Garden the game Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to Garden the game Walkthrough & Guide, which helps you to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

Garden the game Walkthrough & Guide

“After receiving a lesson at a high school, obtain “print” from the teacher. Move it to “Nishimachi”.

Visit the house of a weak schoolgirl in Nishi-cho and give “print” and get “Alarm Clock”.

After that, “night” behavior is possible at home. ·

I can work on a drawing model at the atelier in Nishimachi ·

If you persistently talk to a girl hiding by playing hide-and-see in Nishi-cho, “? What? What? Get. ·

You can get molested at the station

Thirteen incidents occurred a total of 3 times, when the degree of slimming was 10 or more, the bitterness degree was 50 or more, and the slutty degree was 75 or more.

Moveable to “Downtown” by using “Dark Gold Direct Mail “possessed from the beginning.

After part-time at a pachinko parlor in the downtown areas, pervert strangers appear in downtown areas by talking to the store manager.

After touching a pervert, make it moveable to “slum area”.

Talk to a man in the lower right in a downtown pachinko parlor and go to a man’s seat after working part-time and get a “hot spring brochure”.

Move it to “Minamicho”.

Obtain “cash card” from garbage bag in slum area.

I’ll hand it over to the young man who is at the ATM in the downtown area.

Completely melancholy from slurred strangers and rashiness increases

Work in a cabaret club in a slum area.

As each choice comes out every time, please pleasing customers and win the seat of “NO 1”.

There are also erotic events after that. I can work in a pub in a slum area, with eroticism. ·

When going to a shrine in Minamicho at night, you get a “flashlight” because there are insect repellent masterpieces.

There are 3 animals on the premises in the shrine, 1 on the eastern side of Nishimachi, 1 in the northwest of Nishimachi, 1 on the north side of the slum town, 1 in the park, so insects are captured and sold to insect repellent .

Then get “insect repellent spray”. · If you use “Insect repellent spray” on the east side of Minamicho, you will get “baseball cap”. ·

If you use “baseball cap” at a police station in Minamicho, you can move to “Kitsumonin House”.

Erotic event at “Kitsumonin House” · Purchased “bathing set” at a hot spring in Minamicho.

After that, you can get information by using “bathing set” for bathing guests in the bathroom.

When you go to Minamachi hot spring three times, you can purchase “free pass”. ·

Purchase “Free Pass” at Minami-cho hot spring and move to “Dream Area”.

When you get “rounded leaflet” in “Prostitution during Prostitution” it is possible to move to “Shopping Street”. “Between girls” got “cold medicine”.

In the back of the “secret hot water”, you can get “job advertisement of dream destination”, and you will be able to work in a dream room. I can buy a man. ·

I can work in a maid cafe in a shopping area.

Her slutty degree 30 or more, slutty degree 60 or more twice. ·

Get a “big mirror” at shopping mall’s shopping mall. ·

If you steal a “smartphone” at an electronics retail store in a shopping area, you get an erotic event, so you can purchase it afterwards.

· Obtain “Laptop computer” at home electronics mass retail store in shopping area.

· When you talk to a girl at the entrance of a shopping street, you can move to “park”.

Get “Bear stuffed animal” at the park. · You can associate in the park at night

· When passing “cold medicine” to a weak schoolgirl in Nishi-cho, you get “mask”.

Mr. Morimatsu comes to his house. I will drop the ” · Professor Morimatsu and erotic event at high school

· When I go to class many times in high school, the cultural festival starts, erotic event

· Surf the web using a personal computer at home. You can work with live chat. Being naked at home, taking self with “smartphone” in front of “big mirror” with equipped “mask”.

Masturbation by purchasing “the highest grade dildo” at the shopping district adult shop.

After that I will check the work as the request will come by email.

· After purchasing “top dildo” at the shopping district adult shop, get “pants”.

After wearing “Pants” for a few days (3 days?), You can buy and sell underwear at auction if you are surfing the web at home. Move it to ”

· Get “Tato Jersey” at “Apartment Housing”. · It is changed to “potato jersey” in the cabaret store in the slum area.

· When you become 100 nymphocytes, you can work in NicoNico loans in downtown area ○ Horny book –

Nishimachi night, in the park where the child has gone away · Nishimachi night, in the garbage bag

· Pierce the building of Nishimachi atelier from the east side · Nishimachi Dogwagon croquette

· Push into manhole using downtown “flashlight”

· After handing “cash card” to young people of downtown ATM, in the trash box

· Namacho night at the drum can · Nanamachi hot spring “Happy place” secret hot spring ,

· High school Morimatsu’s locker can be opened with “small key”

· Before entrance of shopping area electronics mass merchandisers, on the right side

· Pass through the slums cabaret club wearing Nishiwako “potato jersey

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