Eternum Walkthrough

Eternum Walkthrough

Welcome to eternum Walkthrough, Best choices to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

Select the following options to achieve a harem playthrough with all possible optional scenes.

Keep in mind that this isn’t the only way to complete the game.

The list is ordered chronologically. If a menu option doesn’t appear on the list, it means that it doesn’t affect the story of the game or the relationship with any of the girls.

v0.1 – Eternum WALKTHROUGH

  • Annie
  • Pick up the phone
  • Let her make the call
  • Let them go
  • Yes
  • There’s no need for that
  • About what you were saying
  • Be aggressive with the guy
  • Go
  • Yes
  • Clean it thoroughly
  • Stay hidden
  • I was stunned by your beauty
  • Say something
  • Barack Obama, 1989, 8000 miles, 1 month and 14 days, Demeter, 88 days, East Timor, William Bardot
  • Hug her
  • Give it a like
  • Compliment her pencil
  • Activate the glasses
  • Buy the pendant
  • Go explore
  • Go with Eva
  • Intervene
  • Go with her
  • Go with her
  • Click the attack button in the top right corner when Dalia says “You’re just a fucking moron
  • Stay
  • Go with her

v0.2 – Eternum WALKTHROUGH

  • Let Annie come with you
  • Punch him
  • It’s cool, I love anime too
  • Don’t buy any (and after discount, pick the animal you prefer)
  • Go yourself
  • Fastest route: To the hall, To the living room, To the garden, To the Bedroom, To the corridor, Office, Bedroom, Safe Room, Open the safe (3, 2, 18)
  • Ask her about the gloves
  • Let her sleep in your room
  • Go further
  • Offer to make breakfast
  • A ticket to a show
  • Do something
  • Hire Noah and Raul
  • Pat her head
  • Family, Hobbies, Religion, Tattoos
  • Say something
  • Hug her back
  • Yes
  • Call her
  • Get a coffee for Penelope
  • 3 teaspoons of sugar
  • Take the photo with normal zoom
  • Tell Mr. Valentino to fuck off
  • Compliment her
  • Open the box yourself

v0.3 – Eternum WALKTHROUGH

  • Forgive her
  • Go rescue Nova
  • Fuck Maat
  • Steal Maat’s money
  • Dalia’s brownies / Alex’s bagels (1 point for the girl you choose)
  • Tell her you like her
  • Kiss her
  • Emporium
    • Try it (Although it’s not necessary to pursue any of the girls’ paths)
  • Potions
    • You’re special to me
    • (Go back to the Emporium after you’re done, and then to Potions again one last


  • Conjuration
  • Dark Arts
  • Divination
    • Penelope
  • Claim Prize
  • Restoration
  • Buy an apple
  • Don’t buy it
  • Give him 6 eternals
  • Ask for something spicy
  • Click Dodge, Block, Attack
  • Spare his life
  • Accept the invitation
  • Yes
  • The Lord of the Rings

v0.4 – Eternum WALKTHROUGH

  • Don’t open the letter
  • Stay close to reality
  • Grab her by the shoulder
  • LEAVE (or you can try your luck)
  • Sit between them
  • Tails
  • Give her a small tip
  • Play along
  • Convince her to participate
  • Tell her about it
  • Keep it a secret
  • Kiss her back
  • Say something to him
  • Go after her
  • Yes
  • Phone:
    • Alex: Of course. How could I forget about our first date, babe?
    • Dalia: Funny you should mention that…
    • Penelope: What’s up? How can I help my favorite client?/All photos are great

when the girl in them is so stunning (after that, pick your favorite)

    • Nova: That’s kind of an oddly specific question to ask (after that, pick your


    • Luna: Really? I’d love to!/EXTRA SPICY!/Haha no worries, your dad’s just as

awesome as you

    • Nancy: I think you’d look better without it/That sounds awesome!
    • Chang: What do you need?(after that, pick any of the two first options)
  • Take the leap of faith!
  • Interstellar
  • (Only the “About Kredon…” option is mandatory to get a point)
  • Agree
  • Grab the audio log device (you can listen to different audios with it clicking on the new icon at the top-right corner)
  • Go find the egg
  • Take the gun
  • Help Vasil/Help commander Hasler: There’s no “right option” here. I’d recommend you to see the different paths and choose the one you prefer. This decision might have consequences in the future.
  • Listen to his last audio log (it’s not mandatory, though)
  • You look like a high-society gal!
  • (Before leaving, talk to Calypso and Mr. Mos to get 120 eternals)
  • Answers
  • Nah, let’s hang out here

v0.5 – Eternum WALKTHROUGH

  • Refuse
  • I fight to protect others
  • Don’t look
  • Give a mission to Chang
  • Get in the car
  • Sit in the back with Luna
  • Play the game
    • Is this person… pretty?
      • She’s perfect
    • Play 2 times. 3 possible options: Raul, Nova, or Idriel
  • Put your arm around her
  • Play along
  • I like her
  • Send a photo to Annie
  • Do I look stronger to you?
    • Can you speak Spanish?
      • Do you have any hobbies?

Don’t you want to take your gloves off?

o Kiss her

  • Hold Luna by the waist
  • Join the ofrenda
  • Say something
  • Offer to give her a massage
  • Don’t push it
  • Go back inside
  • Luna chat
    • Sounds awesome! Have fun
    • Not the fishing simulator
  • Nova chat
    • I won’t move an inch!
  • Annie chat
    • Yes! I took this photo this morning at Luna’s
    • Right? I thought so too. Glad you like it
    • Wow! I love it
    • Can’t wait to see that! Now I just wish you’d taken that photo vertically
    • OMG
  • I just love it
  • Yes
  • Party
    • TALK
    • First, go right and talk to Penny and watch her short scene with the bucket.
    • Then go back and turn left to talk to Nova at the cafeteria.
      • Ready
      • Stop here

Go to the locker room and talk to Penny

  • Go back to the cafeteria
  • Girl
  • That blowjob was something else
  • Propose touching yourselves
  • Grab Nova/Let her come: both are good, up to you.

Go back to Penny’s class

  • Dare
  • Dare
  • Tails
  • Penelope/Charlotte: both are good. (Not Regina)
  • Help her
  • TALK to Penny at the main hall
  • Romantic approach/Rough approach: Player’s choice. It’ll affect future scenes of Penelope.

Thank her for the coffee

Roleplay as Nancy’s child/Correct her: Player’s choice. It’ll affect the dialogue of future scenes of Nancy (“mommy” talk)

Other Gem of Doom owners/Next Ulysses’ event/The Founder: choose the info you prefer to know. Same outcome.

I know what I want, too

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