Shuggerlain Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to Shuggerlain Walkthrough & Guide, which helps you to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

Prologue – Shuggerlain Walkthrough & Guide

After the short intro on the wall, you go to the city. Talk with the wolf girl, Aurora. After that, go to the tavern and talk with Fredic. Keep going and soon you’ll find Aurora again.

No matter what you choose, here you will find the first sex battle of the game (tutorial). After that, go home to keep going with the story.

In the first Battle, the defense of Bertresh, it’s really really hard to lose, but anyway, just feel free to get used to the mechanics of the new system of battles. And yes, the boiling oil is a bit OP. Use it 😉

Before reaching Littanos, you’ll find an event where you save a girl from the attack of a Feran girl. Nothing to do here yet. Keep advancing and go to Littanos.

In Littanos there’s a succubus battle hidden. Check Succubus Guide on this walkthrough to trigger it.

NOTE: Keep in mind that triggering this event makes possible the sex training with her later, when you advance to Eldrien/Nocverchis.

In Littanos Battle just follow the tips on the“Battle Guide”of this walkthrough.

After all that Dynae and you finally share your feelings with each other and magic happens. So here you’ll get the first H-scene with her.

Next morning Saraith will come, then the tale about the 2 dragons will be explained and you finally will find Izuin.

The next day you will recruit Luth, an araxian soldier, as Izuin’s babysitter.

After that, Fredic (that old drunk man from the tavern) will explain you that you can get some special currency after defeating a succubus girl and he will give you some presents you can use to boost your relationship with the girls later. He will also give you some new information about the succubus. Follow the girl to unlock a side event and an H-scene with her.

After that, you can freely depart to Yalen.

YALEN – Shuggerlain Walkthrough & Guide

-Character to unlock: None

-Type of unit to unlock: Mages/range

Go ahead through the plot and soon you will find that an army is waiting for you. Check the “battle guide”for more info about this battle.

After the battle you’ll be able to access to the camp. Do what the game says and visit Nadine to congratulate her for her great job in battle.

Surprise! She’s masturbating thinking about Nulkan. At this point you may want to save your game because you’ll have to decide: let her relieve you or go back to your tent.

-First option will unlock Nadine’s handjob scene + 30 XP points of relationship with Nadine.

-Second option will unlock Dynae’s BJ scene.

After that, there’s not much more to do so go to your tent and Rest.

The next day is pretty linear, just go ahead and… see what happens.

The next day, you’ll only be able to visit Dynae’s ceremony. Do that. After the HAPPENING, you’ll talk with Dynae and among other things, she’ll give you the stone of Spatial Convergence. This will be useful for dating other girls.

Ok, so… you’ve heard Dynae. With the current situation, you’ll have to start getting to know better the girls of the game. So from now on, you can spend time with the other girls.

Talk and Ask with them. When your level with one of these girls is 3, you’ll be able to date them. On level 6 you will unlock Date 2 with them (Vex, Luth, Nadine, and Saraith) and in level 9 Date 3 (only Saraith for now).

On the dates you’ll only need to select the correct choice to trigger the H-scene. Check the part“Dates Guide”for more info about them.



-Character to unlock: Vex

-Type of unit to unlock: Flying

After the initial dialogue, in the camp just spend some Action points until the evening comes. Vex will show up in the camp, warning you about an attack next day.

Once you’ve won the battle, go ahead and you’ll be in the camp again. To advance through the plot, visit the Shaman.

After talking with the Shaman and once you’re in the camp again, now select Explore the north ofNocverchis, to keep going with the plot.

ELDRIEN – Shuggerlain Walkthrough & Guide

-Character to unlock: Yraselle

-Type of unit to unlock: Archers/Range

Eldrien is pretty linear for now. Just advance through the dialogue. Once in the camp, just spend some AP or you can also directly rest to keep going with the plot.

In the battle you may notice that after 2 enemy turns in the 3rd one Pyrus will appear and cast a fire explosion (this starts happening in the first enemy turn). This is a dangerous attack that inflicts a good amount of damage, so keep in mind to activate Defensive tactics before Pyrus attacks. Other than that, just follow that chart of unit weaknesses and strong points that is some pages below on this walkthrough.

Once the battle is won and you are in your camp, you’ll receive an invitation from the King Aenor. Visit him. After the conversation with him and later with Yraselle, choose “Aenor, you promised me the best archers of the kingdom” otherwise Yraselle will get mad at you (This is not really important, she will only get mad at that moment).

Both options will lead you to an archery tournament with a simple minigame.

You must tell Yraselle the strength and direction of the wind before any shot to make sure she’s able to defeat her opponent. The correct combination is:

1.”Strong wind, from the North”

2.”Weak wind, from the North-East”

3.”Medium wind, from the South”

4.”Weak wind, from the South-West”

5.”There’s no wind at all”

6.”Strong wind, from the South”

7.”Weak wind, from the South”

8.”Medium wind, from the West”

9.”Strong wind, from the East”

10.”Weak wind, from the North”

And that’s it. Yraselle has impressed everyone thanks to your help and she’ll be ready to join you. If you fail this mini game, later she’ll also join but you won’t be able to improve your relationship with her until you advance to a Zone 3 nation (you can’t reach that zone at this point of development).


About Luth: If you don’t reach at least level 7 with Luth before advancing to Zone 2, your relationship with her will get stuck, she won’t be interested in you anymore.



-Character to unlock : Atzi

-Type of unit to unlock: Spearmen

In this update you can only advance to Fernia if you are in Eldrien (as it’s the only country in this update that shares borders with it). It is much recommended to advance to Fernia only when your army is pretty recovered from the previous battles.

Advance through the plot that is pretty linear until the fight happens. In the 3 different waves there’re 3 different kind of enemy units so make sure you are using the most effective unit to make sure you don’t suffer too many casualties. As it’s the first battle of Zone 2 and you are almost facing 2 Legions, this is probably the hardest battle for now but luckily, the battle ends once the HP of the wave 3 is reduced to 50%.

Keep going with the plot and when you visit Atzi again after the battle. Just select the option“”Ehm… Ahh… Oof..” as it will give you a small boost of XP points with her.

Atzi will request you to help some of her citizens before departing to a new nation. You can just ignore and keep moving but doing it it will give you a good boost of XP with Atzi, so it’s recommended to do this part to make things go faster with Atzi.

You can visit a dogtor (hah!), a farmer and an actor. All they want different stuff you’ll have to get. Visit the Farmer first. She will give you the alcohol that the doctor will need. Visit the doctor and give him the alcohol, and after that you’ll receive some painkillers that the actors will accept with gratitude. The actor will give you a hat that you’ll have to give to the farmer.

When you’re done, Atzi will express her gratitude (nothing sexy yet, wait a little bit for that, geez). You will receive extra XP with her and you will be able to keep going with the plot.


-Character to unlock : The Night Queen

-Type of unit to unlock: Mages

Advance a little bit through the plot and a battle will happen. Beat them (you can’t use Nadine against them). To do so, you need to make their HP go under 5000 twice.

After that, at night, the Night Queen challenge will begin. In this challenge you will have to take some decisions. If you get the answers wrong 5 times, the Night Queen will run out of

patience and she will kill Nulkan.

The Correct answers for the Swamp path are:

. The water of the swamp

. I see something I don’t like

. I see a betrayal

. Myself

. I Betrayed Bertresh

The Correct answers for the Crawling souls path is:

. We can’t control everything

There are no bad answer for the Mirror Path. Just use all the options until a 4th one appear “Is there anything you regret”?

Alright, you succeed on Night Queen’s challenge and now she will join you. But soon you’ll realize no all the troops are exactly comfortable with the new allies.

You can Play Luth’s game to calm those troops, but you will spend 3 days on this (nothing important in this part of the game, but it will once“DAYS”are a scarce resource).


Skip Luth’s mini game and the next day 2000 soldiers will desert.


-Characters to unlock : Hazel/Teigan

-Type of unit to unlock: Healing/Heavy Cavalry

Dirans (Dir) and Klouties (Klou) are inhabitants of this region of the Neverending Forest. You need to visit both factions and talk to them to try to convince them to join Nulkan’s army. Sadly, there’s no way to recruit both of them. So you will need to choice between which of those 2 factions you want to help, or just don’t do anything and refuse to recruit any of them. With this last option you’ll able to leave Dir Klou without fighting anyone, but you’ll lose some useful units. Yours is the decision.

If you decide to help any of them, the other will (desperately) ask for help to Arax and they will attack you.

After this, Nulkan will be a bit upset, but Teigan/Hazel will try to cheer him up with the 2nd part of the story of this nation. This part also changes depending and which girl is with you (Hazel or Teigan).

After these events, you’ll be able to leave Dir Klou. You can now choose on your tent “Advance to Zone 3”with that, an event will start, but this will lead to the end of this update, so save before checking.

Dates guide – Shuggerlain Walkthrough & Guide

These are the correct decision that will trigger the H-scene on the dates with every girl.

Nadine – Shuggerlain Walkthrough & Guide

Date 1: Kiss her

Date 2: No. Enough for today.

Luth – Shuggerlain Walkthrough & Guide

Date 1: Obey the voice.

Date2: Get to know her better.

Date3: I see the bravest woman I know.

Saraith – Shuggerlain Walkthrough & Guide

Date 1: Move her away by her shoulders.

Date 2: I will not be prey.

Date 3: Awake her demon side.

Vex* – Shuggerlain Walkthrough & Guide

Date 1: Think about it.

Date 2: Offer her some bread and some lunch meat you have.

Date 3: That means nothing.

Yraselle* – Shuggerlain Walkthrough & Guide

Date 1: Did you really want to marry Pyrus?

Date 2 : I can help you with that.

Date 3: You know you are only delaying the inevitable…

Atzi* – Shuggerlain Walkthrough & Guide

Date 1: Honestly, I’m unable to think properly.

Date 2: Stay with the creature.

The Night Queen* – Shuggerlain Walkthrough & Guide

Date1: Look at it.

Date2: Expel the demon.

Hazel: – Shuggerlain Walkthrough & Guide

Date 1: In that case, I guess we only need to find…


Date 1: Just look at her.

Izuin – Shuggerlain Walkthrough & Guide

In Fernia (or any Zone 2 country that is still not developed in this update), visit Luth and an Izuin event will trigger. From now on you’ll be able to visit Izuin in her own tent. Dates at this point of the game are basically spending some time with her. There are 3 differents events that can happen if you visit Izuin while she’s a teenager.

*Dates with these girls are available once you are an ally of their nations

Succubi Guide – Shuggerlain Walkthrough & Guide

AURORA SEX BATTLE – Shuggerlain Walkthrough & Guide

Start the game from the prologue. You’ll see her in Bertresh. Talk with her, after that go to the tavern and after that choose“Follow her”.

MISHA SEX BATTLE – Shuggerlain Walkthrough & Guide

Just to make sure to trigger the succubus battle in Littanos, make sure to have breakfast both times you have that option available. Otherwise she won’t appear and you’ll miss the event. After that, you only need to have a walk at night with Dynae to activate the event.

After Dynae leaves with the two Ashteran girls, Misha will appear. At that point select free her to start the combat. “Scare her”option will do exactly that and you’ll miss the event.


To trigger it, wait at least until day 7. Then, in the camp, select “Take a walk through camp’s surroundings” when your actions points are just 1.


Gifrix is a Nocverchan, a bat-human race. She will regenerate after any attack where she uses her mouth and gets Nulkan’s fluids. These attacks are:

[You kiss her]

[She kisses you]

[Lick tip]


You want to avoid these attacks. Well, in fact, the only thing you can avoid is kissing her, so at the beginning just kiss her neck.


To trigger this event you need to spend 6 days on the camp being in Nocverchis. When the event starts, three Yalenite mages will talk with Nulkan. Select “Go ahead with the tests”

Now you have 3 different options. All of them will unlock some sexy content:

. Go behind the trees: Ione will drink Nulkan’s cum from a flask.

. I’d need something enticing…: shows a topless Ione.

. Reject: to start the sex battle.

This battle is a bit harder because Ione has some really powerful attacks and some supposedly Nulkan strong attacks don’t do much damage on her. Some Sex Training can help making things easier.


-Her neck is her weak point. Focus on it at the beginning.

– Fingering is not much effective

– Sex is effective, but Nulkan also will suffer damage from this move.

– Ass job, BJ and especially titjob are the most dangerous attacks from her.


Zoe appears in your tent after you visit Nadine twice being in Eldrien. Nadine will come and they both will have a bit tense moment. After that happening Zoe will come back. Then you should select:

I can’t do that. Nadine is an important person to me.”

After being refused she will come back again and then you need to choose:

“No. I don’t want to hurt Nadine.”

And Sex battle will start.


To trigger the event you first need to reach level 3 with Yraselle and also 5 days should have passed since the Battle of Fernia. Yraselle will come to you and she will introduce you an Eldrienite with red eyes.

From that day, at night you can visist Anwen’s Watch. Don’t accept the offers she will make you to avoid the fight. After that, the sex battle with start.

If you decline the first offer to leave you alone but accept the second offer, you’ll get crystals, but you won’t fight with her.

H-scenes with Succubis – Shuggerlain Walkthrough & Guide

Once you defeated a succubus, eventually she will join and they will help you to train your endurance to defeat other succubis. Each girl will perform one of her attack to help Nulkan training.

If you do this at least 5 times, which means, you completed the training with that girl, next time a H-scene with her will happen. Sadly, this is only available with Aurora for now.

Side Events – Shuggerlain Walkthrough & Guide

. Eiha Event: Investigate the source of the sound after completing the 2nd Date with Atzi. This won’t happen if the camp is in Necrosia.

. Nadine’s Handjob scene: be sure visit her on her tent after winning the battle of Yalen. Accept her to relieve you.

. Dynae BJ scene: same than before but this time select the other option. Leave Nadine’s tent and go to your tent.

. Saraith Unleashed scene: This event happens in Zone 2 (right now, just in Fernia). You need to get her affection level above 7 and had been asked about what she’s not into, in the interactions“Questions / Ask me”. Then, you just have a walk and the event should trigger. You can’t get this event in Necrosia.

. Fishing with Atzi: for this update (this will change probably after this update) the event triggers when you are in meet ALL the next requirements. -Reach level 3 of affection with her.

-At least 6 days after the Fernia’s Battle have passed.

-Stay in Fernia.

-Go for a walk.

. Stop Nadine’s succubization!: Be sure the obtain Vega event and H-scene.

Then, reach affection to level 6+ with Nadine being in any zone 2 nation (Necrosia, Fernia or Dir-KLou). She will be in the city. She will act a bit suspicious. Look for her in her tent. Depending on the option you choose the H-scene will be with Vaginal Sex or Anal Sex

. Xania’s Event: This one is a bit tricky to get. Requirements:

-Vex at level 6

-In Dir Klou, be friend of the Klouties (Teigan)

-Then, being in Dir Klou, gift Stardut to Vex.

-Finally, go to Teigan’s tent and ask her about Xania’s father.

. Dynae is learning Potioncraft:

Perhaps one of the most important events. If you keep talking with Dynae in her tent, she will eventually tell you about some books Eshimin gave her about Potions crafting. Dynae read about a recipe that could make her be an adult woman like she was before. To unlock this you’ll need to gather 3 ingredients that can only be found in zone 2 nations. Nulkan needs to have a walk on this nation to eventually found the ingredient.

On Necrosia >Grey Ivy leaves necro

On Fernia > Oak root Fernia

On Dir-Klou >Denterus Agina sap

Once you’ve found all 3 of them, go back to her tent and the event should start.


After Littanos Battle, all the casualties you will suffer in combat should be replenished. This costs gold. Gold is obtained after each day. The amount of gold you receive each day is increased the more nations are allies of Ashtera. To recruit more soldiers, just visit the city of any of the nations, you will find Hann there and he will get the troops in exchange for gold.

Now, about the new battle system. The basics of this new system are not hard to understand, however, we’ll give you some information that can help you win or minimize the casualties you suffer in each battle.

1. The most of the first skills of the heroes generate +25 mana.

2. You also get +25 after ending a turn

3. When you attack to another melee units with their first skill, you’ll also receive damage.

4. Second skills don’t receive reply

5. Range units don’t receive reply damage (unless it’s against another range unit)

And now, here is the table of weaknesses and strengths (the left column is the attacker):

. Green indicates that the squad is effective against the other squad and will cause bonus damage.

. Red indicates that the squad is not effective against the other squad, it will cause less damage and probably receive more damage.

. Empty white slots mean neutral damage.

So you know, look for green combinations and avoid the red ones.

You will also realize that at the beginning of every wave you should make a decision. The effects of these decisions are:

Bertresh Battle – Shuggerlain Walkthrough & Guide

1. 1- Wait for it just under the city gate” > +50 Mana points

1.2- Go find them” >You suffer 300 HP of damage

2. 1- Hide behind the walls >> +50 Mana points

2.2- Keep fighting > You suffer 250 HP of damage

Littanos Battle – Shuggerlain Walkthrough & Guide

1. 1-Soldiers, keep your forces! Dynae, keep gathering mana >

+50 Mana points

1.2- Start casting spells against them >

You start the battle without mana, but you cause 250 HP on the enemy

2. 1- Pressure her > consumes 25 Mana Points

2.2- Calm her down > generates 50 Mana Points

3. 1-Araxians! Yalenites! Look how your Executor is trying to run away!!” > Some enemy flee. You cause 500 HP on the enemy

3.2- Just focus on your battle > Nothing happens

Yalen Battle

1.1-Soldiers, hold position! Dynae, keep gathering mana > +75 Mana points.

1.2-Start casting spells against them > You cause 250 HP damage to the enemy. Your also empty your mana.

2.2- Defensive tactics! Tortoise formation, now! > Minimize the damage taken.

2.1- We’ll reach them before the cast anything! > Cause damage on the enemy, but you also suffer some damage.

Nocverchis Battle

1.1- Don’t worry for us Dynae. Focus on gathering mana. We’ll protect you!” > +75 mana points.

1.2 -Cast something to scare them! > you spent some mana and you also cause

250 HP of damage on the enemy

2.1-Put order >Nothing*

2.2-We can only keep fighting > Nothing*

*Take into account that, if in this battle you don’t gather the required mana before wave 2 starts, the battle will be lost and you won’t have Nocverchians as allies because you are causing too much casualties.

Eldrien Battle

1.1- We need to stop them before it’s too late! > You suffer 500HP of damage

1.2- We are facing a dangerous pyromancer!! Shields up, guys! > Active defensive tactics

2.1- Shields up! Shields up!! > Activate defensive tactics.

2.2 -We need to finish them soon to reach Pyrus! >You cause 300 HP of damage to the enemy.

3.1- We have some time to recover > +100 Mana points

3.2- Recover youselves, guys. But don’t forget about your shields> +50 Mana points. Defensive Tactics activated as well.

Note: In this battle on enemy turns 1, 4, 7, 10… (+3) Pyrus will be casting hisflames against you. This is a dangerous attack. Be sure to get defensive tactics activated beforefinishing any of these turns.

Fernia Battle

1.1- Nadine, crush them!! > You receive 500 HP of damage.

1.2- Keep position! > Activate defensive tactics.

1.3 (Only If Yraselle is in your army)

“Yraselle! Remind them why they should use a shield!” > You inflict 450HP of damage.

2.1- Shields up! Shields up!! > Activate defensive tactics.

2.2 We need to reach Jilliana! They won’t surrender until we defeat her!>

You receive 300HP of damage.

3.1- Dynae, focus on gathering more mana!> +100 Mana points

3.2- We need to be cautious now> +25 mana points. Defensive Tactics activated as well.

Necrosia Battle

1.1 Attack > Inflicts 500 damage.

1.2 Defensive formation > Start the battle with Defensive Tactics activated.

DirKlou Battle

1.1 Keep position > Defensive Tactics activated

1.2 Yraselle! Covering Fire! > Inflicts 330 damage to the enemy

2.1 Shields up! > Defensive Tactics activated

2.2 Vex, destroy their formation > Inflicts 470 damage to the enemy

3.1 Dynae focus gathering more mana! >Get 100 mana

3.2Hazel, we are suffering lots of causalities! > Recovers 500 HP

About Nulkan’s Corruption System

The Nulkan‘s corruption system indicates how long Nulkan has been without “releasing”the corruption of the demonic sword and armor and how much affected he is.

After each day corruption will be increased 15%. Just make sure to release before it goes to 100%. How? Do any sex scene where Nulkan cums. You can also reduce it with Sex Training.

If the Corruption level reaches 100%, the first time that that happens, Saraith will save you but she will warn you, again.

If it happens a second time, that will mean a game over.

HOWEVER, is it possible that you want your corruption to be above 50% at some times…

Why? Because that’s how you will trigger hidden quick sex scenes (not animated though)

Raise you affection with Saraith, Luth, Nadine, Vex or Yraselle to level 7. If you spend 2 actions with her (let’s say, talk with her, and after that make a question…) and then you kiss her, she will tease you a little bit.

Do exactly this on level 8 when the Corruption is above 50% and Nulkan won’t be able to hold himself after her teasings 😛

FREDIC GIFTS GUIDE – Shuggerlain Walkthrough & Guide

Fredic’s gifts are the best way to boost your relationship with the girls and probably the only way to get the most of the content with the most of them once the game it is completed.

There are cheap gifts (10 crystals) and expensive gifts (25 crystals).

From this update on, every girl will have a favorite gift that will give you extra points if you give her that instead of another of the same price. Here you have the guide of favorite items.

Nadine: Knife, Wine

Luth: Scarf, Mithril

Saraith: Scarf, Wine

Vex: Sandwich, Stardust

Yraselle: Flowers, Jewel

Atzi: Knive, Jewel

The Night Queen: Book, Wine

Hazel : Book, Stadust

Teigan: Flower, Steak

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