Futa Quest

Futa Quest Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to Futa Quest Walkthrough & Guide, which helps you to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

You can get money in the evening in the medical office.

First day – Futa Quest Walkthrough & Guide

Maiko – Futa Quest Walkthrough & Guide

You must come to Maiko’s house at night or you’ll have a bad ending.

Come to Maiko’s house at night until you have seen all the scenes.

Kate – Futa Quest Walkthrough & Guide

Go to Kate during the day at the poor girls’ house.

Go to the gym in the evening.

Order a picnic kit from the Salesman in the morning.

Buy it from the Salesman the next morning for $15.

Scout the glade at the top location at any time.

Come to the Gym in the evening.

In the afternoon to Kate’s.

In the evening to the gym.

At night to the glade.(repeat 2 times)

In the evening to the gym.(repeat 2 times)

At night to the glade to continue the scenes. (repeat 2 times)

At the glade the second time there will be a choice, if you reject Kate, it will affect her trust in the future.

Gym in the evening.

Come to Kate in the afternoon and reveal that Roxy is a futa.

Princess – Futa Quest Walkthrough & Guide

(All interactions with her are only in the form of Rosa)

In the morning go to the princess’s room for the start of classes.

Talk to the maid in the afternoon about the possibility of spending the night at the palace.

Sleep in the maid’s bed whenever you can and progress through her plot.

Talk to the maid in the morning.

Go to sleep in her bed and come to the kitchen at night.

In the morning, teach the princess, and when she is too angry to continue studying give her a massage.

Choose the “keep pretending” option in the maid’s bed.

After you massage the princess on the third time she will invite you to dine with her, talk to the maid in the evening before the dinner,

and then sit down at the table.

Order a book from Chuck.

The next morning, buy the book from the salesman for $30.

Hide the book in the princess’s room in the evening.

In the morning get an invitation to dinner. Come to it in the evening.

Afterwards, continue teaching the princess, and when necessary, make a massage.

After the massage, come over for dinner.

After the maid gives you a BJ in bed and you go through all the lessons with the princess, she will go to the toilet during her next lesson,

talk to the maid and go to the toilet.

Hannah – Futa Quest Walkthrough & Guide

Catch her in her office in the morning.

Talk to her in the morning.

The next morning, follow her into the examining room.

In the morning, suggest her to buy a larger gift from Chuck.

Order the item from Chuck.

The next day it turns out that it is very expensive and you will need to get a NEW part-time job(Hannah talk day.)

Part-time job, acquaintance with Sylvia, and new scenes.

Buy stuff from Chuck for $200.

Give a horse dick to Hannah in the morning.

Watch, too, in the morning, how she will use it. (twice)

Then come in the morning to invite her to your house at night.

At night be in your house.

Toilet Quest – Futa Quest Walkthrough & Guide

(Rachel and Connie)

At any time except the night come to the street toilet.

Find three girls in the morning in different locations (one at the toilet, the second at the gym next to the fountain,

the third at the medical office) + talk to Connie in the morning and in the evening with Rachel.

In order to buy Rachel a drink you have to get a new job from Hannah (read Hannah’s walkthrough) and then talk to her in the afternoon to buy alcohol.

Talk to Connie in the morning to persuade her to attend class.

When you have alcohol, talk to Rachel in the evening and persuade her to visit a class in the street toilet in the afternoon.

After persuading the 3 ordinary girls and talking to Connie and Rachel, go to the street toilet class in the afternoon.

To have no problem running classes, go into the cubicle in the evening to progress on Connie’s line.

Rachel’s line is a drink in the evening when needed, and a massage in the morning when her stress level gets too high.

When Connie doesn’t come to the hole in the cubicle, you’ll have to come to her in the morning at her house yourself.

Finish the quest with Connie.

Buy an extra bottle of rum for Rachel when you need it.

Drink the whole bottle with her in the evening.

Afterwards, give her a massage in the morning.


Version 1.05

Play Next day

Maiko: come to her house at night three nights in a row.

Kate: come to her at daytime and at night when you’re going to take bath in the hot springs.


Talk to her in the morning or afternoon in her office, and then Roxy will need to buy a bouquet of flowers ($50) from Chuck, which you will present at night.

Come to the next meeting at night to spend more time at Hannah’s house.

Invite the girl to the hot springs in the morning or afternoon and go there at night.

At Hannah’s office, make an appointment at Roxy’s house.

After the incident at Roxy’s house, go to Hannah’s office at night to get your revenge.

Having satisfied her revenge in the morning or in the afternoon in Hannah’s office, Roxy decides that in order to corrupt the other girls of the camp she must order a suit for Hannah from Chuck ($200).

After purchasing it, take it to Hannah.

Connie – Futa Quest Walkthrough & Guide

To complete all quests with Connie, come to her house in the morning.

(Hints for the minigame in Connie’s last challenge.)

To pass all the obstacles you must be very careful because otherwise you might fail.

Take your time and skip a few rounds of the girls following you to figure out how to pass and catch the opened gap for action.

After that, you’ll be able to do it easily.

Also, remember that this is not a must-play minigame at all.

It’s not worth your bad mood in case you can’t pass it for whatever reason.

Don’t force yourself, just skip it and move on with the story.

Rachel – Futa Quest Walkthrough & Guide

Come see her in the evening to learn all about her online fetish.

Afterwards, you’ll need to finish all your massage sessions in her house in the mornings.


Advise the maid about the princess and visit her in the morning until you need to buy an anal plug from Chuck.

When you buy one, you will need to modify it at Connie’s.

Do this by meeting her in the evening while she’s resting outside.

You will need to come up twice.

After punishing the maid in the horse costume and talking at the table with the princess, the next day you receive instructions about faking letter from the maid.

Go to the library next to the gym at any time except at night and write a fake letter.

Go with it to talk to the princess in her room, and after passing it you will be able to visit the royal baths at night.

Go through all the quests in the baths until they are over.

Underground classroom.

The class takes place in the afternoon.

To activate it, you need to have completed all the events with all the camp girls (Kate, Maiko, Hannah, Connie, Rachel, Princess) and get Hannah a costume with a mask.

This is the end of version 1.05

Keep the save made before the class, it will be useful to you for passing version 1.15-1.25



Go back to the secret classroom the next day and keep going there until you need to talk to Connie in her house.

In the morning at Connie’s house, talk to her and then buy a swimsuit from Chuck ($50) and persuade the girl to go to the baths in the afternoon.

In the baths, complete all the tasks and visit the place twice until you need to go to class again.

One lesson in class and then support Connie again in the baths*(don’t forget to invite her there again in the morning).

After the third visit to the baths you go back to class, and after class, you buy some beautiful lingerie from Chuck ($50) and give it to Connie outside in the evening.

Back to class and it turns out that the panties had a surprise.

We find out from Chuck all the circumstances of how he got those panties.


In the afternoon visit futa in her house, and after Roxy’s inner dialogue you go buy a beautiful set of lingerie from Chuck ($50)

Visit the girl until Roxy gets into a mushroom tea-induced nightmare.

Pass the nightmare (follow the route and you can even try to do all the challenges).

Talk with Kate again in the afternoon in her room, after which you will be invited to the night picnic.

Go to the night picnic twice and after the picnic you will go to Kate again.

When a little confrontation happens, Roxy decides to stalk the young futanari at the gym in the evenings.

Visit the gym when Kate is there.


Come to the house in the evening to make a stream.

After the stream in the evening, go to the girl’s bedroom to find out why she is not at her usual place and listen to the story about Maiko’s visit.


After you know about Maiko’s visit to Rachel you need to go to Maiko’s house in the morning, then order a camera from Chuck for $100.

Once you have the camera, go back to Maiko’s house in the afternoon.

Then repeat the visit in the morning.

When you find out that the Manager is visiting the gym, you can hide at her house behind the fence in the evening.

After a few evening visits for Roxy, you will need to come up with a plan in your house at the table (any time except night.)

When the plan is worked out go to the manager’s door at night and then you can break into the underground complex.


(not available in this version if the futa-futa filter is on)

Hannah’s branch opens only after you let Rey visit her.

Visit the medical office in the morning, and when the story calls for it, come up to her table to talk to her.


In the morning, go to her chamber to talk.

In the evening go to the royal baths.

In the morning you will need to talk to the maid about what happened.

In the evening visit Peach during dinner.

At night in the baths.

In the evening you will again receive an invitation to dinner.

In the morning there will be a second horseback riding.

After the walk you will need to talk to the maid in her room.

In the evening in the baths.

If the futa-futa filter is on and you have completed all the other tasks at camp with the other girls, then go to Connie’s house in the morning and there will be the end of version 1.25.

When the gym activities are over and you have completed all the other tasks at camp with the other girls you need to go to Kate’s house in the afternoon to get the ending of version 1.25.


Play next day


If the futa with futa filter is on then you are missing all the Kate quests.

If the futa with futa filter is off then after the conversation Roxy will change into her new costume in her house after Maiko’s message.

Afterwards, you will have to meet Kate in the central location at night and have three dates with her.

After all the dates, she will be waiting for you near Roxy’s house in the evening.


Talk to her in her house in the morning.

Go to class.

When the opportunity comes, put a hidden camera in the toilet stall.

After the lesson, take the camera and watch the video from it.

Attend classes until you need to get the documentation from Chuck about the cyberpanties.

Approach the merchant twice in the morning.

Work with Rachel in the evenings to be able to finish classes with Connie.


Talk to her in the morning.

Talk to the maid in the afternoon in her room.

Then talk to the maid at night in the baths.

In the morning, talk to the maid in the kitchen and go to the Princess’ room.

The next scene will be in the baths at night.

After this scene the Princess gets annoyed and you will have to perform a series of actions to get the last scene.

Talk to the guard in the morning in front of the Princess’ chamber, then go outside and inspect the garden in front of the palace entrance, go to the baths at night.

When you have done all this, approach the guard again and you will be able to watch the last scene with the animation.


Talk to her in the morning, evening and night.

After the conversation, you need to construct a special place next to the secret classroom.

(you can do this in the morning or at lunchtime)

After construction, you will have the opportunity to train Rachel in the evening.

(remember that you need to take classes in the classroom along with it)

The final scene with Rachel is available in the classroom in the afternoon after completing all the quests with the other characters: Kate, Princess, Connie, Hannah, Maiko.


Morning/day, go to her office to see her.

Come at night to talk in Hannah’s house.

Afterwards, in the morning in her office, Roxy will realize that her friend has gone somewhere and she needs to be found.

(gym in the morning)

At the gym, approach her twice, on the third Hannah will suggest going to the hot springs in the afternoon.

There are three quests to be completed in the baths (Connie’s arrival will be the last)(In the gym, helping Hannah won’t be necessary)

Fall asleep in your bed (Hannah’s scene in her house with Maiko)

The next scene will be when you go back to bed.

After Hannah is in the guest room at Roxy’s house, you need to go to the medical office.

After talking to the officer in the chemical defense suit, go to Maiko’s office and choose not to attract attention. (other options will lead to defeat)(the first mention of a new employee who should be arriving soon)

Talk to Hannah in the evening and then at night.

Afterwards, talk again at night.

In the morning, a meeting in Maiko’s office with a new employee, Lilith.

After Roxy shows Lilith her new workplace, tell Hannah all about it at night.

When futa convinces Lilith that she needs help with the paperwork and they can handle it, you should tell Hannah about your progress.

Lilith – Futa Quest Walkthrough & Guide

Show Lilith her new workplace.

After Roxy’s sex scene with Hannah in the guest room, come to Lilith’s office door in the morning. (all events are limited to the morning hours for now)

After Maiko severely punishes Lilith with the whip (to the red stripes) in the afternoon go to Maiko’s house to try to protect the new employee.

In the evening, go back to the medical office and talk to Lilith (Roxy will help).

After telling Hannah everything at night, we go back in the morning to help the girl.

After telling Hannah everything at night, go back in the morning to help the girl.

In the evening, Lilith invites Roxy to her house.

Once Roxy has the selfie at any time, go show it to Hannah.

Hannah can’t help and talks about the librarian who will prompt(come up at any time but night)

The librarian shares important information after which you will need to definitely discuss with Hannah at night.

To finish the play day you will need to complete all the other quests with the other camp girls and go to the underground classroom in the afternoon.

End of play day.




If you go straight to Rachel’s house after what happened in class, Roxy tells you that the best time to visit is in the morning.

In the morning go to Rachel’s house and find her very upset, and after a short conversation Roxy decides to leave.

It’s morning again and another visit to the young streamer’s house.

This time Roxy calms a real explosion of emotions.

After visiting the house for the third time, Roxy will once again have access to lessons in the underground classroom.

Before going to the underground classroom, Roxy needs to get her old teacher’s uniform from her house.

To begin the lesson in the toilet room, change clothes in the stall.

Do two lessons in a row.(To finish the second lesson in the class you need Connie to do a hypnosis session on Lilith.)

At the end of the second lesson, Rachel will realize what she has done and lock herself in her house.

You can come to her door at any time.

Once it’s clear that there’s no way Roxy can get in yet, it’s time to talk to Connie in her lab.


Talk to Connie in the morning about using the hypno-machine on Lilith.

Connie will say that she needs to get more information about the new doctor and ask Roxy to get it.(You should go to the library at any time except at night.)

After the library, you need to inform Connie of your success in the morning.

Go to Lilith’s office in the morning to invite her to meet Roxy’s friend.

Talk in the lab in the morning after Rachel locks herself in her house.

After the scene, Connie invites Roxy to talk outside in the evening.

At night, meet Connie at Rachel’s house.

In the morning, talk in the lab again.

At night we go to get the little crap out of her shell.(End of game day and you will need to complete all of Connie, Rachel, Princess, Lilith, Hannah and Kate’s quests to activate it if you don’t have the futa filter on).


In the afternoon, go to the kitchen as Rosalia.

After completing all the tasks, have dinner with the Princess in the evening.

In the morning, the noblewoman will invite you to her private chamber.


After the hypnosis session in Connie’s house, you can (in the morning or afternoon) approach her in her office and invite her for a walk.


The quest chain starts after she sees Roxy walking with Lilith in the park (walk up to Hannah at her bedside anytime).

If it is night, the scene will automatically continue with the night date, if not, you will need to approach her again at night.

After the night date, you need to approach Hannah again at any time other than night.

Find Hannah in the morning near the princess palace.

At night, ask Hannah about her impressions after visiting the palace.

Find Hannah again in the morning at the palace (two times in a row.)

At night, ask her how she’s doing.


Talk to her in her room during the day several times.

After the second scene in the memory room, you’ll need to complete all the lessons in the underground classroom to continue.

Visit Kate until you need to track her in the hall in the evening.

Go to the hot springs.

While Rey is in Kate’s room, search her room.

Search Rey’s locker in the gym in the evening.

Go to the baths.


Connie+ Rachel+ New character

-In the morning, watch Connie’s scene at Rachel’s house.

-After that, you’ll need to talk to Connie on the street in the evening.

-Go to the lab in the morning.

-Find three female students at the campground during daylight hours(one next to the medical office on the street, one near the gym, one next to the underground classroom)

-When all the students are found, teach an open class next to the closed classroom.

-After the first open class, a scene that happened to Rachel at the campground will be available (bench near the gym in the evening)

-Go to the lab in the morning

-Meet Mei

-In the afternoon, talk to Mei at the central location twice.

-After the second visit to Mei in the evening, talk to Connie on the street.

-In the afternoon, the scene next to the gym with Mei and Connie.

-To the lab in the morning.

-In the afternoon, the second open class near the former classroom.

-To the lab in the morning.

-Follow Connie to her house tonight.

-The scene outside Connie’s room at night (need to have watched the first scene with Rachel at the campground)

Here goes the second scene that happened to Rachel at the campground (the bench outside the nurse’s office in the morning)

-To the lab in the morning (need to have watched the second scene with Rachel at the campground)


-Talk to Hannah at Roxy’s house at any time.

-Talk to the Princess in the morning at the palace.

-At night near the Princess’s baths.

-In the afternoon at the palace exit.

-Talk to Hannah at Roxy’s house at any time.

-In the afternoon at the palace exit.

-In the morning, near the palace entrance, talk to Hannah.

-Talk to Hannah at Roxy’s house at night.

-In the morning, near the palace entrance, talk to Hannah.

-After the audience with the Princess, wait for Hannah in the maid’s room.

-In the morning, go to the dining room and wait there for the Princess and the maid

-After dinner, talk to Hannah in the maid’s room.

-Talk to the Princess in the morning in her chambers.

-Go to the baths in the afternoon.

-Talk to Hannah at night (if you’ve seen Roxy’s fisting, then there’ll be a scene with the Princess.)

-Talk to Hannah at night again (The end of the play day, for this you need to fulfill all the other scenes in the camp)

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