Main Seduction

Main Seduction Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to Main Seduction Walkthrough & Guide, which helps you to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

Main seduction AKA: Mother seduction

Stats: Choose Charm (Charm +2).

Day 1 – Main Seduction Walkthrough & Guide

-Sure Mom (+1 mood)

-Sounds interesting (Work)

-Go to the kitchen => Wash Dishes (+1 Mood)

-Go to Mom’s room => Ransack the wardrobe (Panties)

-Doesn’t Matter

-Open Door (Neutral)

-Hi Anthony. I’m glad to meet you, finally (+1 Mood)

-Say “Enjoy your meal” (+1 Mood)

-What car do you have now? (+1 Mood)

-Right now I’m fooling around with one chick, but Mom doesn’t know that yet (+1 Charm, +1 Viewed As a Man)

-Go to Mom’s room and get everything ready in there => Put on the bed? (+1 Luck)

-He went to get cigarettes from the car (+2 Mood)

-A wonderful cake (+2 Mood)

-Go to the kitchen => Why are you drinking all alone? (+1 Mood, +1 Viewed As a Man)

-Rest of options don’t matter, but you can peek at mom if you want.

Total: Mood +10, Luck +1, Charm +3, Viewed As a Man +2

Day 2 – Main Seduction Walkthrough & Guide

-The spoiled child of Fortune: how to make her smile at you (Luck +2).

-Well you see at first I didn’t hear that you were in there but then I saw your beauty, and it made me speechless. (+1 Mood, +1 Viewed As a Man)

-It seems like luck has smiled on me, I’m spending a weekend with a treasure like you! (+1 Viewed As a Man)

-Take the laptop on the trip? (+1 Hack)

-Agree with Mom? (+1 Mood)

-Hello Vou, we are okay with everything (Neutral)

-Mom just look, his flip-flops are wet, he left footprints all over the floor (+1 Mood, +1 Charm)

-Go to the door and listen to the conversation (Info, if you had 4 Luck, you could also Overhear more)*

*”This can’t be, what do I do now?”

Now comes a choice if you want her to be Submissive or Dominant.


-Are you hungry? I could go and get you some food right now => I insist that you have a snack, you haven’t eaten today! (+1 Mood, +1 Sub)


-I’ll do as you’ve told me, I’ll stay in the room (+1 Mood, +1 Dom)

-Wait, there is a hair stuck behind your tiny ear? (+1 Mood S, +1 Sister Love) -How could I possibly refuse help to my Sister who I so deeply adore? (+1 Mood S) -Choose Option 1 every time. (+6 Mood S)

-If Hack was +2, you could hack her computer for an extra 20 bucks, but it’s not. (Cheat if you want)*

*Be tormented by your guilty conscience, but search anyway (+1 Mood)

Options 1 to 3 are Neutral

-I shouldn’t do that (No Peeking Possible)

-I have no idea, but your show was definitely cooler (+1 Mood S)

-It’s incredible, I’ve never seen anything like that (+1 Mood)

-One more outfit? Isn’t that too much for one day of shopping? (-1 Mood, +1 Sister Love)

-I’m already happy about passing time here with the two of you, I need no massage actually (+1 Mood, +1 Mood S)

-Ask your Sister a question? => Option 2 or 4 (+2 Mood S)

-How do you look after yourself? Your skin is perfect (+2 Mood, +1 Mood S)

-Doesn’t matter

-Lower your Sister’s panties? => (save) Put your finger inside? (you have 30% chance of not getting caught)


Total: Mood 19 (18 if not hack), Charm 4, Hack 1, Luck 3, Viewed As a Man 5, Sister Love 3, Mood S 14, Dom or Sub 1.

Day 3 – Main Seduction Walkthrough & Guide

-Pull yourself together and get up => Not to strech yourself too thin? (+1 Mood)

-Open your eyes a bit and turn around (+1 Mood)

-It’s better not to take the risk (Neutral)

-I want to become talkative! (+2 Charm)

-Mom maybe it’s time you went, you can get us a place in the queue (+1 Sub, if you don’t want Sub, choose something else)

-I liked your pretty booty, it makes me horny. (+1 Sister Love)

-Game of Thrones, I’d say (+2 Cassie, +2 CM)

-Crazy about LP (+2 Cassie, +2 CM)

-Vodka Martini, Shaken not stirred (+1 Charm, +2 Cassie, +1 CL, +2 CM)

-I won’t take a cent from you. (+1 Mood S)

-If you touched her during the morning (+1 Sister Love, +3 Mood S)

-Offer her a foot massage

-Cum in her mouth! (+3 Sister Love)

-What are you talking about Mom? (+2 Mood) (+1 Mood for free)

-Try the banana scrub, you won’t regret it! (+1 Sub)


-I just wanted to give you a piece of advice (+1 Dom)

-Just a mystery man (+1 Kel,+1 KM)

-She’ll be here in 15 minutes (+2 Mood, +2 KM) (+1 Mood for free)

-Scene (+3 KM, +3 KL)

-Why have you packed your bags? (+1 Mood S)

-A pretty red-haired girl, very polite (+1 Mood S)

-Blow her a kiss (+1 Sister Love)

-I’ll tell you as it is, we hit it off and decided to make love (+1 Mood)

-Sub or Dom depending on what you have chosen (+1 Sub or Dom)

-Get closer (+1 Luck)

-Go take a shower

Total: Mood 28, Charm 7, Hack 1, Luck 4, Viewed As a Man 5, Sister Love 10, Mood S 21, 4 Sub or 3 Dom.

Day 4 – Main Seduction Walkthrough & Guide

-I want to be a handy man (+2 Hack)

-No Mom, it’s my opinion and don’t call her a hooker (+2 Mood)

-Not so fast, I want to chat with you first (+2 CM)

-We were talking about hobbies and leisure yesterday, now I’d like to talk about something more private (+3 CM)

-Kiss her (+1 Charm, +1 Luck, +1 CL) (+1 CL for free)

-Your hands make me feel horny (+2 CM, +1 CL) (+2 CM for free)

-I adore feeling my dick in someone’s mouth (-1 CM, +1 CL) (+2 CM for free)

-I dont remember saying my name (+1 KM)

-My girl you’re so sweet, tell me something? (+2 KM) (+3 Mood S for free) (+3 KM for free) -Let’s do that – demonstrate this with you (+1 Mood) (+1 Mood for Free)

-Kiss her tenderly (+1 Mood)

-Open your mouth a bit (+1 Viewed As a Man)

-Slowly touch the tip of her tongue with your tongue (+1 Mood, +1 Viewed As a Man) (+1 Mood for Free)

-Good night (Neutral)

Day 5 – Main Seduction Walkthrough & Guide

-I do need to upgrade my computer skills (+2 Hack)

-This thing brings joy, I have nothing to hide (+1 KM)

-Tell her about the secretiveness (+1 Luck) (+2 ZM for free)

-Let her say what she wants (+1 Mood) (+2 ZM for free)

-We didn’t drink wine too often with Mom, so I see nothing wrong

-You’ve bitten more then you can chew (+1 Sub, +1 Viewed As a Man, +1 Mood) or

-I beg your pardon (+1 Dom, +1 Mood)

-Yes, I need to buy some new clothes (+2 ZM)

-You’re sexy, it’s true, but… (+2 ZM, +1 ZL)

-Peek carefully (+1 Luck) (+3 ZL for free)

-Go to Kelly (+2 KM for free) *460

-Doesn’t Matter

-Not at all, the joke was cool (+2 KM)

-Stay dressed (+1 KL)

-Yeah you’re divine (+2 KM)

-Check the couch (+20 Money)

-In the drawer => Take Keys (Keys)

-Of course, I’m curious

-Peek at them (+2 KM, +2 CM, +2 ZM, +1 Charm, +2 Mood, +2 Mood S)

-Doesn’t matter, I went with “I’ll keep your secret from the eyes and ears of the others” -It’s a deal (+2 KM)

-It’s not the best idea to call my Sis. She won’t be of any help (+1 Mood)

-A silly idea (Neutral)

-Calm down (Neutral)

-I’ll be an ordinary lad, but with bucks (+150 Money)

-Go on spying

-Today I’m ready to become a hero and do it pro bono (+1 Sister Love, +1 Viewed As a Man) -I pity her (+1 Charm)

-Wait (+2 CM)

-I was passing by, saw the cleaner who was leaving the room and decided to ask you if you’re ok. (+1 Viewed As a Man, +1 Sub)

-Be Gentle (+1 Dom)


-Be Assertive (+1 Sub)

-Knock on the door => It couldn’t be better (+1 KM)

-I was told he’s a con man (+2 KM)

-And what could I’ve seen? (+1 Sub, +2 ZM)


-I saw you, and that’s it (+1 Dom)

-Stay where you are to see what’ll happen next

-Do it as you wish (+1 Luck)

-Option 1 or 2

-Go to massage room

-Go on looking

-Zoe (+1 Hack)

-See your dream

-What kind of help? (+1 Hack)

-Keep licking (+Sub)


-You’ve had enough, now it’s your turn, time to suck (+Dom)

-Push it back (+1 Mood S) (+1 Sister Love, +1 Mood S, -1 Mood for free)

Day 8 – Main Seduction Walkthrough & Guide

-I want to be a sexy. (+2 Viewed As a Man)

-Be an independent male

-And why’s such a pretty woman being so sad? (+2 Mood)

-To hug your Mom (+2 Mood)

-To draw her closer and kiss on the lips with the tongue (-2 Mood, +1 Viewed As a Man) Pills against Head (+3 Mood)

-Come closer to Mom => Play Around (+2 Viewed As a Man)

-Visit Zoe

-“Wait for her for 10 minutes”


-“Go to the bathroom, look if she’s there” (+1 Dom)

-Well, I was just passing by and thought it would be nice to drop in. You’re charming today by the way. (+2 ZM)

-Cassie’s a really beautiful girl, and I think she needs my support. (+2 ZM)

-I thought you’d suggest drugging him and then taking some compromising pictures of him (+2 ZM) (+1 ZM for Free)

-Why don’t you do it yourself? (+2 ZM)

-This dress really suits you (+1 Charm)

-Enter the pin (+2 Hack) *9999

-Option 1 or 2

-Search for the safe box

-Enter the code for the safe box *7429

-Time to get out of here (+1 Hack)

-For choosing to be Independent you gained (+1 Charm/Luck/Hack, +5 Mood/Mood S, +5 CM/KM/ZM)

-Anal or Not

Day 9 – Main Seduction Walkthrough & Guide

-What’s happened? => Got it, I’m on my way (+1 Charm, +1 KM)

-To take a taxi (-80 money, +5 KM, +2 Mood S, +2 Luck)

-To knock on the door (+1 Mood S)

-It’s not worth it, why do I need to do this? (+1 Mood S)

-To examine the bed on the left (+10 Money) => Yes! Definitely

-To look at the shelf with make-up => No (+1 Hack) => Yes! Definitely

-Look into the drawers of the wardrobe (Dildo) => No, I’ve had enough

-Spit it out, now

-Option 1 or 2

-I’ll help you both, I really care for you.

-To stay still, be quiet as a mouse (+2 Mood S for free)

-Choose Options

-To dig through sister’s possessions (Panties)

-As Descartes said…

-Doesn’t matter

-To put Kelly at risk (-5 KM)

-I can demand her help and continue corrupting my Mom*

-Yes, I need my Sister’s help! (+1 Mood S)

*Create a save here, this will affect the story. I just don’t know how

-Anyway, you’re free, and I’ll always protect you (+1 Luck)

-You’re asking! (+1 Mood)

-Something other that that (not here yet), any.

-Choose the scenes

-Sis, don’t push her (+1 Sister Love)

-I’ll handle it on my own! (-7 KM)

-I’ve got a feeling my hack skills will do some good for me today. (+3 Hack)

-Think of your son (+1 Viewed as a Man)*

*There was a longer scene if you choose the more “evil” route

Day 10 – Main Seduction Walkthrough & Guide

-I said it wrong (+1 Mood S)

-A great idea! (+1 Mood S) (+1 Dom, +1 Sister Love for free)

-Let’s check the content of his email box at first, if we manage to hack it (+1 Charm) -Yes

-Enter the password *Madrid

-We should look closer. (+1 Sister Love0

-Doesn’t matter

-Enter the password *1650

-I’d like to talk about your plans for the future

-I’m a bit concerned because he’s too active (+1 ZM, +2 ZL)

-Rest of Options

-These documents will be leaked online and he won’t get away with it (+1 Mood S, +2 ZM) -To pick up the phone, I am brave! (+2 Mood/Mood S)

-Option 1 or 2

-You’re in my hands, damn pervert.

-Yes (+2 ZM, +1 ZL)

-I’m alright (+1 Charm, +1 Mood S)

-To go to your sister

-What makes you feel glad? You knew I’d come

-Let it be the way you want it (-1 Dom)


-Of course I want to choose (-1 Sub)

-It’s the best breast I’ve ever seen

-Kelly’s breast can’t be compared to yours (+1 Charm, +1 Mood S)

-I’m mad about it! (+2 Mood S)

-I’ve never felt such desire for any person (+2 Mood S)

-To stretch on the sofa to relax

Day 11 – Main Seduction Walkthrough & Guide

-Option 1

-It was an unbelievable adventure (+1 Luck)



-Mom, you showed who was the boss there, in that shop

-I know nothing about that

-Doesn’t matter

-I want to drink to this romantic setting

-Doesn’t matter

-Option 2

-You can watch the sister event again if you want or go to sleep

Day 12 – Main Seduction Walkthrough & Guide

-You go to the bathroom to have a shower > To do a handjob

-So, let’s enroll for massage courses (+2 Hack)

-Thanks for helping us to get rid of Spider, Zoe

-I doubt that, there must be something different here (hack and luck have to be > 12) -Yes

-The wine was cool, and I drank some water before going to sleep. (+2 Glad)

-No more word – I’m as silent as a fish! (+1 Glad, +1 AV)

-To tell her a lie

-To tell nice things about him (glad > 35)

-Oh yes, and I have some good reasons to say it (+2 Glad)

-Mom > Sister > Kelly > Cassie (+730 Money)

-I’ll just twist her round my finger (+2 Nat)

-And will I have any bonuses?

-You are Natalie, did I get it right? (+2 Nat)

-We’re having a holiday (+2 Nat)

-Crime and Punishment (+2 Nat)

-I’m crazy about jazz (+2 Nat)

-Cruel Intentions (+2 Nat)

-A single visit (-10 money)

-Not give her anything

-You can have sex with sister or not

-Charm and kindness are crucial in any situation

-Honestly, I don’t know, first option is +2 Glad -2 ZM, second one is -2 Glad +2 ZM. Choose first option I guess.

-To go to the shower > She’ll never forget me (+2 Glad)

-I want to make my mom much more liberated (+2 AV)

-Madam, would you mind joining me for dinner in a nice little restaurant? (+2 NM) -Of course, let’s go

-She’s filmed us (+1 Cham +2 SS/SGlad)

-To be myself (+1 NM)

-Let’s start with something substantial (+1 NM)

-How’s your mood? > You are lighting up this evening (+1 NM)



-I’ve ordered more wine for us (+1 NM)

-How are the things at work


-My hack skills open this secret (+2 NM)

-Tell me about your hobbies one more time

-I think we’ve had enough for today, we’d better drink again some other time

-Enter the answer



-A lucky coin


-I follow Nat

-Enter the password (555777)

-To try to observe her once again (RNG, try until you get it)

-To try to observe her once again (RNG, try until you get it)

-To go on observing her (RNG, try until you get it)

-Doesn’t matter

-Yes, it would be much better

-She was too scared after all those things in the college (+3 ZM)

-Doesn’t matter

-A nice taste, actually

-Doesn’t matter

-Doesn’t matter

Day 13 – Main Seduction Walkthrough & Guide

-Doesn’t matter

-I want to level up the mood of Nat!

-Nat? or A flat for Sis

-Not even a little bit, it’s a common situation

-I really like it here

-Yes, and though sometimes she’s a real shit, but I love her

-Doesn’t matter

-Thanks, I’m really pleased

-Got it, I won’t

-Isn’t it better to wait a bit?

-To play along

-Relax, she’s not my type

-Wait a second (Kelly)

-Of course let’s go. That’s exactly what I’ve been waiting for

-It is my new flat for the next few months

-I understand you need to relax from time to time

-I have no idea

-Of course, after the show I witnessed yesterday

-When I saw you cumming I wanted to come and fuck you

-I got everything (1900)

-I suggest a mixed option

-Husband’s Name (Lucas)

-And how will we understand if this plan is working?


-We’ll start with promotion

-Do you think someone can be fired for his or her lies?

-I’ve come to talk to you

-The profession of a masseuse interests me immensely

-And what about your vocation?

-Of course I want a chamomile

-I’ve got a delicate request


Day 14 – Main Seduction Walkthrough & Guide

-Go and let off steam

-Can you hear me smiling?

-I have. I want to show you my flat

-Enter the answer (Ryan Reynolds)


-I promise

-Yes, these green leaves make one think of the eternal summer

-Morality crisis, wealth and vice, what a movie! And the soundtrack is definitely worth mentioning -I can tell you about the Medusa’s shield

-Of course, it’s really interesting

-The Louvre

-I know! (Venus)


-I haven’t used it yet

-More than anyone else, here and now

-I think you don’t

-Time to have some fun with my Sister

-You look very young Mom, it’s just fantastic!

-It beckons me so! Even dreamed about them yesterday!

-You were in a swimsuit

-No, you took it off yourself and asked me to rub it into your skin

-Stroke the right nipple

-Just play with her breasts

-Pull her nipples

-Stroking right breast and spanking

-How are you Sis?

-Yes, of course

-I was just about to ask you

-Answer (Spain)

-Nothing special, just a replacement of Kelly’s

Day 15 – Main Seduction Walkthrough & Guide

-I do need to upgrade my handy

-Hello Cas, I’m glad to see you

-Why do you want to know about Auntie?

-Insert the age (15)

-What kind of a question? Of course I do

-It was one of the best I had ever seen

-Yes! Yes! Yes!

-Doesn’t matter

-Cheat and to try to use probing questions

-Greet Auntie

-Some tasks again

-Tell it like it was

-Great salon bright and colorfu


-(This event is kinda random)


Day 16 – Main Seduction Walkthrough & Guide


-I want to draw Nathalie’s attention

-To pay a visit to the tan salon

-I really appreciate the fact that you can come to see me so easily

-Tell her about the pressure Zoe’s been experiencing


-I want to bang you

-Not so negative please

-I don’t want any tussles

-Doesn’t matter

-Doesn’t matter

-Ok, I’ll try to

-I’ll run out the clock, and then I’ll come up with the solution

-Doesn’t matter

-Come here, bitch

-Yes, definitely

-I’ve taken the shower, by the way

-Ok, I’m ready

-Shut up and enjoy the process

-You won’t wait long

-We’ll see

-To change the position

-Whore, why are you telling me that?

-Doesn’t matter

-I’ll do everything you tell me

-Doesn’t matter

-I believe you

-An idea: ask Cassie for advice

-To pay her a compliment

-Maybe there’s some trick?

-I like sex

-So, what are we waiting for? Let’s have some fun

-It’s the best damn thing I’ve seen for today

-To agree

-Doesn’t matter

Day 17 – Main Seduction Walkthrough & Guide

1. Ordinary Lad, but with money

2. You have come, which means everything is super.

3. I came to talk with Cassie

4. So, let’s do what if I tackle…

5. Of course not…

6. Nathalie been Blackmailing me.

7. To tell the aunt…

8. Yes, ofc.

9. A massage room.

10. I’d like to meet with you.

11. I’ve decided that the best thing..

12. I have everything.. || Isn’t the massage great thing…

13. About aunt

14. To cunning

15. No at all

16. To destiny

17. Not at all

18. Maybe I will

19. Wardrobe on the right

20. Wardrobe on the right

21. Wardrobe on the right

22. Bed

22. Bed

23. (You can search wardrobe on left 2 or 3 times to find $50)

24. Enough with the search

25. Yes, some powder

26. And that’s cool idea (dom + 1) / I don’t need slave (sub + 1)

27. The main character / Zoe (who do you prefer)

28. Very fapable

29. Yes

30. A perfect…

31. Save as it’s end of v.0.16

32. Choose money, you will need them.

33. To let him in

34. Today it’s black friday, isn’t it?

35. 150

36. Is anything wrong?

37. Nat is anxious…

38. To knock

39. They’ve got my sister!

40. Is it important now…

41. Absolutely

42. I’d better take quick look..

43. To have look around

44. Yes, I’ll save you

45. Doesn’t matter

46. Doesn’t matter

47. To slap her more

48. Do you want sex?

49. To call your mom

50. This is tricky

dom > sub – choose I told you….

sub > dom – choose How much time do you need

51. About the job

52. Yes, I’m more than…

53. About hotel and Aunt

54. Yes, I’m more than…

55. About celine

56. Are you ready?

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