and look at first cabin… go through whole scene cause there is surprise there now 🙂

-After you aquire Maria platinum doll and Gloria MMF platinum go to spore island and talk with Heidi. She will ask you about Harley hardwood. He will be in Lady Glorias villa garden go talk to him. He will say that you can join them for fun when you are on spore island. So go to spore and pass yacht to beach. She will be there having fun with harley. Talk with them to join them or to have sex with her alone…

-After you spend more then 40 000 and you have domina portfolio new session will open for dungeon. try that one and see if willy will like this one more.

– After having anal sex with Samira (in front of palace by limousine) ask her can you do proper sex. After some talking she will agree to have it in guest room. To see her scene go with her to guest room.

-After you called all possible girls to plat room talk to Syn and ask her when you can have sex with her. She will agree to have sex with willy this time. This opens her sex scene with a little surprise animation when you do it first time so see that too..

-Platinum room has some girls updated with new content.

-Gabriella FFM

-Maya MMMF

-Amelie MMF

-Mia FFM

-Skye MFMF

– Also girls that now have cum animation in platinum room.


-Dee Dee







-Gold room girls new animations.





Updated portfolios are

-Kelly (lingerie/clothing)

-Violette (lingerie/clothing)

-Amanda (lingerie/clothing)

-Julia (lingerie/clothing)

-Eve (lingerie/clothing)

3 new porfolios can be found in this update some new photos and dolls as well

Version 1.0 – Adventures of Willy D Walkthrough

Main Story: Talk with princess and ask what is the problem and then click through long Ending cut scene of game.

Side story. After you did things with Gloria and nenad in hotel go back to Hillwood bar and speak with Lucy. Tečll her you spoke with nenad and convince her for sex in toilet.

Talk with Mimi in hillwood bar about knowing Nenad and eventually she will agree to have sex with you in toilet.

After you got present from Lady Margot (for helping her) talk with Kimberly Police women in hillwood bar. Talk about her baton and she will go to toilet. Go to toilet and look at last cabin (C) to see what is going in in there.

in gold room Lulu has 1 more animation

Platinum room.






… have new animations

many photos and dolls and magazines are done as well so try and find all of this. Thank you for playing my little game 🙂

Version 1.1 – Adventures of Willy D Walkthrough

– After scene with princess (end of game) speak with diane and Maria in Lady Gloria’s garden and tell them they look sexy. They will want to have sex with you but Diane will want to try Royal cream. go to palace and speak with princess and ask her for cream. Go back to Maria and Diane and give them cream then have fun with them.

– In Claudia’s living room on chair where Mia was sitting read Claudia’s diary. Willy won’t understand her “code” so bring the diary to Claudia’s sister Yvonne in Erohide. She will be a bit mad that you read her sister diaray, but Will also tell you that you could ask Claudia about her dream, since you had 3 some with her anyway. Speak with Claudia in plat room to reveal her dream about you and Neal 3 some and how she imagined it before it happen.

– All girls in gold room now have all animations that were planed so check all those.

– All girls in plat room now have cum animations, some of them have more then one. daisy for example have MMF cum along with solo sum. Some have few different solo cums as well.

– Dee Dee have MMF with Neal (Neal has to be in plat room as well)

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