Two Horns Living In the Town With Ogres

Two Horns – Living In the Town With Ogres Walkthrough & Cheat

Welcome to Two Horns – Living In the Town With Ogres Walkthrough & Cheat, which helps you to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

Main missions appear in a row until the main story is completed, and side missions are available from certain points onward. You can always go back to do a side mission when it’s available so don’t worry about missing anything.

Main Mission – Usual Day After Work

It’s linear for now, just keep following the directions until you get the club and beat up your first girl. (Side mission 1 opens up) Afterwards, you need to return home to sleep but the landlady’s in the way. You can either go to the Bank and talk to the receptionist to get a key item to make her move, or just smack the landlady and run inside.

Main Mission – The Sisters’ Path – Two Horns – Living In the Town With Ogres Walkthrough & Cheat

(Side missions 5, 6, 7+11 open up) Lots of stuff opens up at this point, and this part’s a lot of steps so brace yourself. Go talk to the girl in the Store you work at. She’ll send you to the bridge at the far side of the long map with the Train Station and Cafe. Talk to the twintailed policewoman, who proceeds to set you up like a rat.

You only need to beat down the twintailed cop, and she’ll retreat. Return Home and you’ll have unlocked 3 jail cells to store girls in. The landlady sees too much and your next task is to stop her. Beat her up and make next month’s deposit inside her, then carry her to a jail cell.

(Note: You can unlock a very small shortcut with the left door in this basement, and you can release the landlady in her jail cell. Releasing her lets you sex her in her home whenever you want, which seems to restore a LOT of health compared to normal girls.)

Heading to the Police Station after the oni girl, you’ll get told to buzz off. You need a uniform, and the sunglasses wearing girl in the alley to the left of the Police Station can help. Save her from the attackers, and she’ll sell useful items including a uniform.

Go talk to the blue haired policewoman on the floor above in the Police Station, and she’ll send you to the big map with the Train Station again. Talk to the policewomen standing around and then head to the Apartment Building next to the Hospital.

You get ambushed by police, so escape from them and return to check the room on the left of the floor above. Talk to the girl and meet her in the room next to the jail cells in the Police Station.

Next head to the School, and go to the far right to get outside the back. Talk to the creep, beat her, and carry her to the Police Station to put her in a cell.

(Note: If you release the stalker, she’ll harass the girl in the Apartment again. If you go save her, the girl will have sex with you whenever as thanks. The stalker will keep peeping at School or stripping the girl until you jail her again.)

Go back upstairs in the Police Station, beat the blue haired policewoman up one more time, give her the ol’ meat stick and put her in a jail cell to finally be done with this part.

Main Mission – Going Across The City – Two Horns – Living In the Town With Ogres Walkthrough & Cheat

(Side missions 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 10+12 open up) You can finally move to the second city now, so head to the Train Station and do it.

(Note: The train is an isolated area no police can enter, so if you want to farm clothes or easy EXP go nuts)

Leave the Train Station in this new town, and put on your work uniform before talking to the Mart girl. You’ll get access to a new save point with 3 more jail cells when you see them upstairs. When you’re ready, get to the Ogre’s Rock Music Venue, there’s a neon sign above it so it’s easy to find.

Go inside and talk to the doorgirl and she’ll say you need a ticket. Go outside and talk to a nearby blonde a couple times to learn her friend at the Apartment Complex has one. Head there and then head to the Parking Area. Beat up the muggers and riot cops to get the ticket.

Return to the Music Venue and get inside. Beat up the first girl, chase them out the room, fight or run away from the fans, go outside and chase the two remaining girls up to the rooftop of the Department Store. Marvel at their powers of flight, and chase them with the doublejump gained from the pigeon hat for sale downstairs. (You did buy it, right?)

(Note: This room you chased them to is where you can meet one of the masked girls from Side Mission 5. She’ll reward you with a fun time.)

Now for maybe the hardest fight in the game; you have to beat a girl with no clothes at all. If your level is low and you don’t have healing items it’s going to be rough. Remember the fox mask from Side Mission 5 gives DEF too, it’s better than nothing. If you survive, head outside and then you’ll meet up with your boss.

A very convenient drunk girl appears outside the Bar just near the Apartments. Talk to her and use her to enter Apartment 1; it’s directly connected to Apartment 3, your target. Put the drunk girl to bed on floor 3, then go back down and head right to get to Apartment 3. Go to floor 6, fight another tough group and bring that Oni to a jail cell.

Main Mission – Eradicate The Evildoers – Two Horns – Living In the Town With Ogres Walkthrough & Cheat

Go outside and after the cutscene, head to the Police Station. You need to enter the window outside, so make sure you can doublejump with the pigeon hat. (Again, it’s in the Department Store. Go buy it.) Beat her up, carry her to your boss at the Mart and then head next door into the office. Listen in, and then board the truck back to the first town.

Go into the Otomo building and prepare for a pretty irritating dungeon with plenty of fighting and going back and forth. Go inside, beat the first girl up, go deeper into the office, beat the girl forcing two office ladies to strip, head upstairs twice and enter the first door to fight two more girls who have a keycard.

The office ladies clothes are in a keycard room just next to them, prompting another battle. Return the OLs clothes and get a key for the 4th floor CEO office. Pick up the riot armour in a keycard room on the floor above on your way up; it’s hilariously strong when worn, and then take the door to the left of the 3rd floor. Fight more jobbers and push through.

Dive down a lift shaft as you do, fight off more losers and follow the OL into the room. Take the lift up to 2F and fight even MORE enemies, return to the OL in the basement and you’ll finally be able to access the CEO office on F4. Go there, and be cafeful; the Oni boss hits like a truck even with riot armour on! Make sure you have some heal items.

Defeat her and you’ll have to carry her back to a jail cell (I recommend the police one) while riot squad is up your ass the entire way. Have fun with that.

Main Mission – The Hidden Homeland – Two Horns – Living In the Town With Ogres Walkthrough & Cheat

You’re finally able to access the Oni Village, so head to the Train Station. A particularly irritating fast bitch intercepts you, have fun chasing her down. When you’ve finally got the drum back, take the train to the Oni Village. Once there, follow your boss through the village and talk to her inside.

It’ll unlock a blocked path to the left of the Train Station. You’ll be able to pick up Side Mission 13 finally at the Hot Spring, and the main quest is to the right inside the big Town Hall building. BEFORE you do this, check the Shop next to the Train Station. When you catch her naked, she’ll sell the best healing items in the game and even revives! Stock up!

I also HEAVILY recommend equipping riot gear and the fox mask, even mooks deal high damage in this area. Break into the Town Hall and check the door to the right. After the event and checking the other side is locked, head upstairs to enter the right hand room and save a human girl. This gets you a key to unlock the locked door previously.

Go through it, take the door just to the left and fight off more enemies. Carry the blonde outside, fighting off another group of enemies on your way out. You’ll get a key for your hard work, so go back inside, MAKE THE FINAL SAVE HERE, and head back to where you found the human girls. Go left, up the stairs and rush for the big double doors.

After the event it’s time to decide what ending you want by smacking one of the sisters. If you attack the one who’s been bossing you around all game, you’ll be rewarded with a key item that lets you ask any revolutionary oni, including the main sisters, for sex whenever you want.

Or if you attack the revolution leader, you’ll get a key item to have sex with ANY oni you want, and Yuiko will come live with you, available for sex whenever you want. There’s no real advantage to siding with the revolutionaries except out of curiosity…

Anyway that ends the main story! You’ll get a key that opens the locked office near your Home, allowing you to restart any Side Mission you want. Also, you can go pickup special items that let you customise girls or pick what sex position you want, by going to the house to the far left of the Town Hall in the Oni Village.

Side mission 1 – Timid Girl At School – Two Horns – Living In the Town With Ogres Walkthrough & Cheat

Can be started after getting the club. Find 3 girls to the far left of the school.

2 ganguro gals are bullying a glasses girl, smack one of the blondies to start a fight. Give them the punishment they deserve. Afterwards run a few screens away to calm glasses girl down, then return and talk to her. She’ll ask you to find her underwear.

You need to enter the school to do it, so either whack the girl outside and rush in with police after you, or bring her a drink of aphrodisiac, follow her inside and steal a Card from the locker. When you enter the school “pump” one of the bullies for information to your left, and she’ll say the underwear is inside the bin in the girl’s toilet to the right. Use the bin and return to glasses girl.

Follow them to the Park and the lead bully will rat on you to the police. You need to lose the wanted level before going to talk to glasses girl in the girl’s toilet there, I recommend hiding inside your home. (Safe zones can never be invaded) Talk to glasses girl again and quest complete!

Reward: You get to sex her whenever you want with the timid girl in the blue house to the left of your home. A winner is you! 😀

Side Mission 2 – At The Nurse’s Office

Inside the School, head to the Nurse’s office. You’ll need to talk to a girl inside each classroom, it’s pretty straightforward. When you’ve corralled the brats, talk to the nurse again and she’ll ask you to get paper cups out of the locker. If you don’t have at least 2 paper cups already, you have to go buy them at the Mart.

Give each of them a paper cup, and they’ll run into the girl’s toilets on both floors. Go bash the stall doors open, “encourage” them to pee, and return to the nurse when you’ve done all four. Job done!

Reward: The nurse will sex whenever you want, and you can talk to the girls to get more pee from them. Pee cups recharge 10SP but more importantly sell for 2000 each to random people on the street.

Side Mission 3 – Unlicensed Doctor

Head inside the Hospital and “acquire” a doctor’s uniform by going into Room 3, beating up the woman who changed and checking the locker she just used. Once you’re dressed as a doctor, head into Room 2. You’ll be sent to get gauze from a locker on the far left of the staff area just past this room.

Now you need to use the phone in the room and deal with patients. The trick is to Palpate, then check each body part. If they react strongly to a specific part, memorise that part and apply your D to that part. Do NOT try to undress or they call the police. It’s actually harder in English, the best hint I have is “Pick what makes them talk more”

Do this three times in a row and you’re done!

Reward: You can keep pretending to be a doctor and “curing” patients.

Side Mission 4 – Unpaid Labour

Go speak to your colleague at the Mart and she’ll ask you to deliver a package to the woman guarding the School. Go do that, and when you get back Minami will send you to a truck just past the Apartments. Beat up the girls and check the driver seat for the item you need.

Return to the Mart again and you’ll get attacked by a group. Be careful of Minami as you beat them up, and when you’re done you’ll get rewarded and mission complete!

Reward: The ability to ask her for sex whenever you want. Yep.

Side Mission 5 – Unplanned Robbery

You’ll see two blue haired tanned girls outside the Bank. Agree to help, and head to the Apartment to get their robbery stuff from her room on the ground floor. You’ll be ambushed by police, so do a runner. Lose the wanted level and return to the tanned blue haired girls by the Bank and follow them inside.

Put the mask on and you’ll have to fight off some police. Beat them all up and pick up a random person as a hostage before taking the door on the left. Throw them down and lewd the office girl to get the keycard, then take the room on the right to reach the vault. Escape and you’re done!

Reward: Not really anything, apart from the mask which adds +1DEF. You can find one of the mask girls hidden high up in the second town and have sex with her later too, that’s about it.

Side Mission 6 – Bathroom Repair – Two Horns – Living In the Town With Ogres Walkthrough & Cheat

Go to use the Baths on the map with the Train Station, and as you enter the mens area a water pipe will burst. After talking to the owner, go through the staff room and find a baddy downstairs. Beat her up, then run away from the police.

Once you’ve lost the wanted level, go to the alley area where the sunglasses girl has her shop, and enter the shed. Go turn the valve at the end, and then go to the Sewer entrance just next to the Police Station. Talk to the girl and her clothes will float off.

Now you need to get to the Sewers via the Hospital underground, which requires either a doctor uniform or just rushing through. Go to room 3, beat the girl up and check the locker for a doctor uniform for an easier time. Go through the staff area and go underground through a black door, heading to the left and avoiding the cops.

(Note: Alternately you can get to the same area underneath the Apartments, but grabbing the doctor uniform is useful, it’s up to you)

Return the clothes to the girl in the Sewers next to the Police Station, then return to the Baths to complete the mission!

Reward: Walk into the men’s baths naked to have sex with the owner whenever you want

Side Mission 7 – Clumsy Maid

Go into the Maid Cafe and head upstairs to see a girl bullying a maid. Smack the rude girl and go downstairs after chatting to the maid. Talk to her again and spend 500 dosh on a meal, then follow her again when she botches it.

She’ll ask you to strip, so talk to her while naked and some other maids will come in and get the wrong idea. I would HEAVILY recommend taking time to re-equip the police uniform or you’ll die in a few hits. Beat off the maids (Heh) while being careful not to hit the clumsy one, and quest complete!

Reward: You get a VIP pass that allows you to ask any maid in the Maid Cafe for sex whenever you want, with a choice of 3 positions.

Side Mission 8 – Punish The Shoplifter

Talk to the girl working the Mart in the second town and she’ll describe a schoolgirl. This part’s fucking annoying; you have to keep leaving and re-entering the Mart until your target appears. Beat her up and talk to the store girl while you’re carrying the thief.

After you’ve punished her again, you have a second shoplifter to hunt down, an office woman. Like the last girl, you’ll need to re-enter the area to refresh until you get her. When you’ve beat her up and shown her to the Mart girl, punish her again and you’re done!

Reward: Basement key to the Mart. It allows you to take a shortcut I guess if you’re carrying someone? It’s something.

Side Mission 9 – Don’t Forget To Lock Up – Two Horns – Living In the Town With Ogres Walkthrough & Cheat

Talk to the office girl on the far right of the Train Station area. She’s locked out her house and you need to help by climbing in the second floor. You need the winged hat from the big Department Store for this, so go buy it immediately for 1200 money.

Use your new double jump to get in through the window of her house, let her in, follow her and beat up the burglars inside. Carry the office girl to Hospital and then you need to go talk to the policewoman in the Police Station. Now it’s time to find the burglars.

One is hiding in the changing rooms in a shop to the left of the Mart, the other is standing in F3 of the Department Store. When you beat each one up, carry them to the Police Station and talk to the woman inside do NOT put them in a jail cell yourself or the quest will get stuck until you release and beat them again.

Return to the office girl’s house, go upstairs and talk to her to end the quest!


Side Mission 10 – Trendy Delivery Service

Talk to the woman running the Dining Bar in the residential area. She’ll ask you to deliver to the blue house just left of the Mart in the first town, so take the train and head there. While you’re delivering, grab the key to the left and you can come lewd this housewife whenever you want. Return to the Bar for the next delivery.

Head for the Apartment Complexes nearby, you want the middle one. Take the lift up to F3 and enter the right hand door. When you’ve recovered, go get another delivery, this time to the riot policewoman just outside the Police Station. You’ll be intercepted by a thief, just beat her ass and finish the delivery. Go to the Bar and you’re done!

Reward: Small change for each delivery, and it’s a repeatable quest. It’s much easier to make money just mugging random girls though, but at least it’s an option?

Side Mission 11 – The Cursed Classroom – Two Horns – Living In the Town With Ogres Walkthrough & Cheat

Talk to the blue haired girl on the left side of the area behind the School. (Reached by taking the far right door in the School.) Head upstairs to Classroom D and talk to a spooky ghost! :O She’ll fly over to the men’s bathroom to the left, talk to her again and she’ll go to the downstairs men’s bathroom.

She’ll then send you to talk to her friend, who is being kept in a treatment room underneath the Hospital. (The blue haired girl gives a hint if you thought to go back to her.) If you didn’t already, grab a doctor’s uniform from the locker in room 3 of the Hospital and go find the ghost through the staff area and downstairs. You’ll find two rooms, one of which is hers.

(Note: The other room always has a random naked girl. You can lewd them, or give them an aphrodisiac first and then lewd them.)

The ghost gives you a special item that lets you touch ghosts, you can probably figure out how that might be used. Return to the blue haired girl that started the quest and the ghost will spook her off. Follow the ghost and help her reach heaven and you’re done!

Reward: The ability to sex, beat up and capture ghosts. There’re only these two in game, so it’s not super useful but I like ghost girls so I’m happy at least.

Side Mission 12 – Bring The Exorcist

Go through the staff only area of the Hospital in the second town. In one of the rooms upstairs you’ll find a nurse with a schoolgirl who’s clearly been possessed. Head to the Bar and talk to a girl on the left and she’ll tell you for a beer. Go into the kitchen to the right and “accidentally” add some aphrodisiac while you get her beer.

After you’ve shown her a good time, go to the room next to hers and “exorcise” her sister. When she’s normal again, return to the Hospital room the possessed girl is in. “exorcise” her too and you’re done!


Side Mission 13 – Reclaim The Hot Spring

The only side mission at the Oni Village. Head into the Hot Spring near the Town Hall and fight several very powerful enemies in a row. When you’re done, head back outside and tell the glasses girl to complete it!

Reward: Three sexy oni girls in the bath who will take you anytime you want.

Advanced Tactics – Two Horns – Living In the Town With Ogres Walkthrough & Cheat

If you animation cancel a dash attack by jumping just as you start, it keeps the momentum and you can do it after landing again and again. You can travel through maps twice as fast as normal. Speedrun strats! 😀 It also won’t alert anyone because the attack is cancelled.

During sex, you can do a few fun things. Once the bar fills up and the white bar starts rising, you can pull out or change position quickly to give them a little false hope. Also, if you tap or hold right arrow you can speed up the sex scene by filling the orgasm bar faster.

If you’re low on health and near a hospital, beating up nurses will cause them to drop blue hearts without needing to sex them. Or just do them afterwards to double up on the healing.

Looking for fast level ups? Try farming the police in a small room. Just keep beating on them until you get sick of it or get too injured, then run off and afk in a safe area (Save point areas) while you have a cup of tea.

Need some easy money? Break open vending machines, bins, cardboard boxes, traffic cones (In the parking area in town 2) and post boxes. The next town tends to drop more money/exp from their people and breakables too.

Press down arrow to block, and if an enemy hits you it’ll deal 1 damage and let you counterattack. It’s potent on early enemies, but later ones are too jumpy to let you counterattack unless you back them against a wall.

Most consumable items have a limit of 5 at any time, but if you’re at the limit and pick one up as a limited item on the ground you can go above the cap. Try to keep at the cap when possible.

Wearing the no sex cap from the Department Store in town 2 lets you instantly grab health off of downed opponents during big battles. It’ll also make them stay down so they don’t get in the way when farming police.

Most enemies have a limited sight range. During nastier battles it’s possible to sometimes lure them to one end of the screen, run to the other and then lure them one at a time instead of all at once, or even get a free back attack on them as they drop their guard.

Cheats – Two Horns – Living In the Town With Ogres Walkthrough & Cheat

If you go to Config on main menu and click “Web” then cancel, and do this 11 times, Debug Mode activates for the next time you start or load a game. (Felixthetrap discovered it first)

Debug Mode lets you save anywhere you want by hitting System in the pause menu while ingame. There are other options but to be honest I’m not sure what they do.

Need money? Know how to Cheat Engine? Just get some cash, do a basic 4byte search of the exact value, go get a bit more money, and you’ll narrow it down in 1-2 steps. Set it to like 30,000 and pick up some more money to update the total and you’re done.

You can also use Cheat Engine at 4byte to find your current HP with a bit of searching, and freeze it by clicking the box next to the value at the bottom if you really want to. (It’ll look like [X])

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