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Life With a Slave Walkthrough (Completed)

This Life With a Slave Walkthrough will cover every aspect of the game. Including every lady’s scene unlocked.

Game Version: The final verison

How to Play and What to know – Life With a Slave Walkthrough

Each day, you can do up to 7 actions. Doing an action will pass the time from morning(1-3) to afternoon(4) to evening(5-7). Some actions are reliant on the time. For example, you can only go out for the first 5 actions.
Head rubbing increases affection. You can do it multiple times to ramp up her affection early on.
The right choice is usually the one on the top for events, so you cannot really go wrong choosing that.

Sylvie’s Phases

The phase you can go at

First phase: Stranger

    1. You can force yourself upon her in this phase, but it will lock you to the bad ending.

Second phase: Suspicious (After taking her out for a proper meal and buying her a new dress)

    1. Unlocks Go Out option and normal dress, small ribbon, hair pin and stockings for shop.

Third phase: Friendly (After spending time treating her when she caught a cold)

    1. You need to nurse her or it will lead to the bad end. Low affection will prevent you from nursing her too.
    2. Unlocks sleeveless (Idol) dress and long stockings for shop.

Fourth phase: Intimate (After she requests to spend a night with you)

    1. Unlocks large bow for shop.

Fifth phase: Lover (After she offers herself to you)

    1. You can choose not to take her offer until the next time you take her to the bed.
    2. Allows you to change how she refers you.
    3. Unlocks glasses for shop. Unlocks evening gown too after accepting her.
    4. Unlocks Marketplace (City) and Forest in Outings.

To Unlock the night shop, go out alone during the evening either at tick 6 or 7.
Love shows new clothes in the day shop.
Lust shows new clothes in the night shop.

Going Out

  • Shop – You can buy a new item for her each trip.
  • Restaurant – Allows you to treat her to sweets. Only available after morning.
  • Marketplace – A few visits will allow you to meet the dealer. Unlocks the Concoct option, where you can use to make Aphrodisiac and energy drink.
  • Forest – You can find pink and blue flowers here, which is used for the Concoct option.

At the last phase, there is also a new lewdness point, which increases as you make love with her. This in turn unlock other CGs for her.

See Full Scene Guide for details.

Full Scene Guide – Life With a Slave Walkthrough

Lust Requirements

First Night

This is automatically gotten after curing her sickness and reaching a high trust score (100+).

Kitchen Scene

SceneTriggersLust Level
Kitchen 1Finish the day wearing the Babydoll/ApronLow
Kitchen 2Finish the day wearing the Babydoll/ApronMedium
Kitchen 3Finish the day wearing the Babydoll/ApronHigh

Note: Remove Everything Else or the scene won’t trigger.
Note 2: Glasses, hair style, accessories, don’t matter.

Outdoor scene

Remember you can’t take her out to town or forest half naked. She’s not an exhibitionist.

SceneTriggersLust Level
Outdoors 1Go to the forest with Sylvie wearing the sleeveless (Idol) dress, rest and kiss herLow
Outdoors 2Go to the forest with Sylvie wearing the sleeveless (Idol) dress, rest and kiss herMedium
Outdoors 3Go to the forest with Sylvie wearing the sleeveless (Idol) dress, rest and kiss herHigh

Blowjob Scene

SceneTriggersLust Level
Oral 1Go to bed with Sylvie and select the oral optionLow
Oral 2Go to bed with Sylvie and select the oral optionMedium
Oral 3Go to bed with Sylvie and select the oral optionHigh

Longing scenes

SceneTriggersLust Level
LongingDo not go to bed when Sylvie asks for a few daysLow
Can’t WaitDo not go to bed with Sylvie after Longing for several more daysMedium
HysteriaThis is automatically triggered if you do not go to bed with Sylvie after Can’t Wait for a few more daysHigh

Masturbation Scene

SceneTriggersLust Level
Masturbation 1Get her lust high, go out alone come back immediatelyMedium
Masturbation 2Have Sylvie only wear Your Shirt (or with tie) and ask her to masturbate (lust around 250+)Medium-high

Nurse Scenes

SceneTriggersLust Level
Nurse 1Work with Nurse SyliveHigh
Nurse 2Work with Nurse SyliveVery High (800+?)

Missonary Scenes

SceneTriggersLust Level
Missonary 1Get Sylive drunk and talk all nightHigh
Missonary 2Get Sylive drunk and talk all nightVery High (800+?)

Flowers, Drugs and Booze


Exploring the market several times will allow you to encounter the suspicious man and unlock the prepare option to develop an libido booster or an aphrodisiac

You can gather flowers from the forest after buying the book from the suspicious man.

Prepare Tea

Pink FlowerLust Gain
A little+5
A lot+35
Blue FlowerLust Reduction
A little-5
A lot-35

Plum Wine

Purchased after going to the market alone (1 in 10 chance).
Does not open any new H but does give extra dialogue.

Basic Walkthrough – Life With a Slave


  1. ~Day 9 Molest option disappears
  2. Day 9 or 10 Outing event occurs and the option to Go Out appears
  3. Day 11 or 12 You can go out to buy new costume for Sylvie
  4. Day 16 or 17 Sickness event occurs

Avoiding Bad Ending

  1. Do not have less than 45 love with Sylvie
  2. Never select the Molest option
  3. Must go together with Sylvie to the clothes shop and buy clothes for her

How Does the Bad Ending work?

You need to beat the following condition to have Sylvie recover from being sick.

[if exp=”>=5 &&>50 && f.f_pancake==1 && f.first_wear==1″ ]#Fucking nothing because Ray never learned how to properly negate conditions[else][jump target=”*leave” ][endif]

“” are your intimacy points, “” the aforementioned trust points, which are assigned thusly:

  • +1 for giving her proper food
  • +1 for telling her you don’t do such things
  • +1 for giving her chores
  • +1 for going out with her the first time
  • -3 for going out alone
  • +1 for giving her pancakes
  • +1 for buying her a dress
  • +1 for telling her she’s cute

Talk List Commands

A list of things you can say to Sylvie. *Note -Punctuation is important. -Some lines have love or lust requirements to work.

Custom clothes -Toggles the extra outfits in the closet.

  • I like you.
  • I love you.
  • Thank you.
  • You’re a big help.
  • Are you having fun?
  • Are you happy?
  • How are you?
  • Are you feeling okay?
  • Is there anything you want?
  • Do your scars hurt?
  • I’m so happy.
  • I’m having so much fun.
  • I’m the luckiest man alive.
  • I’m hungry.
  • I’m not feeling well.
  • I’m sleepy.
  • I’m sorry.
  • Delicious flat chest.
  • You’re so tiny.
  • You’re so cute!
  • You’re beautiful.
  • I’m so proud of you.
  • You naughty girl!
  • You’re so nice to me.
  • You’re an angel.
  • Comfort me.
  • Wish me luck.
  • Pat my head.
  • Smile!
  • Hug me!
  • Come over here.
  • Give me a kiss.
  • Don’t ever leave me.
  • Hold my hand.
  • Can I hug you?
  • Can I pat your head?
  • Sylvie?
  • Good morning.
  • Good evening.
  • Good afternoon.
  • You did a great job.
  • Stare at sylvie.
  • What do you think about aurelia?
  • What do you think about nephy?
  • What do you think about ferrum?
  • I love your cooking.
  • So about your scars…
  • Pat sylvie’s head
  • Let’s get to work.
  • Strip!
  • Let’s go to the bedroom.
  • Go out
  • Let’s have tea.
  • I’m heading out for a bit.
  • Let’s go to bed.
  • I want you to call me something else.
  • Let’s change your outfit.

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