No More Money Walkthrough

No More Money Walkthrough

Welcome to No More Money Walkthrough, Best choices to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

Like in every visual novel the story is quite forward to follow however there are some decisions that could have impact in your gameplay. In this walkthrough I’m only going to talk about those decisions.


Episode 1 – NO More Money Walkthrough

Night with Emma

The story starts with Emma, your girlfriend giving you a blowjob. She’ll get close to you to kiss you. If you kiss her you’ll earn a point in your relationship with Emma.


It doesn’t matter if you talk dirty or not, she’ll love you either way.


Monday morning

After you wake up, you get to choose if you want to take a peek on your roommate while she’s chaning. If you do you’ll earn a point with her.


In the dinning room, Charlotte is working on a laptop. After you complain about the fact that your roommate didn’t let you sleep in her bed, she’ll offer a kiss. Accept the kiss


Charlote’s top is nice, so just make sure you take a good look when you got the chance.


Job interview

When Katrina is asking you if you can satisfy her be bold. Say that you can satisfy any woman.


You know already that Katrina isn’t the one you should be talking to, so now Darlene is asking the questions. Go personal when she asks you to say what do you think about her.



Patricia might be a bitch sometimes, but she deserve a free drink.


Giving Charlotte the drink with alcohol might help you in your future endevors.


What does a girl really want beside winning, so let Tris win when you’ll be playing volley.


After the volleyball match you’ll end up running after Tris for saying stupid things. Being on top of her isn’t the best decision, so you’ll have a boner. If you have 3 relationship points she’ll find this funny, if not then she’ll find it discussting.

When you get back to Charlotte applying some sunscreen. If you have 3 relationship points with her you’ll be able to massage her boobs, because beside the fact that you have a good relationship you already gave her some good alcohol.

Episode 2 – NO More Money Walkthrough

Phone Call

This one of the most important decision you have to make in the game. From this point forward your actions and attitude towards the girls will change. It’s important to know what type of character development you’d like.

If you’re going to call Darlene about the real estate job, you’ll be the kind, carring, good person who believes in love and treats woman with respect.

If you’d like a more badass life that involves drugs, weapons, fights, women and so on, I would recommend going on this path.

You do not have to choose based on which woman you like the most. Darlene and Katrina are in a relationship and sooner or later you’ll get both of them, just choose based on the gameplay you’d like the most

Example: Let’s say in the near future Tris will ask you for money. If you have the real estate job you’ll give her the money and she will reward you. If you’re on the other path you’ll ask her to do things for you and then give her the money.

Both paths will include the same amount of sex scenes, so you don’t need to worry about that, it’s just that on a path the sex scene will be more rough than the other.

Pilates Session

When the mc will get a boner, give her a compliment.


Morning Shower

After the pilates session the mc will take a shower, if you’ll have enough points with Charlotte she’ll appear in the bathroom teasing the mc with jokes.

TV with Triss

After Triss comes back from school, she’ll ask you to give her a hand massage. This will improve your relationship


Go to Work

This is where the game splits based on your first choice in the episode.

Real Estate

Darlene will try and make a funny comment about the fact that our MC is the man for every job, here you’ll have the option to touch her ass or not. If you choose “Play along”, you’ll get to grab her ass. Later she’ll tell you never to do that, but actually she liked it.


Now you are alone with the ladies and you start negociating the price for the apartment. If you let Lauren suck your cock you’ll open her path and will get a point with her.


If you’re more interested in Lisa you can rejecte Lauren’s offer and you’ll get a kiss from Lisa which will open her path.


There will be a moment in one of the upcoming episodes where you’ll have the chance to cheat on the girl you choosed here / close the path you opened / closing one path and opening another.

Right before going home you’ll get the chance to flirt with Darlene. If you do you’ll get one point.


Club Job

When you get into Katrina’s office, she’ll welcome you. After that you get the option to look at her ass.


After showing you around and expalining the job you’ll have to get Lisa’s phone number. After some flirts and fails you’ll have the option to choose which girl you like the most. You don’t need to care about the bet at this point, just choose the girl you like the most.

If you choosed Lauren she’ll give you a blowjob in the bathroom and will open her path.


If you choosed Lisa she’ll give you a kiss and her phone number, which means you open up her path.


There will be a moment in one of the upcoming episodes where you’ll have the chance to cheat on the girl you choosed here / close the path you opened / closing one path and opening another.

Before going home you’ll get the chance to flirt with Katrina.


Drinking with Charlotte

After you get home Charlotte is waiting for you. Here you cannot improve the relationship more, but you’ll find out more about her life.

Night with Triss

Just like in Charlotte’s case you do not get to improve your relationship any further, however you get to know Triss better. It helps knowing more about the characters.

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