Magical Girl Celesphonia

Magical Girl Celesphonia Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to Magical Girl Celesphonia Walkthrough & Guide, which helps you to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

by Ondodoher © for F95ZONE.

This is a rough walkthrough, not going into details. It’s just to know where to go if you’re lost during the quest.

This WT doesn’t cover the new game +, after the final boss (So, no big robot).

For additional help, I recommend you the google doc : YQKzz4C8LURoaIgQE4Y7qcmnpOM49FaQLLXE/ed t#g d=134


Don’t forget to upgrades the engrams between the different chapters of the story.

After the prologue (or summary

– Go talk to Ars Memoria (book in your bedroom).

– Talk to Memoria to create Item and create Soul Ink.

– Go in the Memory Room (up the stairs behind Memoria) and learn any spell by clicking on the books. I suggest you Memoria’s Mending and Healing Magic I but it’s up to you.

– Then quit the Memory Room. Memoria will talk to you.

– Go back to reality (Crystal in bottom of the room).

– Go to sleep.

– Quit your home and go to the Station. Ride the train to the school area. Go to School.

– Go to your classroom (3rd floor : 3-1).

– Go to Hazuk ’s house.

– After the sequence in Photography Club your adventure begin.

Chapter I The whereabouts of Hazuki

– Leave the school and go to the Res dent al Area.

– Search for the circles of miama (with a « ? » above them).

– The last one will give you access to the Sewer.

– Go for it and progress until the boss.

– Beat Tentalium.

Renegade’s dark schemes

Quests :

– Father’s Inquiry : Go see the father at the Hospital.

– Determined to fight : Go see Memoria (Now you can send a copy of you at school at the cost of 1 SL per day).

Go talk to Maniya at the Photography club. You now have access to Mado for creating items special items and purchase goods.

Go to Outdoor Mall. North West. Destroy the Pollution Core.

Talk to Memoria.

Go to Station and talk to the Renegade. (Nether Ward added)

In the Renegade’s Base progress until the Boss. Beat Overwork.

The two Celesphonia

– Talk to Maniya (Photo club).

– Talk to him a second time and take the mission « Renegade’s remants » .

[- The completion of the second mission ( « Demi-monstrums in the park ») gives you some money but doesn’t impact the main story.]

– The mission will appear on the main map (Sealed Streets added).

– Talk to the detective go home sleep do some things and wait for Maniya’s call.

– Go to the Sealed Streets progress until the boss. Beat Doppelia.

Shadowed Daily Life

– Go to the school and talk to Maniya.

– Take the 2 missions « Suspicious Drug investigation » and « Missing Nurse » .

Missing Nurse : Go to the 3-1 classroom. Go home you will receive a message with a video. Go talk to Memoria. Go to the photo club. At Night go to Downtown and talk to the people with a hint (!) above their head. Continue until the deep of Downtown. Enter the secret club Banini. Talk to the owner and choose to work. Go work to the Secret Club in the evening or night . At the end of your shift you can put K.O. a man and take his keys to get access to the dungeon (the door behind the owner) but only in morning or noon.

– In the secret club progress until the boss. Beat Hexus.

Suspicious Drug Investigation : Go to the 1st floor in school and talk to Yoshiwara in front of the 2-2 classroom. At night Downtown talk to Hazuki and then talk to the boy (street vendor) with 3 girls around him (Nether Ward depths now acessible). Go to the Nether Ward depths and found the store. You can make a deal and have information by paying 50 000 or by working. Go to the Drug Site. You now have access to the Factory Ruins.

– Progess in the Factory Ruins until the boss. Beat Ill Blood.

Declaration of War

Academy Anomaly : Talk to Memoria about the strangeness at school. Go to School and analyse one of the purple column. You have to destroy the 13

columns around the school. You need to have a good hypnosis resistance to be

able to destroy them (use per example « Lunar Hairpin » item). Once this is done go to the front school and go check behind the statue (on the left).

Otherworld Academy Basement

– Progress until the boss. Beat Lumanard.

Then You need to speak to Azuki at the school’s Pool and then go to the beach with her. After the sequence you have access to the TV Station.

TV Station Liberation

– Progress until the boss. Beat Herheltz.

The Doctor and the revived Demi-Montrum

– Go to the Sewer and beat Tentalium.

– Go to the Photography club.

From now on you can re-fight the bosses (if you beat one you need to sleep for him to re-appear).

– Visit Dad in Hospital. You get the key from the scientist.

– Go to the Park and go to the Women Restroom. Open the lab with the locker.

Doctor’s Lab

– Progress until the boss. The code is SOUL. Beat Demonbreed.

Showdown with Darkgazer

– On the city map go to the Underbase.

– Progress through it and beat Dark Gazer.

After the fight you will have to beat him again in the depths. Beware he has powerful attacks that can one shot you.

Once you beat it or being defeated you reach the end of the game (not really there’s still more after in NG+).

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