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Something Unlimited Cheat Sheet

Welcome to Something Unlimited Cheat Sheet. The purpose of this reference sheet is to give people a quick reference regarding pertinent details about various characters, that doesn’t involve pages and pages of scrolling and waiting for .pdf pages to load. The game guides that have been created are still quite useful, and can give you a lot of details about each character, and this quick reference isn’t intended to replace those.

Rather, it’s a quick visual guide that can show you things like what control device level a Superheroine will require, who she has dual leash scenes with, bonuses for the various Supervillains and Supervillianesses that get posted to various assignments such as Lexcorp defenses and such, that sort of thing. So it’s a ‘compliment’ to the other guides, not a replacement.

For more detail Walkthrough: Something Unlimited Walkthrough & Guide

SomethingUnlimited 241 QuickReference OhWee

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    This is amazing, I’d love to see it updated again soon. ❤️

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