Take over walkthrough & guide

Take Over Walkthrough & Guide

This Take over walkthrough & guide will cover every aspect of the game. Including every lady’s scene unlocked.

Introduction -Take Over Walkthrough & Guide

In this game, you are living in a dystopic society and, due to altercations with a past superior, you have been delegated to a janitorial job in a facility despite your studies in biochemistry. Circumstances will align for you to get an opportunity to improve on your situation, however, and this guide will help you get up to the latest released content in the game and will be updating as the game updates as well.

Your primary tool will be the serum that corrupts and makes people compliant to your orders; as you continue to advance you will get more tools, but the serum will remain the main way to advance forward, at least for the current content available.

The game is sort of divided in chapters; in order to progress you will need to achieve certain goals, mainly reaching a corruption threshold so that the people you are in contact with will do the necessary stuff to advance the plot. For all of this you will need to manage your resources, which are…

Console Panel and Cheat Codes

Just open the console command with shift + O, then type one of these variables and add the quantity, example: money = 10000 or serum = 100
_gene_ideal = True ##this will allow you to check the basic transformations of Celia, Katy, Dimi and Mirjana, you need 1 serum and 10 supplies per each.

Resources -Take Over Walkthrough & Guide


Obtain: You make it in the laboratory you work in, and likewise do so one by one or in batches of 5. There is a chance of failure when making it, however it’s close to none at night. Making them has two possible costs – decreasing your supplies or increasing your suspicion. The more serum you make, the more suspicion you create, so on the early game it will barely affect it, but as you advance on the game you will eventually hit a point where you must use supplies.

Use: You can use them on the various characters available to increase their corruption. Each of those times will consume a dose of serum, and their increase in corruption will be dependent on the character done to. This will increase time. Further into the story you will need to produce and deposit 5 serums per week, and there will be another procedure that will need you to consume a dose.


Obtain: Eventually you will be able to go out at night to the night market to buy supplies. In there you will be able to buy 5 for $100 or 10 for $160, so unless you need them urgently you should save and buy them 10 at a time.

Use: When making serum, you will automatically spend any supplies you have; any you don’t have to cover the serum production will instead increase your suspicion. There are some options further down the story to upgrade character abilities that will require supplies as well.


Obtain: The simplest way to obtain money is to work, which will give you $20 and decrease your suspicion by 10. You can also sell your research to obtain money in the black market; 10 units of research will sell for $40.

Use: You will mainly use it to buy supplies; there are also some scenes that require you to spend money to get them, since they involve taking out a character out on a date or similar.


Obtain: You can research at the lab, though it involves a chance of failure in which case you will not gain research and time will advance. Like producing the serum, your best bet is to do it at night, in the last part of your shift, but you won’t lose anything other than time, so it can be worth the risk if you don’t have any other good use of your time

Use: At the start of the game you will need to obtain enough to develop the serum and be able to produce it. For the next few chapters it will only be useful for selling on the black market for a quick buck, but eventually you will need it in order to unlock further character options.


Obtain: Creating serum without enough supplies, leaving work early, using serum, and doing anything at the black market, among others.

Use: This is actually your health bar, so to speak: once your suspicion goes past the maximum when you go to bed at night the police will arrest you and you will get a game over, so you need to keep it below the maximum.

Decrease: Working (-10), sleeping (-2), telling your roommates to praise you publicly (-7)

Increase maximum: As you corrupt certain characters and advance in the story, your maximum suspicion will steadily increase.

Time management -Take Over Walkthrough & Guide

Time advances in the game with most actions besides moving to places. The day is divided into:

  • Morning
  • Noon
  • Afternoon
  • Night
  • Late night

On the weekdays you are meant to go to work, and you have free time on Saturday and Monday to go wherever. You can’t go to the lab though, so any research or serum can only be done during weekdays.

In weekdays you should go to the laboratory, as it’s the main source of all your resources. You have some free time in the morning, as if you go to the laboratory as your first action you will advance time to noon anyway. The black market can only be accessed at late night.

There’s also a random event where the police set a checkup point, and you have two options. You can pay a $50 bribe so that you can continue as usual, or simply show them your papers. This will let you keep your money, but the entire day will be wasted on it and you won’t be able to do anything else.

Playthrough -Take Over Walkthrough & Guide

The game is divided into sort of chapters; not nominally, but you have a set of goals that once you reach them the plot moves forward and you need to adapt your routine, so this guide will be split into chapters according to the story beats.

Chapter 1 -Take Over Walkthrough & Guide

Once you have control over where to go, your priority (without letting your suspicion rise too high, which will always be a concern) is to do enough research to unlock the option to produce serum. Most scenes with your roommates are out of your reach, so your routine will likely be Laboratory > Work > Research > Research > Sleep until you unlock serum production.

You now can produce serum in order to corrupt your boss and roommates. The priority is your boss; however, you will also need to corrupt your household to request Katy to keep out of your room later down the line. At first you won’t be able to get supplies, so don’t produce any serum if your suspicion is high. The suspicion scales depending on how many times you have made it without supplies, and the first few times will barely generate suspicion. Your routine should be Work > Socialize to drug Dimitria if possible, Work if suspicion is still high, otherwise Research > Research or Serum depending on your suspicion > Sleep.

Once Dimitria is 20% corrupt you can ask for a favor, to be able to bring “personal belongings” which are the supplies needed to create serum without raising suspicion. From now once you reach the late night part of the day, you can go to the black market and buy supplies, which will allow you to create serum without raising suspicion. Your research points don’t do anything right now, so you can sell them at the black market too.

On the weekends work on corrupting Celia, the landlord, and Katy, your roomie. You want them to be at a similar corruption rate, so alternate between the two. Once you corrupt them further you can select the scenes with them, and remember to ask your roomie to keep out of your room once she reaches 40 corruption.

You’ll know when this chapter ends because there will be two events: there will be a visit of the PPF at work, and Dimitria will mention another lab and get you access so you can visit it. That marks the end of Chapter 1

Chapter 2 -Take Over Walkthrough & Guide

The proper start of the chapter happens once you visit the coffee shop to talk with Vera. For the next part of the plot your main goal is to raise Vera’s loyalty, which is done by delivering serums weekly. The minimum is 5, but if you want to increase it quickly you need to give her more per week. You can deliver them by going to the coffee shop and selecting to give her serum, and select the amount you want to grant her.

You can also now access the Workshop, where you can talk with Mirjana and discover what is the next step beyond using the serum. You will want to corrupt her as well, just remember to make your deliveries to Vera as well. And you should cap the corruption on Dimitria and your roommates if you haven’t already; Dimitria in particular has several perks you can ask her for; mainly increasing the money you get from work and being able to leave work early.

Your routine should remain the same; your maximum suspicion should have risen now, but still I wouldn’t recommend going for 5 serums without supplies, as you will likely end with a game over. Use the weekend to corrupt Mirjana and the weekdays to produce extra serum for Vera, and you should be done in a couple weeks.

The chapter will end once you hit 80 corruption with Mirjana and have enough trust with Vera you will unlock the use of the CREED machine, and Vera will give you more contacts and the next set of goals, and the start of the next chapter.

Chapter 3 -Take Over Walkthrough & Guide

Now you can head over to the university and meet the next set of characters. You will first stumble into Emma, a university student, from which you will get her phone number. Then you will meet Margaret, which will inform you of one of your next goals, which is to gather research points and use the CREED machine with the rest of the characters you have already corrupted.

Next you should visit the university again, to talk to Erika and learn about genetic therapy, which you will need to unlock via research points. Before you do though, you will need to call Emma, as you need to advance her storyline a bit to unlock the development. This is done while at home, selecting the option to use your phone and select her, then choose date. You can choose a romance path or just to manipulate her; either way you will progress with the game.

Your routine should stay the same as the previous chapter; if your loyalty with Vera is already high you won’t need to do more than the 5 requested serums per week. What you need to do now is to put your roommate, landlady, and boss through the CREED machine. You will also have to develop the gene therapy technology with Erika for 40 research points, after which you can also alter the body of any characters you have put the CREED machine. You also must spend some research with Margaret to develop training in the CREED as well, to give certain capabilities to the corrupted.

Once you have put all the available women through the CREED machine, developed gene therapy, and gone on a few dates with Emma, on your weekly meeting Vera will mention needing 5 serums on Friday, which marks the chapter is about to end. You can simply deliver these 5 serums on a Friday to progress to the next chapter, with a pretty lengthy scene.

There’s an alternate choice that Emma gives you if you follow her path. For that, in addition to the 5 serums Vera asks you for, you will need to use some time in the laboratory to develop a version of the serum that works on men. Once you have them you will need to call Emma again to corrupt a man named Luka, and after a couple calls and scenes you can progress with Vera’s request, which will change slightly due to your actions with Emma.

About Walkthrough Updates

This walkthrough is for verson 0.5, verything later is explained perfectly well with the in game hints.

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