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Breed Town 2 Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to Breed Town 2 Walkthrough & Guide, which helps you to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

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Getting Started

This is a basic guide. It will be as pretty as i can, it will be as detailed as i can. There are things i have mentioned but not gone back to. This is due to the fact that i found literally no use for

them. An example is room 13 in the lodge. I will cover how to get all the girls, i will list it in the order that i got them. You can get them in another order but this is how i got em. I would

recommend speeding up via cheat engine but if you do, save more than often as this game can crash while doing so and i have lost progress several times doing this. Good luck.

Good luck and happy hunting.

Upon getting control of your character you are in natasha’s lab. You can choose to sit on the bench or explore, the more items you interact with, the more dialogue you get with natasha.

At this moment i do not know if this affects getting the girl but i choose to do it just in case. So wait on the bench and then interact with the following: The first robot, the console

below it and the door to the left of it. This will get all dialogue with natasha. Then go south and west to the elevator, interact and then return to the main room.

You will be surrounded with bots, talk to the first one in front and get your first girl. Also tell the truth to natasha at all points.

Breedbot – Breed Town 2 Walkthrough & Guide

Given to the player during the intro, you cant breed her again until “optional” tasks are unlocked via a phone call from natasha(they are not optional as you get a girl from them).

Breedbot requires 10 pregnancies to complete.

After the convo with natasha, you will get pretty much free reign but there are some things we have to do early on as there is bugs in the game that cause issues if we dont do them.

Immediately head into the mens bathroom and use the stall on the right, this will hint at one of the girls later. Then wash your hands you degenerate and rummage through the trash for cash.

Each bin in the game will give 5 bucks and you need all the cash you can get.

Now we see three types of npc, grey/blue/pink. Pink are girls we can breed, blue are people who give tips, minor quests for cash or give some random info.

Immediately head right and talk to the blue guy for a free 10$ by the rooms, then head into the rooms. Bin, then talk to the guy at the counter. select talk to unlock a girl and rent a room for 20.

You need a room for multiple girls down the line and if you progress too far ahead, the guy isnt there and you cant get them. While here, interact with door 13 3 times for a later girl.

Then head back into the main room for our 2nd girl.

Gyaru schoolgirl – Breed Town 2 Walkthrough & Guide

To get this girl for free you need to answer some questions, answeres are 1/2/3. If you want, you can move on or you can complete her entry now by repeatedly going after her.

After girl 2 is down, immediately head to the basement(top left) to get another free girl. Just try to walk past the two in the hall to knock out the blue guy and unlock the girl.

She moves to the dance floor room but before that go to the bar, you will see 2 characters we can get here but neither yet. The bartender needs you to get close and the girl in the bottom left

needs wine. For now 5 things. Get a beer for free and go through the bartender’s dialogue options, rummage through the trash, interact with the poster on the wall, hand the beer to the guy outside

the bar and go to the dance floor for girl 3. You will see multiple girls to get here as well but we cant do them. The one we want is on the right.

Floozy – Breed Town 2 Walkthrough & Guide

This chick is free, you can complete her entry here and now as well as she is pretty close to your room.

Now we head upstairs. Top right of the main room, get a cutscene. There are 2 girls to get here but 1 requires an item. Talk to the buy guy next to the pink chick. They will head off somewhere.

Talk to him again in the bar(bottom middle table) to learn the girl went to the rooms. Grab a second beer if you didn’t earlier and then head to the rooms. Find the cheating slut and grab her.

Gyaru Bimbo – Breed Town 2 Walkthrough & Guide

Girl is free, complete her entry and move one. Give the dude some sound advice back at the bar though, don’t want to feel guilty.

There is one final girl to get in the club before we leave and that is the girl we saw back in the rooms when we rented it. Shes in the basement and she need alcohol.

Give her a beer and go for round 1. You need a second beer however to get her. On the way back to the bar to get beer 2, talk to the blue guy by the stairs twice for 5$.

Sweet Slut – Breed Town 2 Walkthrough & Guide

Girl costs 10$, she wants 2 beers from you to fuck her. After that, its free reign to complete her entry and move on. She doesn’t disappear like the others, she just falls asleep.

Now here is where we can do things. There is one more girl we can get in the club but before we do so, we have to go outside. Go to the left of the club and into the clinic, talk to the nurse

at reception and rummage through the bin for 5$. Then go back to the bar in the club and get girl 6. The reason we do this is because the nurse requires a main trigger to pass which we get after

girl 6 in order to become available. If we do it now, we don’t have to wait for another bunch of women to get her. At this point we buy our 4th beer from the waitress at the bar and talk to her for

our 6th girl.

Waitress – Breed Town 2 Walkthrough & Guide

She cost us 20$. If we did this right, talk to her and get backstory from her. If she tells you about herself then you are good to select breed her and get her. We can complete her entry by selecting

breed her again from the talk menu.

Then we get a call from natasha. Head to the lab and get 2 things out of the way. optional tasks and breed bot complete entry. The three optional tasks are a quiz with natasha where you tell the

truth for interesting dialogue and backstory. I don’t know if this impacts our ability to get her later or not. The second task is a fetch quest which gives us a girl and the third unlocks a semi

useless elevator which takes us straight back to the lab from town but requires items to complete.

We can now step outside the club and get stuff done. We will do a full loop of the map and get money and women as they come. Head left for our first stop the clinic. Talk to the nurse and get girl

7 as she is now available.

Nurse – Breed Town 2 Walkthrough & Guide

Free to get but required a main quest trigger to unlock. Complete her entry here and now. To do so, talk to her at the counter and go into the door over and over.

Our next top is literally next door. The pink girl outside the green house is another free girl and you get cash. Before heading inside though, go round back and inspect the sign from behind.

This will say “TAKANO DECLINES” which is a case sensitive/space sensitive password for a later quest which gives us 50$. Then head inside for girl 8.

Priestess – Breed Town 2 Walkthrough & Guide

A girl that is better than free, you get 10$ for breeding her and you can complete her entry here and now by re-entering the building over and over. So get to it.

Next stop cafe next door. Inside there is a few things. There is a bin for 5$, there is 2 pick chicks we will come back for as it gives a free tp to the club, a cameo from the first give via the

tv and the bartender who sells wine/beer. All we need to buy here is beer for the rockers when we need it and 2 bottles of wine. Pick up 1 wine now. You should have 10$ on you 1 beer and 1 wine.

Next stop, the blue building next to the park. Remember the park in just a few as we need a shovel for it. The blue building gives us a delivery quest and a reward of 30$ after it.

Then go to the cafe next door. 1 girl available in here but we don’t have cash rn so dont bother. Just grab the bin and move on. Do the same with the duck donalds next door but there is no girl.

There is a funny mascot outside that you can bug though for fun.

1 screen left and there is a few things. There is a bakery with a girl in it that you cant get yet but there is a bin inside with 5 bucks. Then hit the atm twice for 30$ and head into the mart.

There is a familiar face here from the first game whom is a one time girl we can get but to do so we need to buy every item in the shop. All of which have a purpose but costs near 75$ in total.

We should have 55 so lets get everything but the gas can as we can use them all to get a bunch of shit. Upon leaving we will see a bike go by with a girl we can get. She will cost us 40$ though.

Go to the guy round the corner and give him the wine. He will give you a password “I SCREAM” caps/space sensitive for a later part of the guide.

Next we go to the building on the left at the bottom of the screen where we will get some dosh and 2 girls. We do this by participating in an egyptian porno. First girl is free, second you have

to do a small dialogue choice.

Casting Director – Breed Town 2 Walkthrough & Guide

Free non repeatable girl. Enjoy the scene while you can as you will need to go to the replay machine afterwards. Instant entry completion.

Reenter the building and go through the scenes to get girl 10. Dialogue choices are told to you in the form of script lines before starting and you can memorise them however you wish but for those that

didn’t bother reading them, the option choices are 4/3/1. After this, you immediately get girl 10.

Pornstar – Breed Town 2 Walkthrough & Guide

Girl is free after a dialogue sequence, you also get paid for this gig. However to complete the entry, you must repeatedly fuck her without ending the shoot. It will automatically stop you once its

done. Continue to select breed her AGAIN! to complete the entry. This scene is non-repeatable unless you use the replay machine.

Upon getting your 30, we have some things to do. Head back to the club, do down a screen into an alley though. Head into the first right(the shop) to unlock the chubby cop for later. Then go down

one more building and unlock the secondary elevator into natasha’s lab. Then go back to park on the way to the mart and dig up the dirt for 10$. Then go to the bakery next to the mart and buy the cop

some donuts. Go to the park again and talk to the cop for a small cutscene and this will unlock her for later. Next head to the mart and get the gas can, our last time. Talk to the clerk and find

out her shift has ended. She is now at the beach and is our next girl. She is a sad one as we did bad things to her in the last game but hey thats life. Before getting her, dig up the sand for 10$.

Cashier(Naoki) – Breed Town 2 Walkthrough & Guide

She cost us 75$ and is a character from the previous game. This is non-repeatable and is one time. You can replay it in the lab but thats it. It is kind of sad but she is the only character our

mc actually remembers by name and is kind of guilty about.

Get a call from an unknown number. We were told not to answer phone calls besides natasha but i don’t know if this impacts the ability to get natasha so i answered it anyway. Its a call from

vivian, our handler from the first game but it gets blocked by natasha. Oh well. Exit the screen the way we came to get rid of the sound bug then continue right along the beach for another girl.

Hippie – Breed Town 2 Walkthrough & Guide

Free girl, requires dialogue options 1/2/3. Complete her entry here and now.

Talk to the guy on the right of the screen and get a medkit for the unloaded gun you got earlier. Then head north. Nearly done our big loop but before we do this screen we have to do something else.

Go left into the alleyway. Immediately head into the building below you and hand over documents for the quest. Then head into the far left warehouse and get a 100$ fake bill. Then head into the

mechanics shop for the second optional quest and our next girl.

Technician – Breed Town 2 Walkthrough & Guide

Free girl, part of a side quest, you can only finish her after handing the part to natasha

Go to natasha via the elevator in the nearby alley and get the optional side quest fast food. This requires you to go to duck donalds to pick up 2 flappy meals, i don’t know the consequences of

getting 3 and i didn’t bother to find out. Return to natasha and get one more side quest which will get us another girl in the form of our chubby cop. But first, we need a pumpkin spice latte.

This is bought from the cafe next to the technician. Grab the bin for 5$ as well and you can finish mechanic while you are here. Go to the cop when you have the pumpkin spice latte. Then follow

her to the alley and get her into the elevator. Follow her down, go through the dialogue, talk to natasha and breed the cop in the bottom left room of the lab.

Cop(Clara Blum) – Breed Town 2 Walkthrough & Guide

Cost us a total of 15$, You can finish her entry by going in until natasha stops you. This is 11 in total at the moment. Then go to the embry counter machine and check the cop to finish the entry.

Now then time to go back to the right side screen we came from before the last 2 girls so we can get cash and more girls. Head into the blue building to hand another quest document over. Then talk

to the bike chick we saw earlier. This costs us 20$ but gives us fast travel capabilities. Lets get this chick now though. Talk to her and ride the bike, repeat until the mc asks how to get her into

bed. Since we have the gas can already, you can immediately get girl 15.

Courier – Breed Town 2 Walkthrough & Guide

Cost us 40$ but gives us fast travel. Her house is also right next to where we first meet her so its easy to finish her entry here.

After this we are heading into the casino right next door for girl 16 and some cash. Interact with the bin in the top left and the blue guy right next to it for cash. Then as you should still have

the beer from the club as we didn’t use it, give it to the guy behind the counter and talk to him a second time. Give him the password from the beginning “TAKANO DECLINES” for 50$. Then talk to the

blue guy in the far right corner to unlock girl 16. Go outside and talk to her, challenge her to gambling and show her the fake 100$. Go inside and challenge her, it will be rock paper scissors.

It doesn’t matter about the outcome, winning/losing will give different scenes but no difference in game play. Choosing rock i won. After this you go to her apartment which is the same as the

couriers and bang her.

Black haired Gambler – Breed Town 2 Walkthrough & Guide

Free girl, just keep beating her at the casino in rps to keep breeding her and finish her entry. After the first victory, it only takes 1 win each time instead of best of 5.

After this, we head once left and get another bunch of things to do. First blue building, finish the quest, get 30$. Next far left warehouse, you need all 3 items from the store for this and you

get a bloody rope. Then the big brothel, talk to the reception twice and get a quest to find a doll. Talk to the two blue guys to get no information then talk to the receptionist again and they

talk about the bakery. On the way there, go to the clinic and talk to the blue guy on the right and give him the medkit. That gives a treasure map. Go to the bakery and talk to the owner. Then go

do the treasure map. From the pier where you met naoki, start at the edge of the metal. Go up 1 onto the tiles and then 8 tiles right and you will get 50$ and a gold amulet. They mention a museum.

We’ll get back to it. We go back to the bakery. More specifically the screen right. Go up the alley right next to the closest building on the left and go to the bakery from behind. Get a short

cutscene and interact with the doll. Get girl 17.

Bakery theif – Breed Town 2 Walkthrough & Guide

This girl is free but is part of the questline, you get her immediately upon interacting with the doll. While here, finish her entry by putting as many buns in that oven as possible.

Leave through the front door and return to the brothel with the stolen doll. On the way open the wooden door by the club and open the passage into the basement of the club. Talk to the girl in

line, get 5$ that was previously blocked on the screen to the left, go into the secret passage and talk to the girl to get her in the club. We will get her when we return. Then go back to the brothel

and hand in the doll. You can lie or tell the truth, i lied to cover the baker as i liked the scene. Go upstairs and claim your prize.

Courtesan – Breed Town 2 Walkthrough & Guide

Free for completing the stolen doll quest. Similar to the porn star, keep flooding her while here to complete the entry or you lose the chance as far as i know.

Our next stop is another brothel but less glamourous. Go into the building next to the blue one, trash can and then talk to the girl up top. She costs 5$ but its free after that. Breed her.

Rude girl – Breed Town 2 Walkthrough & Guide

Costs 5$ but is free afterwards, finish her up here and now. Ignore the fact her arms should be broken.

Our next stop is the building next door where we can get a massage and a steam bath. 2 girls for the taking but it costs cash.

Sauna slut – Breed Town 2 Walkthrough & Guide

Costs 20$ she runs off after 1 rounds but thats it. According to the embryo tracker.

Masseuse – Breed Town 2 Walkthrough & Guide

Costs 30$ initially and then 5$ everytime after wards. Should cost about 75 in total. Finish her up immediately and get it out of the way. I had 75$ left afterwards at this point so should you.

Now to finish up the last few things outside the club. Go to the bar and get a second bottle of wine. This causes the bartender to give you a very fancy bottle upon attempting to exit the building.

Then buy a beer and talk to the 2 girls. Give one, buy another but wait before handing it in. We are heading to the cafe next door before hand. Order the more expensive ommlette and get the maid.

Maid – Breed Town 2 Walkthrough & Guide

Cost 15. You get a maid pin for doing this and thus you can breed the maid fully and finish her off.

Go back to the bar, hand in the second beer and get the threesome. This will also teleport you back to the club for everything else we still have to do.

Drummer and Bassist – Breed Town 2 Walkthrough & Guide

Costs 10$ and is a threesome. They are outside your room and you can finish them off here and now.

Now to immediately get three more girls. One is in the bar in the bottom left, one is in the basement and one is on the second floor. The second floor one requires

the dialogue choices 1/3/1 and condoms.

Ebony – Breed Town 2 Walkthrough & Guide

Costs 10$ for condoms which you dont use, finish her here and now. Talk to the guy next to her afterwards for 5$

Bitch – Breed Town 2 Walkthrough & Guide

Cost 15$ for a crowbar and was accessed via the basement secret passage. Finish here and now.

Bougie – Breed Town 2 Walkthrough & Guide

Cost 20$ for wine but stays outside your room and is thirsty. Finish her here and now.

Then we go to the dancefloor for girl number 28. She is dancing in the middle but heads to the bathrooms. Go to the mens bathroom and use the gloryhole.

Party Girl – Breed Town 2 Walkthrough & Guide

Free, keep using the glory hole to finish her off here and now.

Now then onto the last 4. These stumped me for quite a while but in the end i figured them out. First is the Idol.

To get her you simply need to go through Takano’s story. Try to exit the club and you are given a signet ring. Go up to where you saw her last on the second floor and go to her offices.

She will ask you if you like the view and i said it was ok, she asked if i said i liked idols and i said i love them. As such she ordered a public breeding of the idol. Go downstairs and get your


Idol Shizu – Breed Town 2 Walkthrough & Guide

Free girl, you get her through Takano. Its a one time scene and its very enjoyable. You can only repeat it via the machine in the lab.

After this you cannot touch the idol anymore as Takano orders than anyone can use your sloppy seconds. From here go back to her office with her and talk for a bit. When you try to leave she will

jump you. Since you will not rape her, she will rape you.

Takano – Breed Town 2 Walkthrough & Guide

Free girl, The only reverse rape scene in the game and quite scary too. This is not a one time scene, keep going until its done. If you can now, go for the next girl then reurn to try for more.

And the final catch of the game. This one stumped me for the longest time. I ended up only finding where to go via a post on the page. You need to go to the west most pier on the beach

and you will find a sparkling area. This is a pile of clothes and we meet our second last girl.

Peppy girl – Breed Town 2 Walkthrough & Guide

She is free but tedious. You find her skinny dipping at the beach. From here you go to the cafe where you get the pumpkin spice latte. Then the clocktower. Then the brothel with the doll side mission.

Then the maid cafe. Then the dance floor of the lodge, shes in the top left. Then you go to the ice cream shop. To get there go into the alleyway from the lodge and go to the bottom left of the area,

there will be a passage here and a single house. This is where we use the password from the drunk guy. If you don’t remember it is “I SCREAM” caps/space sensitive. You are given a single dialogue choice

here as the other choice just gets rejected. Have sex. This is not a one time like the last two. Keep going unti you are finished.

Time for the final conquest. Natasha herself.

Talk to her and select progress. Save and enter the door. See a creepy as cutscene with a mecha and a mad scientist and then fuck the every loving shit out of her. She is the daughter of vivian leroe

your handler, your fuckbuddy and now she is yours too.

Natasha LeRoe – Breed Town 2 Walkthrough & Guide

No explaination needed. Do your part. Take her virginity. Make her yours.

After this there is talking and cutscenes, get on the train and end the game. During the final cutscene you will get a dossier of all the girls you impregnated and how many kids that all had if you

want to see that.

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