Harem Fantasy Good or evil will save the world

Harem Fantasy: Good or evil Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to Harem Fantasy: Good or evil will save the world Walkthrough & Guide, which helps you to unlock all the events and scenes with all characters.

Intro – Harem Fantasy Walkthrough & Guide

If don’t write please choice 1st one

keep push down ctrl can double game speed

some spell use keyboard D can change to all target

Don’t steal item in town, will add little evil

Law or evil is めちゃ優 very kindly <-> ちょい優 little kindly <-> 中立 neutrality <-> ちょい悪 little bad <-> めちゃ悪 very bad, in game better keep neutrality for easy get 2 ending

better use v1.3

Start – Harem Fantasy Walkthrough & Guide

> helf invisible curse :

go up to next floor, lower right has hidden road

upper left has pond can recover

move out cave, near crystal vs boss (better use 南極のかぜ in fight)

if move back to cave can get item

south to small forest, when event 2nd choice for H then load back save choice 1st one help girl

SE to town, then shop talk to heroine and she join

NW to castle, middle corridor right has hidden road

talk to king then lady knight join

NW to previous castle

2F has world map (outside use D or button 8 has map)


3F event, then underground vs boss (before fight 2nd choice)

after get all crystal use upper magic circle port out

now can change job (ジュブチェンジ), 1st job is useless

back to castle talk to king

right stair go up, right room talk to princess (4th choice)

Start cave again – Harem Fantasy Walkthrough & Guide

back to 1st town, lower left house talk to 1st heroine’s sister

now need buy spell in each town

inn 2F lower right has hidden road

if inn 2F open lower left box (pass is 1192), can get item up lvl, fight to easy enemy for job lvl up and no encounter equip

pass small forest to start cave, now inside changed (1st area upper left has hidden road)

2F a lot hidden road, deep get item then vs boss

if get 3 欲のかけら, sleep in inn has H, each heroine has 2 type H

1st town middle has private event (heroine in right graveyard, lower left house [HP+30], shop)

talk to 1st heroine’s sister (4th choice)

castle entrance has private event (heroine in east tower roof, castle 1F lower right room, princess room)

Get ship from priate – Harem Fantasy Walkthrough & Guide

from castle go east to priate hideout, 2nd and 3rd area upper right has hidden road

same as priate, click torch open hidden cave

upper right room talk to priate leader (2nd choice) then move out vs boss

jump to upper hole, 1st area right has hidden road

to water has 欲のかけら, then vs boss (2 fight, 2nd fight can steal 欲のかけら)

move out cave, night go priate leader room has H, after H get 4th choice

priate hideout has private event (lower left room [3rd choice], lower right, priate leader room)

Accident of elf village – Harem Fantasy Walkthrough & Guide

ship to elf village (NW forest has dragon better don’t near) toElfVillage

right tent has hidden road in right, can get 欲のかけら

upper to tent near fountain, talk to elder 2 times

elf village north to hill, 3 exit cave, lower has hidden road

4 exit cave, south has 欲のかけら

hilltop vs boss (can steal 欲のかけら)

Water crystal – Harem Fantasy Walkthrough & Guide

north to small house, back of house has 欲のかけら

inside talk to aged, if get any blank paper book (白紙の本) he will change to magic book

north to east dock town, lower left house 2F can get 欲のかけら

upper right pub help master (if 2nd choice don’t help, then later go church get 2nd choice don’t help sister has H [in old version, if don’t help pub master then help sister has bug])

upper left church talk to sister then go church underground (if old version need go back of church get magic key)

1st area hidden road in back of right window

2nd area go east, pass box has hidden road

click 2 small crystal, to deep has 3 box, one has 欲のかけら

deep get red bottle and vs big slime (can steal 欲のかけら)

west to water crystal tower, outside upper right has 欲のかけら

2F right has hidden road and 欲のかけら

3F lower left has rogue can open door (if old version need use magic key 魔法の鍵, if rouge in group need change other class or cant use key), after H get 4th choice

tower 6F hidden switch to 7F , then roof click crystal vs boss (can steal 欲のかけら)


back to east dock town, north to dock area, left dock talk to man

town private event (heroine in dock[100 luck equip], near fountain, park near church)

Earth crystal – Harem Fantasy Walkthrough & Guide

outside get ship, west to dwarf town


back of magic shop has 欲のかけら, and better buy some tent

castle talk to dwarf king

dwarf’s jail has 欲のかけら

deep has sword, if click it vs odin, if win can summon it (need high lvl and equip)

deep vs boss (GoR, can steal 欲のかけら)

go up help dwarf soldier can get item, treasure room has 欲のかけら

talk to king then vs boss (can steal 欲のかけら)

south to valcano, B2 lower left has 欲のかけら

B3 has efreet, if win can summon it

deep near crystal vs boss

3 lost virgin H – Harem Fantasy Walkthrough & Guide

if NE to empire dock town, talk to girl in inn can get summon item

from empire dock town go east has small forest, near middle has Ramuh, if defeat him can summon him (information from yuriski, thank you very much)

go to elf village, save before talk to elder (1st and 2nd choice with heroine go north hill has H, 3nd choice has H)

after see 3H, load back save get 4th choice, hero only to north hill’s hilltop get item from tree

move back to elder tent, at night move out has H

Find information about sky crystal – Harem Fantasy Walkthrough & Guide

west ancient library , east side talk to 4 doctor


go down to basement, 1st area click lower left bookshelf can open hidden road to next floor

next floor stair left has hidden road, has 欲のかけら

deep vs 2 book then click big bookshelf vs boss

move out vs boss, must lose

Empire airship – Harem Fantasy Walkthrough & Guide

move out vs 2 soldier

now if time up has 1st heroine H

B4 has 1 欲のかけら, then help 1st heroine

now if time up has 2nd heroine H

enter this year 2016 can see hidden road

B3 vs enemy (doctor can steal 欲のかけら)

now if time up has elf H

B2 has hidden road , then help elf (choice D)[this room has bug, if move back cant move in again]


vs tentacle (can steal 欲のかけら)

deep click PC to snow area

Sky crystal – Harem Fantasy Walkthrough & Guide

near town help child

go snow town, left has 欲のかけら

upper right has hot spring, has 4P, after 4P go inn sleep, each heroine has 3th H-scene

middle house underground to north area, after teleport move to sky crystal cave

hidden road to 欲のかけら and switch (before area left has hidden road too)


has siva, if win can summon it

deep click crystal vs boss (2 fight, 1st fight must lose)

Last crystal fragment – Harem Fantasy Walkthrough & Guide

upper magic circle move out, west to temple

deep get harp

near exit has holy sword excalibur, click it has fight, if win can get it

north to mansion, back has 欲のかけら

inside near entrance has 2 hidden road, before wake up aged on bed better make a new save (if after 2nd choice still neutrality (中立) get 2nd one, if change to little bad need reload and get 1st choice, but for evil ending only not need care)

back to temple, to entrance (use spell port out faster) open locked door

move out will vs boss (can steal 欲のかけら)

move out event, after event can get new airship

Darkness world and darkness crystal – Harem Fantasy Walkthrough & Guide

if want to see evil ending, make new save then find item in all town until change to little bad ちょい悪

move out island, west to darkness world

NW to near town

upper right house talk to mayor (2F has hidden road and 欲のかけら)

get boat to evil castle

magic circle in entrance upper has blue ball, after fight can summon angel

if 1F right magic circle to small crystal, click it for pop new magic circle to demon king room

[*]if evil route, no fight with demon king , go dark crystal only

[*]empire castle kill 3 boss to ending

if law or neutrality, will vs demon king, then deep click dark crystal and vs boss

Witch and princess H – Harem Fantasy Walkthrough & Guide

1st town talk to 1st heroine’s sister can get equip

castle talk to soldier in hall right and soldier outside princess room 2 times


talk to princess then talk to queen

castle 1F lower right to soldier room, talk to maid


move out castle has princess H

previous castle talk to witch

west forest (small tree) , deep click big tree and vs boss


south desert tower entrance click stone, magic user better go left, attacker better go right

2 party vs 2 boss then get item

previous castle talk to witch has H

elf village talk to elder

village north to hill, hilltop has bahamut, if win can summon it

Ending – Harem Fantasy Walkthrough & Guide

NE to empire castle, after enter castle cant move back

after fight to castle entrance, near entrance has boss

open 2 switch then inside castle, after pass door vs boss

top floor click king chair will vs boss

final area vs empire king

if load clear save, go up click stone to hidden area

if defeat hidden final boss can all CG H-scene on

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