no more secrets

No More Secrets Walkthrough

Welcome to No More Secrets Walkthrough, Best choices to unlock all the scenes and endings with all the available characters.

The relationship between our NPC and the girls is based on two different variables.

RP – relationship points

LP – lust points

EPISODE 1 – No More Secrets Walkthrough

Morning Events:

  1. Lizzie will wake you up


    • Try not to piss her out, because she’ll give you 50 bucks for the alcohol and if you pissed her off you’ll have to find other ways to buy booze and also you’ll need some money to give Stephania in the future
    • You can flirt with her in this conversation
    • Two get 2RP and 1LP you you need to be a nice guy and tell her “Happy Birthday Lizzie” whenever you have the chance and then when she asks how you’ll get rid of the parents tell her not to worry, because you’ll talk to Phill
  2. Now you are free to roam around the house, but first you need to get dressed. You should click the closet. Now you’re able to leave your room.
  3. You got three options here.


    • If you go to Lizzie’s room you’ll have the options to enter or knock. If you enter she’ll be mad

at you, but you’ll see her ironing her skirt, but if you knock nicely she’ll give you the option to wait for her and she’ll come outside in her panties and a shirt and will give you a hug. If you played well on the first conversation you’ll get another RP

    • Another option will be to go to the bathroom on the first floor. Jeane is taking a shower, it’s the same story. You’ll get two choices, either enter or knock. I would go with the knock part.
    • Or you could skip everything and go directly to the kitchen where Phill will wait for you at the table and you’ll talk.

You can only choose one of the first two activites so choose wisely

  1. After you talked with the whole family at the breakfast you’ll have to go outside and go to the cars.

School Events:

  1. Now that you’re in the school you’ll need to do three things before you start the first class.


    • Talk with Steven and Vanessa right near your class door. When you bump into Stephania I would recommend to help her out because you’ll get 1RP
    • Also you’ll need to go to Lizzie’s classroom (the next door). Here you’ll have a small chat with

Rene and Lizzie

    • The last thing you’ll need to do, is enter your class and talk with Brandy and Harry. It’s not really important what you choose in this conversation
    • After you did all this three (the order is not important) you can click your desk and start a Class.
  1. The first class will be the english class. There won’t be too much to do here, but Steven will present you some solutions for the booze.
  2. After the class you’ll be able to talk with Stephania and Steven (on the hall) and with Brandy. The important discussion is with Brandy(in the class).


    • After you talk with her Rene will come along and will give you the choice to let him take care of the booze. This one it’s the easiest solution, but you’ll loose some interesting scene in the looker room with Stephania and also he’ll have some points with Lizzie, but on the other hand you’ll get to meet his sister.
    • If you choose to go with Potter, it will be a bit of grinding, but you’ll be able to get some interesting scenes. (For now I recommend this path)
  3. After you talked with Stephania & Steven and also with Brandy & Rene. If you choose the option to go with Rene you’ll need to go to the Computer Room(The last class on the hall), however you may need to enter a room before. If you went with Potter you’ll need to go to the bathroom where Potter is having a bit of fun with Stephania’s photos. You’ll get it when you’ll see it.
  4. Now that everything is on set you can go to the Computer Room. Here you’ll meet your teacher, and if you don’t behave and make fun of Potter you’ll end up with a pretty bad grade. This will affect you in the future.
  5. After the computer class if you’ll need to go back to your class. Here you’ll be able to talk with Potter about the fake id and he’ll give you the chance of paying him, or you could get some pictures with Stephania naked, or if you went on the Rene path, you’ll need to click your desk and start a new class.

Also if you caught him masturbating in the bathroom you’ll be able to call Stephania. Do that and then when Harry decides to help you just tell Stephania “I wanted to tell you that you’re beautiful today”, you’ll get 1RP

  1. If you went with the “Get your hands on the pictures”, Steven will come with this brilliant idea of placing the phone in Brandy’s locker. When Steven is planning a date between you and Brandy you need to say “Sweet”. Brandy will ask you “What is sweet?” you tell her that she is sweet and get 1RP. After that you’ll be able to kiss Brandy. This will give you 1LP and 1RP.
  2. Now that the math class has started, if you went with Potter, after a few discussions between you, Steven and Stephania you’ll need to go plant your phone in the locker room. When Stephania ask Phill “Mr. Smithson are you kidding?…” tell her that you’d like to fuck with her and get 1LP and 1RP.
  3. The locker room is located in the last part of the school hall. After you placed the camera you could come back to class.
  4. After this class you’ll have to talk with Phill (his office is in the third part of the hall) about him and Jeane leaving the house for tonight. You’ll need to go to Principal’s office(near the locker room). You’ll also meet Daphne, be flirty with her, she’s a nice lady. To get 1RP when she asks about her age tell her that she’s only 27.
  5. Phill will give you a task to mow the lawn, but after you talked with him you’ll get a hug from Lizzie, which is on the second. Also tell the truth about the alcohol, he’ll give you 50$.
  6. To start the last class you’ll need to click on Steven, which is in the classroom, talking with Brandy. You’ll have to take a biology test. If you want to score with your teacher, which is pretty hot, you’ll need to flirt in this test. Don’t be a douche, but choose the most sweet and sexy things. You can do this on your own or use my help.


    • Whenever I see you I got one more
    • If you ask me nicely I’ll let you measure it
    • Protecting my heart not to jump out of my chest when I see you
    • Hopefully for you… The Brian
    • As many as you need
    • The butterflies I got when I see your pretty face
    • You can tell them however you want.
    • My hand is all yours
    • When I’m in your class… to my head
    • Let’s meet and you can check for yourself
  7. After you gave the paper to Anastaisa, you’ll end up in the hallway. If you have 50$ go to the locker room, there Stephania is upset on Phill, because he took her weed. You’ll give her money to buy some more weed, and well… She’ll give you something in return, only if you ask for. Also you’ll need to get your phone back, or you could just skip the whole thing by clicking the wait for Steven button in the first part of the hall. If you give her the money without asking for something in return you’ll get 1RP, but if you ask for a strip show you’ll get 1RP and 1LP
  8. After you finished the scene with Stephania and you got everything, you’ll be able to talk with Steven.
  9. Go to Lizzie’s classroom and take her home. When you got home if you choose to get your payment now Lizzie will give you a kiss on your cheek. This will give you 1RP and 1LP
  10. When you enter the house Jeane is trying on some bikini. Tell her that she looks awesome. This will get you 1RP and 1LP

Evening Events:

  1. You’re in the livingroom now. To continue, you’ll need to go to your room and change your clothes. After that you’ll be able to talk with Lizzie which is in her room and spy on Jeane, who’s still trying some outfit. With Jeane I would recommend to choose the peep option and wait till she’s completely naked, if you wait any longer she’ll see you. You’ll get 1RP and 1LP
  2. Now it’s time for you to go to the store. To start this you’ll need to go in the kitchen and you’ll see there a groceries list.
  3. If you are on the Rene path you’ll find out that Amber, the cashier, it’s Rene’s sister, be polite to her and when Rene asks “What’s so unexpected?”, tell him “The fact that she’s pretty and you’re ugly” and you’ll get 1RP and 1LP
  4. When you get back you’ll need to take everything back to the kitchen, Jeane will ask you to help her, choose to do that and get 1RP and go with Lizzie’s cleavage she’ll understand what you want, but will play dumb, but you still get 1RP and 1LP
  5. At the table there aren’t too many consequences.
  6. After the lunch, you’ll be able to either mow the lawn,(click on the lawn mower near garage) or go to Phill’s room, but in the end you’ll have to mown the lawn. You’ll get 1RP with Jeane because you’ll say that you’ll take good care of her daughter
  7. If you’re on Rene’s path then you finished the first episode, however if you’re not, then you still got some things to do. Click on Steven (he’s waiting for you in the livingroom)
  8. You’ll go to Harry’s house, take the fake ID, if you went with the option to pay him and don’t have enough money, Steven will help you out.
  9. Now you finished the first episode.

EPISODE 2 – No More Secrets Walkthrough

Evening Events:

  1. When you start the second episode it’s just you and Steven at home, so your job is to talk with Steven. After a few random discussion Lizzie’s coming home and reminds you about her birthday gift which you completely forgot. So after she leaves Steven will ask you what should he buy. You got three options :


    • A pair of pumps : If you choose this nothing interesting will happen, you relationship with Lizzie will not be affected at all
    • Some sweet earrings : If you choose this nothing interesting will happen, you relationship with Lizzie will not be affected at all
    • And a dildo : If you choose this one, there will be some serious consequences, however you’ll be able to switch your gift with Rene’s gift and you’ll be able to screw him a little bit, however Lizzie will want to find out the truth in the third episode, but if you succeed you’ll be in a good position
  2. After this conversation you’ll have two options. You either watch TV or you can go pay Lizzie a visit in her room. She is preparing herself for the party. If you went to Lizzie’s room after that conversation you’ll need to go back in the Livingroom and watch TV.

When talking to Lizzie she’ll ask your opinion about her dress. Tell her she looks gorgeous and get

1LP and 1RP. If you don’t you’ll get only 1RP

  1. The next part is just a simple conversation. It seems like Brandy, Vanessa and Steven are here and you’ll have to go tell Lizzie that they came so she can come downstairs
  2. Now that everybody is downstairs you can talk with the girls (livingroom). Brandy and Vanessa will argue about Steven.
  3. You can also talk with Steven in Phill’s room he found something interesting there.
  4. Now you can go to the Door because Rene is knocking on the door. Here you’ll start another quest.
  5. Everybody is in the livingroom and Lizzie wants to talk to you about some pizza, there is not much to do here, however Steven will come to you and tell you that Stephania needs a ride. You can either tell him to come with you, or go just by yourself. If you go by yourself you’ll be able to get a point with Stephania and also if you bought a dildo Steven will do something interesting with the gifts (ONLY IF YOU LEAVE HIM HOME).

If you went alone Stephania will ask you how come the party didn’t started, to get a 1LP and 1RP

tell her that you told them to wait for her, then she’ll want to kiss you.

  1. You’re back and Steven is sitting down, go talk with him, you’ll have some interesting scene. When Keith will ask you if you see something you like tell him “Yeah… Your girlfriend”. Amie will be amused, but to get 1RP and 1LP with Amie tell him to chill down, it was a joke. Amie doesn’t like an arrogant prick.
  2. When Brandy will come to you, if you kissed her in the previous episode, you’ll talk with her about the kiss. She’ll ask you if you really wanted to kiss her. To get a point tell her that “It was nice, but no”. Then she’ll be a bit upset, but then you can tell her “But this time, I really want” and you’ll kiss her and get a 1LP and 1RP with Brandy, otherwise you’ll get only 1RP.
  3. After that you’ll go sit next to Vanessa. She’ll tell you that you’re on the wrong sit, because that’s where Brandy was sitting. Tell her that “It was… Now it’s only mine. And so are you.”. She likes this kind of approach and you’ll get 1LP and 1RP.
  4. After you’re done with the cake you can take a piss in the bathroom downstairs. Steven will interrupt you and Lizzie will start unpacking the gifts. This is quite linear except if you bought a dildo. If you went alone after Stephania you’ll have a golden necklance in your gift and Lizzie will give you a nice hug(you get 1RP), if not she’ll be really pissed and you’ll go to 0RP and 0LP. When Lizzie is opening Rene’s gift will see a pink dildo, Rene will start a fight with you and if you say it was a joke and you’re gonna fix everything your relationship with Lizzie will stay the same, however if you say that Rene’s lying then in the next episode you’ll have to prove that.
  5. When the dance part comes, you’ll have to dance with each girl at the party.


    • Amie: To get 1LP and 1RP with Amie go with the “My standards are way too high to find a girlfriend.“ and to get another RP you’ll have to tell her when you see that Keith is dancing with Stephania
    • Brandy: To get 1RP be nice to her and tell her Not to worry too much because she’s fine
    • Stephania : When Stephania will tell you that you could kiss her feet on Monday ask her “Why wait till Monday”, she’ll find this funny and you’ll get 1RP and 1LP
    • Lizzie : When you dance with Lizzie, you two will talk about how many shots she had. She’ll blame Rene, but you need to let her know that you care about her and you’ll get 1RP, soon after Jeane will call you and she’ll ask you how many drinks Lizzie had. If you tell her the truth

you’ll get 1RP with Jeane, but loose one with Lizzie

    • Vanessa: Play her game and then when she tells you that she doesn’t understand what Lizzie

sees in Rene, go with the feet part. Nobody wants to talk about other two people when they are alone in a room. To get 1RP and 1LP stick only with the massage.

Spin The Bottle Game:

For the spin the bottle game the dares are almost random. By that I mean that everyone will have to do a dare and then, after everybody did something they will do another one and so on.

I don’t want to ruin your fun too much so I will tell only how to get points with the girls.


  1. The first thing Amie will have to do is to throw her panties. Choose the left side, because she’s giving you a hint. Then when she’ll be on top take a peek, she’ll find this funny because she’s a bit drunk and you’ll get 1LP and 1RP
  2. Amie’s second dare will give you the chance to kiss her. When Amie will say that she realized that she wasn’t kissing Keith, ask her “Oh really? That’s why you didn’t stopped right away?”
  3. Your last dare will be to choose a number. Amie’s number is 5. When you’re with Amie in the room don’t rush to undress her, try to kiss her first. You’ll get 1RP and 1LP


  1. Brandy’s first dare will be to kiss someone she didn’t kissed already. She’ll play saint and tell that she didn’t kissed any guy in the room, however if you two kissed before, don’t say anything about the kiss. If you didn’t kissed before don’t be a douche and say “I can see why”. You’ll get 1RP and 1LP if you play this right
  2. Her second dare will be to show some skin. To get a point tell that you’re happy that Brandy’s the one to show you some skin. She’s the kind of girl which even if is shy she likes to feel appreciated. You’ll get 1RP and 1LP
  3. 2. Your last dare will be to choose a number. Brandy’s number is 3. As I was saying she likes to feel appreciated that’s why you have to undress her. Don’t be a gentleman and say that you can lie about it, she’ll feel offended. You’ll get 1RP and 1LP


  1. Lizzie’s first dare will be to twerk. I’m sorry I was not able to do an animation, however to get a point with Lizzie say “Too bad your skirt is short enough” and you’ll get 1LP and 1RP
  2. To get another point with Lizzie when she’ll have to kiss you, don’t be afraid to correct her. Tell her that the card said “french kiss”. +1LP and +1RP
  3. Your last dare will be to choose a number. Lizzie’s number is 1. Lizzie may be drunk but she doesn’t feel good about you undressing her, it’s awkward for her, so play nice and say that you’ll lie for her and she’ll give you a hug and you get 1RP


  1. She’ll have to send a picture to Phill. To get the point you can ask her if she need some help and get

1RP and 1LP

  1. To get another point when she’ll have to do her second dare, say that you’re not easy to impress. Stephania is the kind of girl who likes to feel wanted. And when you say that you’re not easy to impress she’ll think that this is a challenge. This how you get 1RP and 1LP
  2. Your last dare will be to choose a number. Stephania’s number is 4. To get the point don’t try your luck and finger her when she’s naked. She may be a little bit whorish, but she still likes to play hard to get. You’ll get 1RP


  1. Vanessa’s first dare will be to kiss a girl. When she says that she’s going to kiss Lizzie ask her if the card doesn’t say that she’ll have to kiss her roommate too. +1RP and +1RP
  2. Vanessa’s second dare will be to get rid of the dress. To get a point with Vanessa you’ll have to make fun of Rene and tell him that he’s too young for this kind of show, she’ll feel a little bit more safe to undress and you’ll get one point on both RP and LP
  3. Your last dare will be to choose a number. Vanessa’s number is 2. To get the point let her do whatever she wants. Don’t rush her. You’ll get 1RP and 1LP

Your second dare will be to tell your biggest sexual fantasy, after the +40$ patrons voted Lizzie’s story and I made it, my page was suspended and after a few talks with the Patron staff I had to remove some content from this story, but I also added another path where you get Vanessa. The path you choose will get you 1RP and 1LP with the girl you want.

The second episode will be done after the bottle game. You can save here and then you’ll have to go to Jeane’s car and get the movie.

EPISODE 3 – No More Secrets Walkthrough

When the third episode will start you’ll have to click on the yard door because you’re gonna need to take the movie from the car, however outside there will be two cops, after you talked with them go take the movie from the car.

Now that you’re back in the livingroom you start to watch the movie, however Phill will call you to ask why the cops were at your door, after that you’ll come back and you’ll be able to choose who you gonna spend the rest of the movie.

  • Amie – While talking about your life story, Amie will ask you to give her a shirt. If you have enough points she’ll ask you to go with her. If you want to see Amie naked she’ll ask you stuff about the shirt, which relate to your fantasy from previous episode. The correct answer are :

“I’m not sure. Maybe after you get changed I can say” “Don’t worry dear I’ll protect you, from the hounds.” You’ll get 1RP and 1LP on any of this two

  • Brandy – Like in the previous episodes, be a gentleman with Brandy. When she tells you that she’s not going to have sex with you while other are watching ask her “And if we are somewhere else?” because the other option make her feel like a whore, which she’s not. Now you have a nice scene with Brandy however when she ask you to stop don’t try to go any further. You’ll get 2RP and 1LP if you play this right
  • Lizzie – Well… Or sweet Lizzie had a few drinks and she’s a bit drunk, but you’ll have to be nice to her and take her to the room so she could change +1RP, if you let her go by herself, Rene will take her and you don’t want that. When in her room if you have enough points she’ll give you a hug while topless this will increase your LP and RP
  • Stephania – Now this is an interesting story. With Stephania you’ll always have to go full crazy. If you have enough points when she comes back, she’ll say something like, I want something more crazy, go with the “I might have some ideas.”(+1RP and +1LP). You’ll start an interesting event, but don’t stop, when the times come pull your cock out, she’s crazy, so you should be too.
  • Vanessa – If you have enough points with Vanessa you’ll be able to kiss her, so when you see the option to kiss, go for it, it means you’re able to do it. Now that you kissed her, she’ll feel a bit horny and leave, but as soon as she gets to your room she’ll send you an interesting picture. From here you’ll have an interesting scene. You’ll get 1RP and 1LP when this is all over

As I was saying the last girl you watch the movie with, will impact the game. There are two ways this scene will end up.

    • If you watched the movie with Amie/Brandy/Lizzie/Vanessa at the end Stephania will leave with Keith, to your room. Now you can either wake up Amie and tell her what’s going on or go catch them.


      • If you tell Amie you’ll get a RP with her but loose one with Stephania, also you get to see Ketih fucking Stephania
      • If you go by yourself, well… You will be able to join, only if you have enough LP with Stephania
  • If you watched the movie with Stephania and you went full crazy, she’ll send you a naked selfie. Now you have two options, you either go by yourself or go with Keith.


    • If you went alone you’ll fuck her alone
    • If you went with Keith, well… It’s a threesome and also you’ll get 1RP

After the sex scene is over you’ll have to go outside, there you’ll see Steven or Amie, based on previous decisions. After you talk Steven will wait for you outside to go to a stripclub.

At the stripclub you meet with the lady who gave you condoms. She works there, but she won’t have time for you till the end so you’ll have to spend some time around. If Amie didn’t caught Keith fucking Stephania, you’ll be able to help her, because he’s at the stripclub.

Now in the end of the scene Cecile, the condom lady, will come and blow you so you can win the bet you made with Rene.

Coming back from the strip there will be a few funny moments.

In the morning if you have enough points you’ll be able to kiss Brandy.

To continue the story you’ll have to talk with Amie, Vanessa & Lizzie in livingroom. They will tell you about Rene’s pool.

To go to Rene, Stephania and Brandy are waiting for you outside.

You got to Rene’s house, you have seen his sister kinda topless, now here is the interesting part. If you bought a dildo for Lizzie and didn’t admit that it was yours, you’ll have to search for the resit. Rene’s room is the second door, however don’t go there yet, go first in Amber’s room (third one) she’s getting changed, after that go to Rene’s room, if you go to the bathroom you’ll loose your chance of getting that resit.

Outside his house Stephania and Brandy are preparing themselves for the pool, you’ll be able to put some sunscreen on their back, do it. If you don’t complain too much when Brandy will ask you to do it you’ll get both RP and LP

You reached a point when you can choose who you want to speak with. You’ll be able to talk with Amie, Lizzie, Stephania and Vanessa.

  • Amie – If you watched her getting changed she’ll show you a little bit of skin.
  • Lizzie – IF you helped her the last night getting change tell her what you did, but make it sound funnier like “You told me to kiss your whole body”, she thinks you’re funny and you’ll get 1RP. In the

end kiss her back

  • Stephania – She’ll ask your help, say that you’ll do anything for her (+1RP), don’t ask for anything, because she’ll give you a nice blowjob if you don’t ask
  • Vanessa – She’ll ask for your phone, after you give her the phone go upstairs and you’ll be able to kiss her if you played well in the previous episodes

Amber will come back, she’s in the pool. You two will get to know each other more and in the end she’ll send you, Rene and Steven to the restaurant.

The rest is pretty linear till you reach Nichole’s apartment. To get an interesting end with Nichole when she’ll say something like “So what do you say that your friend need?” go with the “Doesn’t matter… Let’s talk about your pictures. I know that each of them has a back story.”, she’ll like the fact that you care about her and well… you two were fuck buddies once, why not do it again?

After Nichole save the game because it’s almost over, you’ll be able to click on Steven and Rene, but that will be the end of the third episode, but before the game will end you’ll see an interesting story.

Let’s just say you get to see a little bit of skin.

EPISODE 4 – No More Secrets Walkthrough

Morning at home:

The episode will start on Monday morning. Phill is already off to school and Jeane is out shopping some makeup. The only thing you’ll be able to do is go to kitchen and talk to Lizzie. If on her birthday you bought a dildo and blame Rene, but you didn’t managed to get the receipe you’re kinda screwed, because both your lust and relationship will go to 0.

After the launch Lizzie will wait for you and Jeane in the car, but I recommend to go to the bathroom downstairs, Jeane forgot to lock the door. Then you can go to the Yard and get in the car.

On the road Keith will stop Jeane for speeding. He’ll suspend her driving licence and you’ll be her driver for a while. Also if you had a threesome with Keith and Stephania he said that he’ll find a way to help you getting Jeane’s driving licence back. This is going to have an impact either in Episode 5 or Episode 6.

At school:

When you get to school you’ll have to go to your class. There Martin will be teaching Geography. Nothing interesting there.

After that you’ll have to go talk to Anastasia. To start the conversation you’ll need to click on the left side of the Hall 1. The amount of LP you get with Anastasia is based on your exam from Episode 1. This is going to be interesting only if you answered the questions correctly. I don’t want to spoil anything.

After talking to Anastasia you’ll be able to go back to class.

After that Daphne is going to take a piss on the third hall. Go talk to her and then you’ll get to the Blow The Bet Quest. If you managed to fuck Stephania on the third episode you have nothing to worry about, if not, then you kinda lost a bet and have to run your naked ass around the school. This will have impact in the next episode.

After the shenanigans that went on outside, you’ll find Brandy on the left wing of the school. To get 1RP and 1RP when she tells you that you’re a nice guy tell her that only when she’s around. The rest of the date it’s more like consequences of your previous episodes. If you have enough points the date will be just nice.

However Jeane will interrupt you because she doesn’t have a car anymore and she’ll need you to drive her to shopping. The date is going to be interesting. You’ll have plenty of time with Jeane.


When you get to the shop you two will talk about a few things however after you choose a dress she’ll go try it on. If you decide to peek on her while she’s changing you’ll get caught because Brandy will send you a message and Jeane will see you.

While she’s getting changed Amie will come by. I hope you have enough points with this lady because she’s just crazy and gorgeous. She’s going to try on some lingerie, but before that she’ll manage to convince Jeane to buy some too. At this point Amie is going to be your ally and while Jeane is getting naked Amie will give you something for Jeane. Don’t talk, just knock because Jeane will believe that Amie is going to give her the thing and she’ll ask to come inside. I hope you enjoy a good show and also you get 1LP and 1RP.

After that if you have enough Lust points with Amie she’ll ask for your opinion.

Not long after the shopping scene, Brian and Jeane are going to a bar where they could enjoy a little bit more the company of each other. You get to know each other more and after a few minutes she decides to go to the bathroom she’ll get a text from Phill… I recommend you to read it. It’s a little bit interesting

However when she comes back she’ll be interested in two girls from the table next to you, so she decides to be a little bit crazy and want to make them jealous so she plays with you. When it’s the time to pretend like you’re kissing, go for the kiss. You’ll get 1RP and 1LP

Anyway, your fun stops when the bartender comes with a strange package for Jeane. You’ll find more about this package in the Episode 5, however it’s nothing good, so you go home.


Now that you are back home you can either go check what Jeane is doing in her room, but it’s nothing interesting or you can go in your room play some computer games.

After you started to play some games Nichole is going to call you, inviting you over for a photosoot. You’ll can go take Jeane’s car and go to Nichole. There you’ll have some interesting event with her.

It’s important what photo you decide to shoot because that’s the one she’s going to paint in a future episode.

After you come back from Nichole you pick Lizzie and Vanessa. You take them home and there you can go check on Jeane, she’s in the livingroom getting drunk while Lizzie and Vanessa are in Lizzie’s room.

To get LP and RP with Jeane, when she tells you that the other bottle is not empty tell her that you’ll do that for her. You’ll keep talking with her and then she asks you what do you like in a girl. If you’re going with something nice like “eyes” you’ll get only one RP, while the other 3 options are getting both LP and RP and spice things up.

When you go to Lizzie’s room you’ll see Lizzie and Vanessa doing some selfies. You join them and then when they say to say something so you could smile, go for kinky stuff you’ll get points with both the girls. Lizzie is going to take a shower and if you played well with Vanessa you two end up kissing each other.

Now it’s time for you to go to sleep, but not for long, because Jeane is still wasted and she’ll come give you a “Good Night” kiss.

In the morning you’ll find Phill in the kitchen. You can speak with him about random stuff, then everybody joins for breakfast.

After the breakfast you can go outside and go to school, however before that you’ll have to take Jeane to work. You’ll also talk about what happened yesterday and the fact that it’s not ok. Go with the “I don’t mind” to get the points with her.

Now that you are at school, go to boys dressing room, hall 4 and you’ll finish the episode

EPISODE 5 – No More Secrets Walkthrough

At school:

The episode starts when Cecile enters the class. Not long after she enters the class she wants to avoid you and Steven as much as possible so you two could not say anything about her night job. So your best play will be to play dumb as you two do not know each other and you’ll get 1LP and 1RP by the end of the class if you kiss her

Because you stayed with Cecile a little bit after class you’re going to be late for Dianna’s class, which will give her an excuse to get rid of you so she won’t let you enter the class, while on the hall, Daphne will go out for a smoke so you’ll go with her.

While sitting outside she’ll thank you for the company tell her that she can call you whenever she wants and you’ll get 1RP.

Not long after you two will talk about Isaac, the shady guy, she’ll feel a little bit uncomfortable to talk about that so she’ll change the subject, about your love life. To get 1LP and 1RP tell her that you can help her win the lottery.

You and Daphne go back to school and she’ll ask you to go tell Todd something. He’ll be in the computer class, last door in the hall4. I won’t spoil the fun for you so I won’t go too much into the details of your meeting, but you’ll find Todd’s secret

You finish with Todd and to progress you’ll have to search for Steven. He’ll be in the bathroom with a new girl. Go there and ruin their fun. By the end of the conversation you’ll get 3LP and 3RP with Saeki. It seems that Rene forgot his phone in the locker room and Steven got it, so you two will investigate a little bit the situation and find two secrets.

After Steven gives the phone to Harry so he’ll give it back to Rene you should go to class. The biology class will start.

Now it’s time to go talk to Dianna, because she wants to talk about your grades. You can click the left side of the first hall. You can place this however you want. You’ll let her know that she’s not in control anymore, because you have dirt on her, so she’ll have to raise your grades. She’ll say that the best she can do is a B, you either accept it and leave or you can have a little bit of fun with her.

Now go back to class because it’s already late and Phill is already in the class.

The math class is way too boring so it’s going to skip it fast, but after you’ll find Lizzie in the second hall. She’ll ask you to take her and Lizzie to a movie. You’ll get 1RP with each girl after you accept

In your class Steven tries his luck with Saeki and start bragging around, what a badass he is. You can screw with him or play his game. Either way your relationship won’t be affected at all, so no need to worry about it.

Date with Lizzie :

After school Lizzie will wait for you on the left wing of the school. She’ll ask you to go with her to the movie, because Vanessa’s dad came to pick her up. If you’ll just accept it you’ll get 1RP however if you play hard to get, she’ll try and convince you. So if you have more than 5LP she’ll give you a kiss so she can convince you, which will increase both your LP and RP with 1 point, but if you don’t she’ll just kiss your cheek and get only 1RP.

You go to the movie and watch it. You can play however you want there.

Now that you’re home you need to go change your clothes and meet Lizzie downstairs. You two go to the same place you went with Jeane the other day and there you’ll meet Saeki and two of her friends. Saeki will introduce them to you and then you and Lizzie will go to your table. Not long after Alison will go to the bathroom and ask you to join. If you go you’ll get a threesome with Alison and Suzie, and also get 5LP and 5RP with each. If you don’t you’ll get only 1LP and 1RP with Lizzie for staying with her. If you have enough points with Lizzie I suggest you go fuck those two bitches.

At home:

The date is over and you’re back home. Jeane is in the bathroom and Lizzie is in her room. You’ll have to talk to both of them

Lizzie is in her room doing her homework. You’ll have to help her with the homework, however how you do it, it’s up to you. If you decide to ask Todd for the homework you’ll do it with no mistake, if not, it might affect your game later. When you finish the homework she’ll give you hug, so tell her that you’ll help her more often if that’s the reward she’ll give you everytime. You’ll get 1LP and 1RP.

Jeane is in the bathroom shaving her legs. She’ll ask you to wait for her in the room, so you get there and wait for her. After a few interesting scenes she’ll be on the bad asking you to massage her back. If you have enough lust points you can go lower and lower till your hands are on her ass as a little perv that you are, however if you do not have enough lust points, she’ll be kinda mad.

When you reach her ass she’ll make fun of you and then turn over so you could give a massage to her boobs too and Lizzie will see it. Ups, she kinda knows about you and Jeane.

Now it’s time to go back to your room and Nichole will call you asking you to come downstairs so she can give you something. Just play as you want this.

And the fifth episode will be over when Phill comes in your room while you and Nichole are having a little bit of fun.

At home:

EPISODE 6 – No More Secrets Walkthrough

Episode 6 starts right when Phill talks about his problems with Brian, while Nichole is sucking Brian’s cock. Not a great start if you ask me, but it is what it is. This event will end after Nichole gets a cal land she’ll have to leave. As for the kiss, that’s up to you. You can kiss her or don’t, it won’t affect your stats.

In the morning Phill is in the kitchen with Jeane. The next thing you’ll have to do is going to school.

At school:

When you get to school you have two choices. Either you go in your classroom and find Harry looking for his glasses either go to the forth hall.

If you go in your class you can help him find his glasses or ignore him, anyway Saeki has his glasses. You can choose what do you want to do about this. Either give them back to Harry or let him come get them. I suggest giving them back, because it might come in handy in the upcoming episodes.

After that the computer class will start.

The next class is going to be geography. Mr. Martin will ask a few questions. The correct answers are:

  • 50
  • Russia
  • Vatican City

Brandy will ask Martin to go out because she’s not feeling so well. If you gave the right answer to at least two questions, Martin will ask you to go out with her.

You’re out with Brandy and she’ll tell you that she’s going to blush if you continue this way, so go for it. Say she’s cute, make her feel good. You’ll get 1LP and 1RP. After that you can give her a kiss.

After that you two will play a small game. You can ask what ever you are more interested in her, so you get to know her better, however when she asks you „What kind of girl do you like?” tell her that you like smart and sweet so you could get 1LP and 1RP. Her last question will be : “Am I attractive or just cute?”. Don’t play too nice… Tell her exactly what you want… Tell her that she is really attractive not only cute.

The next thing you can do is go in your classroom and help Stephania skipping 2 classes. You’ll get 1LP and


After that you can start the next class. (click on your desk)

The next thing you’ll have to do is go in the second hall land talk to Lizzie. She’ll thank you for the homework and will go hug Brandy. If you want to get a cheek kiss from both Vanessa and Lizzie, I suggest to tell them the truth. I mean, almost the truth.

The next class is going to be Biology. (click on the desk). In the end Anastasia will say something about some tutoring. She’ll be outside of your class. Go talk to her and then go out of the school. Your car is on the left side of the school.

At Anastasia’s home

When you get to her home she’ll say something like she needs to get changed first. You get 3 choices. Any of the choices are good, however the most interesting one is when you see her change her clothes.

She’ll come back dressed in a sexy outfit, and you can only focus on her boobs, however after the small talk if you have enough lust points you’ll get an interesting event after that. I mean, as interest as it can get.

At Stephania’s address

You arrive at the address Stephania gave you and find out it’s an abortion clinic. There you can pick Stephania and understand better what happened.

After that you get her home and she’ll ask you to come inside. If you want to progress with Stephania go with her inside. You’ll get 1LP and 1RP. You two will have an interesting chat finding out more about her past and what kind of person she is.

When she’ll tell you that she need sleep tell her that she need affection too. You’ll get 1LP and 1RP.


When you get home Lizzie and Vanessa is going to wait for you in the livingroom. Lizzie will be a bit mad, but don’t worry, everything is going to be ok.

Now it’s time to take a poop in the bathroom upstairs and change your clothes, then Lizzie and Vanessa are going to be downstairs.

I’m not going to spoil this too much, however when you get home Vanessa is going to be in the Livingroom. Go talk to her and you’ll find more about her family.

When Lizzie will come downstairs she’ll ask you what happend to Vanessa, if you want to get 1RP you’ll have to keep your mouth shut. It’s her secret.

The rest of the episode is going to be a bit linear, but will be a game changer, so I don’t want to spoil too much of your fun.

EPISODE 7 – No More Secrets Walkthrough

The game starts with Brian and Saeki in the car.

She’ll ask you to stop so you two could have fun. If you’re not interested in her don’t stop, if you are you can stop. It will not affect anything at all. It’s probably the last time you’ll be able to fuck her.

If you fuck her you’ll get +3LP and if you want another +2LP you’ll have to also lick her pussy so that she’ll reach orgasm


At the airport when Amie will say that it’s too bad Saeki left tell her that you can’t complain. +1LP and


Pick Amie up and take her home. This will increase both LP and RP.

When talking about the competition between Amie and Saeki play with her and say that she’s winning the competition because Saeki left. +1LP and +1RP


You get home you can talk with Phill(his room) and take a shower (bottom bathroom)

Brandy’s house

When you arrive call her „Angel” it will increase your RP

You can kiss her or just give her a hug. It will not affect

If you want to also progress with Anastasia in the do biology instead of math. Kissing Brandy will increase your LP and RP

If you have enough LP (8) with Brandy she’ll give you a small surprise


Go in the kitchen. Everybody is there.

After you eat you’ll can go talk to Lizzie or go talk to Vanessa. The order doesn’t matter.

Lizzie (KITCHEN)

Drop a fork to increase your LP and RP

Vanessa (Lizzie’s room)

You cannot improve your relationship here, but Vanessa will tell you something about a truth or dare game

Truth or Dare

Go to your room and get changed

Tell Lizzie you didn’t kissed Brandy. She doesn’t need to know everything. (+1LP and +1RP)

Kiss Vanessa when asked. It will improve your relationship with Vanessa and it will not affect your relationship with Lizzie (+1LP and +1RP)

Kiss Lizzie. Don’t be a chiken. She likes to be loved. (+1LP and +1RP) Asking her about a sexy selfie will unlock a scene in the upcoming dare.

When you’re asked who would you spy on, choose whoever has less points. It does not affect the other girl.

When Vanessa will whisper something dirty in your ear, do as you please. You can’t go wrong here. If you have at least 9LP with Lizzie and 5LP with Vanessa the night is not over for you.

Your room

After the girls leave you can watch some porn on your PC. I will not spoil this too much. In the morning Amie will wake you up.

Say that you like the gift Amie gave you. You’ll increase your relationship with Amie. The other two lines don’t affect your score.


To continue you’ll have to go eat your breakfast with Lizzie and Vanessa.

After the breakfast you and Vanessa will go for a jog. If you „spent the night” with Vanessa and Lizzie you’ll have more interesting run.

Don’t try to kiss her. Vanessa likes to be teased.


Now that you are home go take a shower. (Bottom bathrom) You’ll find out soon enough a secret.

You’ll have to take a picture with Lizzie. Choose whatever pose you like. To continue you’ll have to go in the livingroom and talk with the girls

Now you can go change and then leave to the Charity Event

Charity Event

You’ll meet Taahir and Mahabbah and then you’ll have to choose what to do.

  1. Dance with Jeane

Flirt with Jeane and then you can either kiss her or grab her ass. If you grab her you’ll improve your lust points, however kissing her will be better

  1. Go to the bathroom

When you’ll come back, a dude will try and flirt with Jeane. She’ll pretend that you’re her boyfriend and you’ll be able to kiss her.

  1. Talk about Daphne and Phill

You’ll talk a little bit of Daphne and Phill and then after you go over Taahir, Mahabbah and the guys, you and Mahabbah will leave the room. If you want her you’ll have to go with „No strings attached” and then take your pants off.

  1. In the room with Jeane

When she’s in the bathroom you can take a peek. She’ll know, but she’ll give you a nice show.

If you peek on her you’ll have a small suprise in bed only if you take your chances and have enough lust points.

EPISODE 8 – No More Secrets Walkthrough


If in Episode 7 you removed your pants while talking to Mahabbah after you go to sleep Brian will wake up and go to Mahabbah.

Go naked if you want to have sex with her and don’t run away when you see what’s going on there.

If you want anal, you’d better talk dirty to her. Every time there is a chance to talk dirty you’ll unlock an achievement.

If you had a moment with Jeane last night this morning the event will continue.

After the bathroom event with Jeane it doesn’t matter if you take a peek or not. It won’t affect your relationship.

The bathroom event will unlock an achievment

In car you better be honest with Jeane. You’ll get some RP and LP. You’ll unlock an achievment.


The girls are in Lizzie’s room.

Horse riding

Don’t try to mount the horse by your own. You’ll fall and Amie will laugh.

There will be a moment when Brian and Amie will have a moment. To close Amie’s path you’ll have to go with „make her understand you’re not interested in her”. Be carefull, you’ll not be able to open the path back again.

If you have enough lust and the path is open you and Amie will share a special moment in the stables.


You can talk to Jeane, help Amie wash her back in the top bathroom or take a shower downstairs. Be careful, if you go for the shower first you’ll lose the other two events. I’d sugest not to enter the top bathroom if Amie’s path is closed.

After you take a shower you should go to kitchen then watch a movie with Lizzie, Vanessa and Amie.

After the movie if Amie’s path is still open and you have enough LP you’ll be able to spend the night with Amie, untill Lizzie will send you a message, that if you’ll follow her after she kisses you.

When Brian and Lizzie are on the couch, tell her three things you like about her, if not, you’ll close Lizzie’s path.

Tell her you like her lips and if you have enough LP you’ll kiss her and also unlock an achievment. Everybody is in the kitchen.

The rest of the day will be kinda straight forward.

While Harry will work on locking Todd out of the feed you and Steven will talk about stuff and if you fucked Saeki you’ll have the chance to confess. If you like your relationship with Steven I sugest you tell him.

Anastasia’s place

If you have enough LP with her she’ll be waiting for you in her costume.

If you did some biology with Brandy you’ll have an interesting event with her and you’ll also find her secret.

If you’re not interested in Anastasia anymore you’ll be able to tell her to stop. This will close Anastasia’s path, however fucking her will also unlock an achievment.


Everybody is in the kitchen You can take a bath upstairs.

In the room with Vanessa you’d better make a move, if you really like her, however don’t kiss her, let her make the move, you just play with her.

You’ll find Lizzie’s secret when watching the feed from the locker room. In the morning you should go in the ktichen then go to school.

Dianna will try something funny, however this will not have impact in this episode.

If in Episode 6 you went inside when Stephania asked you, you’ll be able to have a date with her.

You’ll have to go buy some wine and Amber will suggest you to have a date some time. If you want her ass to swim in snow you can invite her someday.

At the restaurant be a gentleman with Stephania. She likes to be respected.

EPISODE 9 – No More Secrets Walkthrough

Episode 9 can start in two ways based on how you ended up the previous episode.

If you went on a date with Stephania

You’ll be in a tub with Stephania and after a few minutes she’ll be asking you to go inside and find something interesting to watch while she takes a shower.

Go with the romance if you want to have fun. This will unlock an achievment. +2LP & +1RP

In the morning you two will not have too much time but when she ask you to keep your relationship a secret for now I suggest not to ask to many question. +1RP

If you didn’t went on a date with Stephania

You’ll be waking up in your room. Nothing interesting will happen on this line.


After the first class you can talk to Brandy about some math tutoring. She’s in your class. Then click on your desk to start a second class.

After the first class Steven will have an interesting idea. You cannot avoid this event, because it’s important for Daphne story. I won’t spoil too much this, but you cannot close the Daphne path just yet.

After you skipped Dianna’s class you realise that you missed Cecile’s class too so you go and apologize. Cecile will accept your apology only if her path is open.

Now Brandy is waiting for you on the first hall

Math with Brandy

The fact that Brandy’s coming over makes Lizzie really jealous and she’ll be doing some silly things.

After you and Brandy finish doing math she’ll be asking you to take her home. If her path is still open you get to kiss her in front of her house. This will unlock an achievment. Brandy will invite you over for a coffee. If you go you get to have some romantic sex with her and unlock another achievment (+2LP &

+1RP), if you don’t you’ll close her path forever.

When the sex scene is over she’ll say that she loves you. If you don’t say it back, it will be really hard for her and her path will be closed.

Jeane will call you while you’re in bed with Brandy and ask you to go pick her.

Jeane’s office

If you’re on Jeane’s path she’ll ask you to come upstairs so you could help her with some papers. I’ll let you enjoy this part.


After you got home everyone’s waiting for you in the kitchen.

Vanessa’s quiz it’s not to important. You don’t have to worry about the answers however when she asks about Brandy if you want to have her path, tell her „What could happen when you’re the only one I can

think of?”, however if her path is already closed and you’re still interested in Lizzie you have to go with something like „Nothing happend.”

Now you can go take a bath in the bathroom near your room. If Vanessa’s path is open, enjoy!

IMPORTANT: To keep her path open tell her when you’re going to cum. In the morning go in the kitchen.

Dianna’s Office

You get to choose between two options. Both of them could lead to sex with Dianna, however the hostile approach will lead to a rough sex in this episode while firendly approach could lead to sex in the final episode.

Hostile approach:

If you hate her, you can make her fuck Potter in the final episode or you could fuck her yourself right there.

Friendly approach:

If you want to fuck her in the final episode say that she’s a sexy woman and all.

Amber’s House

You get this event only if you accepted Amber’s invitation when you went to buy some wine for Stephania. Amber is not the kind of girl who would be interested in a long term relationship with you so if you want to fuck her you need to keep that in mind.

EPISODE 10 – No More Secrets Walkthrough

Based on your relationship with Cecile, this episode will start either at school or at home


You head out with Steven talking nonesense, when Cecile will ask you about helping her move the furniture.

If you say your back is killing you, well you’ll close Cecile’s path, if not you’ll go to her aparment.

If you’re path with Anastasia is still open and you went to her apartment, then enjoy, if Anastasia’s path is closed, well, enjoy.

You have unlocked one or two achievments. (Cecile and Anastasia)


When you get home you hear Amie’s voice in the kitchen. Go in the kitchen.

You can change your clothes now and then go talk to Lizzie. If her path is open you get a date. If not you get to help her with the homework.

Date with Lizzie

I don’t want to spoil too much of the date, but when she askes you about Amsterdam, I’m just saying she already knows what happened, because Steven already told her.


Now that you are home you can take a bath. I would go to the bottom one, because it’s more interesting than the one on top.

Now go take a nap on the sofa.

If Amie’s path is open then you get to have an interesting night. I want you to remember one thing. She dumped Keith for being unfaithful. No matter the temptation you need to be faifthful, at least in front of her.

In the morning when you wake up you are home alone with Lizzie. You can check her out in her room. She’s doing the homework. If her path is open you two will end up having sex eventually, however I suggest you bite her ass, it will unlock an achievement

Now you can play some game on the computer. If Amie’s path is open you’ll have an option to enjoy some sexting with Amie

In the bathroom Vanessa is taking a shower. In Lizzie’s room Lizzie is waiting for Vanessa.

In Jeane’s room she’s going to read something.

Now it’s time for you to go to sleep. If you and Lizzie had an interesting morning you two will have a sweet night and an interesting morning.


In the morning Nichole will wake you up and telling you to visit her. As soon as you wake up you can go to Nichole. Just click on Jeane’s car.

If Brandy’s path is open she’ll tell you that this thing between the two of you needs to stop, however you can still get a sweet goodbye, but if you want to be faithfull to Brandy, don’t fuck her. Having sex with Nichole in this state will not affect your relationship with Brandy and also will unlock an achievement.

As soon as you get home you can go to your room. Lizzie and Vanessa will come to you.


You cannot choose too many things here, just enjoy your previous decisions.

By the way, if you fuck Vanessa she and Lizzie will have a fight, but no need to worry, if your path is open with Lizzie this will only lead to a threesome in third part.


If the girls have fought over you at the store the door in their room is closed, however to continue you need to go talk to Jeane.

After lunch you can go play some video games on your computer. Phill will come to you and have an interesting conversation.


You wake up directly at the geography class when Daphne enters and she askes you to go home with her. At home she’ll search for some pappers and if you want you can close the path, if not you’ll have sex with her.

When you get back to school you can talk to Steven and Brandy to start the class. No consequences if you lie or tell the truth about Daphne to Steven.


After school if the path with Jeane is open then something happy will happen after that you should go play some games on PC. If Jeane’s path is closed you just have to go play some games.

I don’t want to spoil the game too much, but something important will happen in the house.

After lunch you need to go to your room and based on your relationship with Lizzie/Vanessa/both will progress.

The rest of the episode is linear.

EPISODE 11 – No More Secrets Walkthrough

The episode starts when Brian, Lizzie and Vanessa enter the hotel were the prom night is being held. At first you talk to Steven and find out that him and Saeki now are a couple and she came back for him, because they are inlove.

Once you finished talking with Steven and Saeki you receive a call from prison. I don’t want to spoil too much, but there are some good news for Brian. Speaking of good news Mahabbah is a nice lady.

After that you got some free roaming when you can talk to everybody and have fun with anybody. I will split the content in two. Event based or girl based. You choose which you like the most.

EVENTS – No More Secrets Walkthrough

Steven and Saeki

You find them in the lobby. You’re going to find Steven’s secret and if you came inside Saeki you’ll find more about that too.

Cecile and Anastasia

If your path is open with one or both teachers you can have some actions. The only one girl who might have a problem with you fucking this ladies is Stephania, but if you now how to handle her, this shouldn’t matter.

Lizzie and Vanessa

When you talk with them, if you have the path open they would suggest going somewhere more private to

„dance”. You can go with one or both, however if you already had fun with Stephania, Amber or Daphne, I’m sorry for you. Check the Girls sections for more details.

If you choose Lizzie you get to fuck her solo, which is really sweet and hot. If you choose Vanessa, well, she has a surprise for you.


Stephania is an interesting lady. She really likes you and she really likes your cock, however she doens’t like when she’s cheated on. If you have fucked Vanessa, Amber or Daphne, you two will break up after a good fuck, however she understand if you fucked one of the teachers.


If you still have your path open you get to have a chance in fucking her.

Daphne and Todd

You get to assist an interesting conversation and if your path is still open with Daphne you can choose to be a hero or not. If you are a hero you are treated like a hero.

Martin and Harry

It’s pretty liniar this one.

Dianna and Rene

Problems in paradise. It seems that Dianna and Rene are having a fight. You should really help Dianna out. Based on your previous decisions you can fuck her, or let Potter fuck her. The later is pretty funny.

GIRLS – No More Secrets Walkthrough

Here we talk about all the girls and who can you fuck and who you cannot.


As she already stated in a previous version, she’s not really interested in you as a lover, but she’s really interested in you being her fuck buddy. If you talk with her and still have the path open you can fuck her, but it might cost you a good ending, if you are interested in Brandy, Stephania, Lizzie or Vanessa.


To keep Amie’s path open, you can do whatever you want at the party, except for fucking Stephania. She’s the only girl she’ll find out about and if in the past Stephania fucked Keith, that might be really bad.


One of our favorite teacher also likes BDSM, however when I asked the patrons what they think about BDSM they voted it out, so if you go alone with Anastasia you get to choose how you want to approach her. However don’t expect BDSM. It’s just has a small feel of BDSM. You don’t have to worry too much about fucking her, because the only one who will figure it out will be \, but she’ll forgive you.


Brandy is like a flower. If you break it, you cannot fix it. So to keep her path open don’t fuck with Stephania, Vanessa (solo) or Amber, however she will believe you if you tell her you didn’t fuck both Vanessa and Lizzie or Lizzie(solo).


Another nice teacher. If you decide to go alone with her you’ll get a hot scene. You don’t have to worry too much about fucking her, because the only one who will figure it out will be Stephania, but she’ll forgive you.


To fuck her you need to save her from Todd, however you don’t have an ending with her, but this could affect your relationship with: Lizzie and Stephania.


Given the fact that everybody knows how much Brian hates this teacher none of the girls could suspect a thing. So you’re free to do whatever you like.


The only way you get to have a solo relationship with Jeane would be if you don’t break up Lizzie’s heart at the prom night. You can break Lizzie’s heart if you decline the sex with her or both Lizzie and Vanessa.


When you talk to Lizzie and Vanessa, if your path is open you get to choose between a threesome or a solo with each of the girls. Fucking Lizzie will not affect your relationship with the other girls, because none of them would believe you’d actually do something like this, however Brandy might be onto something.

However the girls you should not have fun with if you’re interested in Lizzie are Stephania, Amber and Daphne.


Like in the Brandy situation you really need to be focused on Nichole if you’re interested in her. She’ll forgive everything except if you kissed Vanessa in public or if you do something stupid with the girls and you were supposed to talk with Brandy about breaking up. She’ll understand that you’re not interested in a relationship with her.


This sex godess is crazy. If you have her path open she’ll fuck you no matter what, however if you fucked Daphne, Amber or Vanessa. Once you’re done she’ll tell you to fuck off and in the case you fucked Cecile and Anastasia she’ll understand, but she’ll threat you to not do it again.


Having sex with Vanessa would be really interesting in this episode, because she has a little surprise for you. If you really want her don’t fuck with Stephania or Amber.

Cecile and Anastasia

It’s a nice threesome and it won’t affect your relationships in any way. I would suggest you do them good.

Vanessa and Lizzie

This is nice and I’m sure you’ll like them. If you’re interested in other girls you can still fuck them and then break their hearts, you dirtbag, because it won’t affect your relationships.

ENDINGS – No More Secrets Walkthrough

This game has 16 endings. To reach an end, you need to have the paths opened with one or more girls. Here is a list with all the endings.

  1. Single
  2. Amie
  3. Brandy
  4. Lizzie
  5. Jeane
  6. Nichole
  7. Stephania
  8. Vanessa
  9. Amie and Jeane
  10. Lizzie and Vanessa
  11. Lizzie, Amie and Jeane
  12. Lizzie and Amie
  13. Lizzie and Jeane
  14. Lizzie, Vanessa, Amie and Jeane
  15. Lizzie, Vanessa and Amie
  16. Lizzie, Vanessa and Jeane.

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