Fetish Locator Walkthrough

Fetish locator Walkthrough – Week 1

Welcome to Fetish locator Week 1 Walkthrough, Best choices to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

Day 1 – Fetish locator Week 1 Walkthrough

Scene – 01 (6:00 AM)

Moring. Wake up. See a girl.

  • Get a closer look – a better option more lewd stuff!
  • Accept punishment – be a better friend FFS!

Scene – 02 (9:00 AM)

Go to class

  • Yes, I’m into Cum Play – If you are into cumshots, facials, and sperm displayed on the screen in general.
  • About the movie! – You need to answer this correctly to be able to go on AmRose path.

Answering wrong will close AmRose path for good.

– Don’t go to see the movie with her – Yes it is better to select this option.

  • Change of plans! Let’s see a movie with AmRose – Select this one if you want to go AmRose Path.

Scene – 03 (5:00 PM)

Go to see the game

  • See the cum play challenge results – available if you selected Cum Play.
  • Yes! I want to see how she is swallowing this hot load of cum

Memories of 2 weeks ago

Tell her the kinky porn is just for research purposes

Scene – 04 (6:00 PM)

Meet with Pete. And have another flashback to the past.

Should watch more – if you want to have Stacy path opened.

– Take a picture of Chloe

At the end of the scene:

  • G o to AmRose as you promised her to see a movie together – You will have

a scene with AmRose. This choice will give you the most points for that day and give you more points towards romancing AmRose.

  • D on’t go to AmRose and try to earn some points – This option will delay your

progress with AmRose, but still, you will be able to catch up with her later. Here you will still have points and in the Extended edition you get to meet Jessie.

Scene – 05 (8:00 PM)

I f on AmRose path Go to AmRose.

  • Don’t tell her about the party – The party is to hook up with Lydia. Why the hell would you tell AmRose about it?
  • Let’s watch a movie
  • Cum on AmRose – gives more points I f not on AmRose path

Meet Jessie in the park.

Spend the evening at home.

Think about Lydia – the best option.

Day 2 – Fetish locator Week 1 Walkthrough

Scene – 01 (7:00 AM)

Moring. Go to class. Talk to Kevin. Use the Fetish Locator app.

  • Post your lips to find a pussy – Absolutely a must to see any content on day 2.
  • Respond to a stranger on the app – Better option.

Scene – 02 (12:00 AM)

Go to the cafeteria. Talk to Pete. Flashback with Stacy.

  • Keep watching – If you want to have content with Stacy in the game.
  • Continue watching … – Selecting this option will show you a peeing scene.

Scene – 03 (12:30 AM)

Go to the park. If you posted an Ad and responded to a stranger – talk to Polly.

  • Agree to do a favor – Agree if you want to have a possibility to have content with Polly.

Scene – 04 (03:00 PM)

If on Polly path – go to a coffee shop. Just talk to Nora there.

Scene – 05 (06:00 PM)

Go back to the dorm room. Watch some porn. There will be an important choice.

  • G o to the Cafe – Considered a better option. Will bring you to the Polly&Nora story

path. You will miss the optional Min’s scene.

  • G o meet & munch Squizzle / Ditch Polly to munch Squizzle – This will bring you to a

Min’s optional scene with Menstruation fetish. But scene is also very hot even if you are not into that fetish. This will close Polly&Nora path.

Scene – 06 (07:00 PM)

An optional scene with Min. Only if you selected to go with her in scene 5.

  • Munch Min’s Red Carpet – Just go for it!
  • Enter looking at her face – Look at her!
  • She didn’t say I have to stop – More content!
  • Stay & Watch – Might unlock some more watersports content in the future.

Scene – 07 (07:30 PM)

Go to the coffee shop. Only if you are on Polly&Nora path. Just watch and enjoy it.

Scene – 08 (09:00 PM)

Go to the park. If you are on Polly&Nora path you will have a scene with Polly here.

  • Put a finger in her ass – Do it if you want to fuck Polly`s ass with your finger. Some anal content there for you.

I f you are not on Polly&Nora path and you didn’t reject or bail Polly

You will see a small bonus scene with Polly flashing her pussy for you.

Day 3 – Fetish locator Week 1 Walkthrough

Scene – 01 (07:30 AM)

Depending on your decisions on day-1(did you peek on the girl in Pete’s bed or not) you will have one of two similar scenes with Daisy.

  • Are you willing to help me with that? – will get you a better scene with Daisy in scene-08

Scene – 02 (09:00 AM)

After gym class, take a shower and walk down the memory lane…

  • Start masturbating yourself – Will give a better future content with Stacy. You only have this choice

Scene – 03 (11:30 AM)

MC getting dressed in the locker room. Chloe and Dario enter the room as well.

Yes, it is my fetish – OR – Not really, but I’d do it for points – select one of those to be able to earn more points that day and to indicate whether you want to see the foot fetish content in the future or not.

  • Make a distraction and save Kevin and Chloe from being caught – select this to help Kevin and to get more points. (this is also a requirement to unlock cuckold-Kevin path)

Scene – 04 (12:25 AM)

This is a very important scene. You go there to talk to AmRose. There two different dialogs with her, depending on are you her path or not. Both conversations are very interesting!

  • if you are on AmRose path and you selected one of the positive answers for foot fetish you will see a small footplay scene and would be able to select Take a picture of AmRose’s foot to get additional points.
  • I am curious – will get you more hints about what is going on with AmRose.

If you are on the Min path and you made her cum on the previous day, you will get a small animation with her at the end of the scene.

Scene – 05 (02:30 PM)

Go to coffee shop with Kevin and meet Nora there.

  • Tell Kevin to Stop Being a Pussy – select if you are not interested in cuckold content with Kevin and Chloe
  • Understand Kevin’s Point of View – Select this if you want to see Chloe&Kevin cuckold storyline. Earn points if you made a distraction for Kevin earlier in the day.

Scene – 06 (03:00 PM)

If you helped Kevin you will have keys to go to classroom and see AmRose and Maria there.

Scene – 07 (04:30 PM)

Go back to the dorm and meet Daisy and Dahlia.

– “Agree – I want Femdom Foot Worship” OR “Agree – I really need the points” – if you want to see a femdom scene with Dahlia and earn points. If you answered “are you willing to help me with that?” earlier in the day you will also get a handjob scene with Daisy.

  • Refuse. I want to dominate, not to submit – select this if you are not into femdom. It also will give you a more dominant content in the future. Especially with Daisy. But you get fewer points.

Scene – 08

if you selected femdom:

  • Yes, Mistress
  • Yes, Mistress
  • um… Yes, Mistress
  • Submit

Scene – 09

Here we will calculate the points. You need to have 25 points to get to the party. If you have less than 25 points this is a gameover and you will see a gameover-pissing animation.

If you have more than 25 points you get to go to the party that would be in the next release. If you have exactly 50 points you will receive a special bonus during the party night!

Day 3 Party – Part 1

Scene – 10

You arrive at the party location and meet Pete and girls. You get the mask and meet Antony (Mr. D1cky) and Allison.

Allison will show you around. She will ask you how you feel about girls with dicks.

  • “That would make me uncomfortable.” – You would never see a girl with a dick in the game.
  • That could be kinda interesting.” – Unlocks the girls with dicks fetish and additional content during the party.

Get a scene with Jessie while she is preparing for oral Santa.

After all the dialogs and conversions you would have to choose first event. (You can only visit 2 out of 3 events during the party)

These event choices are very important. Not only are some sex scenes are unlocked by selecting an event, but also some characters are only available in the future if you had an event with them at the party.

  • “Secret Oral Santa” – This event will unlock Lyssa path. This path is reach with Futa/Trans fetish content.
  • “Go Watch Min’s Event” – This event will unlock the Min’s path. This path will have a lot of watersports content.
  • “Go Watch Antony’s Event” – This event will unlock Maria’s path. This path is reach with group sex.

Scene – 11 (Secret Oral Santa)

Just go with the even. In the end you will have a choice:

  • “Offer to eat her out if she makes you cum” – this will close Lyssa path.
  • Demand to see her pussy” – This will unlock Lyssa path with all the trans/futa content.

Scene – 13 (Go Watch Min’s Event)

Enjoy Min’s challenge event.

  • Challenge Min to a Pissing Contest” – This option is available only if you had a previous encounter with Min on Day-2 and asked to watch her pee OR if you spied on Stacy in the Day-2 flashback when she peed and mastrubated. This is needed to unlock Min’s path.
  • “Don’t Challenge Min” – Will close Min’s path for you.

If you challenge Min to a pissing there would be a second choice:

  • “Do Whatever It Takes To Win” – This choice will unlock Min’s path for you.
  • “Shake Hands in Acceptance” – This choice will close Min’s path.

Scene – 14 (Go Watch Antony’s Event)

No choice to be made here. This scene will unlock Maria’s path.

Scene – 12

Between 1st and 2nd event there will be a small scene with Hana.

Day 3 Party – Part 2

Scene – 15

You get outside to get fresh air.

I f you selected Secret Oral Santa you will get a scene with Jessie to eat her out.

If you had a perfect run and earned all 50 points by yourself you will watch a bonus lesbian scene in the pool.

Scene – 16

This scene will start with a conversation with Lydia. You will talk to a lot of people and than see a main event that is public anal sex between Min and her boyfriend Antony.

Scene – 17

Save Lydia!

Scene – 18

Here you have a choice to see different parts of her body. For now there is no difference on what you will choose. Select the one you like.

End of the Party

Day 4 – Fetish locator Week 1 Walkthrough

Scene – 1

Breakfast with girls. If you won Min’s challenge she will ask you to help her with watersports. That content will come during the next several days. Go with Daisy to your dorm room.

Scene – 2

Take a shower and Daisy will join you.

  • “Command Daisy to Blow You” – This option starts Daisy-sub path. Only available if you impressed Daisy by refusing to do foot worshiping of Dahlia on Day-3. This will lead to rough blowjob and facial with cum swallowing.
  • “Ask Daisy Blow You” – This option will unlock future content with Daisy, but without domination. Only available if impressed Daisy or participated in Min’s event. This option is better if you want Daisy to dominate you together with Dahlia.
  • “Get a Handjob” – Available anyway.
  • “Just shower and leave” – this option will skip the scene with Daisy and will reduce the amount of content with her in the future.

Scene – 3

Go to Nora and talk with her. If you are on Polly&Nora path you will have additional conversations with her. See the new challenge of the day.

  • “Yes – I’m interested in that” – select this if you want to see enema content.
  • “No – I do not want that” – if you want to avoid it.

See the flashback with Stacy.

  • “Ask more about diet” – to learn more about Stacy.
  • “Move on the conversation” – if you are not interested in her diet.

Scene – 4

Have a talk with Lydia. If you are on Polly&Nora path she will ask you to have another date.

Scene – 5

Go to AmRose and see her drunk.

  • “What the boof happened here?” – select this if you want to go with the more soft-romantic approach.
  • “Oh bother, it’s a drunken slut.” – select this if you want to be a bit more harsh with her. AmRose will confess to doing web-cam shows and earning points with Maria. She will explain why she is doing that.

Scene – 6

O nly on Polly&Nora path.

Meet Polly in your dorm room.

  • “No. Never. I do not want that.” – if you are not interested in pegging content.
  • “Not right now, but maybe someday.” – select this if you might consider pegging in the future.

Scene – 7

Only on Polly&Nora path. Go to Nora with Polly.

  • “Just Look” – don’t get involved.
  • “Finger her Pussy” – to finger Polly’s pussy.
  • Finger her Anus” – to finger her ass.

If you fingered Polly, she will kiss MC after the scene.

Scene – 8

The scene at the dorm room where MC gets a message from FetishLocator.

end of day 4.

Day 5 – Fetish locator Week 1 Walkthrough

Scene – 1

Wake up and learn about Fetish Locator’s retention program.

Scene – 2

Take a shower and Chloe will join you if you helped Kevin on day-3.

  • “Reject Chloe” – This will close Chloe&Kevin path.
  • Boldly Go Where Everyone Has Gone Before” – Will continue the path and unlock a sex scene with Netori fetish.

After that, you will be able to choose if Kevin is allowed to stay and watch

  • “Put on a Show for Kevin” – Only available if you supported him in the cafe on Day-3. This option will give a maximum amount of points. If you selected this option you will get the Anal scene and will have an option to creampie her ass or do AssToMouth and facial.
  • “Sure, Fine, Whatever” – he will stay.
  • “I’m not comfortable with that.” – He will leave. Chloe is not happy with that.

After the shower, you will get to choose if you want to follow fetish of the day

  • Yes to watersports” – the game will include sexual activities involving urination.
  • “No, that is not my thing” – the game will not show watersports content anymore.

Scene – 3

You will hear AmRose arguing with Maria about the things she was talking at the party. You will see a different dialog here if you had an encounter with Maria by participating in the Anthony event.

Scene – 4

Go for a walk and meet Polly. Only available if you are on the Polly&Nora path. If you chose to include watersports you will have a watersports scene with Polly. During the watersports route you will have a choice:

  • “Nah, that will do.” – just film Polly, but not the MC
  • My turn to strip & piss” – this will show you how they both piss and earn more points.

If you chose not to include watersports you will have an exhibitionism scene with Polly.

Scene – 5

Call AmRose and meet with her to see the realtor. Talk with her about what happened yesterday. Two different dialogs if you selected to treat her as a friend or as a slut on day-4. You will meet Vanessa – new MILF.

And later you will see Lyssa. You will talk with her about the apartments and try to convince her to reduce the price.

  • “Appeal for Sympathy” – this will not work.
  • Say that you will Co-sign” – this will convince her, but you might have a debt to pay to her in the future 😉
  • Think about the Future” – this will convince her.

After that there is a choice to message to Jessie.

  • Contact URLittlePony – this will unlock Jessie character
  • Forget about her. Not interested in URLittlePony – This will block her character forever.

Scene – 6

O nly on Min path.

On the way back, go to Min to teach her the ways of Watersports.

Min’s path is heavily focused on Watersports content, and there is no way to date her without the pee play.

You will get an option to drink her piss or no:

  • No problem.” – you will drink her piss and get more points.
  • “No thanks.” – you will not drink.

After that you will have an option to piss on Min:

  • Pee on Min’s Face” – gives more points and she will actually drink it.
  • “Pee on Min’s Body” – as it says, just gives fewer points.

Scene – 7

Daisy will come to your room. You can invite her in only if you didn’t reject her on day-4.

  • Let Daisy In” – She will enter.
  • “Let Daisy Leave” – she will leave. this will close Daisy’s path.

Is it okay to be naked?

  • Nude is Comfortable” – Daisy will undress
  • “You could borrow some of my clothes” – She will feel offended and leave. Closes Daisy’s path.

Jump to flashback

Scene – 8

A flashback of you taking shower right before leaving for college the next morning.

  • Let’s see what she will do if I take even longer” – only available if Stacy already saw you masturbating. You will see Stacy masturbating.
  • “Just finish with the shower” – will finish the scene.


  • Jerk Off in the Shower” – you will see the scene of Stacy tasting what was left by you there on the shower wall.
  • “Just finish with the shower” – finish the scene.
end of day 5.

Day 6 – Fetish locator Week 1 Walkthrough

Scene – 1

Wake up alone or with Daisy(if on her path).

Select if you agree with fetish of the day – Creampie.

– Yes, I want to cum inside
  • No, I prefer the outdoors

Select if you want Daisy to finger your ass:

  • Not right now.
  • Sure, why not?

Decide if you want to tell Daisy about the FL challenge or not

Let her know – better to tell her. She will trust you more.

  • Maybe I can surprise her – could earn more points if you cum inside.

And are you going to warn her or try to surprise her with a creampie?

  • Warn Daisy – it is better to warn her. But if you didn’t tell her about the challenge she will pull out and you get no points. If you told her about the challenge, will give you 8 points.
  • Creampie Surprise – only an option if you didn’t tell her before, will give 15 points.

Scene – 2

Meet Stacy. Remember all your encounters with her and check out her new look!

Scene – 3

Lunch with Stacy and AmRose. Better conversations if Stacy tasted your cum during the day-5 flashback.

You will see the flashbacks with Karen.

Scene – 3b

Talk with Jessie in the park. Only available if you contacted her on Day-5. Go to her dorm and see how she is earning points.

Scene – 4

Have a date with Lydia before the concert. You will get to select the suggestion of Music, but it doesn’t have an effect as of yet. But don’t select her Parent’s songs 😉

Scene – 5

Have an encounter with Maria. The full version is only available if you did the Anthony event at t he party.

I f you are on the watersports path with FL she will ask to pee on her. Since you are on a date with Lydia you can only select:

  • Make Maria into a urinal for some guy – only if selected watersports on day-5 (10 points)
  • Make Maria drink some guy’s cum (8 points)
  • Deal with Maria another time – nothing happens; she doesn’t interact with another guy in the toilet

If she waited in the toilet for the next guy, after that she will ask if she should send you pictures

  • I don’t want to see this
  • Send it to me – you will see the pictures

Scene – 6

Lydia’s concert. There is music. Be aware.

Scene – 7

I f you are on the Polly&Nora path this a very important scene. You will get a sex scene with Nora.

You will select do you want Nora or not:

  • Pull Out & Cum – An ok option, but you don’t get points.
  • Warn Nora before you Cum – for sure the best option. Nora will be happy and you will get 8 points, because you take a picture, while she has an orgasm.
  • Creampie without warning – Nora will get pissed. This will END Nora&Polly path. This will give you 15 points. This might unlock a side story where Nora might get Pregnant. But this will not come into play for a long time. And it might be a short side story.

I f you are not on Polly&Nora path you still have a call with Stacy and you can watch a lesbian scene with Polly and Nora.

Scene – 8

I f you did a secret Santa event and you selected that you like girls with dicks during the party: You will get an option to walk Lyssa home.

– Walk Lyssa home

– Let her walk home alone – will close the Lyssa path forever.

If you didn’t see her dick yet she will tell you about it:

– Yes – I want to spend time with Lyssa, and more than that
  • No – I want to back out before this gets more intimate – that will close her path.

After that, there will be a very important choice. How you are going to treat Lyssa:

  • I don’t want to be friendzoned – You will date Lyssa. This is a Romance path.
  • I don’t want to be “nice” – You will be dominating her, that is a Domination path.

I f you are on Domination path you can choose to see or not her dick:

  • I want to see that – you will see it.
  • No. You didn’t let me cum last time – You will not see her dick today.

Scene – 9

Come back to the dorm with Stacy. You will get a message with a picture of Maria if you selected it in Scene-5.

Scene – 10

Night scene with Stacy. Pete comes home with a girl. You will get a handjob from Stacy only if y ou had enough encounters with her in the flashbacks. There were 4 events during the whole

w eek. If you did not engage in at least 3 of those events, you will not get this scene and will be

b locked from dating Stacy. Girl gets pissed once Pete falls asleep and she steals Stacy’s luggage.

Day 7 – Fetish locator Week 1 Walkthrough

Scene – 1

Morning in the dorm.

Scene – 2

Come to AmRose and depart to the beach

Scene – 3

Arrive there and meet some friends.

Scene – 4

Meet Vanessa and swim with her to a secret island.

  • Flirt with Vanessa – if you like her flirt with her!
  • Just be friendly

Decide if you want to go further with her:

– Follow Vanessa – will lead to a sex scene with her.

– Swim back to shore – will block her path for good.

Here is where your selection on Day – 3 matters.

I f you selected that you like footfetish you will get footfetish scene here.

I f you selected that you are ok with footfetish you will get an option of footfetish or blowjob. I f you selected that you don’t like footfetish, you will get only short BJ.

Scene – 5

Get a scene with Hana.

If you read AmRose’s messages and you saved Kevin:

  • Yes, I want to know – you will see what happened with AmRose and Maria on day-3
  • No, I have no interest in that – you will not see what has happened Your choice here doesn’t significantly impact gameplay.
  • Try to get some before you go
  • Don’t

Scene – 6

Meet Daisy and Dahlia. You have to select only one of them. Path for the other one will be closed. They both will give you some points.

  • Go with Dahlia – only available if you submitted to her on day – 3
  • Go with Daisy – only available if you are on her path
  • Leave them both alone – will close both paths.

Scene – 7

Meet Lyssa.

Y ou can only have this scene if you are on her path.

  • I love everything about that idea – You can slap her cock and get some points for it.

You should do it! 😉

  • That would make me uncomfortable

You will be slapping her multiple times. Do it at least 12 times! You will get to a nice event after that.

Slap her again

Scene – Extra Polly

Have a nice scene with Polly

  • Sure, it could be fun to try something new – she will give you a rimjob.
  • No. I am NOT interested in that – nothing will happen.

If you go with rimjob:

  • Terrific. I’m hard as fuck – you enjoy getting rimmed.
  • Relaxing… too relaxing… oh, crap – indicating a possible interest in scat content.
  • Weird. Not bad, just very strange – you do not enjoy rimjob content.

Scene – 8

Meet AmRose. She will tell very important things and give you a choice:

The availability of the choices depend on your previous actions with AmRose. Did you listen to her? Did you when to see a movie with her or ditched her? Did you treated her as friend or as a slut?

  • Make AmRose your secret girlfriend – She will be your lovely girl in secret.
  • Make AmRose your personal sex slave – She will be your slave and a fuck toy.
  • Reject AmRose – Don’t you fucking dare even clicking on this option!
  • Consider more options – will unlock you more options if some of them are locked for you.

From here you will get a sex scene with her

  • Pleasure Her – only available on secret FG path
  • Blow Job
  • Face to Face
  • Screw from behind
  • Spank – this will give you 10 points
  • Cum – o nly available after sex.

Scene – 9

Get back home, watch a movie with girls, and answer all the messages.

In the end you will get all your points for this day and you will have to face the FL retention program. You would need to pay it 50 points. If you have more points you can send some to AmRose or convert it to new points that you would be able to use next week. It is up to you to decide how to spend points.

If you don’t have enough points you will get a game over.

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