R-Life Walkthrough & Cheat

R-Life Walkthrough & Cheat

Welcome to R-Life Walkthrough & Cheat, which helps you to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

Cheat – R-Life Walkthrough

Activate the cheats by pressing (r)control + C on your keyboard.

Again, RIGHT control. Don’t press left control because it will do nothing for you.


If you press the correct keys, you will get a notification in the bottom lefthand corner that “Advanced Cheats are Acitvated!”

If you don’t get this message, you did not follow instructions very well, nice job.

Now that you have activated cheats, you can level the living shit out of your character.

F1 – adds XP, you can do this infinitely, I don’t think there is a level cap. But there is a cap on health, stamina, et cetera.

F2 – boosts sneaking skill. This is the hardest skill to grind legit, take no shame in spamming this key.

F3 – supposed to add full mana, but I’ve never seen it work.

F4 – supposed to add full health and hunger, but I’ve never seen it work either.

F6 – adds both mushrooms to your inventory, only after they are unlocked.

F9 – Cheat items, add pretty much any item to your inventory.

F10 – Teleport to the major locations on the map.

F12 – Quest skipping, also allows Cirno to spawn near the monster girl base. (After freeing her from D2.)

***Smash F1 until you are level 20+ and you should have enough to max health, strength, and speed.

I can’t understate this, it is IMPERATIVE that you have these skills maxed out before you enter D2.

So do it legit, or cheat it, nobody is going to care.

Save Often!

Introduction – R-Life Walkthrough & Cheat


WASD Basic movement, self explained

QE Lean, no reason for these to even exist

F Interact

(L) ctrl Drag object

V Throw object

(L)Shift Sprint / run

Space Jump

C Crouch

Mouse 1 Attack

Caps Lock Select item from inventory, mostly used for selecting a weapon or tool

R Reloads weapon (bow)

T Sheathe weapon

Tab Brings up the players inventory, crafting, and quests. Pretty much the main hub of all things you will ever need

G Open glider while in air

Z Call horse, must be somewhere nearby (The horse can save your ass if you get stuck somewhere)

Y Wait

Mouse 2 Dash, requires strength or speed to be leveled, not sure

Space x2 Double jump, eats stamina, and needs to be unlocked

Some scenes in game have free camera, mouse two is pivot, mouse wheel click is pan.

Note: It is better to let your stamina regain itself when it gets low. It takes longer to recover if it goes red.

Note: If your weapon gets low grade, hit a wall until it breaks to craft a new one.

Crafting more than one weapon doesn’t really work…

Where to get items? – R-Life Walkthrough & Cheat

While using the fishing rod, if you have cast it, make sure you reel it in BEFORE you do anything else. It’s very easy to break the game with the fishing rod.

You can find a water bottle on the beach, close to the stream.

To cook food, drop it from your inventory, then use left control to pick it up, and drop it on the fire.

To fill water bottle, or bucket, go to the pond and press F on the water.

You will drink until you are full, and the bottle and bucket should be full.

Blue mushrooms, covered later.

Found either behind the big pink tree, or next to where you find Nyotalia.

Can be used at “late night” to make a girl stay asleep while you have fun with her.

Note: If your sneak is high enough, you can have sex with them, but you can’t touch their boobs. Realism.

Red mushrooms, covered later.

Found by a rock next to the stream, or on the cliff next to the small waterfall.

Can be used at “late night” to make a girl masturbate after you go to sleep.

Peep on them, and then talk to them in the morning.

For Nyotalia, this raises guilt.

R-Life Walkthrough

This guide has been written to provide the player (you) with the most convenient playthrough as I can possibly manage.

If you choose to skip steps, or play the game on your own, that’s fine. You’re better off learning on your own anyway.

For example, learning the layout of the map is a great skill.

Eventually during this guide I will assume you are either using the teleport, or you already know where the location is.

. . .

The player wakes up on an island, and must begin building somewhere to call home.

If you aren’t already using cheats, the materials you need aren’t too hard to find in the near area.

Otherwise, proceed to the floating green ? mark, and press the F key to build the campfire.

After that, there will be another ? to build your tent.

Once you have built the tent, the first quest should start.

Finding your family, and others.

Since the game gives you absolutely no fucking direction to look, here is the locations of your family.

(You will eventually become more familiar with the map, if this is your first time playing, I highly suggest that you wander around for a while to learn the landmarks.)

(After talking to each family member, they will teleport to the tent you built.)

Rem: Can be found on top of a cliff. Go left of the beach where you started, you will see a stream.

Follow the trail to the right of the stream / waterfall, and continue around two turns.

At the third turn, go straigh up the rocks and you should find her there.

Yakuza: Found along the beach. From the tent, go right down the beach, and look along the lefthand cliff side.

She has bright blue hair, hard to miss.

Nyotalia: Found near the beach as well, on the opposite side of the island.

From the player base, travel left to the stream and over the land bridge. Hug the left wall, unless you want to aggro useless enemies.

Go through the overhang area, follow the path. If you go toward the waterfall you will aggro a spider enemy.

As soon as the “cave” ends, turn right and hug the wall. You will find Nyotalia immediately on the right.

Velvet: After you find Nyotalia, if you look straight ahead down the shore, you will see a tent. Velvet will not be there until later.

Travel back to the tent, and talk to each of your family members, they will ask you to build them a tent.

After building all of the tents, you now have dialogue options.

“Talk, Give, Action, Exit”

Talk to them once a day for +1 Trust Point.

Feed your family members one boba fish for +2 Trust Points, this can be done once in the morning, and once in the evening.

Once you have enough trust points, you unlock certain options or quests.

Next you need to build a fence. After you can also build a chest, and a furnace.

You can also build a dock by the beach.

Good time to save.

Now that your family is safe, it’s time to visit the H-Goddess.

You can find her if you head straight out of the player base, (NOT left or right down the beach.)

You will see a tree stump on your right, and three “rabbit” enemies in front of you. Turn left and go up the hill.

Search the cliff side until you find a stone statue of a girl, and talk to her.

Read what she tells you, and you will learn about some spooky dangerous dungeons.

(Activates the portals on top of a cliff, very close to where you found Rem.)

If you continue to travel past the three “rabbit” enemies, you will pass underneath a rock arch.

This is the area you should find all of the monster girls, from here all the way to Velvet’s tent.

I found the fox girl right next to where pedo-bear is, for reference. They have different spawn locations, but they should all be in this area.

Continue straight toward the big pink tree, and you will find “Menace”, a developer added NPC which will tell you misc information.

You should find a blue monster girl, after catching her with the F key, the detention option won’t be available, but it should trigger the option to build a monster girl base.

Do whatever you like with her. After, you can teleport or walk to the monster girl base area, next to the three rabbit enemies, to build the base.

Go ahead and build it with all of the furniture. This will allow you to capture a monster girl in the first dungeon, along with the blue fish girl.

Note: All the monster girls prefer cooked meat. (For +2 Trust Points.)

Next you should head over to Velvet’s tent, if she is sleeping, use the Y key to wait.

Talk to her.

Note: Velvet also prefers cooked meat, not fish. (For +2 Trust Points.)

At this point in the game, it should be safe to enter the first dungeon.

Note, you will need to craft a sword, and make sure you have added stats to your character such as strength and speed.

If you haven’t already seen them, the portals are in the same area as the H-Goddess, on top of a cliff.

Make a save if you haven’t already.

Enter dungeon 1.

Dungeon 1 – R-Life Walkthrough & Cheat

This, along with D2, are the most complained features in this game.

There are secret passages, that require a player to wander for (possibly) hours to figure out.

Total bullshit if you ask me, there is NEVER any indication that you should attempt to walk through any walls.

In the first room, you can find a chest behind some barrels. This contains the small key to open the door.

Equip your weapon of choice before you continue.

The first enemy should take two hits from a sword, just kite them.

Take the left, and the door will close behind you, and spawn four monsters to fight.

After defeating them you get another small key from a chest.

When you walk out of this room, immediately turn right and walk into the wall that has the candle rack. You should phase straight through it.

Grab the bonus paintings if you want them, but more importantly grab the health potions off of the rack.

Now go straight across, and open the small keyed door, fight the spider monster and grab the big key.

When you get to the bottom of the stairs, go straight, and you will pass through another invisible wall.

You will find another big key up the stairs.

Avoid the spike traps, and fight the two monsters. Grab the small key.

Go right, and fight the enemies in the room for another small key.

Go back, and take the left hall, followed by another left.

In here, you will find the Elf girl, who can be freed. Make love if you want, doesn’t matter.

Setting her free will spawn her on the island in her own place. NOT the monster girl base. Dunno why.

You can find her easily with the teleport cheat.

Go to the end of the cells, and you will find Patchouli in the back right cell.

She will automatically set herself free, and also have her own place on the island.

You can also easily find her location with the teleport cheat.

Continue through the only passage left in the dungeon. Take a right in the spike room, and you will encounter two enemies.

Go to the big door, and you will next fight the Lizard monster girl.

She isn’t hard to defeat, just kite her in circles.

Once she is defeated, make love to her.

After, interact with her again and you can “send her to prison” which is the monster girl base.

Make sure you use the chest that spawns in for the master key.

Then go across the spikey room, and down the stairs for the pearl.

Now just retrace your steps to the portal.

Post Dungeon 1 – R-Life Walkthrough & Cheat

Make a save if you haven’t already.

Go talk to H-Goddess, and she will appear as a human and tell you about your new magic ability.

You can find the fire orb in your invetory, in the third section.

You will see an apple, sword and shovel, and a cooking pot. Click the cooking pot.

You must “learn” the magic ability by staying the hotspot by clicking. (May take more than one try.)

Now you can cast a fire ball by clicking the mouse wheel.

Note: You can now feed H-Goddess with “nature elements” for trust points.

They can be found in two or three places around the map, one is near her location, another is by the stream, another is near Patchouli’s tent, another by the big pink tree.

You can now build a new house for the lizard girl at the monster girl base.

You may also visit the Elf Girl and feed her with cooked meat, this will eventually unlock a new sex pose.

If you fed Nyotalia before the dungeon, after she may have lost her top. You can find the information for this quest later.

Dialogue may freeze the game. (v0.8)

Feeding Rem might give you a new quest / event.

Dialogue may freeze the game. (v0.8)

Better to just let your family fucking starve for now.

*This may be caused by pressing space to skip dialogue too much. Posted on the dev’s patreon, so we’ll see.

Next, you should head over to Velvet’s tent.

She says she will find something to help you.

Next go to Patchouli’s tent, and talk to her.

She can now produces mana and health potions for you, at the cost of ingredients.

HP: Two apples, and one cooked meat

MA: One coconut, one cooked boba fish, and one crab.

You can talk to her once a day for +1 trust point.

During this time, or even sooner, Nyotalia will have lost her top. More on this later, you can ignore it for now.

*With the games current stability, I’m choosing to ignore it until after D2.

Go back to the tent and sleep for 24 hours.

Depending on what time it is, you can sleep / wait longer so it is daylight where you can actually see.

Go to Velvet, and continue to feed her and wait until she gives you a new quest.

Once you have talked to her, head over toward the big pink tree.

The monster will be near “Menace.”

Make sure you have a weapon.

After defeating the monster, pick up the cube on the ground. This will unlock double jump.

*This ability is crucial for completing D2. Without it, you will be suffering greatly.

(There is a skip glitch in D2, that allows you to pass the first gate without using the key.)

If you choose not use the glitch, and open the door, you will have to do the timed platforming room, which is a FUCKING PAIN. You have been warned in advance.

Go back to Velvet, and she will reward the hero of the island with some sexy time.

This also unlocks the ablity to repeat sexy time.

At this point, you can head toward D2, the physical hell of platform gaming.

You will want to take a drink, or smoke a bowl, or take a stretch before you enter D2. It’s a fucking nightmare.

Not because it’s difficult, but because it’s frustrating, even after the dev “made it easier.”

Save now.

Dungeon 2 – R-Life Walkthrough & Cheat

* Remember that you CANNOT save inside of a dungeon.

Craft a glider, you will need it.

If you decide to play this legit, make sure you bring extra food, and extra weapons, because this dungeon can take some time.

If you use cheats, it won’t matter because you can spawn whatever you need, except health potions.

So do some trades with Patchouli if you think you will need them. I would bring at least five.

First room.

Walk up to the green ? and view the cutscene. This reveals the importance of the double jump ability. My game crashed here… Importance of saves!!!

Don’t worry about falling off the map, you just lose some health and respawn.

Play with the controls until you can manage the gap. Once you have the key, DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR.

Instead, go to the left side of the first area, and you will see a bookshelf.

Collect the potions if you haven’t already.

Now we begin the first glitch of D2.

Close to the bookshelf, is a broken pillar. Jump on top of it.

Then jump over to the broken wall, toward the corner.

You want to land on top of the corner pillar.

Here is where it gets glitchy, double jump on top of the bookshelf, and you should land on an invisible platform above the bookshelf.

Then you need to jump over to the inner wall, not the wall with the door. It’s another invisible platform at the same height.

Now walk slowly toward the the door, staying over the wall. Then just hop over the wall with the door.

Congrats! You have just saved yourself a small key for later!

And don’t worry, you can get back over the door too.

Fight the bird monster, 4x hits with a sword.

And get past the platforming.

Note: The door on the left does nothing, similar to the door in D1 that does nothing.

Fight the next wave of monsters.

Don’t forget you have a fireball, and it’s smarter to take out the ranged enemies first.

Go up the stairs, and fight both the gargoyles on the left and right underside.

There is an H picture on the left side.

Go up the right staircase, and fight the enemies in the sealed room.

*I was not able to activate the lever on my run, not sure if bug, or if it even matters.

The door across from that room should now open. Brace yourself for more platforming.

You will need the glider for this part.

When you reach the lever, use the glider to get back.

Now for the second glitch in D2.

When you land back at the start of the platforming part, instead of going back through, you will be jumping over.

If you go through, you will be spending a key.

Jump onto the rail, then jump onto the door frame, and then on the roof.

Next just go over to the left and hop down for the next part.

This platform moves, and is very timing based, you will probably need a few tries to get it right.

Yes, the platform will come back.

Once you reach the other side, ready your weapon for another fight up the stairs.

When you defeat them, a chest will appear with a key, take it to open the door.

Go left and into a room, once you are inside, fight off the monsters.

This will clear the path for the big key door for later.

You can actually skip the fight by hopping onto a pillar, but it’s up to you.

Go back down to where you came in. If you head right, you will see the timing platform room.

This is the purpose of the first skip, you kept a small key, so this room can be completely skipped!!!

If you used the first key on the first door………… good luck to you 🙂

*Note, if you did not perform the glitch, and saved the first key, you MUST do this room first before the next “platform hell” room.

Or you will be in for a nasty surprise because there is a small key door at the top.

The small key you are supposed to use, is in the timed platform room.

Head straight, and you will fight four monsters.

Now you must deal with the true platforming hell.

(This has been made easier over the latest versions, consider yourself lucky.)

This room is notorious for rage quits. So please, take your time.

Don’t rush, and learn the timings.

This includes the timings of the player controlled jumps, with sprint, without sprint, et cetera.

If you can’t beat this room, you may need to double check to MAKE SURE your stats are maxed.

This includes speed and strength.

Once you get to the top, pat yourself on the back.

The small key door is the skip you made for yourself back at start.

Without the glitch, you would have to do the timed platform room.

Go left first after the door, and you will be performing a dangerous fight over spikes. Be careful here.

Grab the big key and go back, and go straight where you went left.

This door is still locked, it requires a master key.

You know what that means? You have to do the platforming hell room twice 😉

Go back down the platform room, and go back upstairs where you cleared those enemies, or use the pillar glitch.

After opening the big key door, you will need to help a girl in trouble.

The cutscene will take away you weapon (thanks dev) so make sure to hit caps lock quickly.

Kite the miniboss werewolf, and defeat him.

Free Cirno from the cell. Fuck her if you want, doesn’t matter. You can use a cheat to summon her to the map later, because as of (v0.8) she does not spawn anywhere once you free her.

H-pic in the cell, if it’s not super obvious.

Grab the master key from the chest while you are in there.

Go back to platforming hell and make your way back up.

Once you get back up, give yourself an extra-fat pat on the back.

Unlock the master door, and head through.

Note: In the coming hallway, there are invisible floors which you can fall through. Be careful 😉

Now prepare yourself for a super gimmicked boss battle with the harpy monster girl.

She is only vulnerable when she is on the ground, and has no bubble / tornado around her.

Avoid those tornadoes, and you can walk to avoid her magic attack, don’t need to sprint.

She will also summon monsters inbetween your attack phases. So watch out for her magic and the monsters.

At the minimum, it takes three attack phases to beat her. So beat the shit out of her when you have the chance!

When you defeat her, she will be downed. You can fuck her brains out, then send her to your monster girl base.

Now just grab the floating white orb, and start heading back.

You must complete the moving platform in reverse, bummer.

Once you get back, you will notice a door is still closed. Glitching time 🙂

On the right or left side, there is a pillar which is against the wall, its not the very corner with the railing, but the pillar that’s flush with the wall.

Jump on the rail, hug the corner, and sprint / double jump + dash until you get on the roof.

Now use the glider to get back to the first door.

Once you are here, the door may appear to be open, but it will close if you walk up to it.

Don’t panic, as of (v0.8) this method still isn’t patched.

But this is the tricky part.

You must get on top of the door frame, and very precisely use a double jump + dash to get enough height to clear the door.

Go home!

When you activate the portal, you will be visited by the red demon, no worries though.

I’m sure we will be showing that bitch who her daddy is in a future release. 😉


Post D2 – R-Life Walkthrough & Cheat

Save your game!

Talk to H-Goddess.

You can now use tornado wind magic, after you learn it similar with the fireball.

The Harpy monster girl now needs a home, and some food. Go do that.

While you are there, you can summon Cirno with F12.

At this point you can start focusing on the side quests.

Or you can progress the game, and build a new house.

Some of the side quests aren’t available without the house built.

Go to sleep at 16:00 a few days after completing D2 to trigger the storm.

You may want to finish the first side quests first for the most content.

All of the other characters on the island will have new dialogue about the storm.

Build the new house, build all of the furniture.

Eventually Rem will ask you to build a kitchen.

Eventually Nyotalia will ask you to build a shower room.

Once the shower is built, you can peep but they only occur at a specific time.

to enter:

Yamakaze – @1500 / need to finish third quest

Noytalia – @1700 / need to unlock paizuri first

Rem – @1900 / might need to build the kitchen first, untested

Side Quests – R-Life Walkthrough & Cheat

Feed monster girls twice a day for +2 trust points each, after you receive a notification that “X” is now your slave, everything will be unlocked.

After feeding family members, and gaining enough trust points, you will get a new quest notification.

Essentially, talk to them in the morning, feed everyone one cooked boba fish, then wait until evening and feed them again.

You can gain +5 trust points in one day, until you get a new quest.

You can technically get +7 if you use the talk option after Rem cooks twice a day, but this takes a lot more effort for the buckets of water.

Rem – R-Life Walkthrough & Cheat

First quest leads to a handjob.

After the second quest, you can ask her to cook while she is standing in front of the kitchen table.

Craft a bucket, and fill it with water at the pond, then transfer it into the barrel next to the table.

All you need to do is press F on the pond water, and you will drink and fill the bucket / water bottle.

The meals that can be cooked will show when you ask her to cook, the ingredients need to be placed in the storage chest.

While outside during “MidDay” you can approach her and use force behind, which you will go doggy on her outside.

This is the only time this scene is available.

Yamakeze – R-Life Walkthrough & Cheat

First quest. If you activate dialogue, it will say “Not now!”

You must have four of both types of cooked fish in your inventory to complete this quest.

She will ask you for milk, which will lead to a blowjob scene.

*Don’t use a blue mushroom on her until the second quest is done.

Eventually you will get another quest, but the log won’t say anything.

According to other sources, you simply stop feeding her for a couple days.

Then at night when you go to sleep, she will wake you.

You will know it works when the “sleep” option has no timer.

Worked for me at 0:00

She disappears in the morning, I wasn’t able to find her, but she will reappear later.

She will then tell you about a red mushroom, which will now allow the mushroom to spawn.

Found by a rock next to the stream, or on the cliff next to the small waterfall.

Can be used at “late night” to make a girl masturbate after you go to sleep.

Make sure you go to SLEEP for at least three hours. Don’t wait or you will waste the mushroom.

Peep on them, and then talk to them in the morning.

For Nyotalia, this raises guilt.

Using a red mushroom on Yamakaze gives the wake up cowgirl scene.

Third quest will unlock after talking / feeding her more.

She will ask you to find her necklace which she dropped in the stream.

You can easily find it right next to the land bridge on the trail in the stream.

This will unlock missionary sex.

Nyotalia – R-Life Walkthrough & Cheat

First quest, her top is missing. This triggers while you are away from the base. Afternoon? Dunno.

The goggles can be found at the end of the trail past the big waterfall. After the skeleton and the rabbit.

They are right next to the water.

Equip the goggles next to the dock, and swim down and find the top.

Give it back to her, and don’t bother requesting anything, you need red mushrooms for that.

Once you have red mushrooms unlocked, you can use them on her late at night. Go to sleep for at least three hours. DO NOT use the wait option, go to sleep.

You will wake up and have the option to peep on her. Talk to her in the morning, “Yes Mom”, to raise the guilt.

Once you have done this enough times, she will take H-requests.

First h-request will unlock paizuri, this will need at least +5 guilt points.

Second h-request will unlock missionary, this will need at least +7 guilt points.

Missionary with Nyotalia is the only h-scene in game where you have free camera control.

You may have to raise guilt points again for repeated scenes, not sure. Didn’t test.

Patchouli – R-Life Walkthrough & Cheat

Talk to her everyday, until you get a quest. This will spawn blue mushrooms on the island.

Two spawn locations. One, near where you found Nyotalia, the other is behind the big pink tree.

Keep talking to her every day until you get a new quest.

Bring her blue mushrooms, and she will now raise her top whenever you ask.

Now you just need to give her a red mushroom during late night.

Wait outside of her tent for exactly two hours, and then talk to her while she is awake.

If you wait longer she will go back to sleep and you will have to repeat.

Continue talking to her once a day.

Once you get a new quest, she will disappear.

You will find her at the blue mushroom spawn under the big pink tree.

Make sure you have a weapon crafted for the next part.

Talk to her, and escort her back to her tent, and fight two skeletons.

Back at the tent, you can now choose to lay with her.

I believe this and the red mushroom scene can be repeated.

Monster Girls – R-Life Walkthrough & Cheat

*** Note: If they run into the water, they can disappear forever. Be careful.

Fish girl was covered early in the guide.

Fox girl can be found after you catch fish girl, and maybe require that you have lizard girl from D1. Not sure.

Android girl can be caught after you have fish girl, and fox girl. Maybe required you have lizard girl and harpy girl? Not sure.

You won’t be able to simply catch her, hit her with a weapon to make her drop.

Press C when she is down, then take her!

Only monster who can be posed.

Instead of feeding, she is caressed.

H-Goddess – R-Life Walkthrough & Cheat

Keep feeding her nature elements, there is two scenes to unlock for now.

It seems you can feed her an infinite amount of nature elements during the day.

Make sure to try h-request after you feed her each time.

You will unlock a blowjob, and then a footjob.

Velvet – R-Life Walkthrough & Cheat

Once you have reverse cowgirl unlocked, that’s it except for night time.

Last time I tried using the red mushroom on her, it froze the game, so proceed with caution.

Blue mushroom should work fine.

Sleeping scenes – R-Life Walkthrough & Cheat

Use a blue mushroom during late night, best at 0:00. Then you can wait, or sleep for two hours.

Now that two hours has passed, the mushroom will allow you to do whatever you want to the sleeping girl without waking them.

If you do not use a mushroom you will wake them up by touching or trying to have sex.

If your sneak skill is high enough, you can still have sex with them, but you cannot touch them.

After their clothes are removed, you can use the mouse to click locations on their body for interaction.

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