Apostle Rebellion

Apostle Rebellion Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to Apostle Rebellion Walkthrough & Guide, which helps you to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

This guide is based on the Japanese language version and may contain translation mistakes. Please refer to the Japanese for accurate information.

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Gameplay Walkthrough – Apostle Rebellion Walkthrough & Guide

Multi-tenant building

You will be able to get a salary after the tutorial battle ends, and you can get it by walking a certain number of steps.

Climb the fallen steel frame and enter the building. For the battle with the spider-type Magna.

After the battle, get offensive anima “Trust” and assist anima “cold-blooded”.

You can purchase recovery items from vending machines along the way.

Go right through the vending machine and examine the man lying near the rubble.

Acquire the “multi-tenant building key”.

After that, go up through the vending machine area and open the locked door in the back.

After defeating the boss, obtain Defense Anima “Rugged” and “Mysterious Card”.

After having a meal with a ramen plane, I decided to head to the drug trading place,

When Amelia and Tsurugi get in a taxi, an event with public security takes place.

Boss Omega Magnaオメガマグナ (weakness: slashing, fire, shooting)



Fast travel function and free action are lifted.

If you connect to KINAKO with the D key, it will tell you where the girl is and transfer it.

When you’re done with your free time, head to Aphesis X1 in response to Mikan’s call.

To investigate Golgotha’s manufacturing plant in Outland.

Pick up Miyabi at Babtes’s room in X2.

If you talk to Ikuhito in Babutes’ room, you can synthesize Anima and

In Megidomiden, you can reenter the stages you have cleared so far and train.

After that, head to X3 and head to the scene.

Own room

Got a message from Maxim, in front of the convenience store in Sector 50

Talking to Maxim restores 1 WP after the event, and in Neo Eden

You will be able to accept requests. Also, you can cook in your own kitchen.

You can collect cards by talking to the woman in the back of the Sushi restaurant building in Sector 50.

Chinatown factory

Witnessed Madam’s meeting at a Chinese restaurant and decided to follow him.

After that, proceed to the back of the factory to fight with quadrupedal Magna and bird Magna.

After the event, Aisin joins her companions and fights against dwarf Magna x2.

Go down the forked road and press the switch ahead.

Go back to the entrance and go through the closed door.

Press the switch at the end of the narrow passage to unlock it.

If you defeat the boss, you will get Offense Anima “Curse” and “Isshin”.

Boss Madam マダム(weakness: slashing/flame)


Canaan Hospital

You will receive a message from Miyabi, and if you read it, you will be able to go to the Eden Circuit.

Once you’re done with her free-roaming, head to Exodus.

After the event, Miyabi called me back to Exodus.

She decides to secure a violent criminal.

An event will occur in front of the taxi stand in Sector 59.

If you examine the event mark after interviewing 5 people

The informant Lien will look for it instead.

Fast travel to the hotel bar inside Hotel Ecstacy.

After that, H scene with Avila “dense moment”


The next day, I will chase Avila who escaped to the subway of Sector 59.

Destroy Magna in her home and get on the subway.

He will fight the gorilla gorilla twice along the way.

The first round ends when HP is reduced by about 80%.

Boss Gorilla Gorilla ゴリラゴリラ(weakness: shooting/flying)



You will receive a message from Chloe, and if you read it, you will be able to go to Shanclaire.

When you’re done with your free time, head to the mandarin lab in Aphesis X2.

Enter Nana’s data with Mikan and fight Data Magna.

If you win the battle with the boss in the deepest part, you will return to reality.

After that, Isabella asks you to make three cakes.

The ingredients for the cake are “strawberry x 2”, “egg”, “milk x 2”, “sugar”, “butter”, and “flour”.

You can buy it at convenience stores and supermarkets.

After making the cake, head to the Church of Eden. Get 10000 Bits.

Receive messages from Miyabi, Fuyune, and Amelia.

You can make a phone call by completing an event at Eden Church.

Rush ball

A message arrives from Amelia Chloe. So that she can go to Chloe’s house.

Call the person you want to invite to Rush Ball and head to Eden Dome.

If you talk to the selected girl, you can see the H scene after the event.

Kowloon Walled City

An incident occurred and I decided to head to Kowloon Walled City in response to the call.

Obtain the Kowloon Walled Key from the church and use the key to proceed.

When you defeat the boss, you get Defense Anima “Regret”.

boss omega magna オメガマグナ


Club Madonna

A message arrives from Tone. Talk to Amachi in front of Club MADONNA.

Enter from the west side of the building.

If you go to the back, it will be a battle with Cell Mutant Magna.

Obtain Offense Anima “Tension” after victory.

Then into battle with Magna, who was the puppet Magna Michel.

If you go further inside, you will encounter a battle with Molech.

If you do not defeat it within 5 turns, you will lose.


Ride Mario’s car in the garage. To rescue the women inside the hotel.このステージ

In this stage, examine the back of the enemy, enter the key, and proceed while neutralizing it.

If you find it, you will be returned to the starting point, but the defeated enemy will remain as it is.

Take it easy. You can get items by examining defeated enemies.


After getting the access key at the image location and rescuing the woman and A, escape and clear.

In the room where the woman was confined, there is “Kizuna = love” used in the subquest.

Mandarin orange laboratory

Head to Mikan’s lab. Choice of “pull the trigger”.

Whichever you choose, the content of the event will only change slightly.

Head to Exodus to meet Azumi. After the conversation, fast travel to the park.

He heads to Japan Town after receiving information that a large amount of Hydra is stored.

She talks to Amelia and the others and asks the four of them in Japantown.

Go to the bottom left and select an option.

If you choose “No…”, you can get Risk Anima “Worship”.

Japanese inari shrine

Enter the building in the middle of the Inari shrine and proceed to the back to fight the parasite-type Magna.


Control system, interception system, defense system


last free move

After finishing free action here, head to the last dungeon.

When you’re ready, head to Aphesis X3.


Events with researchers that occur along the way. Go into battle with “I can’t overlook it”.

If you select “I understand”, the encounter will not occur and it will be a covert action.

Set the bomb in the back and return to the car within 10 minutes.

After that, go to Chinatown to pick up Lien.

Rescue Mirei Kanna Layla in Sector.

Mirei was at the end of the narrow passage next to the apartment,

There is a possibility that she will not appear unless the side story has progressed to some extent.

Finally, she heads to Azumi at Exodus.

After the event, it will be a losing event battle with Avila.

It is possible to win, but there is almost no change in development.

Underground tunnel

Go through the underpass to Aphesis. Be careful as it will be a battle with a party without Tsurugi.

If you go to the back, it will be a battle with small fish without Miyabi.

After that, he decided to annihilate Magna in Aphesis without Aisin.


Talk to Isabella in Cheruvim and head to Chinatown.

If you go to the back, you will lose event battle with ???.

H scene “forced meat vibrator”

Club Madonna

If you go to the back, it will be a battle with ???. Even if you lose here, the event will continue.

After that, Tsurugi returns to the party to fight Avila.

Boss Avila アビラ



If you talk to a girl who has progressed to the end of the side story, you can see the H scene.

You can only choose one girl, so choose the girl you like.

She then goes to the command room in Cheruvim and talks to Mikan before heading to Eden Bridge with a teleporter.

Eden bridge

In the battle with the middle boss gorilla gorilla on the way.

Boss amaksa アマクサ



A sub-event to wipe out Magna in Neo Eden, Chinatown, and Japantown.

Even if you don’t do it, you can advance, but you can raise your level and powerful anima, so

If you don’t have the confidence to fight, let’s do it.

After defeating Magna in all areas, the city will return to normal and you will be able to use facilities.


The final boss is relatively strong, so be careful as there is a danger of defeat if you haven’t fought much so far.

Ending branch – Apostle Rebellion Walkthrough & Guide

If you are progressing the side story with the five main heroines to the end

An option to “reach the harem ending” appears.

H scene “Harlem End” when selected

Propose to each heroine if you select “Welcome to the normal ending”

You can reach individual endings.

Even if the side story with the person to propose at this time has not progressed to the end

You can propose, but it will be a bad ending.

Kinako will transfer the location of the heroine with the D key.

After the ending, you can take over play for the second week.

Clear privilege

Death Ball: Kills an enemy in one hit

Anima “Recluse” … Encounter disabled

Anima “Pursuit” … Number of attacks +1

Sub event – Apostle Rebellion Walkthrough & Guide

No.1 Let’s fix the car – Apostle Rebellion Walkthrough & Guide

Talk to the man Robert in the B1F Garage.

A mini-game of command input occurs when you fetch and hand over the tools in the kitchen of your room.

If successful, it will be cleared.

Reward: Energy Drink

No.2 Catch the scammer

Talk to the old man in sector 50 and give him 2000 bits.

He’s wandering around Eden Paradise looking for an old man who ran away.

talk to the police. After that, talk to the old man in the game center.

Reward: None

No.3 Find a stuffed animal

Talk to a child in Sector 50 to find a stuffed animal.

It’s lying next to Aqualand, so pick it up and give it to him.

Reward: None

No.4 Make a high-end hamburger

Talk to the woman in Sector 50 and make it in her kitchen.

Ingredients are “luxury bread” “ketchup” “onion” “tomato”

“Hamburger (milk, egg, onion, salt)”

All can be purchased at supermarkets and convenience stores.

Reward: Hamburger

No.5 Find Doubanjiang

Talk to the man in Chinatown B.

Go to the factory in Megidomiden, get Doubanjiang, and hand it over to clear.

Reward: Mama Trait Mapo Tofu

No6 I want to regain the secret soup

Talk to the man at the Sector 59 Taxi Stand.

He enters Megidomiden, a multi-tenant building, and obtains soup from Ramen Baekje and gives it to him.

Reward: None

No.7 A man who wants to be filled with fighting spirit

Talk to the half-naked man on the Sector 60 footbridge.

It is cleared by handing over the fighting spirit drug that can be obtained by examining the light that can be seen by zooming to the left of the subway.

Reward: None

No8 Silver Key – Apostle Rebellion Walkthrough & Guide

Talk to the woman inside the building near the Sector 59 Taxi Stand.

You can now see the glowing points when you zoom in 2x with the F key.

After handing over the “ordinary key” ⇒ “strange key” outside the building

Clear when you pass the key near the entrance of the subway.

Reward: Gain access to Gloria’s shop

No.9 In love with garam masala

Talk to Kiyoshi Yamada in Neo Akiba.

She calls Miyabi to ask about the manga.

Go to Miyabi’s house to pick up the manga and hand it over to clear the game.

Reward: Steak

No.10 Stop fighting! – Apostle Rebellion Walkthrough & Guide

Talk to the two people who are arguing in Sector 59 Akiba Street and give them Kizuna = love.

Kizuna = love can be obtained in the hidden stage of the hotel where you will go in the story.

Reward: None

No.11 Jiggy Shooting Match

You will receive a message when you clear the shooting competition at Gloria’s shop with a perfect score 3 times.

The position of the difficult target is fixed, so it is easy to achieve if you remember it.

Clear when you win the shooting competition held at Gloria’s shop.

Note that the target of the shooting competition will move.

Reward: Roast Chicken, Kizuna = Love, Simuna, 10000 Bits

No12 You can’t fight when you’re hungry

Talk to Quizmaster Yae, a girl with sector 50 twintails.

She decides to make salmon rice balls. Her ingredients are “rice,” “salt,” and “salmon.”

You can buy it at convenience stores and supermarkets.

Reward: Be able to compete in quizzes

No13 Free Throw Showdown

Talk to George Yasuda at the basketball court in Sector 60.

Clear by playing the free throw mini game.

Reward: Card “Remy (Swimsuit)”

No.14 Catch her Elizabeth

Talk to the woman in the Orion Company area.

Catch a random cat anywhere in the sector.

It’s easy to miss when you’re running, so be sure to look for it while walking.

Use catnip to stop it from moving before approaching it.

Reward: Elizabeth Photobook

No.15 Take back the card – Apostle Rebellion Walkthrough & Guide

Talk to Jaden Ogura, the man in front of Sector 59 Aqualand.

He speaks again and goes to retrieve the card.

Examine the deepest part of the hotel within 3 minutes to get the card and escape.

If you choose not to hand it over, you will lose all of your money, so be careful.

Reward: Card “Takeda Kenshin (Swimsuit)”

No.16 For my father

Talk to the woman Olivia in the supermarket.

She calls Fuyune to get alcohol at the hotel Ecstacy bar and give it to him.

Reward: 3000 Bits

No.17 Looking for fried rice that has not yet been seen

Talk to Maiko at the Chinatown stall.

After she calls Airin and asks for the recipe, she cooks it and gives it to her.

The fried rice ingredients can be purchased at Aphesis.

Reward: None

No.18 A boy who wants to be a ninja

If you talk to a child in Japantown, you will have a game of hide-and-seek.

The first time is hidden behind the guardian dog on the left in the precincts of Inari Shrine.

The second time is in front of a sushi stall.

The third time is hidden in a drum in the upper right corner outside the gambling hall.

Reward: None

No.19 A battle that can never be lost

Talk to Hachibee Yoshida at the harbor and have a fishing contest.

Catch a 60cm fish to win.

Reward: Maximum HP + 100, Card “Nana Shira (Swimsuit)”

No.20 He will take the place – Apostle Rebellion Walkthrough & Guide

Talk to the delivery man in Sector 63.

Clear if you deliver to 3 people in the area within 3 minutes.

Black clothes → Next to the sector 50 karaoke shop

Blonde woman → Sector 63

– Eyepatch Dad → next to Sector 59 repair shop

Reward: Curry rice

No.21 Challenge the quiz master!

Talk to Yae under the gambling hall and take the quiz.

①The reason why captains and co-captains don’t eat the same food…Measures against food poisoning

2) Who established right-hand driving in the world? …Napoleon

③The person who invented the match…Walker

④The birthplace of Halloween…Ireland

⑤Which sound does the giraffe make? … moo!

Reward: Card “Ritsuka Kisaragi (R-18)”

No22 Second car repair

Talk to the man in the garage B1F.

It is cleared when the command input mini-game is successful.

Reward: Energy Drink

No.23 Medicine for grandma

Talk to the lady Audrey Chan in Chinatown D.

Clear by handing over the medicine available at Kowloon Walled City.

Reward: Granny’s Fruit Sandwich

No.24 Find the dropped card

Talk to the man in Japantown Nikko Gamble.

To find the lost card.

The location is near Eden Paradise, lower right of the tourist information office, left of the church

Reward: 1 of 3 cards

No.25 Food Fighter Moe

Talk to the woman Moe Suzuki next to the subway.

She calls Amelia and talks to her again to clear.

Reward: None

No.26 Angel Voice Power

Talk to Naomi Sylvester, a woman at Canaan Hospital.

She calls Chloe and talks to her again.

Reward: None

No.27 I want a cutlet bowl!

After reading the message from Yae, talk to Yae inside the building on the left side of Inari Shrine.

Passing the katsudon will clear the stage.

Reward: To be able to challenge the quiz

No.28 Looking for the paper to find the difference

Talk to Charlie in Aphesis X3.

The paper is in the executive office, so pick it up and give it to me

Reward: To be able to spot differences

No.29 For children

Talk to the Sister at Japantown Church.

He gives 10 Kato rice, 5 shrimp, 5 beef, and 10 sausages.

Reward: None

No.30 Hit the cult – Apostle Rebellion Walkthrough & Guide

After clearing all requests from 1 to 29 and returning to your room, you will receive a message from Maxim.

Proceed to the back in the shooting mini-game.

In the final guru battle, destroy the left and right machines and concentrate on attacking the guru, ignoring the other enemies.

Reward: None

Heroine individual event – Apostle Rebellion Walkthrough & Guide

Amelia – Apostle Rebellion Walkthrough & Guide

First look (in front of the izakaya knee monk)

Second time (Amelia’s room after reading the message)

Three chapters

Fourth time (Amelia’s room) … H scene “Feelings conveyed”

Fifth time (Central Market)… H scene “Nani in the multipurpose toilet…”

winter sound

First time (Aphesis X2)

Second time (in front of Sector 60 Fuyune House)…H scene “Thinking about you…”

The third time (Club YAGAKIMI)

Fourth time (Aqualand)

Fifth time (Fuyane no Ie)… H scene “After dinner, leave it to the momentum…”


First time (Miyabi House Garage)

Second time (Eden kit after reading the message)

Third time (Eden Circuit)

Fourth time (Canaan Hospital) … H scene “Inverted nipples and soft fucking”

Fifth time (Miyabi House Garage)… H scene “Amaeru Miyabi”

Chloe – Apostle Rebellion Walkthrough & Guide

First time (Aphesis X1)

Second time (in front of the sweet potato shop in the sector)

The third time (Chanclair after reading the message)

Fourth time (Central Market)…H scene “Secretly in the fitting room…”

Fifth time (Chloe’s house)… H scene “Illuminated by the moonlit night…”

love bell

First time (Chinatown Fukuseiro)

Second time (Chinatown)

The third time (Chinatown)

An event to find a child occurs. The location is in the image below.


Fourth time (in front of the apartment)… H scene “For a birthday present…”

Fifth time (in front of Lloyd’s Hospital)… H scene “I can’t stand it anymore”

Isabella – Apostle Rebellion Walkthrough & Guide

First time (BAR Manos)

Second episode (command room)

The third time (Hotel Ecstacy)…H scene “Are you attacked in the open-air bath?”

mandarin orange

First time (sector 50)

Second time (Lab)

Third time (Nanahaku Laboratory) … H scene “Confirmation of feelings”

Kanna – Apostle Rebellion Walkthrough & Guide

First time (Ramen Kanna)

Second time (talk to the man running away in front of the ramen plane three times)

The third time (Ramen Kanna)

She is inside the building near the Sector 59 taxi stand after speaking to Kanna.

She talks to Kanna’s father.

Fourth time (Ramen Kanna) … H scene “It’s my first time so I’m kind”


First time (before instruments in the sector)

Second time (Ecstacy Hotel)

Third time (apartment passage) … H scene “Touching hearts”


First time (Central Market)

Second time (Canaan Hospital)

Third time (park) … H scene “Exploding feelings for the first time in 3 years”


First time (sector 50)

Second time (sector 50)

The third time (next to club MADONNA)

Fourth time (mandarin orange lab)

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