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Doomsday Robot Girl True Ending Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to Doomsday Robot Girl True Ending Walkthrough & Guide, which helps you to reach the True End of Doomsday Robot Girl .

Firstly, do not implant the chip into the female protagonist’s body. While grinding monsters in the early stages, pay attention to increasing her affection and reducing damage (holding hands, hugging, and kissing do not increase affection, they only reduce damage! Talking and interacting increase affection).

Before the twilight CG on day 25, make sure the female protagonist’s affection is around 60-70. Otherwise, no matter how much you try to increase her affection later, it will be useless. If her affection is low, around day 30, she will break down and kill you. After the female protagonist breaks down, follow the instructions in the notes. Make sure to talk more and address the three doubts in the notes. Otherwise, around day 35, she will kill you again (when asked about the attacker, make sure to choose “New Type Cyborg!!” Otherwise, you will never resolve the doubt about the attacker).

Regarding the female protagonist’s recovery process on day 30:

  • Have 5 consecutive conversations on day 30. During the second conversation, ask about the attacker and choose “New Type Cyborg.” When awakening her memories with an alarm clock on the fourth conversation, choose “Disagree.”
  • On day 31, choose “Don’t speak” and hold her hand. Then choose “I don’t care about the instructions, what do you think?”
  • On day 32, choose “Bring up shared memories” and discuss all three memories.
  • On the night of day 33, choose “What was it you said before?” and then choose to hug Emma.
  • From day 30 to day 34, it is recommended to keep hugging the female protagonist all the time, except for the 5 consecutive conversations on day 30. This way, the damage can be reduced to 55 before day 35. It is not recommended to use spare parts.
  • If the damage is less than 59 on day 35, the bad ending will not be triggered. In my playthrough, I had 5 consecutive conversations on day 30 and made the choices mentioned above. During the rest of the time, I kept hugging the female protagonist, and I passed day 35.

After the female protagonist recovers on day 35, continue grinding monsters, increasing her affection, and reducing damage. When you reach day 42, which is after destroying the Rebirth Organization, make sure to grind the unmanned lookout stations. Make sure to obtain gunpowder before day 47. On day 48, the female protagonist will give you a gun, which is crucial for the perfect ending. Otherwise, it will lead to the final bad ending where the female protagonist dies. In the later stages, choose to fight back and defeat the final boss.

Important time points:

  • Have an affection level of 60-70 or higher before day 25 (otherwise, bad ending).
  • From day 30 to 35, ask the female protagonist many questions to resolve the three doubts (otherwise, bad ending).
  • From day 42 to 47, grind the unmanned lookout stations to obtain gunpowder (one is enough) (otherwise, final bad ending).


  • It is best to talk to the female protagonist once every day.
  • After unlocking a new area, don’t just explore the new area. Revisit old areas to unlock more plot and CG.

That’s Welcome to Doomsday Robot Girl True Ending Walkthrough & Guide, hope it helps.

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