Kame Paradise 3 Multiversex

Kame Paradise 3 Multiversex Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to Kame Paradise 3 Multiversex Walkthrough & Guide, which helps you to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

– Go to year 750 (with the tower minigame)

Hint to survive the Tower Climb Mini-game – Kame Paradise 3 Multiversex Walkthrough & Guide

Stay at the bottom of the tower, you won’t be touched by anyone.

– Beat the boss : (Scissors / Rock / Rock for those who didn’t check the campire before), and pick the 3rd jar from the right, you’ll get Holy Water

– Go to year 774, talk to Gohan to start the great saiyaman quest

– Go to year 774-B, talk to Bulma, and she’ll tell you you need the gloves, shorts and helmet :

Location of each part of the suit – Kame Paradise 3 Multiversex Walkthrough & Guide

shirt is in Bra’s room, year 785 on the top right inside capsule corp; Helmet is at year 737 on a Saiyan Soldier; and finally the Gloves are at year 774, at Chichi’s house, on a shelve.

– Give all of these to Bulma, and speak to her again for an extra scene (you die tho)

– Go see Gohan at year 774, give him the suit -> Scene with Videl.

– Then go to year 785, talk to Pan outside, and then go in the capsule corp, in the garden part at the top right -> Scene with Pan and Giro.

– If you go back to 785 after that, you can also cross Kame Sennin from 785. If you talk to him, you can go back to this same place as him -> Scene with Pan.

– Go to year 767, travel the pit of sandFish (easy way I found is to go straight to the left side, then wait for the shadows to move and get to safety). From here, there will be a sandfish on the right to dodge (same, just time it well) and you’ll enter Gero’s lab.

– Beat Gero (if you didn’t catch the hint on the right before entering the lab, Do rock 2 times).

– And answer his quizz :

Answers to Gero’s Quizz – Kame Paradise 3 Multiversex Walkthrough & Guide

Answers : 2, 3, 3, 3, 1, 3, 2, 3, 2, Gevo

– Then you will need the remote to have the scene with N21. You should be in heaven at this point in the game. So I suggest that you go to Enma’s office (straight up after dying) and go to hell.

– Here, talk to Freezer and Cell to start both their quest. Go to the bottom and talk to the Ogres to go back to paradise.

– Go to year 737, and steal the lipstick from Dodoria (just speak to him and steal)

– Then go to search for the 5 Cell JR :

– Go back to year 774-B, and talk to Bulma’s father at Capsule Corp, Listen to his whole dialogue (always say yes to “Do I continue”) until he gives you the remote. And find the cell Jr at the top left of the city.

– Then go to 774 and find the one in the bushes, above Videl, and in 774-C to find the one under Piccolo.

– Go back to year 767, and find the last 2, first one is in the sandfish pit, behind a rock, and the last at the lab, then get the -> Scene with N21.

– Go to year 738, talk to Jaco and steal his ship, visit Kefla Onsen, talk to them and come back after (you can visit Kame Palace in the meantime and come back) to spy on them -> Scene with Kefla Caulifla and Cabba.

– Talk to them after that, and they’ll ask the Earrings (Potalas)

– To get them, go to year 774-C and talk to Kibito, say yes to be teleported. Then talk to Shin, and free the sword thanks to the Holy Water you got before.

– Old Kaio will ask you to get pictures of Bulma, to do so, travel back to Year 774-B, and talk to Shapner (Blonde guy who crushes on Videl), and steal his camera.

– Go to year 749, minigame with Bulma

Minigame with Bulma – Kame Paradise 3 Multiversex Walkthrough & Guide

take 100 pictures of her without getting caught, you have 3 lives

– Give them to the Old Kaio, and get the potalas.

– Go back to year 738, take Jaco’s spaceship, go to Kefla’s Onsen, talk to the girls : -> Scene with Caulifla.

– Now you can either die, or you can look at year 774-B for the bunny that Maron is looking for (go speak to 18 to trigger the quest. The bunny is at the bottom right of the city). Get your small scene, and go back to hell by talking to Enma.

– Talk to Freezer and Cell to finish their quest, go back to heaven and travel to year “?!”

– From here, you have to go through Dabra who spits rocks at you. Tips here is to stop when he appears, because he targets where you are going, not where you actually are.

– After doing that, go to the city and get killed by Buu and Babidi.

– Travel to year 774-C, ask Kibito to teleport you, and steal Mr Satan’s dog.

– Then proceed to go back to year “?!” and talk back to Buu with the dog, he’ll kill Babidi. THEN leave the city by going back where you spawned to get back to the ship.

– Die again (to whoever you want) and go back to hell, there Babidi will open the Majin door for you.

– Travel the maze (which is fairly simple, just go up as much as you can) and beat Bojack (do 3 Rocks)

– Continue until you get the -> Scene with his wife

– Travel to year 774-C, get teleported by Kibito, go down and follow the path to find Buu, beat him :

How to beat Buu – Kame Paradise 3 Multiversex Walkthrough & Guide

Rock, Paper

Scene with Supreme Female Kai

I hope this will help people, spent 3hours trying to figure it out myself ! Good Luck !

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