Once in a lifetime Walkthrough

Once In a Lifetime Walkthrough

Welcome to Once in a lifetime Walkthrough, best choices to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

VERSION 0.1 – Once in a lifetime Walkthrough

  • Confrontation with your father Be submissive: No effect

Be sarcastic: No effect

  • Tom and Lauren at school Help Lauren: Lauren +1 Mess with her: Lauren -2
  • Trivia at the library Correct answers:
    • The fall of the Western Roman Empire
    • Da Vinci
    • Au
    • Oxygen
    • HyperText Transfer Protocol
    • Alexander Fleming
    • Albert Einstein
    • The ear
    • Canberra
    • Cronos
    • Tom Cruise

– 21

    • Monaco

– 42

    • Both the 3rd and 4th answer

Getting 14 or 15 points: Judie +2

Getting 7-13 points: Judie +1

Getting 0-6 points: Judie -1

  • Lauren asking to join

Sure: Lauren +1

I’d rather not: -2 (No scene)

  • Judie’s cheese sandwich

I’ve had better: Judie -1

Yeah, they are good: No effect

Of course not. Can you make me 6 of them to take away?: Judie +1

  • Alexander’s tutor

He had none: Rebecca -1 Leonidas: Rebecca -1

Aristotle: Rebecca +1

Achilles: Rebecca -1

Zeus: Rebecca -1

  • Pre-wedding jitters

Of course it is. Don’t worry, he is a great man: No effect

I’m sure there are lots of different feelings coming up: Rebecca +1

Maybe you shouldn’t marry him. You deserve better: Rebecca -1

  • Which one do you like better?

None: Judie -1

The first one: No effect The second one: No effect The third one: No effect

On you, everything looks good: Judie +1

  • Task Carla asked to do

Wash the dishes: Carla -1

Clean the bathroom: Carla +1

Do the laundry: Carla -1 Be happy: Carla -1

  • Fight

Dodge Attack Block right Block top Parry top

Counterattack Dodge

Parry left Counterattack (Repeat)

  • Park

Go down a few steps before jumping Go through the tunnel

Try to pass very fast Do 3 sets of 5 reps

Try to go over the blue structure: Lauren +1

  • Final sprint

Make a final effort and win the race: Lauren +1

Let her win: Lauren -1

VERSION 0.2 – Once in a lifetime Walkthrough

  • Password PC basement

Binary search, but it will always be a random number between the following:

140, 215, 280, 370, 595, 655, 710, 770, 940

Guess the code: Judie +1

Give up and ask for help from Judie: Judie -1

  • “Would you rather” at the pool

Ok, let’s do it. Shoot: Playing the game

I’ll pass: Judie -1

Answering the questions have no effect other than showing the % of the people who chose the same answer, except for the next questions:

My mom: No effect

My sister: Lauren +1, Judie +1

Blonde: No effect Black: Lauren +1 Red: No effect

Chestnut Brown: Judie +1

  • Rubbing scene

*This will only trigger if you have 5 or more points with Judie at this point Ask her if she is okay: No scene

Say nothing: Judie +1 and extra scene

  • Rebecca’s apartment

Go out and ring the bell again: No scene

Go find her: Shower scene

  • My boyfriend is an interior designer

Good for him. You must be proud of him: No effect That carpet is divine: No effect

Yes, that couch is beautiful, but not as beautiful as you: No effect

Seems like a good job for him: Rebecca +1

  • “Which historical figure are you?”

No effect on Rebecca’s points. Just for fun :]

Depending on your answers, you can get Hitler, Gandhi, Napoleon, Darwin, Aristotle, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo or Joan Of Arc.

  • I bet you can’t guess what I got!

A musician: No effect

A painter: How did you know it was a painter?

You told me a while ago: Rebecca +1 I saw a canvas on the balcony: No effect David told me: No effect

A warlord: Rebecca -1

  • Carla is back

You look even more beautiful than before: Carla +1

Thank god you’re back, we don’t know how the washing machine works: Carla -1 What’s the big deal? Were you gone?: Carla -1

So.. what’s for dinner?: Carla -1

  • Nightmare

There’s no “Game over” screen, although you’ll probably have to run around. The direct route would be:

Door 3 Red door

Get back through the white door Red door

Red door

VERSION 0.3 – Once in a lifetime Walkthrough

  • Judie changing
    • Look:

Me? I didn’t: No effect

I like to look at pretty things: Judie +1

    • Don’t look: No effect
  • Handjob scene

If it helps you out, I could teach you how to kiss…

* If you saw the rubbing scene at the pool, you’ll see the handjob scene

Warn her before cumming: Judie +1

Don’t warn her: Judie -1

We should go to sleep: End of the scene

  • Maze

Direct route:

I’ll take the right

Right Straight Right

  • Church

Look confident: Judie +1

Appear panicked: Judie -1

  • Breaking bad trivia

Fulminated mercury Ricin


3/3 correct: Lauren +1

  • Lauren asking

Don’t tell her about the cult: Lauren -2 and end of the scene

Tell her everything: Lauren +1

  • Lauren naked scene

* This will only trigger if you have 6 or more points with Lauren at this point.

  • Rebecca asking

I was awfully sick. She stayed home to take care of me, like a good sister: Reb +1 Judie was possessed by a demon. I stayed home to take care of her: Reb -1

My grandma took the house keys and we

couldn’t get out: Reb -1

Our dog ate our uniforms: Reb -1

  • Locker room

Fake a cardiac arrest: End of the scene

Hide inside one of the lockers: Scene

*If you saw Lauren’s naked scene she’ll

get an invitation for Jasmine’s party

  • Getting home

Announce that the man of the house has arrived: End of the scene

Pay attention first:

* This will only trigger if you have 2 points with Carla Hello? Are you alright?: End of the scene

Go upstairs without making noise: Scene

VERSION 0.4 – Once in a lifetime Walkthrough

  • Morning

Take a shower and put some clothes on first: No effect

Go shirtless. Take a shower later: Carla +1

  • Carla in the kitchen

* You need 2 or more points with Carla and to have watched her dildo scene

Touch her ass: Carla +2 Grab her boobs: Carla -1 Don’t push it: No effect

Don’t push it: No effect

  • Love letter at Rebecca’s apartment

Leave the love letter on the table: No scene

Take it with you: Unlocks the extra scene

  • Rebecca’s laptop

Check out Jasmine’s scores:

You need to check this out in order to unlock Jasmine’s scene at her house Don’t touch anything:

Switch essays with Lauren: Rebecca +1 Lauren -1 Switch essays with Fat Jack: Rebecca +1 Switch essays with Tom: Rebecca -1

  • Blindfold scene

* You need to have chosen to take the letter with you Leave: No scene

Treat her like a queen: Scene

  • Lauren putting on her costume

* You need to have watched her naked scene

  • Security at Jasmine’s house

Pretend to be a big shot: You won’t be able to win Tom’s game

Attempt to befriend him: Chhay will help you later

  • Party

Take a look at the first floor: Lauren scene Take a look at the second floor: Judie scene

Take a look at the third floor: Gain access to the office.

Get into Mr. Alabi’s office: The story goes on

  • First floor

* If you befriended Chhay, he’ll tell you Tom’s numbers: 2, 5 and 6

Winning the game: Lauren +2

  • Second floor (blowjob scene)

Go with it: No scene

Re-spin the bottle:

Keep your identity: No scene

Reveal who you are: Scene and Judie +1

*You need 7 or more points with Judie and to have watched her handjob scene

  • Mr. Alabi’s office

Answer the phone: Scene.

* You need to have watched Jasmine’s scores at Rebecca’s laptop Don’t answer the phone: No scene

VERSION 0.5 – Once in a lifetime Walkthrough

  • Lauren ignoring you
    • Ignore me if you agree to give me a blowjob: No effect
    • Listen to me, you bitch!: Lauren -1

Nice bra, by the way: Lauren +1

  • Stalking Judie and Carla

You can do both things if you leave the mysterious man to the end

* To watch Carla’s one, you need to have watched her dildo scene

  • Judie’s date

Go see what James is doing: Judie +1

    • Stop stalking and leave: End of Judie’s path
  • Carla’s psychologist

Yes, it’s me, Paul:

Test: Just for fun, 100% real and verified by real psychologists and the Vault-Tec Company.

Your results can be: Psychopath, Sex addict, Compliant or Leader.

      • Slip away: End of the scene

Look at his e-mail: Access to Carla’s scene later

    • No, I’m sorry. You’re mistaking me for somebody else: End of Carla’s path
  • Asmodeus: “Are you the only one who know about us?”

No matters what you chose. He’s a smart motherfucker.

  • Carla’s hand-job H-scene

* You need to have chosen to look at Dr. Monroe’s e-mail and have 4 or more points Correct chat options: Do you still feel aroused when you’re around him?

Actually, I’ve already talked to him

On social media. And I’ve told him everything. You should have sex with him: Carla +2

  • Judie and Iris H-scene

Go to her room:

  • Judie: Judie +1
  • Iris: Judie -1 (No effect on Iris)
    • Ignore: End of Iris’s path
  • Talking with Rebecca

I understand: Rebecca +1

    • But… tell me the truth, you liked it: Rebecca -2
    • But… I love you: No effect
  • Testing the spray

Use it in both to improve their lives. Be cool.

  • Lauren’s massage H-scene

Correct order: back, legs, back, lower back, legs, ass, pussy.

(If you try to go too fast 3 times: End of the massage)

* You need to have 9 or more points with Lauren to finger her

  • Carrying the gun

Carry it yourself: Judie +3

Give it to Judie: Judie +1 Give it to Lauren: Judie +2

  • St. Agustine’s Hospital
    • Just keep exploring the building until you find all the numbers and then go back to the locked door.
  • Scared Lauren
    • I’ve walked away from much worse, believe me: +0

I won’t let anything bad happen to you: Lauren +1

    • I’ve seen you get out of many situations that seemed impossible. You can handle it: +0
    • Direct route: West wing, Stairs, Second floor, Director’s office, Go back to the

first floor, Go back to the West Wing, Infectious Diseases.

  • Then, there’re numbers in the break room (2F), the director’s office again (2F), intensive care (2F) and Psychiatry passing through the Records Room first (East Wing).
  • UNIMMERSIVE route: Just type the CODE: 32084
    • Escaping the hospital

Come back for her: Continues her path

  • Abandon her: End of Judie’s path
    • Here’s an absolutely amazing and technically accurate map of the hospital I made in Paint:

  • Rebecca’s H-scene:

Buy her flowers: Rebecca +3

*After this, you need 9 or more points with Rebecca and to have watched her blindfold scene

    • Give her some space to think: End of her path

VERSION 0.6 – Once in a lifetime Walkthrough

  • Peeking at Carla
    • Stop peeking: Carla +0

Keep peeking: Carla +1

  • Shower with Judie H-scene
    • Shower first: (End of the scene)
    • Suggest taking a shower together: Judie +1 (You need 12 points with her)
  • Leave: (End of the scene)
  • Offer to soap her back: Judie +1 (You need 14 points with her)
    • Let Judie shower first: Judie +1 (End of the scene)
  • Prison guard name

Jeremy: Lauren +1

    • Jeffrey, Jimmy, Johnny, Jamie: Lauren -1
  • Prison’s yard
    • I think it’s funnier if you watch the possible outcomes of every answer you choose.

There’s no “Game over” screen and there’s a checkpoint before each of the dialogues.

    • The correct answers are:

Hey, can I talk to Calamity?

  • I see. I’m leaving then
  • Say nothing and leave
  • I’ve come to propose a trade
  • Whatever you want
  • We have a deal friend, thank you. You won’t regret it
  • Refuse
  • Soviets?
  • I love it
  • Prison break

Let him come with you: You recruit Mike as a new ally. DO IT!

    • Leave him here: You’ll miss some affection points and scenes in the future.
  • Bus stop with Lauren
    • It was a nightmare: Lauren +0

I missed you: Lauren +1

    • I found the former Asmodeus. He’s insane: Lauren +0
    • 6174, we have to remember that number: Lauren +0
  • Iris H-scene (You need to have watched her blowjob scene with her and Judie)

Pool changing room: Iris scene

  • Cum on her/Cum inside: No effect
    • Girl’s locker room, classroom, study room: End of her path
  • Principal’s office

Let her sleep: Lauren +1

    • Have a little grope: Lauren -2
    • Assume all responsibilities alone: Lauren +3 (Unlocks Lauren’s H-scene)
    • Remain silent: Lauren +0
  • Couch H-scene
    • Carla (You need to have watched her handjob scene)
  • Ask her: Carla scene (You need 8 or more points with Carla)
  • Don’t ask her: End of her path
    • Judie (You need to have watched her shower scene)
  • Gameshow

For maximum score:

    • POPULAR JURY: You can’t win
    • GET YOUR GUIDEBOOK: East Timor, Mutsuhito
    • KING OF THE RING: You can’t win
    • THE MENTALIST: Carla
    • THE PRICE IS GOD DAMN RIGHT: $230.000, $0, $200.000, Fucking priceless

Winning the contest: Carla +1, Lauren +1, Judie +1.

  • Losing the contest: Game over
  • Lauren H-scene (You need to have watched her massage scene in the attic)

Use the free pass now: Lauren scene

  • (You need 13 or more points with Lauren to massage her)
  • (You need 15 or more points with Lauren to have sex with her)
    • Save the free pass for when you get back: End of her path

VERSION 0.7 – Once in a lifetime Walkthrough

  • Hairdresser (Cabin 2)

Accept his offer: Carla +1

    • Refuse: No effect
  • Dealer (Cabin 7)
    • Buy a necklace for Carla: Carla +1
    • Buy a running watch for Lauren: Lauren +1
    • Buy a manga comic for Judie: Judie +1
  • Running from Moloch
    • Hide in a cabin from this car: He’ll catch you

Move to the next car (x3):

(You have to hide in the last car of the train, keep moving to the next car until it doesn’t

give you more options)

Keep going: H-scene

* You need to be following Jasmine’s path

  • Aiko

Warn her about them: Unlocks her path.

    • Let it go: Ends her path.
  • Village:

You can “explore” the map, but the path is always guided enough (It’s not really an open map)

This would be the direct route:


  1. Docks
  2. Ramen house
    • Meh: Judie -1
    • I love it: Judie +1

I’d like you better without it: Judie +2

  1. Docks
  2. Dojo (If you warned Aiko at the train, this unlocks a scene with her at night)

DAY 2(3)

  • You can choose what to do first: Docks (story event) or Temple (Carla sex scene).
  1. Dojo (2nd training)
  2. Docks
  3. City
    • Be polite: No effect

Be rude: Lauren +1

    • Sell him Lauren: If Orochi doesn’t get killed later, Game Over.

Refuse: Lauren +2

    • Accuse Orochi clan: Orochi dies.
    • Accuse Funtime clan: Orochi and Funtime die.
    • Accuse Taoka clan: Taoka dies and you don’t get the information.
    • Accuse Slaughter clan: Nobody dies.
    • Accuse Stabby clan: Stabby Mike becomes your enemy.

DAY 3(2)

  • You can choose what to do first: Docks (story event) or Temple (Carla sex scene).
  1. Dojo (3rd training)
  2. Temple

Go with her: Carla +1 and unlocks H-scene.

    • Stay in the village: End of the day.
    • Midoriko questions: No effect. Some info may be useful in the future.
  1. Hot spring (You need to have watched her blowjob scene)
    • Listen to the woman and go back to the village: Carla -1, end of the scene
    • Calm down the situation: Carla +0

Insult the woman: Carla +1

    • Carla H-scene: (You need 14 or more points with her)
    • Creampie/Pull out: Impregnated!


  1. Hotel (You need to have watched Judie’s couch scene)

Go to the festival with Judie: Scene

    • Don’t go: End of the day and her path.
  1. Town square
  2. Docks
  3. Ramen house
    • Her eyes
    • Her slim figure
    • Her ass

Her personality: Judie +1

  1. Cemetery

Correct answers : Playing a competitive videogame


Watching Tv shows or playing video games Brave


    • Guessing 5/5: Judie +1
    • Guessing > 2/5: Judie +0
    • Guessing < 1/5: Judie -1
  1. Town square

Yes: Judie +1, unlocks H-scene.

    • What do you mean?: No scene
    • No: No scene and end of her path.
    • Judie H-scene: (You need 21 or more points with her)
  1. Azazel confrontation
    • Tell him where the Grimoire is: You die.

Try to grab the gun:

      • If you sold Lauren to the Yakuza leader, there will be no gun. You die.

Shoot: Azazel dies.

        • Don’t shoot: If you’re not following Aiko’s path, you die.

VERSION 0.8 – Once in a lifetime Walkthrough

  • Aiko

o Invite her to go back to Mistbury with you:

If you went to the dojo 3 times during your stay in Japan, she’ll come with you.

    • Say goodbye: End of her path
  • Hiromi’s review

Write a good review: Judie +1, Lauren +1, Carla +1

    • Do it later: No effect
    • Write a bad review: Judie -1, Lauren -1, Carla -1
  • Public baths (If you have 19 or more points with Lauren, she’ll open the door)

Fuck her: Sex scene

    • Leave: End of her path

I love you, Lauren: Lauren +1

    • Say nothing: No effect
  • Oliver (If you’re following Lauren’s path)

Go say something: Lauren +1

    • Don’t mess with anything: Oliver getting close to Lauren
  • David (If you’re following Rebecca’s path)

Horn in on their conversation: Rebecca +2

    • Stay out of it: No effect
  • Oliver at the beach (If you’re following Lauren’s path)

Offer to put sunscreen on her back: Lauren +1

If you have 23 or more points with her, she’ll accept.

    • Go to another side of the beach: No effect
    • If you’re following Lauren, Judie, Iris and Jasmine paths, all of them will reject Oliver and he’ll start to lose his mind.
  • Rebecca at the beach (If you’re following Rebecca’s path)

Help her: Sex scene. Rebecca +2

    • Go to the bus: End of her path

If you have 10 or more points with her, she’ll have sex with you too

Spank her: Rebecca +1

  • Principal’s questions (If you’re following Rebecca’s path)
    • Marine Biology

Fish: Rebecca +1

    • Geography

Germany: Rebecca +1

    • History

Northumbria, Mercia and Wessex: Rebecca +1

    • Sex education: No effect
  • Aiko road trip (If you’re following Aiko’s path)

Yes: She’ll come on the trip

    • No: End of her path
  • Iris road trip (If you’re following Iris’ path)

Yes: She’ll come on the trip

    • No: End of her path
  • Radio
    • Leave it on this station: No effect

Look for another one 3 times: Lauren +1

  • Susanna’s hostel (If you’re following Lauren’s path)
    • Oh, she’s not my girlfriend, she’s my sister: Lauren -1

That’s correct: Lauren +1

  • Investigating the town

Visit the apothecary

    • Visit the church
    • Ignore all that and go to the tavern:

Lauren -1, Judie -1. They’ll recover the key all by themselves.

  • Apothecary
    • Buying products: You can only buy 2 of them.
  • Emerald Light: No effect

Embers Moan: Unlocks a Sex scene in the future.

  • Draught of harsh: No effect

Angel’s Breath: Man, this shit is strong.

    • Take his hand: Possible bad ending

Refuse: Possible good ending

  • Church
    • If you’re “following Mike’s path” he’ll help you and you’ll unlock an extra scene

recovering the key. If not, the girls will recover the key all by themselves.

  • Tavern
    • Damn, that waitress is hot, isn’t she?: Lauren -1, Judie -1

Damn, that waitress is so pushy, isn’t she?: No effect

    • What were we talking about?: Lauren -1, Judie -1
    • Judie’s plan: Judie +1
  • Call the real police: The mayor lives
  • Give him a scare: The mayor dies
    • Lauren’s plan: Lauren +1

(It’s worth watching both at least one time)

  • Saturday night (If you’re following Iris’ path)

You can sleep in my room, if you want: Judie +1

    • Say nothing: End of Iris’ path

Fuck her: Sex scene

    • Go to sleep: End of her path
  • Judie waking up (If you’re following Judie’s path)
    • Stop her: End of the scene

Let her continue: Judie +2

If you have 22 or more points with her, she’ll accept.

VERSION 0.9 – Once in a lifetime Walkthrough

  • Magnus manor
    • A heart: Lauren -1
    • A rose: Lauren -1

A butterfly: Lauren +1

    • The infinity symbol: Lauren -1

Go save the girls: Possible good ending

    • Grab the Grimoire First: Possible bad ending
    • Ask Judie for one last effort: Judie +0

Distract Magnus so that she can escape: Judie +3

  • Asmodeus phone call
    • Tell him you have the Grimoire: No effect
    • Hide the truth: No effect
  • Roadside Motel (If you’re following Aiko’s path)

Go find her: Sex scene

    • Wait for her in the van: No scene and end of her path
    • If you saw Judie and Iris threesome:

Yes: Sex scene

  • No: She’ll leave before having sex
  • Jasmine’s invitation
    • If you’re following Jasmine’s and Lauren’s paths, you’ll go to her house at night.
    • Come on Judie, don’t be childish: Judie -1
    • We’ll be back soon: Judie +0

We’ll have a cosplay party: Judie +1

  • Lauren’s favour

I’ll go: Lauren +1 and Carla +1

    • I won’t go: Lauren -1
  • Lingerie store (If you’re following Carla’s path)
    • Leave the keys to the shop girl: No scene

Give them to her yourself: Sex scene

If you have 11 or more points with her, she’ll let you in.

Make a move: Sex scene

    • Let it go: No scene

If you impregnated her: (If you’re not following the pregnancy route, Carla +3)

Be supportive: Carla +3

    • Don’t be supportive: Carla -3
  • Jasmine’s party (If you’re following Jasmine’s and Lauren’s paths)

Once, in a public bath place: Lauren +1

    • Once, on a train: No effect
    • Once, in a hotel room: No effect
    • Truth or dare

Select ‘give Jasmine a kiss’ and ‘flash your breasts’

  • Jump into the pool: No scene

(If you have 28 or more points with Lauren, she’ll propose one last dare)

Accept: Sex scene

    • Refuse: No scene

It’s true: Lauren’s sex scene

    • It’s not true: No scene

Tell her about your plans: Keep following Jasmine’s route

    • Don’t tell her anything: End of her path
  • Final scene
    • Choose one girl: Blocks all the other paths

Leave no one behind: Harem path

    • Kill Asmodeus: Possible good ending
    • Don’t kill him: Possible bad ending

VERSION 1.0 – Once in a lifetime Walkthrough

  • Friday morning

Check on Carla: Carla +1

    • Check on Lauren: Lauren +1
    • Check on Judie: Judie +1

(You can do all of them)

  • Carla in the car

I love you: Carla +2

    • Thank you: Carla +1
    • Say nothing: Carla +0
  • Chapel

Talk to the priest: He will stop David from interrupting you later

  • (If you grabbed the Grimoire in Magnus Manor, he won’t help you and you’ll lose Rebecca’s path.)
    • Talk to the guests who are standing: Extra conversation lines

Talk to the guest who’s sitting:

  • Talk to the pianist:
    • Leave the Wedding March: Rebecca +0

I’m Blue: Rebecca +2

    • Evangelion: Rebecca +2
  • Bathroom

Give Rebecca a final goodbye: Sex scene & Rebecca +1

    • Leave: End of her path
  • Wedding

(Rebecca won’t marry David if you have 15 or more points with her)

  • Cafeteria

Of course!: Sex scene & Judie +1

    • I can’t. I’m busy: No scene & Judie -1
  • Hot tub
    • If you didn’t use the spray with Fat Jack: No scene

If you used the spray with Fat Jack:

  • Ask Jack for help: Sex scene
  • Let Aiko continue: End of the scene
  • Iris’ house

Anal: Optional anal scene & Judie +1

    • End scene: End of the scene.
  • Saturday Morning

(You must have released Mike from prison)

Ask for Stabby Mike’s help: Possible good ending

    • Don’t get any help: No harem ending
  • Hotel movie night
    • Dragon ball Evolution: End of the scene
    • DC Justice League: End of the scene

Zack Snyder’s Justice League: Sex scene

    • The Human Centipede 3: End of the scene

Shrek: Sex scene

  • “Final battle”
    • Go back through the sewers: Bad ending

Confront Astaroth: Good ending

  • Final choice
    • Accept: Bad ending

Refuse: Good ending


Harem ending: Stabby Mike has to be recruited for the final battle.

  • “Solo” ending: If Mike is not there, the other pilot will force you to choose one girl.
  • Prison ending: If you go back through the sewers or you grabbed the Grimoire at the mansion.
  • Astaroth ending: If you accept Astaroth’s power and didn’t grab the Grimoire at the mansion.
  • Cemetery ending: If you betrayed Mike at the Yakuza meeting or didn’t shoot Asmodeus.
  • Secret ending: If you complete the game without following any of the girls’ paths

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