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Fear & Hunger 2 Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to Fear & Hunger 2 Walkthrough & Guide, which helps you to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

Even without sexual content I still recommend it for the atmosphere, it is more dark souls & bloodborne than 99% of the superficial ‘souls-like’ games out there.

Intro – Fear & Hunger 2 Walkthrough & Guide

As far as I know the game has NO sexual content! There are gore, nudity and masturbation.

There is strong sexual theme and I’d say strong implication at times that the MC is raped (Needles and genie). But these are open to interpretations and there are no hard sex scenes.

Enemies with special defeat animations:


Elephant man

Needle (mask man in white, attacks with syringes)


Lady with sewing needle in the deep wood bunker

Hidden punji traps

The game is extremely difficult. I strongly recommend you play in easy mode for the first run.

Essential knowledge from previous game – Fear & Hunger 2 Walkthrough & Guide

If you have infection, treat it quickly with green herb, cut off your limb with a bone saw, or die.

Having hunger less than 51 gives you a HUGE DEBUFF. Food is everywhere in this game so keep yourself well fed.

You cannot grow back limbs in this game. But note that losing one leg has no debuff afaik

Use bear traps to slow enemies down. But note some enemies can go around bear traps!

Use guard to automatically pass the enemies’ grab attacks

ESSENTIAL SURVIVAL TIPS – Fear & Hunger 2 Walkthrough & Guide

Whenever you see a ritual circle with four golden spirals (called ‘perfect circles’), draw the cross to turn the circle into a quick travel portal (you need to have read skin bible – All Mer), draw the M to allow you to SAVE THE SAME ONCE (you need to have read skin bible – God of Fear and Hunger).

There are six such ritual circles: Train cabin, old town, book store, church, prehevil bop (pub), Donovan’s house

The other type of ritual circle looks a little bit like the Star of David. You can draw one of the following sigils:

Big circle and small circle (Grogoroth): You can sacrifice one of your teammate to increase affinity with Grogoroth. Alternatively use blood sacrifice if you have the skill. This is one way to get rid of a candidate

Symbol looking like a vagina (Sylvian): Use the skill masturbation to increase affinity with Sylvian.

Three circles (Rher): Teleport you into the other world version of the map.

A mess of circles (Vanushka): Grow a giant tree to open up new areas.

Fear & Hunger 2 Walkthrough & Guide

In case you get stuck, this is a brief walkthrough (to get ending A):

First stage: Getting into the city. 2 ways to do it: Collecting the key from bunker 7 and from the Mayor (tell him you do not support the army), or by going into the sewer with a sewer key (several ways to do it, simplest is to go to the Mayor mansion in day 1 morning and interact with the chef NPC).

Second stage: Collecting the three effigies. They are in the church, the school/orphanage and an apartment building with white crust.

In the apartment: The washing machine passcode is a randomised combination of: 2 (apartment with plants), 6 (musician), 9 (astronomer), 11 (doll collector), 13 (braggart). To find the correct order, go to the third floor, push the horse statue to the loose tiling to make the floor collapse, there you find the madman’s diary which contains the solution. Alternatively: the television tells you which four numbers are part of the code. Then you can try out all possible combinations. There’s a total of 24 combinations. (But you should still open the door to the madman’s apartment if you want to recruit the doctor.)

Also, while you’re at the school: LOSE the hangman game to pick up the talking board. From now on you can use it to find ghosts.

Third stage: Turning on the three terminals. To make it slightly easier, go to the Preheval pub, mash z at the bottom left to find a hidden trapdoor, inside there is a map. The terminals are in: in bunker 7 (which you probably already turned on), in the sewage treatment puzzle in the sewer (where going left leads you to the city, going right leads you to another bunker. You need to push a box to solve the puzzle), and hidden in the deep woods (left side near the frog). After all that go to the museum, turn the clock to 1:35 and two triangles, this opens the way to the white bunker.

Ending B requires you to kill all the other candidates then go to the hollow tower. Hint: Use the skill sense aura to find the rough location of where the other candidates are (only works after they transform into monsters).

Sometimes they disappear and you cannot find them. But at the night of day 3 all of the remaining candidates transform into monsters.

Note the final bosses are EXTREMELY TOUGH!

Ending C requires you to kill all candidates before day 3. However it has no new bosses compared to ending B.

This ending requires good understanding of the game and the events. For some NPCs there is only a very small window where you can kill them. This includes:

August: Day 2, go to west area (the map above ruined city), explore the bottom left for a while, then an event triggers and August shows up briefly.

Pav: You can run into him in day 1 in the alley, or in day 2 morning, at the front gate he and Jotaro gets into a fight.

Mafia member: Go down the sewer below the central bridge (where you find the dead crow), he’s hiding in the water, you need to walk around a few times for him to pop out.

Note you cannot only recruit two of Abella, Levi and Marina! So if you have Abella and Levi, then Marina will leave your party shortly after joining you. Meaning you must kill her asap.

To deal with enemies: 90% of the time you should either avoid the enemies or escape after engaging, and only come back after you are stronger. Cutting both legs of the enemy cause them to lose balance in the next term so you can go for an easy head shot. But this takes time, sometimes it’s better to focus on the body. Enemies with an exposed penis for example, usually you can make them lose balance by cutting off their penis. Also, you can using throwing items (saw blade) or magic (hurting and black orbs etc) to directly target their head for a quick win.

Note that if you cut off both hands of an enemy, most of the time they can still use tackle. Sometimes tackle does more damage than their weapon damage! Meaning sometimes it’s best to leave one of their hand.

Enemy guides – Fear & Hunger 2 Walkthrough & Guide

Villagers: If they place a bear trap, attack the bear trap immediately

Vile (pig mask): Talk, ask him what it is each time, then pass the coin toss and he dies

Headless dogs: talk, give rotten meat, cut front legs and escape, they’ll be crippled and will no longer be a threat

Elephant man: Dragoon helmet (and other helmets) makes you immune to his scream. Otherwise your head explodes after 2 screams

Police: Talk and ask him question to make his head stop moving, then target the head

Needle: Don’t cut off limbs, focus on the body

Pillar man: Attack two of the many chest muscles (one on each side) for an instant kill

Beehive man: Don’t cut off limbs, focus on the body.

Neighbours: Focus on the body

Ronteal (other world monster): Don’t bother with limbs, focus on the body (don’t forget to loot their nest for a pearl, which you can use to bribe certain priests, and also use with the portrait of a young man to exchange for equipment)

Elite trooper: Don’t worry about the shield. Attack arm-legs-head

The yellow mage: Cutting off his free hand so he cannot use hurting to cut off your limb. Note that in the previous game this renders the yellow mage harmless in the overheah map, but NOT IN THIS GAME. Meaning he can still use hurting to cut off your limbs one by one if you leave the battle (probably an oversight)

Moonless: Attack the black sword gives you the sword

Dog/baby hybrid and the mutated children in the school: Shoot in the field. One 9mm bullet is all it takes.

Some special enemies:

Priest in school: After a few terms he uses scorched earth which destroys his room, but this only make a chest and a bookshelf unavailable, so you don’t lose anything important

Sergel: Cut off hand to get his spear. He escapes the first fight no matter what you do. You see him again near the entry to bunker 7 where a huge monster is hidden

If any enemies are immune to your attack, unequip your weapon and use fists

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