A.O.A. Academy

A.O.A. Academy Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to A.O.A. Academy Walkthrough & Guide, which helps you to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

Intro – A.O.A. Academy Walkthrough & Guide

Game Plan:

The guide lists the choice(s) in the game, so you can determine how to obtain scenes, relationship points and unlock gallery items.


[Trigger] – Variables which affect dialogues, game events and unlocking gallery items. [nNameLove +/-] – Relationship points gained/lost per character.

[Gal#] – Gallery item variables.

{Go to Anchor} – Links which go to another location in the walkthrough.

* Lewd scene * – Bounding asterisks indicate lewd scenes.

[wallpaper#] – Wallpaper item variables.

Tip: You can search for variables by: Ctrl + F then enter Variable. This is useful to find where a particular trigger was set, or to find all the relationship points for a particular character.


This game contains adult material. All characters in this game are fictional and over 18 years old. You must be of legal age to play this game.

PROLOGUE – A.O.A. Academy Walkthrough & Guide

P Start

Kara says you need to rest.

• Insist.

• Relent.

You call Ashley.

• I missed you.

• How are you doing?

Ashley asks how you got her number?

• Chit – Chat.

• Straight to the point.

Ashley tells you she’s a student at A.O.A. too.

• That’s awesome!

• What a coincidence..

Ashley offers to pick you up from the train station.

• I’d love that. [nAshLove +1]

• I don’t know..

Ashley has to go.

• Goodnight, Ashley. [nAshLove +1]

• Goodbye, Ashley.

P Old Town Station

Click Hotspot: [gal1]

Check Phone:

Ashley: Ashley hopes you’re excited. [bPhoneAshMsg1]

• Excited to see you..

• Excited to see the city.

P Dalias City Stop

Help passenger with her baggage?

• Help her with her baggage. [bpTrain_ValeryHelp; nValeryLove +1; gal9] She thanks you.

o You’re welcome.

o Check her out.

• Stay.

If bpTrain_ValeryHelp: Valery sits beside you.

• Be friendly.

• Be flirty. [nValeryLove +1]

P Train

Freeroam: Explore the train.

P Train Main

Click Right arrow: {Go toP Train Jack}

Click Hotspot: [gal8]

Click standing woman: [bpexptrain_vicky_talk]

You talk about their argument.

• Are you guys a couple? [bpexptrain_vicky_brother]

• Leave her alone.

Ends freeroam. {Go toP New Hampshire Station}

P Train Jack

Click Angry man: [bpexptrain_jack_talk]

Click Left arrow: {Go toP Train Main}

P New Hampshire Station

Ashley calls you.

• I’m doing great!

• Can’t wait to see you.

P Subway

Freeroam: Explore the subway station.

Check Phone:

Ashley: She is on her way. [bPhoneAshMsg2]

Speak to all:

Click Jack: [bpexpsubway_jack_talk]

If bpexptrain_vicky_talk: Jack doesn’t like you snooping around his sister.

• I’m not scared.

• Fine.

Click Vicky: [bpexpsubway_vicky_talk; nVickyLove +1]

Click Valery: [bpexpsubway_valery_talk]

P Exit Subway

Ashley asks what you think changed about her?

• Her hair.

• Her tattoo.

• (Flirt) You’ve grown beautiful. [nAshLove +1]

Josh saw this punk chick, thinks she’s hot!

• I didn’t notice.

• I think so, yeah..

Now we have a chance to start over again.

• Grab her hand. [nAshLove +2; gal2]

• It’s okay.

P Academy Office

Rich asshole says, “He’s a much better fit living off the farm”.

• Confront.

• Be quiet.

Rich asshole says most are here to escape their mundane hometowns.

• Hold back your anger.

• Let it rip.

Rich asshole says you should be more careful when pick a fight.

• You asked for it.

• It’s your fault.

Girl says, “What happened here? Why do you look so sad, Cutie?”

• He’s an ass.

• It’s nothing.

Jenny says it’ll be a waste if we lose such a promising individual.

• Check her out.

• Don’t check her out.

Jenny asks your name.

• Tell her your name. [bpacademy_jenny_name; nJennyLove +1]

• Be quiet.

Jenny asks you to take a seat.

• You alright? [nJennyLove +1]

• Sit down.

Jenny says, “My brother’s a special kind of a dick.”

• I’m sorry for what happened.

• Thank you. [nJennyLove +1]

Jenny wants to make a deal with you.

• I don’t want your help. [nJennyLove -1] {Go toP Leave}

• I can’t return the favor. [nJennyLove +1] {Go toP Deal}

P Leave

Am I sure about this?

• Then I won’t stay here.

Jenny says, “Just give this a chance.”

o Leave the academy. – GAME OVER! {Go toEnd}

o Okay.. {Go toP Deal}

• I’m sorry. {Go toP Deal}

P Deal

Jenny asks you to come work for her.

• Ask for details.

• Accept. [nJennyLove +1]

Ashley offers to hold onto your stuff until you come back.

• It’s so great having you here. [nAshLove +1]

• I gotta go now.

P Jenny Drive

Jenny thinks Ashley’s a nice girl.

• Ask about her story.

• Continue.

P Jenny’s Home

Jade wants you to take your shirt off.

• Nope. {Go toP Cleaning}

• I suppose I could.. [bpTakeShirtOff]

Pick one of the girls to take their top off.

• Valery. [spJenShowBoobs = “val”;”nValeryLove +1]

• Jade. [spJenShowBoobs = “jad”;”nJadeLove +1]

• Jenny. [spJenShowBoobs = “jen”;”nJennyLove +1; gal7]

• Rebecca [spJenShowBoobs = “reb”;”nRebLove +1; gal11] Rebecca says, “Don’t stare at them like that”. ”

o You look great! [nRebLove +1]

o Stop looking at her.

Jade offers to relieve your hard-on.

• Refuse. [nRebLove +1; nJennyLove +1; nValeryLove +1]

• Accept. ** Jade blowjob ** [bpJadSuck; nJadeLove +1; gal10]

P Cleaning

Freeroam: Pickup discarded clothing.

P Lounge Room

Click Cloth1: Pickup hoodie. [bpExpJenCloth1]

Click Cloth2: Pickup panties. [bpExpJenCloth2]

Click Valery: Talk to Valery. {Go toP Valery Talk}

Click Rebecca: Talk to Rebecca. [bpExpJenRebTalk]

Click Down arrow: {Go toP Dining Room}.

P Valery Talk

• If spJenShowBoobs = “val”: Cute tits.

• You’re beautiful. [nValeryLove +1]

{Go toP Lounge Room}

P Dining Room

Click Cloth3: Pickup clothing. [bpExpJenCloth3]

Click Jade: Talk to Jade. {Go toP Jade Talk}

Click Hotspot: [gal6]

Click Down arrow: {Go toP Lounge Room}

Click Door (up arrow):

If bpExpJenCloth1 And bpExpJenCloth2 And bpExpJenCloth3:

Ends freeroam. [bpExpJenDone] {Go toP Laundry}

Else: Continue picking up clothes

P Jade Talk

You ask what Jade’s doing? [bpExpJenJadTalk]

• Don’t do anything.

• Flirt. [bJadeHasNumber; nJadeLove +1]

If bpTakeShirtOff: Jade hopes she won’t scare you away.

• I’m not scared..

• I’m looking forward for more. [nJadeLove +1]

{Go toP Dining Room}

P Laundry

Jade just wants Jenny to be happy.

• I want her to be happy too.. [nJadeLove +1]

• I’ll see what I can do.

P Jenny’s Bedroom

Jenny asks if you had a good time.

• It was fun.

• It was strange.

Jenny explains how you got into A.O.A.

• Thank you so much.

• I’m glad I’ve met you. [nJennyLove +1; gal4]

Jade asked if I could try to find out about Jenny’s problems.

• Why couldn’t you sleep?

If nJennyLove >= 4: Jenny says someone she cares about is not doing well.

o Jade’s worried about you. [bpJennyKnowsJade]

o I’m worried about you.

• Don’t bother.

If spJenShowBoobs = “jen” and nJennyLove >= 5:

Jenny asks if you want to touch her boobs.

• Refuse.

• Accept. – Jenny says, “Don’t be shy..”

o Boobies!! [nJennyLove +1]

o Hug her. [nJennyLove +1]

P Dorms

Girl says, “What a wimp..”

• Check her out.

• Don’t even bother.

P Epilogue

If nAshLove >= 5: [gal3]

If nJennyLove >= 9: [gal5]

If nValeryLove = 0: [gal12]

P End

CHAPTER 1 – A.O.A. Academy Walkthrough & Guide

C1 Start

Bug: Chapter 1 Gallery Image 17 (Page 3, Image 5) can’t be unlocked.


Ashley asks if you want to join them for breakfast?

• Decline.

• Accept. [bc1BreakfastAshley]

C1 Dorm Morning

Freeroam: Explore the dorm.

C1 X Dorm Phone

Check Phone:

Jade: If bpJadSuck: Sends a selfie. [bPhoneJadMsg1]

• Nice..

• Are you topless?

Jenny: Checks to see how you’re settling in. [bPhoneJennyMsg1]

• Thanks..

• How are you?

C1 X Dorm Main

Click Eric: Talk to Eric. [bc1Dorm_eric_talk]

• Classes

• What brings you here.

Click Vicky: Talk to Vicky. [bc1Dorm_vicky_talk]

Vicky just got back from a run.

• Where’s your brother?

• How’s life so far.

Sounds like a complicated relationship.

• Do you hate your brother?

• Let’s hang out together sometime. [bVickyHasNumber; nVickyLove +1]

Click Up arrow (Exit door): If Not bc1BreakfastAshley:

Leave dorm alone?

• Leave your dorm. Ends freeroam. [bc1expdormexit] {Go toC1 Aca Alone}

• Stay.

Click Down arrow (Bottom right): {Go toC1 X Dorm Mid}

C1 X Dorm Mid

Click Left arrow: {Go toC1 X Dorm Main 2}

Click Ashley’s door: If bc1BreakfastAshley: Call Ashley?

• Yes. Ends freeroam. [bc1expdormexit] {Go toC1 Ash Breakfast}

• Stay.

Click Right arrow: {Go toC1 X Dorm Main}

C1 X Dorm Main 2

Click girl: Talk to Dani. [bc1Dorm_dani_talk]

• Leave her alone.

• What happened?

Click Down arrow (Bottom right): {Go toC1 X Dorm Mid}

C1 Ash Breakfast

Walk to Academy with Ashley and Sung Ji. On arrival see Valery and Rebecca.

• Greet them.

• Don’t greet them.

Ashley says Sung Ji’s really good at karaoke.

• ..

• Would love to hear you sing sometime.. [Galc1_1]

Sung Ji teases Ashley about Roy.

• Tease Ashley. [nSungLove +1]

• Don’t tease her.

Ashley says, “We had good times together back then.”

• Ashley’s a great company. [nAshLove +1]

• She’s right.

{Go to C1 Briefing}

C1 Aca Alone

Walk to Academy alone. On arrival see Valery and Rebecca.

If nValeryLove >= 3: [bc1ValRebLibraryKnow]

Go to the library with Valery and Rebecca?

• Go to the library. [nValeryLove +1; nRebLove +1] {Go toC1 Library}

• Decline. {Go toC1 Breakfast Alone}

• Library? Valery asks if you’re coming?

o Yes. [nValeryLove +1; nRebLove +1] {Go toC1 Library}

o No. {Go toC1 Breakfast Alone}

Else: {Go toC1 Breakfast Alone}

C1 Library

Meet Ms. Helena. She asks Rebecca if you’re someone special? [bKnowsHelena]

• We’re friends..

• Joke around with Rebecca.. [nRebLove +1]

Click Rebecca: Talk to Rebecca.

Rebecca is looking for an old music book, used to play piano.

• Drop the subject.

• Why did you stop?

{Go toC1 Briefing}

Click Valery: Talk to Valery.

Ask about.

• Ask about her.

• What subjects do you like?

{Go toC1 Briefing}

C1 Breakfast Alone

Meet Roy the cafe guy and your lecturer Elizabeth. [bc1MetElizabethBR]

Cafe guy says “She’s quite the babe, huh?”

• Yeah.

• I didn’t notice.

C1 Briefing

Elizabeth asks you to stay after the briefing.

• Her relationship with Jenny..

• Don’t worry.

Some guys are hassling Valery. They ask if you’re her boyfriend.

• I am. [bc1ValGF; nValeryLove +1]

• I’m not.

Ask Valery about.

• About Ms. Elizabeth.

Valery says Elizabeth is beautiful. Wonders if she’s taken.

o There’s no ring..

o You’re pretty too. [nValeryLove +1]

• About the other student. [bc1valKnowAurora]

Rebecca asks what Elizabeth wanted?

• Be honest. [nRebLove +1]

• It’s about nothing.

Jade arrives late after buying pills.

If nJadeLove >= 3: Jade says, “Morning, handsome..”

• Morning, Jade.

• Morning, cutie. [nJadeLove +1]

Elizabeth leaves the class. Ask Jade about.

• About Jenny.

Jenny has trouble sleeping. If nJennyLove >= 4:

o Tell her about Jenny’s worries. [bc1JadeKnowsJennyp; nJadeLove +1]

o Don’t tell her.

• About The pills.

Jade says the pharmacy assumed she was a night-whore.

o From how you dress?

o That’s disrespectful…

Jade wants to arrange the seats. Doesn’t know Aurora’s name.

• She’s Aurora.

• Call her yourself.

Aurora becomes nervous when you speak to her.

o Queen’s legacy. [bc1MeRecognizeAurora]

o Ms. Elizabeth.

There’s a quiz, you don’t know half the answers.

If nRebLove >= 2: Rebecca asks if you’re having trouble?

• Lie.

• Tell the truth.. [bc1BriefRebTeach; nRebLove +1]

C1 Academy

Freeroam: Explore the Academy, then go see Jenny in the dean’s office.

C1 X Academy Phone

Check Phone:

Ashley: Invites you to hang out with her in the library. [bPhoneAshMsg3]

Jenny: Jenny asks you to meet her in the dean’s office. [bPhoneJennyMsg2]

Vicky: Vicky fought with her brother again. [bPhoneVickyMsg1]

• What happened?

• The usual?

C1 X Class

Click Elizabeth: Talk to Elizabeth. {Go toC1 X Elizabeth}

Click Door icon (Left side): Leave classroom. {Go toC1 X Class Corridor}

C1 X Class Corridor

Click Down-left arrow (Bottom left): {Go toC1 X Main Corridor}

Click Aurora: Talk to Aurora. {Go toC1 X Aurora}

Click Door icon (Bottom right): Return to classroom {Go toC1 X Class}

C1 X Main Corridor

Click Door icon (Left door): Ends freeroam. [bc1acaexpdone] {Go toC1 Office}

Click Up arrow (Middle): {Go toC1 X Foyer}

Click Man: Talk to unknown man. {Go toC1 X Valery}

Click Down-right arrow (Bottom right): {Go toC1 X Class Corridor}

C1 X Foyer

Click Down-left arrow (Bottom left): {Go toC1 X Main Corridor}

Click Heather: Talk to Heather. {Go toC1 X Heather}

Click Right arrow (Stairs): {Go toC1 X Library}

C1 X Library

Click Door icon (Bottom): {Go toC1 X Foyer}

Click Helena: Helena’s busy.

Click Up arrow (Archway): {Go toC1 X Library 2}

C1 X Library 2

Click Up left arrow (Left): {Go toC1 X Library 3}

Click Down arrow (Bottom): {Go toC1 X Library}

Click Sung Ji: Talk to Sung Ji. {Go toC1 X Sung Ji}

C1 X Library 3

Click Ashley: Talk to Ashley. {Go toC1 X Ashley}

Click Up arrow (Archway): {Go toC1 X Library 2}

C1 X Elizabeth

You offer to help Elizabeth. [bacaexp_elitalk; nElLove +1; Galc1_4]

• Insist. [nElLove +1]

• Don’t help her.

Elizabeth asks what you want to talk about.

• Students.

Elizabeth says there were others that failed.

o It’s not your fault..

o What happened?

• The course..

o Subjects.

o Passing criteria.

Elizabeth tutors you. Says she wants to focus on her job.

• Romance.

• Friends.

Elizabeth chat continues.

• Thank you.

• Reasons to be a teacher.

Elizabeth says she was lucky to be accepted into this academy.

o Ask why. [bc1ElizabethpastHint]

o Don’t ask.

{Go toC1 X Class}

C1 X Aurora

Aurora realized she’s really behind. [bacaexp_autalk; bAuroraHasNumber]

• Actress.

Aurora never has time for anything outside of her job.

o Reasons to be an actress.

o How long have you been an actress?

• People finding out.

Aurora asks what you think of the TV series.

o Be honest. [nAuroraLove +1]

You say nothing else on and liked how she looked.

▪ Compliment. [nAuroraLove +1]

▪ Don’t compliment.

o Lie.

Aurora says she shouldn’t involve you in her problems.

• We’re in this together. [nAuroraLove +1; Galc1_3]

• It’s okay.

If nAuroraLove >= 2: Aurora asks why you didn’t complete high school?

• Tell her. [bc1MeAuroraStory; Galc1_G2]

• Don’t tell her.

{Go toC1 X Class Corridor}

C1 X Valery

The man asks if you’ve seen Valery. [bacaexp_valtalk]

• What’s your business with her?

• Never seen her before. [bc1ClintLie]

Valery didn’t expect to see you talking to Clint.

• Ask about him.

• Don’t ask.

If nValeryLove >= 4: Valery asks if you want to talk for a while?

• Accept. [bc1acaexp_val_encourage; bValeryhasNumber; nValeryLove +1] Valery says she did something really bad in the past.

o I’m here. [nValeryLove +1]

o You’re not alone.

• Decline.

If nValeryLove >= 5: Valery asks if you want to join her at the gym?

• Sure. [bc1ValGym_hangout]

• I have things to do.

{Go toC1 X Main Corridor}

C1 X Heather

You thank Heather for her help yesterday. [bacaexp_heatalk]

• The students.

• How are you today?

Heather asks if something’s wrong?

• How long have you worked here?

• Ring.

Heather needs to deliver papers to Ms. Daniels.

• Help her. [nHeaLove +1]

• Don’t help her.

{Go toC1 X Foyer}

C1 X Sung Ji – A.O.A. Academy Walkthrough & Guide

Sung Ji asks, “What brings you here?” [bacaexp_sungtalk]

• Where’s Ashley?

• Looking for a book?

Sung Ji asks if you have feelings for Ashley?

• I liked her. [bc1acaexp_sung_ashlike]

• We’re just friends.

{Go toC1 X Library 2}

C1 X Ashley – A.O.A. Academy Walkthrough & Guide

You learned a few new things in that briefing. [bacaexp_ashtalk]

• I need to study hard. [bc1acaexp_ash_me_study]

• Ms. Elizabeth.

Ashley comments on Elizabeth’s elegance.

o You’re not that different. [nAshLove +1]

o Don’t compliment.

• Aurora..

Ashley asks why you’re here?

• I wanted to see you. [nAshLove +1]

• I wanted to look around.

If nAshLove < 5: {Go toC1 X Library 3}

Ashley says it was difficult living without you.

• I feel the same way too.

• You’re doing fine now.

Ashley asks if you want to study with her.

• Study with her. [nAshLove +1]

If nAshLove >= 9: Ashley asks if you want to hang out tonight?

o Accept. [bc1ash_hangout; nAshLove +1; Galc1_2]

o Refuse.

• Don’t study with her.

{Go toC1 X Library 3}

C1 Office

Jenny looks amazing for someone who hasn’t slept in days.

• How are you doing?

• I’m glad to see you here.

Jenny asks you to take her hand.

• What now?

• (Flirt) Soft hands..

Jenny asks you to guess what we’re doing?

• A dance?

• Exercise?

If nJennyLove >= 8: Are you nervous about Jenny being this close?

• Yeah… [nJennyLove +1]

Jenny rests her head on your shoulder. Do you mind?

o Yeah..

o Hold her close. [nJennyLove +1; Galc1_7]

• I like it.

C1 Dance

Jenny leads you to the multipurpose room to practice dancing. [bc1JenDance]

Jenny asks if you want to see the girls in their swimsuits?

• I’d rather see yours..

• Of course I do.

Jenny asks if you like her.

• I do. [nJennyLove +1; Galc1_G3]

• I don’t know.

Jenny collapses, seems out of it.

• How are you feeling.

• A dream?

If nJennyLove >= 10: [bc1Jen_KnowsCancer; Galc1_8]

If Not bc1ValGym_hangout: Jenny says let’s go to the pool.

• Not a good idea.

• Her condition.

{Go toC1 Pool}

Else: {Go toC1 Val Gym}

C1 Val Gym

Valery asks what you talked about with Josh.

• About girls..

• About you. [nValeryLove +1]

Valery suggests a bet. Loser does anything the winner says.

• Accept. [bc1ValGym_bet; nValeryLove +1; Galc1_12]

• Refuse.

Valery falls, losing the bet.

• Yeah.. about that..

• Let it go.

You and Valery agree to meet up in the dean’s office.

If bc1ValGym_bet: Valery isn’t going to back down on the bet.

• Gimme a hug. [bc1ValGym_Hug; nValeryLove +3; Galc1_G6]

• Strip. Valery strips naked. [bc1ValGym_strip] Valery can feel your stare.

o Be playful. [nValeryLove +1]

o Flirt.

{Go toC1 Office 2}

C1 Pool

You join Jade and Rebecca at the pool.

• Where’s Valery?

• Looking good..

Jenny asks whose swimsuit is your favorite?

• Jenny. [nJennyLove +1]

• Jade. [nJadeLove +1]

• Rebecca. [nRebLove +1]

If nRebLove >= 3:

Rebecca offers to teach you how to swim.

• Accept. {Go toC1 Pool Rebecca}

• Refuse.

If nJadeLove >= 7: {Go toC1 Pool Jade}

Else: {Go toC1 Office 2}

Else If nJadeLove >= 3: {Go toC1 Pool Jade}

Else: {Go toC1 Office 2}

C1 Pool Rebecca

Rebecca says, “Just tell me if you want to stop”.

• Continue.

• Swimming.

Rebecca asks if you’re tired.

• You should swim. [bc1Pool_RebTalkCon; Galc1_9]

• I’m done.

Rebecca asks what you’re talking about.

• Lie.

• About you.

If Not bc1Pool_RebTalkCon: {Go toC1 Office 2}

Rebecca wants to swim a few more laps.

• Have fun. {Go toC1 Office 2}

• Can I join? [nRebLove +1; Galc1_10]

Rebecca hits her head. Thinks she should call it a day.

• Let her go.

• What are you daydreaming about?

Rebecca asks what you think of her?

• A kind soul.

• Someone I like. [bRebInterest; nRebLove +2; Galc1_G4] Rebecca thought you’d go for the other girls.

o You’re just cute. [nRebLove +1]

o That doesn’t matter.

{Go toC1 Office 2}

C1 Pool Jade

Join Jade in the Jacuzzi?

• Refuse. {Go toC1 Office 2}

• Sure. [bc1Pool_JadTalk]

Jade asks if Rebecca is your type.

• You’re my type.

• Maybe..

Jade’s conflicted about the Jenny situation.

• You’re doing the right thing.

• Listen to Jenny.

Jade says the girls are amazing people.

• (flirt) You’re amazing too. [bc1Pool_JadTalkFlirt; nJadeLove +1; Galc1_5]

• Yeah..

If Not bc1Pool_JadTalkFlirt: {Go toC1 Office 2}

Jade asks you to help her out, strips naked. [bc1Pool_JadeCon_accept]

• I need time. {Go toC1 Office 2}

• Alright.. [bc1Pool_JadSex; nJadeLove +1; Galc1_16]

***Jade sex scene ***

Afterwards you ask if Jade’s calmed down?

• That was dangerous.

• That was wild. [nJadeLove +1] Jade’s legs are still weak.

o Caress her ass. [nJadeLove +1; Galc1_6]

o Don’t do anything.

{Go toC1 Office 2}

C1 Office 2

Jenny gives you your pay. Asks if you’re going back to the dorm.

If nJennyLove >= 12 And Not bc1ash_hangout:

• Yes. [bc1jen_date]

• No.

C1 Dorm Vicky – A.O.A. Academy Walkthrough & Guide

You go back to the dorm.

If nVickyLove < 2: {Go toC1 Dorm Sung}

Vicky needed some time off from Jack.

• Offer to help. [bc1Vicky_invitetomyroom]

• Let her go. {Go toC1 Dorm Sung}

Vicky says, “Why are you standing over there?”

• How did your day go?

• Her brother.

Vicky asks if you’re happier here?

• Yes.

• I don’t know.

Vicky asks if you mind if she comes over again?

• Sure. [nVickyLove +1]

• I’ll think about it.

{Go toC1 Dorm Night}

C1 Dorm Sung – A.O.A. Academy Walkthrough & Guide

Sung Ji’s door has been left open.

• Talk to her. Continue scene.

• Ignore her. {Go toC1 Dorm Night}

Sung Ji asks if you’re looking for Ashley?

• Looking for you. [nSungLove +1]

Sung Ji thought you might be interested in her.

o Is that a bad thing? [bc1dormsu_sung_interest]

If Not bc1acaexp_sung_ashlike: [nSungLove +1; Galc1_G5]

o I’m not.

• Yes.

Ashley returns from her run. Asks if she smells?

• No.

• You smell great. [Galc1_1]

If nAshLove >= 9 And Not bc1ash_hangout And Not bc1jen_date:

Hang out with Ashley?

• Yes. [bc1ash_hangout]

• No.

C1 Dorm Night

If bc1ash_hangout: {Go toC1 Night Ashley}

Else If bc1jen_date: {Go toC1 Night Jenny}

Else: {Go toC1 End}

C1 Night Ashley

Ashley comes over to hang out in your room. She missed this.

• Me too.

• Your Mother.

Ashley’s sorry she wasn’t there for you when your father passed.

• You’re here now. [nAshLove +1]

• It doesn’t matter.

Ashley’s studying to help her dad with his finance company.

• Doesn’t suit you.

• Maybe I can work there someday.

Ashley says Jenny is really pretty.

• Can’t deny that..

• You’re prettier. [nAshLove +1]

Ashley asks if you like Jenny?

• I don’t know..

• No. [nAshLove +1]

If nAshLove >= 10: Ashley asks if you like her? [bc1Ash_SheConfess]

• I’m not sure yet. {Go toC1 End}

• I like you too. [bc1ash_confess; nAshLove +3; Galc1_G1]

Ashley Kiss. [bc1ash_Kiss]

Ashley doesn’t regret doing that.

o Me too.

o Caress her face. [nAshLove +1; Galc1_14]

{Go toC1 End}

C1 Night Jenny

Jenny asks what’s on your mind?

• You look great.[nJennyLove +1]

• Where are we going?

Jenny asks if you have feelings for Ashley?

• She’s my friend.

• I do.

You take your seat at the restaurant.

• The food.

• The place.

Jenny asks if you’re interested in her?

• I am. [bc1jen_date_admitinterest; nJennyLove +1]

• I don’t know..

Jenny says she’s really happy we did this.

• Me too.

• Hold her hand. [nJennyLove +1; Galc1_15]

Jenny suggests we go somewhere else after this?

• Yes. [bc1jen_date_con]

• No. {Go toC1 End}

Jenny asks which part of her you like the most?

• Your looks.

• You helped me out.

• It’s fun to be with you. [nJennyLove +1; Galc1_G3]

Jenny reveals she helped you because you remind her of someone.

• I don’t care.

• I owe him one. [nJennyLove +1]

{Go toC1 End}

C1 End

CHAPTER 2 – A.O.A. Academy Walkthrough & Guide

C2 Morning

If bc1jen_date: Jenny sends you a message.

• Good morning.

• I was just thinking about you. [bc2morn_jen_flirt; nJennyLove +1]

{Go toC2 Dorm Hallway}

Else If bc1ash_Kiss: {Go toC2 Morning Ash}

{Go toC2 Dorm Hallway}

C2 Morning Ash – A.O.A. Academy Walkthrough & Guide

Ashley knocks on your door.

• Morning, Sleepyhead.

• You look great.. [nAshLove +1]

Hang out with Ashley?

• Come inside. [bc2morn_ash_talk]

• Rest. {Go toC2 Dorm Hallway}

Ashley felt like yesterday was just a dream.

• Me too.

• It’s a beautiful memory.

No way I can forget when we started to learn guitar.

• It was fun.

• I’d love to hear it again. [nAshLove +1; Galc2_1]

{Go toC2 Dorm Hallway}

C2 Dorm Hallway

If bc1ash_confess And nVickyLove >= 2: Ashley meets Vicky. [bc2dorm_ashmetvicky]

If bc1ash_confess: Ashley has a class in 15 minutes.

• Come with her. > Walk to Academy with Ashley and Sung.

• See you later. > Walk to Academy alone.

• I can’t wait to see you. [nAshLove +1]

{Go toC2 Academy}

Else If nVickyLove >= 2: Check out the gym with Vicky?

• Yes. > Go to gym with Vicky. [bc2Vicky_Gym; nVickyLove +3]

• No.

{Go toC2 Academy}

C2 Academy

Freeroam: Explore Academy before class.

Check Phone:

If bc1Pool_JadSex:

Jade: Hopes we get to do it again today.. [bPhoneJadMsg2]

• Hell yeah.. [nJadeLove +1]

• Let’s be more careful.

Aurora: Thanks you for the talk this morning. [bPhoneAuroraMsg1]

C2 Foyer

Click Elizabeth: Ends freeroam. [bc2aca_exp_done] {Go toC2 Elizabeth Event}

Click Jack: Nothing. Phone enabled.

Click Left arrow: {Go toC2 Top corridor}

Click Right arrow: {Go toC2 Right corridor}

C2 Right corridor

Click DIKs: Nothing.

Click Erik: Talk to Erick. [bc2aca_exp_eric_talk]

• Goodbye.

• Work out.

Click Down arrow: {Go toC2 Foyer}

C2 Top corridor

Click Josh/Ron: Talk to Josh and Ron. [bc2aca_exp_josh_talk]

Click Right arrow: {Go toC2 Library}

Click Down arrow: {Go toC2 Foyer}

C2 Library

Click Helena: [bc2aca_exp_helena_talk]

If bKnowsHelena: Helena recognizes you.

• Just wanted to say hi..

• How are you doing? [bc2aca_exp_helena_flirt]

Click Aurora: Ends freeroam. [bc2aca_exp_done] {Go toC2 Aurora Event}

Click Down arrow: {Go toC2 Foyer}

C2 Elizabeth Event

Ask what they’re talking about?

• What are you talking about?

• Don’t ask.

If nElLove >= 2: Elizabeth says she’s heading off to class.

• Go with her. > Walk to class with Elizabeth. [bc2Aca_exp_EliClass] If bacaexp_elitalk: Elizabeth tutors you. [nElLove +2; Galc2_G3]

• Let her go.

{Go toC2 Class}

C2 Aurora Event

Aurora asks if you’re here to study.

• Yes.

• No. {Go toC2 Class} If nAuroraLove < 2: {Go toC2 Class}

You study with Aurora. [bc2Aca_exp_AuroraStudy]

Bug: Can only help Aurora if studied with Rebecca in Ch 1.

If bc1BriefRebTeach Or bc1acaexp_ash_me_study Or bacaexp_elitalk:

You teach Aurora about the quiz. [nAuroraLove +1; Galc2_G2]

Aurora says it must’ve been frustrating to teach her.

• I’m happy that I get to help.

• It’s a good way to study.

{Go toC2 Class}

C2 Class

Elizabeth tells the class to take a break.

If bc1Pool_JadSex: Jade suggests you go to the bathroom with her.

• Sure..

• That’s dangerous.

C2 Break

Freeroam: Explore Academy during break.

C2 Classroom

Click Aurora: Ends freeroam. [bc2acabreak_end] {Go toC2 Aurora Break}

Click Exit: Note – Can’t re-enter classroom once exit. {Go toC2 Corridor}

C2 Corridor

Click Dani: Talk to Dani. [bc2acabreak_dan_talk]

If bc1Dorm_dani_talk:

• Your roommate.

• Are you here alone?

Click Down arrow: {Go toC2 Main 2}

C2 Main 2

Click Susan: Ends freeroam. [bc2acabreak_end] {Go toC2 Susan Break}

Click Up arrow: {Go toC2 Main 3}

Click Down arrow: {Go toC2 Corridor}

C2 Main 3

Click Vicky/Jake: Vicky asks Jack where her allowance is? [bc2acabreak_vi_talk]

Jack asks what you want?

• Stay quiet.

• I wanted to talk with her.

Vicky says she’ll have to try and find money elsewhere.

• Part-time job.

• I can borrow you some?

Click Up arrow: {Go toC2 Main 4}

Click Down arrow: {Go toC2 Main 2}

C2 Main 4 (Cafeteria)

Click Elizabeth: Ends freeroam. [bc2acabreak_end] {Go toC2 Elizabeth Break}

Click Down arrow: {Go toC2 Main 3}

C2 Aurora Break

Aurora stays in the classroom to relax. [bc2acabreak_au_talk]

Aurora gets a phone call. If nAuroraLove < 2: {Go toC2 Before Lunch}

Ask about the phone call?

• Ask about it.

• Don’t ask. {Go toC2 Before Lunch}

Aurora says it’s the usual ‘looks with no talent’ comment.

• Don’t listen to him.

• Don’t comment.

I wonder if she has any other interest in mind?

• Hobbies..

• Other careers.

Aurora says she’s happy if can make others day better.

• That’s sweet.

• Flirt with her. [nAuroraLove +1]

{Go toC2 Before Lunch}

C2 Susan Break

Talk to Susan. [bc2acabreak_exp_sus_talk]

Susan apologizes for Adam’s behavior.

• He’s an ass.

• I don’t care anymore.

Susan asks if you have any questions.

• About Elizabeth.

• The Richards.

• About you.

{Go toC2 Before Lunch}

C2 Elizabeth Break

Elizabeth is getting coffee. [bc2acabreak_el_talk]

• Take a seat.

Elizabeth got too close to a student at her previous school.

o Should I keep my distance?

o I liked talking with you. [nElLove +1; Galc2_16]

• Leave her alone.

{Go toC2 Before Lunch}

C2 Before Lunch

Invite Aurora to join for lunch?

• Ask her to come with us. [bc2aca_askAuroralunch; nAuroraLove +1]

• Don’t do anything.

If nValeryLove >= 6: Valery says the girls are nervous. [bc2aca_valTalkbeforeLunch] Jade thinks meeting people outside their group is progress.

• I’m afraid.

• I’m optimistic.

Josh thanks you for the view.

• You’re welcome?

• Stay quiet.

C2 Bus Stop

Choose one:

Click Jade and Rebecca. [nRebLove +1; nJadeLove +1]

Click Ashley and Valery. [nAshLove +1; nValeryLove +1]

Click Sung Ji. [nSungLove +1]

C2 Bus Ride

If bc1ash_Kiss: [nAshLove +1]

Ashley felt all the girls were holding back.

• You’re not overthinking. [bc2bus_ashknowspast]

• Stay quiet.

Else If bc1ValGym_hangout:

Valery says, “I suppose I owe you thanks”.

• I didn’t do anything.

• Your happiness.

Else If bc1Pool_RebTalkCon:

Rebecca was worried Sung Ji might ask about her past.

• I’ll ask her to not talk about it.

• I should be more careful.. [nRebLove +1]

Else If bc1Pool_JadSex:

Jade asks if you have feelings for Ashley?

• Maybe?

• No..

C2 Cafe

If bc1jen_date: Jenny says you’re looking kinda lost.

• The Wink.

• How are you? [nJennyLove +1]

If Not bc1Dorm_dani_talk: Dani asks if you’re ready to order..

• Ask if she knows you.

• Waiting for my friend.

Sung Ji looks kinda down.

• Ask if she’s okay.

• Don’t bother.

If nValeryLove >= 7: Valery’s blowing on her coffee.

• What about you?

• Do you like coffee?

Sung Ji says they asked about where she came from.

• How’s it like over there?

If bc1BreakfastAshley:

She mentioned yesterday that she’s into music.

o Ask her about it. [bc2cafe_sungtoldpast; nSungLove +1]

o Don’t ask her.

• Moving here.

Ashley asks if you remember the last time we went on vacation?

• The beach?

• I still have the picture.. [nAshLove +1]

Valery got a phone call, seems she heard something very serious.

If nValeryLove >= 7:

• Tap her shoulder. [nValeryLove +2; Galc2_12]


• Leave her alone.

Ashley notices somethings going on with Valery.

If Not bc1ash_Kiss:

• Do nothing.

• Try to divert her attention.

You need a suit for the party. Jenny offers to pay.

• I should pay it myself.. [bc2cafe_jennynotpay]

• I understand..

C2 Cafe Conversations

Choose one:

Click Valery: [bc2cafe_exp_talk_va]

Valery’s still worried. Say something to break the ice.

• How’s the food?

• Today’s class.

Valery needs some time to gather her thoughts.

• Do you want to talk about it? If nValeryLove >= 6 And bc1ValGym_hangout: [Galc2_11]

• Okay..

[bc2cafe_exp_done] {Go toC2 Cafe End}

Click Ash: [bc2cafe_exp_talk_ash]

Sung Ji realized she’s been selfish about Ashley. Wants her to be happy.

• Ashley knows that.

• Is she mad?

Sung Ji felt terrible when she saw how frustrated it made Ashley.

• It’s normal to make mistakes.

• Hold her. [nSungLove +1; Galc2_10] [bc2cafe_exp_done] {Go toC2 Cafe End}

Click Jenny: [bc2cafe_exp_done] {Go toC2 Cafe End}

C2 Cafe End

Preparing to leave cafe.

If bc1ash_Kiss: That felt like more than just a normal goodbye.

• Be careful.

• Can’t wait for tonight. [nAshLove +1; nSungLove +1]

If nValeryLove >= 9 And bc1ValGym_hangout: Looks like Valery is feeling better.

If bc2cafe_exp_talk_va: Valery says she’s okay, needs time.

• I care about you. [nValeryLove +1]

• Don’t push her.


• Something’s bothering you..

• Don’t mention it.

C2 Boutique

Jill asks if you want to get frisky with Jenny? If bc1jen_date_con:

• Maybe I do.. [nJennyLove +1]

• I don’t think it’s a good idea..

Jenny’s sorry if Jill’s teasing you a lot.

• Jill..

• You’re kinda similar.

If nJennyLove >= 18: Jenny asks if she can join you in the fitting room.

• Let her in. [bc2boutique_jen_help; Galc2_5]

• Don’t let her in. {Go toC2 Boutique Suit}

Jenny gets topless. Tells you to stop staring at her like that.

• You’re amazing.

• Sorry..

Jenny says we should stop. This is a public place.

• Hard to hold back.

She smells fucking amazing…

o Push further. [nJennyLove +1; Galc2_7]

o Let her go.

• I’m sorry. [nJennyLove +1]

C2 Boutique Suit

Jenny suggests you show off your suit to the others.

• Sure.. [nJadeLove +1; nRebLove +1; nValeryLove +1]

• Let’s keep it as a surprise..

Jill says her fiancée helped pick out the suit.

• Where is he?

• When are you getting married?

• Don’t bother asking.

If bc1jen_date: Jill would love to see you and Jenny together.

• Jenny’s past lovers.

• Don’t ask.

C2 Boutique Freeroam – A.O.A. Academy Walkthrough & Guide

Check Phone:

Ashley: Asks if we’re still on for tonight’s party. [bPhoneAshMsg5]

If bc1ash_Kiss: It’s a shame that we don’t get another chance to spend time together after lunch…

• We’ll have another chance later..

• Me too.. [nAshLove +1]

If bc2Aca_exp_AuroraStudy: [bPhoneAuroraMsg2]

Aurora: She felt terrible, barely understood today’s topic.

• Don’t worry..

• Let’s study together again tomorrow.

Choose one:

Click Rebecca: {Go toC2 Boutique Rebecca}

Click Jade: {Go toC2 Boutique Jade}

Click Valery: {Go toC2 Boutique Valery}

C2 Boutique Rebecca – A.O.A. Academy Walkthrough & Guide

Rebecca’s getting a dress for the party. [bc2boutique_exp_reb_talk]

If nRebLove < 6: {Go toC2 Boutique End}

Jenny asks, “How about having MC look at the dress on you?”

• I’ll do it. [bc2boutique_exp_reb_help]

• No. {Go toC2 Boutique End}

You go to the fitting room with Rebecca. She models the first dress.

• You look beautiful. [nc2boutique_exp_reb_help_fun +1; nRebLove +1; Galc2_8]

• You look hot.

If bc1Pool_RebTalkCon: Rebecca models the other dress but thinks it’s too revealing.

• Be honest. [nc2boutique_exp_reb_help_fun +1; nRebLove +1; Galc2_9]

• Lie.

Jill asks if you got a good look?

• I’m just helping out..

• Yeah..

Jill says Rebecca’s cute, don’t you think?

o She is cute.

o Don’t say anything.

{Go toC2 Boutique End}

C2 Boutique Jade – A.O.A. Academy Walkthrough & Guide

Jade has seen some clothes she likes. [bc2boutique_exp_jad_talk]

If nJadeLove < 6: {Go toC2 Boutique End}

Go with Jade to the fitting room?

• Accept.

• Decline. {Go toC2 Boutique End}

Jade models lingerie. Do you like it?

• I like it.

• You don’t have to do anything special. [nJadeLove +1]

Help Jade with her ‘thing’?

• Play along. [bc2boutique_exp_jad_sex]

• This is dangerous. [bc2boutique_exp_jad_sex_decline] {Go toC2 Boutique End}

*** Jade sex scene ***

Jade asks if she’s forcing you into this.

• I want this as much as you do. [nJadeLove +1; Galc2_4]

• I agreed to this.

Jade looks away as if embarrassed.

• Kiss her. [bc2boutique_exp_jad_kiss; nJadeLove +2; Galc2_G4] We paused.

o Continue.

o Do you hate that? [nJadeLove +1]

• Don’t kiss her.

{Go toC2 Boutique End}

C2 Boutique Valery – A.O.A. Academy Walkthrough & Guide

Valery’s checking out gym wear. [bc2boutique_exp_val_talk]

If nValeryLove < 7: {Go toC2 Boutique End}

Do you want to go with Valery to the fitting room?

• Go with her.

• Don’t go with her. {Go toC2 Boutique End}

Valery models gym wear. What do you think?

• It suits you.

• You look good in anything. [nValeryLove +1; Galc2_13]

Valery models a bikini.

• Tattoos [bc2boutique_exp_val_tattoo; Galc2_14]

• Running.

{Go toC2 Boutique End}

C2 Boutique End – A.O.A. Academy Walkthrough & Guide

Ends freeroam. [bc2boutique_exp_done] {Go toC2 Jenny’s Home}

C2 Jenny’s Home

If bRebInterest: {Go toC2 Home Rebecca}

Else: {Go toC2 Home Waiting}

C2 Home Rebecca – A.O.A. Academy Walkthrough & Guide

Rebecca wants to ask you about something. [bc2JenHome_reb_talk]

If Not (bc1jen_date Or bc1ash_Kiss Or bc1ValGym_hangout Or bc1Pool_JadSex):

Rebecca trusts you with her feelings. [bc2reb_loyal]

Else: Rebecca asks if you have feelings for the other girls.

• Be honest.

• Lie.

Rebecca asks you to promise not to pick her if there are other options.

If bc2reb_loyal:

• Promise her. [bc2JenHome_reb_promise; nRebLove +1; Galc2_G6]

• Don’t promise anything.

Else: You promise her. [bc2JenHome_reb_promise; nRebLove +1; Galc2_G6]

C2 Home Waiting

Waiting for Jenny to finish her talk with Valery.

• Stay. > Talk with Valery. {Go toC2 Home Valery}

• Go upstairs. > Talk with Jenny. {Go toC2 Home Jenny}

C2 Home Valery

If nValeryLove < 9 Or Not bc1ValGym_hangout: {Go toC2 Road Home}

Valery offers to hang out with you. [bc2JenHome_val_talk]

• Hang out with her.

• Let her rest. {Go toC2 Road Home}

I did not expect that..

• Be playful. [nValeryLove +1]

• Be serious.

Valery feels safer when around you.

• I feel the same way too. [nValeryLove +1]

• That’s not lame..

Can Valery count on you when she needs you most?

• I promise. [bValRoute; nValeryLove +2; Galc2_G8] Valery trusts you.

o Thank you.

o Hold her.

• I’ll do my best.

{Go toC2 Road Home}

C2 Home Jenny

You go upstairs and head to Jenny’s room. [bc2JenHome_jen_talk]

If (Not bc2boutique_jen_help Or Not bc1jen_date_con Or nJennyLove < 18: {Go toC2 Road Home}

Jenny asks if you have time to talk?

• I don’t think so.. {Go toC2 Road Home}

• Yeah… [bJenRoute; Galc2_6]

Jenny says it’s just a ‘rich people’ problem, right?

• It’s okay to have problems. [nJennyLove +1]

• Let her continue..

{Go toC2 Road Home}

C2 Road Home

Jenny drives you back to the dorm.

If bJenRoute: [Galc2_G5]

C2 Dorm Night

You go upstairs to your unit.

Bug: This scene is not accessible.

If bc2acabreak_el_talk: * Elizabeth bathroom *

C2 Dream

You fall asleep.

If bc1ash_Kiss: Ashley dream.

Else If bJenRoute: Jenny dream.

Else If bValRoute: Valery dream.

Else: Ashley dream.

C2 Ashley Hangout

You head over to hang out with Ashley and friends.

Ask Vicky to join us?

• Come with us! [nVickyLove +1]

• Don’t say anything.

Josh asks if any of the girls are single?

• All of them are.

• I don’t know..

Sung Ji asks if you know how to play ‘Never have I Ever’?

• What is that? > Explains the rules.

• I know.. > Skip the rules.

Never gotten more than a B grade, Ashley must drink. [nc2party_playerdrunk +1]

• Let’s do this together..

• Tease her.. [nAshLove +1]

Never kissed someone.

If bc1ash_Kiss:

• Tell the truth. [nc2party_playerdrunk +1]

• Lie.

Else If bc2boutique_exp_jad_kiss:

• Drink. [nc2party_playerdrunk +1]

• Lie.

Never had sex.

If bc1Pool_JadSex or bc2boutique_exp_jad_sex:

• Drink. [nc2party_playerdrunk +1]

• Lie.

Your turn to pose the question.

• I’ve never been to a prom before.. > Everyone else drinks.

• I’ve never been to Europe before.. > No one drinks.

If nc2party_playerdrunk <= 2:

• Ask her how she’s doing. (Ashley)

• Ask Vicky how she’s doing.

• Ask Sung Ji how she’s doing.

If nAshLove >= 13 And bc1ash_Kiss: {Go toC2 Ashley Event}

Else If nSungLove >= 2: {Go toC2 Sung Event}

Else: {Go toC2 Vicky Event}

C2 Ashley Event

Ash says we didn’t get much of a chance to talk. [bc2_night_ash_event]

• I understand.

• I wanted to spend more time with you. [nAshLove +1]

You head up to the rooftop to talk.

Ashley noticed Jenny and her friends were holding something back.

• Tell the truth. [nAshLove +1]

• Keep their secrets.

Ashley says it’s getting chilly up here.

• Hug her. [bc2_night_ash_hug; Galc2_G1]

• Go back. {Go toC2 Vicky Event}

Ashley wants to kiss you again.

• It was great. [bAshRoute; nAshLove +1]

• Let’s go back. {Go toC2 Vicky Event}

Ashley wants to leave before we do anything we might regret.

• Let her go.

• Hug her tighter. [nAshLove +1; Galc2_3]

If Not (bc1Pool_JadSex Or bRebInterest Or bValRoute):

Is she the one for me?

• She’s the one.. [Galc2_2]

• I’m not sure. [bAshHarem]

Else: [bAshHarem]

{Go toC2 Vicky Event}

C2 Sung Event

Sung Ji says, “I know that I’m nothing compared to her..”.

• You’re good too.

Sung Ji says, “But.. No one likes me..”.

o You’re fun to hang out with..

o Tease her. [bSungRoute; nSungLove +1; Galc2_G7]

• A mistake doesn’t make you a bad person.

{Go toC2 Vicky Event}

C2 Vicky Event

Vicky is locked out of her room.

If nVickyLove < 4: {Go toC2 End}

Can Vicky stay in your room tonight?

• Let her stay. [bc2_night_vi_event; nVickyLove +1]

• Don’t let her stay. {Go toC2 End}

You invite Vicky in.

• About Ashley.

• This happens a lot?

If Not bc1ash_Kiss: Vicky asks if you have feelings for Ashley?

• Yeah.

• No.

Vicky says she’ll sleep on the chair.

• Let her sleep on the bed.

• Don’t let her sleep on the bed. {Go toC2 End}

You offer the bed to Vicky.

• Sleep together. [bc2_night_vi_sleeptgt; nVickyLove +1]

• Let her sleep on the chair. {Go toC2 End}

You ask Vicky if she can sleep like this?

• Are you ok?

Vicky says, “Thanks for letting me stay here tonight.”

o You’re welcome.

o You’re always welcome here. [bViRoute; nVickyLove +1; Galc2_15]

• Goodnight, Vicky.

C2 End

CHAPTER 3 – A.O.A. Academy Walkthrough & Guide

Gold gallery items unlocked.

[Galc3_G1; Galc3_G2; Galc3_G3; Galc3_G4; Galc3_G5; Galc3_G6; Galc3_G7; Galc3_G8; Galc3_G9]

C3 Morning

If bc1ash_Kiss: [bc3_AshAskRun]

Ashley invites you to join her for a run.

• Come with her. [bc3_ashrun; nAshLove +1; Galc3_1] {Go toC3 Morning Run}

• Don’t come with her.{Go toC3 Gold Morning}

C3 Morning Run

Ashley says, “I hope you can keep up with me.”

• I’ll beat you.

• I’ll do my best.

Unknown man says, “Do you know where the A.O.A academy is?”

• Tell him where the Academy is. [bc3_AshMarcusInterrupt]

• Don’t tell him.

C3 Gold Morning

* Ashley and Vicky Shower *

* Rebecca and Jade Shower *

C3 Breakfast

Elizabeth passes by. If nElLove >= 4:

• Good morning.

• Don’t say anything..

Sung Ji asks what it’s like working for Jenny?

• It’s great.

• It’s too early to tell… If bAshRoute:

Sung Ji suggests you take Ashley out somewhere.

o Maybe I will..

o Don’t say anything.

Sung Ji and Ashley discuss a murder that was on the news.

• What happened?

• Don’t ask.

If nElLove >= 4:

Should you buy coffee for Elizabeth?

• Buy one for her. [bc3_elibuycoffee]

• Don’t buy.

If bc3_elibuycoffee: [nElLove +1]

Elizabeth says, “There’s nothing better than the smell of coffee in the morning.”

• Joke with her. [nElLove +1]

• Let her enjoy her coffee.

C3 Class

If bValRoute:

Valery “Hey.. Good morning.”

• Good morning.

• How are you doing?

If bValRoute: [bc3_classsitwithval]

You ask Valery if she slept well. She asks if it’s that obvious?

• You look great, as usual.

• Couldn’t tell.

Valery says she wants to spend more time with the girls and you.

• That’s the best thing I’ve heard you say. [nValeryLove +1]

• Make a joke.

C3 Class End

Jenny took Jade, Rebecca and Valery out of class.

Elizabeth asks, “Will they be alright?”

• Yes.

• I don’t know.

Elizabeth asks if you know what’s going on?

• The truth.

• Don’t tell her.

Aurora wants to catch up with what she missed in this morning’s class.

• Leave.

• Tired? If nAuroraLove >= 4:

o What’s wrong, Aurora?

Aurora wants to hang out with your circle of friends.

▪ You’ll find the time.

▪ Ask the others.. [nAuroraLove +1]

o Don’t say anything.

Jenny asks if you’ve finished your class?

• How long have you been here?

• How’s Valery?

Ashley asks what’s up?

• Work stuff..

• Meeting someone..

C3 Road Hotel

Jenny drives you to the hotel, where Valery is waiting for us with the others.

• I never expected things to go this quickly..

• How are you doing?

If bJenRoute:

Jenny asks you not to put yourself in danger.

• Promise her.

Jenny says she doesn’t want to lose you.

o Me too. [nJennyLove +1]

o I’m not going to go anywhere.

• I can’t promise that.

C3 Hotel

Jenny has a lot on her mind and seems tense.

• About Jessica White..

• Is this your first time here?

Jessica asks if you’re sharing a room with Jenny. If bJenRoute:

• I’d love to.

• Maybe?

Jenny used Valery’s name as the tenant of this room.

• Stay silent. [nJennyLove +1]

• Protest.

Jessica leaves you alone with Jenny.

• Don’t do this.

• If bJenRoute: I’ll stay with you. [bc3_jenhotelstay]

Jenny asks if you’re planning to do something with her tonight?

o Of course not!

o I do have something in mind.. [nJennyLove +1]

Jenny asks you not to tell the others.

• Okay. [nJennyLove +1]

• I can’t promise that.

If bJenRoute: Jenny takes off her jacket and crawls on top of you.

• Play along.

Jenny says “Sorry.. I said something strange, didn’t I?”

o I’ve been thinking about that too.

o You drive me crazy..

Jenny says she wanted you to come to spend more time with you.

o Hold her.

o You’re so cute..

• We should meet the others..

Jenny asks what you want to do?”

• Let’s just chill..

• Watch movies?

You encounter Adam at the hotel.

• Ignore him.

• What the hell are you doing here?

• Mock him.

Jessica says, “Take care … Be careful on your way home. ”

• Talk to her.

• Leave her alone.

C3 Academy

Jenny drives you back to the Academy. They can’t contact Clint.

• Look for him downtown.

• Look for him at the academy.

Jenny wonders if we should get a bodyguard.

• Hotel security.

• If bViRoute: Vicky.

• Where do we get one?

C3 Academy Freeroam

C3 X Dean – A.O.A. Academy Walkthrough & Guide

Click Door icon (Left side): Leave Dean’s office. {Go toC3 X Main Corridor}

C3 X Main Corridor

Kale intro. [bc3acaexp_kal_intro]

Click Kale: Talk to Kale. {Go toC3 X Kale Talk}

Click Left arrow: {Go toC3 X Corridor 2}

Click Down arrow: {Go toC3 X Lobby}

C3 X Kale Talk – A.O.A. Academy Walkthrough & Guide

Kale introduces himself. [bc3acaexp_talk_kal]

• Introduce yourself. [bc3_knowskale]

• Take your leave.

{Go toC3 X Main Corridor}

C3 X Corridor 2

Click Elizabeth: Talk to Elizabeth. {Go toC3 X Elizabeth}

Click Down arrow: {Go toC3 X Main Corridor}

C3 X Elizabeth – A.O.A. Academy Walkthrough & Guide

Elizabeth offers to search the academy one more time. [bc3acaexp_talk_eli]

• Go with her. If nElLove >= 6: [nElLove +1; Galc3_5]

Elizabeth says getting involved in her student’s personal life didn’t end well.

o Ask her about what happened.

o Don’t touch the subject.

Elizabeth says, “You’re curious, right?”

o I’ll wait for you.

o Respect her boundaries..

• Let her go.

{Go toC3 X Corridor 2}

C3 X Lobby

Click Heather: Talk to Heather. {Go toC3 X Heather}

Click Down arrow: {Go toC3 X Main Corridor}

Click Right arrow: {Go toC3 X Corridor 3}

C3 X Heather – A.O.A. Academy Walkthrough & Guide

Heather says, “Is there something I can help you with?” [bc3acaexp_talk_hea]

• Ask about the suspect.

• Leave her alone.

{Go toC3 X Lobby}

C3 X Corridor 3

Click Vicky: Talk to Vicky. {Go toC3 X Vicky}

Click Down arrow: {Go toC3 X Lobby}

Click Right arrow: {Go toC3 X Library}

C3 X Vicky – A.O.A. Academy Walkthrough & Guide

Vicky asks if you’re worried about something. [bc3acaexp_talk_vi]

If bViRoute: “Should I tell her the truth?”

• Tell her the truth. [nVickyLove +1]

• Lie.

{Go toC3 X Corridor 3}

C3 X Library

Click Helen: Talk to Helen. {Go toC3 X Helen}

Click Up arrow: {Go toC3 X Library 2}

Click Down arrow: {Go toC3 X Corridor 3}

C3 X Helen

Helena asks, “What brings you to the library today?” [bc3acaexp_talk_hel]

• Ask about the suspect.

• I’m just looking around.

{Go toC3 X Library}

C3 X Library 2

Click Ashley: Talk to Ashley. {Go toC3 X Ashley}

Click Down arrow: {Go toC3 X Library}

C3 X Ashley

Ends freeroam. [bc3acaexp_done]

You tell Ashley and Sung Ji dangerous people are after one of Jenny’s girls. [bc3acaexp_talk_ash]

{Go toC3 Dean 3}

C3 Dean 3

We need to come up with another plan going forward..

• It looks way too convenient..

• What happened to Clint?

Jenny is worried she can’t keep Valery safe.

If Not bJenRoute:

Jenny says she’ll rest up at the hotel.

• Come with Jenny. [bc3_afternoon_atHotel]

• Stay at the dorm.


Is there anything I can do to make her feel better?

• Don’t shoulder everything alone.

• Give her a massage.

o Pat her head.

o Relax and let me help you.

Jenny says, “Perhaps I can do something for you in return..”

o You don’t have to.

o What do you have in mind?

Jenny says, “We haven’t had a chance to continue our dance training..”

• Agree. [bc3_afternoon_atHotel] {Go toC3 Dance}

• You should rest.

Jenny asks if you have any plans for later?

o Stay at the dorms.

o Go to the hotel. [bc3_afternoon_atHotel]

{Go toC3 Dean Leave}

C3 Dance

Jenny extended her hands closer to mine..

• Hold her hand.

• Don’t do anything.

Jenny says, “I hope you’re enjoying this as much as I do..”

• Of course I do.

• Grab her waist.

Jenny says eyes will be on you with that nice suit.

• What about you?

• Who else would be there?

Jenny asks if she can I come with you to your dorm?

• Let her come with you.[bc3_jenyourroom]

• Don’t let her come with you.

If bc3_jenyourroom: {Go toC3 My Room Jen}

Else: {Go toC3 Dean Leave}

C3 My Room Jen

Jenny looks around your room.

• What do you think?

• It’s bland, I know..

Jenny would love to go on vacation far, far away.

• I have to study..

• I’ll pay this time.

Jenny says, “It’s hard to find someone I can connect with so easily..”

• Hold her close. [nJennyLove +1; Galc3_8]

• I enjoy your company.

C3 Dean Leave

If bc3_afternoon_atHotel: {Go toC3 Hotel 2}

Else: {Go toC3 Movies}

C3 Hotel 2

If bJenRoute: Jenny says she won’t get any sleep if we’re in the same room.

• Play dumb. [nJennyLove +1]

• Don’t say anything.

If nAuroraLove >= 6: Aurora is going to the lounge. What about you?

• Accompany Aurora. [bc3_hotelsu_au_cafe] {Go toC3 Hotel Cafe Aurora}

• Go upstairs.

(Go toC3 Hotel Valery}

C3 Hotel Cafe Aurora

Aurora asks How everyone is doing. What should I say?

• Not good..

• We’re managing.

Klein asks Aurora if she’s given the other job more thought?

• Interfere. [nAuroraLove +1; Galc3_3]

• Not my business.

{Go toC3 Hotel 3}

C3 Hotel Valery

If Not bValRoute: {Go toC3 Hotel 3}

Valery says she’s deceived you about the person she is. [bc3_hotelsu_va_event]

• You’re amazing either way. [nValeryLove +1]

• That doesn’t matter.

Valery tells you her story.

• I’m on your side.

• Don’t beat yourself over it.

Valery asks if you like the goth-chick stuff.

• I like you for who you are. [nValeryLove +1]

• I don’t have a strong preference.

Valery says she likes you. Not as ‘just a friend’.

• I like you too. [bValRoute2; nValeryLove +3; Galc3_15] Valery didn’t say a word as she inched closer to you.

o Kiss her. [bc3hotelva_kiss]

o Don’t kiss her.

• Don’t say anything.

C3 Hotel 3

Jenny says it must’ve been boring to be stuck inside with nothing to do.

• How are you?

• I’m with valery.

Jenny says “Phew…”

• Good nap?

• How are you feeling?

{Go toC3 Night}

C3 Movies – A.O.A. Academy Walkthrough & Guide

Cashier says they must split your group. [bc3_ashmovie]

If bAshRoute: [bc3_ashmovie_ash] {Go toC3 Movies Ash}

Else If bViRoute: [bc3_ashmovie_vi] {Go toC3 Movies Vicky}

Else If bSungRoute: [bc3_ashmovie_sung] {Go toC3 Movies Sung}

Else: [bc3_ashmovie_ash] {Go toC3 Movies Ash}

C3 Movies Ash – A.O.A. Academy Walkthrough & Guide


If bAshRoute: [bc3_ashmovie_ash_cuddle]

I feel like I can make a move here..

• Grab her hand. [nAshLove +1]

• Don’t disturb her.

Ashley sometimes feels inferior compared to the other girls.

If bAshRoute:

• If Not bAshHarem: I only have my eyes on you. [bc3_ashmovie_ash_cuddle]

• You’re amazing too.

{Go toC3 Movies End}

C3 Movies Vicky – A.O.A. Academy Walkthrough & Guide


Vicky really needs to find a job soon.

• I think I can help.

• Good luck.

Vicky wishes she had a bod like hers.

• There’s no need to compare.

• You have a crazy body too.. [nVickyLove +1; Galc3_18] Vicky asks whose body you prefer?

o Yours.

o No comment.

{Go toC3 Movies End}

C3 Movies Sung


Sung Ji says we should get the large popcorn.

• Split the price.

• Treat her. [bc3_ashmovie_sungpopcorntreat; nSungLove +1]

It’s a lot bigger than I expected.

• You really like this stuff, huh?

• Can we finish it?

Sung Ji says “How’s that? Do you like it?”

• I like it..

• Tastes like butter..

I held on to her hand for a few seconds before letting go.

• Give her the kernel. [nSungLove +1; Galc3_14]

• I wasn’t looking..

{Go toC3 Movies End}

C3 Movies End

If bc3_ashmovie_ash: {Go toC3 Ash Date}

Else: {Go toC3 Night}

C3 Ash Date

Ashley tells you to lead the way. [bc3AshDate]

• Grab her hand. [nAshLove +1]

• Don’t grab her hand.

Ashley says, “How are things on their side?”

• Be honest.

• Be vague.

Ashley thought that they can make you happier than she could.

If bAshRoute And Not (bAshHarem Or bValRoute Or bViRoute):

You tell Ashley you love her. She asks if you mean it?

• Yes. [bAshLove; nAshLove +1; Galc3_2]

• What about you? [bAshLove]

Ashley says “Don’t feel pressured to stay if you don’t want to”

If bAshLove:

• Hold her closer.

• Go home.

C3 Night

If bc3_afternoon_atHotel: Jenny drives you back to the dorm.

Jenny’s anxious. I’d better do something.

• Are you worried?

• Comfort her. [nJennyLove +1]

Marie found Clint. Call Valery to let her know.

• If bValRoute Or bValeryhasNumber: Let me call her.

• Let Jenny call her.

Marie looks like a chill person to hang out with.

• Are you his wife?

• How did you two meet?

Valery wants to go outside for a bit.

If bc2boutique_exp_jad_sex: {Go toC3 Night Event Jade}

Else If bc2JenHome_reb_talk And nRebLove >= 6: {Go toC3 Night Event Reb}

Else: {Go toC3 Night Event End)

C3 Night Event Jade

[bc3_nightevent_jade; Galc3_11-2]

Jade asks “Do you know how I felt when I sold my body for the first time?”

• I could never know.

• It’s awful.

Jade says, “I know for a long time that I’m fucked up inside my head..”

• Comfort her.

• You’re strong..

Jade asks “Have you ever been in love before?”

• No..

• Maybe?

Jade says she thinks it’s time to try things with guys other than sex.

• Am I the test subject? [nJadeLove +1]

• Who’s the lucky man?

If bc2boutique_exp_jad_kiss: Jade says, “When you kissed me..”

• Kiss her. [nJadeLove +1; Galc3_7]

• Wait for her reaction.

Jade says she doesn’t think she can hold herself back anymore.

• I want you too.. [nJadeLove +1; Galc3_6]

• What about the others?

Jade says “I guess I’m stuck with taking care of this myself today…”

• Want my help?

• What will you do?

{Go toC3 Night Event End)

C3 Night Event Reb

[bc3_nightevent_reb; Galc3_11-1]

Rebecca says her father took care of her after her mother passed away.

• Let her continue.

• I understand how you feel. [nRebLove +1]

How do I make sure that she understands we respect her opinion?

• Comfort her.[nRebLove +2]

• Everyone’s different..

Rebecca rests her head on your shoulder, then asks if you mind?

• You don’t have to ask.

• I like being close to you. [nRebLove +1; Galc3_12]

{Go toC3 Night Event End)

C3 Night Event End – A.O.A. Academy Walkthrough & Guide

If bJenRoute:

Jenny asks what you’d you like her to wear?

• Nothing. [bc3nightevent_jen_nude]

• Wear whatever you want.

If bc3nightevent_jen_nude:

Jenny says “I suppose I’ll let you get a good look”

• Stare at her breasts. [nJennyLove +1]

• Take a quick peek.

Jenny says we can do this anytime you want .

• You’re beautiful. [nJennyLove +1]

• Stop teasing her.


She’s clearly fishing for a compliment..”

• Sexy. [nJennyLove +1]

• Beautiful. [nJennyLove +1]

C3 Night Dinner

You and Jenny get some drinks while we wait.

• There’s not a lot of people here..

• If bJenRoute: Feels like a date.

Klein approaches Jenny.

• Ask him to leave. [nJennyLove +1; Galc3_4]

• Let Jenny do what she wants.

Jenny compliments Valery’s dress.

• She looks great in anything.

• Beautiful. [nValeryLove +1]

If bValRoute: {Go toC3 Night Dinner Val}

Else If bc3_nightevent_reb: {Go toC3 Night Dinner Reb}

Else If bc3_nightevent_jade: {Go toC3 Night Dinner Jade}

Else If bJenRoute: {Go toC3 Night Dinner Jen}

Else: {Go toC3 Night Dinner End}

C3 Night Dinner Val – A.O.A. Academy Walkthrough & Guide

Valery wishes we could hang out under better circumstance.

• There’s always next time.

• I get to see you wear a dress… [nValeryLove +1; Galc3_16]

{Go toC3 Night Dinner End}

C3 Night Dinner Reb – A.O.A. Academy Walkthrough & Guide

Rebecca says, “I hope that we can go somewhere like this again in the future..”

• The two of us.

• That’ll be awesome..

{Go toC3 Night Dinner End}

C3 Night Dinner Jade

Jade says you can look at her boobs whenever you want.

• This isn’t an appropriate time..

• What about now? [nJadeLove +1]

{Go toC3 Night Dinner End}

C3 Night Dinner Jen

Jenny compliments you. Is she flirting? Or is she making a joke?

• Says the most beautiful person here.. [nJennyLove +1; Galc3_10]

• Thanks..

{Go toC3 Night Dinner End}

C3 Night Dinner End

Finn approaches Rebecca. It’s clear Rebecca is uncomfortable.

• Interfere. If bc3_nightevent_reb: [nRebLove +1; Galc3_13]

• Let her handle it.

If Not bValRoute2: {Go toC3 Night Jenny}

Valery hangs back to talk with Jenny. [bc3_hotel_escortvaback]

• Sup… [nValeryLove +1]

• How are you holding up?

You walk Valery back to her room.

• Wish to see you longer in that dress..

• Don’t say anything.

You arrive at Valery’s floor.

• Bid her goodbye.

• Hug her.

C3 Night Jenny

You return to your hotel room.

If Not bJenRoute:

Jenny caught you staring. Asks if you like what you see?

• Definitely.

• I think your outfit hides very little to the imagination.

{Go toC3 Motel}

Else: [bc3_nightevent_jen; bJenRoute2; Galc3_11-3]

You both get changed.

• Peek.

• Don’t peek.

Jenny says “Maybe I should take my top off”

• Touch her. [nJennyLove +1]

• Don’t touch her.

Jenny is staring at your lips.

• Kiss her.

• Go straight to the point.

Jenny says, “Tell me if it hurts, okay?”

• Gently ruffle her hair. [nJennyLove +1]

• It’ll be fine.

** Jenny Handjob **

Jenny kisses your cheek, says “Sorry.. I just felt like doing it..”

• Kiss her nape. [bc3_nightevent_jen_nape; nJennyLove +1; Galc3_9]

• Continue.

** You finger Jenny **

Jenny asks you to stop, says “It’s not fair if I cum alone..”

• Tease her. [nJennyLove +1]

• What do you have in mind?

** Mutual masturbation **

C3 Motel

If bValRoute2: [bc3_clint_telltruth]

Clint says what’s happened to Valery is because he refused to take care of her.

• You can still make it up to her.

• You need to tell her the truth.. [bc3_clint_life]

If bJenRoute:

Jenny feels like everything she’s done is for nothing.

• Come here…

• Don’t feel that way…

If Galc3_11-1 And Galc3_11-2 And Galc3_11-3: Gallery item unlocked. [Galc3_11]

If Galc3_17-1 And Galc3_17-2 And Galc3_17-3: Gallery item unlocked. [Galc3_17]

C3 End

CHAPTER 4 – A.O.A. Academy Walkthrough & Guide

C4 Start

You’re not sleepy. What to do..

If Not bAshRoute And bValRoute2: [bc4opni_val_sleep]

Valery asks to stay in your room tonight.

She says, “But this.. This is different..”

• Different?

• Let her continue.

Valery can’t stop thinking about when we kissed.

Is she expecting me to make a move?

• Kiss her. [nValeryLove +2; Galc4_13]

• Stay silent.

Else If bAshRoute: [bc4op_ashcall]

You give Ashley a call and tell her everyone’s fine.

• Sorry to make you worry.

• I miss you.

If bc3_nightevent_reb And Not bValRoute2:

You notice Rebecca outside your room. What should I do?

• Call her out.

Rebecca asks, “Is something wrong?”

o About Finn..

o Playing piano.

• Pretend to sleep.

If bSungRoute:

Sung Ji has a lewd dream about you.

C4 Morning

Jade wakes you. The gang boss will be here soon.

• Where are the others?

• Did you get a good sleep? [nJadeLove +1]

If bValRoute And bValRoute2:

Valery was about to come knocking on your door.

• I should’ve stayed inside, then.

• How are you feeling?

Valery says it’s a bit strange to think about a kiss when your life is in danger.

• Sorry.. I was being insensitive.

• I thought about it constantly.

Everyone’s nervous about meeting the gang boss.

If bJenRoute2: Jenny gave me a re-assured look.

• Approach her.. [nJennyLove +1]

• Smile back.

Jenny says at least we have you in case anything happens.

• Sure.. I’ll beat them up.

Valery, Clint and you meet with the gang boss first.

After questioning Valery, Hector asks you to stay behind. Valery is worried.

• I’ll be okay.

• Go on ahead..

Jenny is brought to Hectors office and questioned about Adam.

Then Hector says you can all go home, the Dalias cartel shouldn’t pose any more problems.

• Let’s go.

• Comfort her. [nJennyLove +1]

C4 Morning Home

You and the girls go back to Jenny’s house. Discuss if Valery should go to class.

If bValRoute: Valery says that would depend on you.

• Of course I’ll come to class.

• Not in the mood.

The girls go off to change.

If bValRoute2: {Go toC4 Morning Home Valery}

Else If bJenRoute2: {Go toC4 Morning Home Jenny}

Else: {Go toC4 Gold Jenny}

C4 Morning Home Valery

Valery stays with you. [bc4_morn_jenhome_val]

Valery snuggles against you. Asks if she surprised you.

• I loved that. [nValeryLove +1]

• Yeah..

Valery worries it’s not over yet, but resolves not to talk about it.

• Kiss her. [nValeryLove +1]

• Chat.

{Go toC4 Gold Jenny}

C4 Morning Home Jenny

Jenny stays with you. [bc4_morn_jenhome_jen]

Jenny says, “But hey, I guess I get to know you a little better last night…”

• You were fantastic. [nJennyLove +1]

• Love to do it again.

Jenny says, “You better keep your promise, okay?”

• Approach for a kiss. [nJennyLove +1]

• Do nothing.

C4 Gold Jenny – A.O.A. Academy Walkthrough & Guide

• If bJenRoute2: * Jenny masturbates *

I guess I have some time to appreciate the silence alone..

If bc3_nightevent_reb: {Go toC4 Morning Home Rebecca}

Else If bc3_nightevent_jade: {Go toC4 Morning Home Jade}

Else: {Go toC4 Dorm Morning}

C4 Morning Home Jade

Jade finishes changing, heads down to you. [bc4_morn_jenhome_jad]

Jade says, “Finally, I can stop feeling so itchy all over my body..”

• You look great! [nJadeLove +1]

• I wish I can get one too.

Jade coyly smiled as she sat close beside you.

• What’s up?

• I hope you’re not thinking of anything weird..

Jade says she’s grown fond of you.

• I like you too.. [nJadeLove +1]

• No chance.

{Go toC4 Dorm Morning}

C4 Morning Home Rebecca

Rebecca finishes changing, heads down to you. [bc4_morn_jenhome_reb]

Rebecca yawns.

• Exhausted?

• How are you holding up?

Rebecca says, “It’s such a beautiful day too..”

• Ruffle her hair.. [nRebLove +1; Galc4_11]

• Let her continue.

{Go toC4 Dorm Morning}

C4 Dorm Morning

Everyone goes to the Academy. You head up to your dorm.

Ashley says, “You’re here now.. that’s all that matters.”

• Sorry..

• Hold her. [nAshLove +1] If bSungRoute: Sung Ji is getting jealous.

If bViRoute: Vicky is glad to see you’re still alive.

If bAshRoute:

Ashley says, “You wanted to shower? I’ll wait for you.”

• Lets shower together. [nAshLove +1]

• Are you sure about that?

If bAshRoute: {Go toC4 Morning Ashley Event}

Else: {Go toC4 Class Break}

C4 Morning Ashley Event

You shower and head over to Ashley’s room [bc4Morn_Ash_Event]

Ashley says, “Sorry.. I- I hope I’m not being selfish..”

• You’re being reasonable.

• Comfort her. [nAshLove +1]

Ashley asks, “What are you planning to do to me, hmm?”

• Kiss her. [nAshLove +1]

• If bAshLove: I love you. [nAshLove +2; Galc4_3] Whoa.. Are we actually continuing this?

• What about classes?

• Continue.

Ashley’s stares at your torso when you take off your shirt.

• Eyes up here.

• This is hardly fair..

Ashley says she might get addicted to being intimate with you.

• Kiss her cheek. [nAshLove +1]

• Intimate, huh?

C4 Class Break – A.O.A. Academy Walkthrough & Guide

If nElLove >= 5: Elizabeth has a headache, didn’t sleep well.

• Did you.. drink? [nElLove +1]

• What happened?

Elizabeth says, “My age is starting to catch up to me..”

• People forget things sometimes.

• Nonsense. [nElLove +1]

C4 Dean’s Office – A.O.A. Academy Walkthrough & Guide

If bJenRoute2: Jenny says there’s no need for teasing anymore, right?

• Kiss her. [nJennyLove +1]

• Hold her.

Jenny says she’s unsure what her next step is…

• We’ll all be here.

• I’m here.

What should we do?

• If bJenRoute2: Hang out with Jenny. [bc4aca_afternoon_jenny]

Jenny wants to go to your room for a nap. {Go toC4 ACA Jenny Event}

• Study with the girls. [bc4aca_afternoon_study]

You go study with Jenny’s girls. {Go toC4 ACA Afternoon Study}

• Hang out with Ashley. [bc4aca_afternoon_ashley]

You go to lunch with Ashley’s girls. {Go toC4 ACA Afternoon Ashley}

C4 ACA Jenny Event

You and Jenny have a nap on your bed. [bc4aca_afternoon_jenny]

After, you tell Jenny you love her. [nJennyLove +1; Galc4_9]

{Go toC4 ACA Adam}

C4 ACA Afternoon Study

You return to class to study with Valery, Jade, Rebecca and Aurora.

If bc3_nightevent_reb:

Rebecca helps you study. [bc4aca_afternoon_study_reb]

If bc3_nightevent_jade:

Jade helps you study.

Jade would love your help with her problem…

• Sure. {Go toC4 Jade Sex}

• Right now? In front of everyone?.

{Go toC4 ACA Adam}

C4 Jade Sex – A.O.A. Academy Walkthrough & Guide

Jade wants to do it in the boy’s changing room. [bc4aca_afternoon_jadsex]

Jade tells you to take your clothes off.

• Enjoying my view.

• Take your clothes off too.

*** Jade sex scene ***

Jade says, “I envy the woman who’ll be your wife..”

• Don’t count yourself out.. [nJadeLove +1; Galc4_7]

• Thanks..

{Go toC4 ACA Adam}

C4 ACA Afternoon Ashley

Vicky asks Dani and Roy about part-time work. You have lunch at the cafeteria.

C4 ACA Adam

We were all waiting in the dean’s office for Adam’s arrival.

• You okay?

• If bJenRoute2: Comfort her. [nJennyLove +1]

Adam tells Jenny to come to the house to talk about the inheritance.

Adam says, “In a way, this is all your fault too, Jenny.”

• That’s just bullshit.

• Stay quiet.

Jade says will have something else up his sleeve..

• I have to agree with Jade.

• Don’t go.

C4 ACA Freeroam

C4 X Academy Phone

Check Phone:

If bc4aca_afternoon_ashley: Updates you on Vicky’s job hunt. [bPhoneAshMsg6] If nAuroraLove >= 5: Look for her outside our classroom. [bPhoneAuroraMsg3] If bc4aca_afternoon_jadsex: Can’t wait to do it with you again. [bPhoneJadMsg3]

If bJenRoute2: Knows about you and Jenny, wants us to all have fun together. If bJenRoute2: Rants about her idiot brother. [bPhoneJennyMsg4]

C4 X Corridor 1

Click Jack: Talk to Jack. {Go toC4 X Jack Talk}

Click Left arrow: {Go toC4 X Lobby}

Click Down arrow: {Go toC4 X Corridor 2}

C4 X Corridor 2

Click Aurora: Talk to Aurora. Ends freeroam. {Go toC4 X Aurora}

Click Down arrow: {Go toC4 X Corridor 1}

C4 X Lobby

Click Elizabeth: Talk to Elizabeth. Ends freeroam. {Go toC4 X Elizabeth}

Click Down arrow: {Go toC4 X Corridor 1}

C4 X Jack Talk

Jack asks if Vicky is happy. [bc4_aca_exp_jack_talk] Bug: Transition error.

{Go toC4 X Corridor 1}

C4 X Aurora – A.O.A. Academy Walkthrough & Guide

Aurora doesn’t feel like going home. [bc4aca_exp_end; bc4aca_exp_au_talk]

If nAuroraLove < 5: {Go toC4 Prelude}

Aurora asks if you have any plans after this?

• No..

• I want to take a nap. {Go toC4 Prelude}

Aurora wants to go somewhere outside..

• I’d love to come with you

• Let her continue

You ask Aurora:

• Why did you ask me that question?

• Are you.. interested?

Aurora asks how do you feel about her.

• I like you [bAurRoute; nAuroraLove +2; Galc4_5]

• I don’t see you in that way

{Go toC4 Prelude}

C4 X Elizabeth – A.O.A. Academy Walkthrough & Guide

Elizabeth is talking to Heather. [bc4aca_exp_end; bc4aca_exp_el_talk]

If nElLove <= 5: {Go toC4 Prelude}

Elizabeth asks which girl you have your eye on.

• I like you. [bEliRoute; bEliHasNumber; nElLove +5; Galc4_6]

• It’s a secret.

C4 Gold Elizabeth – A.O.A. Academy Walkthrough & Guide

If bEliRoute: Elizabeth daydreams of waking up in bed with you.

C4 Prelude – A.O.A. Academy Walkthrough & Guide

You go into town with Ashley, Sung Ji and Vicky.

Ashley bring up Adam.

• Are you okay? [nAshLove +1]

• Let her continue.

If bJenRoute2: Jade asks Jenny if something’s going on between you.

If bc3_nightevent_jade: Jade suggests a threesome, or more.

Sung Ji asks if pink hair is a bad thing?

• You look great! [nSungLove +1]

• They’re very flashy.

Marcus accosts you on the bus. Vicky tells him to put the gun away.

• I’ll be okay.

• It’s fine..

Marcus says he was only told to get you.

• Is it Adam?

• Who are you working for?

Marcus tells you to stand by the door.

• Why are you doing this?

• Taunt him.

• Obey. [nc4Prelude_marcus_event +1]

If nc4Prelude_marcus_event >= 1: Marcus tells you this isn’t personal.

• No one cares.

• Stay silent.

• I get it.

Marcus asks if you’re close to any of your friends.

• None of your business.

• Not interested in anyone.

• I might be.

Marcus says Adam never told him where to bring you.

• You’re lying..

• Stay silent.

C4 Night Adam

You find yourself tied to a chair in an abandoned bathroom.

Marcus says you’re stuck here until the inheritance call is over.

• Can you let me go?

• Your connection with Adam..

You wonder what the camera is for?

• Ask about the camera.

• Stay silent.

Marcus says, “Let me turn on the camera..”

• Stay silent.

• Should I smile?

Marcus says, “Now That’s a good picture..”

• Happy?

• Stay quite.

Adam demands Jenny hand over all her assets.

In return he’ll let the girls stay at the Academy, but you have to go.

Ashley, Sung Ji and Vicky arrive to release you.

• Thanks for coming, all of you.

• I shouldn’t have involved you into this mess..

If bSungRoute: Sung Ji hangs back a bit.

• Something bothering you?

• Hold her shoulder.

If bViRoute: Vicky says that was kinda fun.

• Thanks for the reminder.

• That was a sweet kick. [nVickyLove +1]

If bJenRoute2:

Jenny is surprised Ashley can smile after what’s happened.

• Don’t put too much blame on yourself.

Jenny thought things will be better after yesterday.

o Kiss her. [nJennyLove +1]

o Let her go.

• We should get inside.

You think one day isn’t enough to figure out what to do.

• Have you told the others?

• Anything else happened in the meeting?

C4 End

You return to the dorm.

If bSungRoute: {Go toC4 End Sung}

Else If bViRoute: {Go toC4 End Vicky}

Else: {Go toC4 End Wound}

C4 End Sung – A.O.A. Academy Walkthrough & Guide

Vicky goes to find a first aid kit.

Sung Ji says we’ll have to wait.

• Wait here?

• Let’s wait inside..

Sung Ji says it’ll be a waste if we turn on the lights.

• That’s romantic..

• Agreed.

Sung Ji tells you she had a dream about you yesterday.

• What kind of dream was it?

• I hope it’s not a naughty dream.

If Not bAshRoute: Sung Ji asks if there’s something between us?

• I do. [bc4ni_sung_continue; nSungLove +1; Galc4_12]

• I don’t. [bc4ni_sung_reject = False] Bug: Should be True.

{Go toC4 End Wound}

C4 End Vicky – A.O.A. Academy Walkthrough & Guide

Sun Ji goes to find a first aid kit.

Vicky says let’s take some time to appreciate how pretty the sky is.

• Whoa, never expected you to say that..

• That’s right..

If Not bAshRoute:

Vicky asks how you feel about Ashley?

• She’s my friend?

• I liked her. {Go toC4 End Wound}

Vicky says she has a bit of a crush on you.

• Ask for more details. [nVickyLove +1]

• Never expected you’d feel that way..

Vicky says, “Don’t just stand there, say something..”

• Confirm her feelings. [bc4ni_vi_continue; nVickyLove +2; Galc4_14 Vicky says, “Hey.. Do you want to..”

o (Try to) Kiss her.

o Ask her to get off you.

• Deny her feelings. [bc4ni_vi_reject]

C4 End Wound – A.O.A. Academy Walkthrough & Guide

Sung Ji and Vicky patch you up.

• Thank you.

• You don’t have to do this.

If bJenRoute2: {Go toC4 Night Jenny}

Else If bAshRoute: {Go toC4 Night Ashley}

Else: {Go toC4 Epilogue}

C4 Night Jenny

Jenny comes to your room.

Jenny is more and more impressed as she gets to know Ashley.

• Ashley..

• Are you okay?

Jenny says, “After this week, I will have nothing left..”

• I don’t want to lose you. [nJennyLove +1; Galc4_10]

• This isn’t the extent of what Adam’s going to do.

Jenny tells you to rest up.

• I’m not tired.

• Take care.

{Go toC4 Epilogue}

C4 Night Ashley

Ashley comes to your room.

Ashley asks how you are feeling?

• You’re here.. I feel great. [nAshLove +1]

• I’m fine.

Ashley doesn’t hold any grudges with Jenny or other girls interested in you.

• I love you.

• I’m not interested in anyone else.

Ashley says she kind of wants to do ‘it’ .

• I’m glad you said that.. [nAshLove +1; Galc4_2]

• Ashley’s all grown up now, huh?

Ashley asks if the size of your ‘thing’ is normal?

• I guess I’m on the big side..

• Tease her again.

*** Ashley sex scene ***

C4 Epilogue

If bAshRoute: {Go toC4 Epilogue Marie}

If bJenRoute2: You have a video call with Jenny and Jade.

Jade asks how far you and Jenny have gone.

• Let her decide.

• Be honest. [nJennyLove +1]

Jade asks if you fancy a threesome in the future?

• Hell yeah.. [bJenHarem; nJadeLove +2; Galc4_8]

• I don’t think it’s a good idea.. [nJennyLove +1]

If bc4ni_vi_continue: {Go toC4 Vicky Night}

Else If bc4ni_sung_continue:

Sung Ji hasn’t returned to your room.

• Try to look for her. {Go toC4 Epilogue Sung}

• Go to sleep. {Go toC4 Epilogue Marie}

Else: {Go toC4 Epilogue Marie}

C4 Vicky Night – A.O.A. Academy Walkthrough & Guide

Vicky’s been locked out again, wants to spend the night with you.

Vicky asks you to take your shirt off.

• Sure..

• Tease her.

Vicky asks if you consider yourself attractive?

• I think so.

• What do you think?

Her beautiful azure eyes stared at mine..

• I’m glad we met [nVickyLove +2; Galc4_1]

• Continue..

** Mutual masturbation **


{Go toC4 Epilogue Marie}

C4 Epilogue Sung

Sung Ji won’t take things further until she’s talked to Ashley. [bSungRoute2]

C4 Epilogue Marie

Clint was shot. Marie took him to the New Hampshire cartel for treatment.

If bc3_clint_life: Leroy says Clint should be fine.

Else: Leroy says it’s unlikely Clint will make it.

If Galc4_10 And Galc4_2: Ashley & Jenny gallery item unlocked. [Galc4_4]

If Galc4_2: Ashley wallpaper unlocked. [wallpaper1]

If Galc4_5: Aurora wallpaper unlocked. [wallpaper2]

If Galc4_10 And Galc4_9: Jenny wallpaper unlocked. [wallpaper5]

If Galc4_1: Vicky wallpaper unlocked. [wallpaper6]

If Galc4_6: Elizabeth wallpaper unlocked. [wallpaper7]

If Galc4_7: Jade wallpaper unlocked. [wallpaper8]

If Galc4_11: Rebecca wallpaper unlocked. [wallpaper9]

If Galc4_12: Sung Ji wallpaper unlocked. [wallpaper10]

If Galc4_10: Valery wallpaper unlocked. [wallpaper11] Bug: cf. If persistent.Galc4_13

C4 End

CHAPTER 5 – A.O.A. Academy Walkthrough & Guide


If bc4ni_vi_continue:

Vicky says what happened between you last night was awesome.

• You were lovely. [nVickyLove +1]

• It’s unforgettable.

C5 Dorm Morning

Freeroam: You need a shower.

C5 Dorm Morning Phone

Check Phone:

If bValRoute: Valery asks, “How are you?” [bPhoneValeryMsg1]

• I’m fine..

• It’s no big deal.

If bc4aca_afternoon_jadsex: Jade asks if you’re alright. [bPhoneJadMsg4]

If bJenRoute2: Jenny asks how your bruises are? [bPhoneJennyMsg5]

If bAurRoute: Aurora can’t wait to see you again. [bPhoneAuroraMsg4]

Click Door icon (Right side): Head to the showers.

C5 Dorm Main

Bug: bc4_ashsex never set to True.

If bc4_ashsex And Not bc4ni_sung_continue:

Sung Ji asks what you did with Ashley?

• We.. did it. [nSungLove +1]

• Keep it a secret.

C5 Morning Eli – A.O.A. Academy Walkthrough & Guide

If Not bEliRoute: {Go toC5 Morning Office}

You tell Elizabeth what happened yesterday.

• Sorry I didn’t call you yesterday. [nElLove +1; Galc5_4]

• You don’t have to worry about it.

Bug: Sets bc5el_first_kiss if haven’t kissed all of these women.

You kiss.

If Not bAshRoute Or Not bJenRoute2 Or Not bValRoute2 Or Not bc2boutique_exp_jad_kiss Or Not bViRoute [bc5el_first_kiss]

C5 Morning Office

Jenny’s girls talk about Adam. Rebecca & Jade want to run, Val thinks that won’t stop him.

• Agree with Rebecca.

• Agree with Valery.

• Take a neutral stance.

C5 Finn – A.O.A. Academy Walkthrough & Guide

You accompany Rebecca for her meeting with Finn.

• Anything I should know about him? [nRebLove +1]

• Try to make her feel better.

Finn tries to force Rebecca to join him.

• Get the fuck out.

• Be rough with him.

If bc3_nightevent_reb:

Rebecca says her life is great, wouldn’t want to change it.

• You’re lying. [nRebLove +1]

• Are you sure about that?

C5 Morning Office – A.O.A. Academy Walkthrough & Guide

If bc3_nightevent_reb: {Go toC5 Rebecca Event}

Else: {Go toC5 ACA Explore}

C5 Rebecca Event – A.O.A. Academy Walkthrough & Guide

You invite Rebecca to your dorm. [nRebLove +1; bc5aca_exp_reb_event]

Rebecca likes your room, it’s peaceful.

• I’ll leave you alone.

• Is it okay if I stay here? [nRebLove +1; Galc5_10] Rebecca tells you of her troubled past.

Rebecca kisses you on the cheek.

• Kiss her back.

• Can I kiss you?

Rebecca asks if you’re happier here than your hometown?

• You made it amazing. [nRebLove +1; Galc5_11]

• It could be better..

You both fall asleep. Rebecca missed that feeling.

• Me too.

• Glad you felt better. [nRebLove +1]

{Go toC5 ACA Explore}

C5 ACA Explore – A.O.A. Academy Walkthrough & Guide

Freeroam: I suppose this is a good time to spend time with someone.

C5 X ACA Phone

Check Phone:

If bViRoute2: Vicky wanted to talk, but has a class. [bPhoneVickyMsg2]

C5 X ACA Main 1

Click Jade: Talk to Jade.

If bc4aca_afternoon_jadsex And Not bc5aca_exp_jad_event:

Ends freeroam. {Go toC5 X ACA Jade}

Click Left arrow: {Go toC5 X ACA Main 2}

Click Down arrow: {Go toC5 X ACA Main 3}

C5 X ACA Main 2

If Not bc5aca_exp_el_event:

Click Elizabeth: Talk to Elizabeth. [bc5aca_exp_el_event]

Click Door icon: Talk to Jenny. Ends freeroam.

If bJenRoute2: {Go toC5 X ACA Jenny}

Else: {Go toC5 ACA After}

Click Down arrow: {Go toC5 X ACA Main 1}

C5 X ACA Main 3

Click Valery: Talk to Valery.

If bValRoute2 And Not bc5aca_exp_val_event:

Ends freeroam. {Go toC5 X ACA Valery}

Click Down arrow: {Go toC5 X ACA Main 1}

C5 X ACA Jade

Jade leads you to the classroom to talk. [bc5aca_exp_jad_event; bc5aca_exp_done]

Before you have sex, Jade says she really likes you.

• Me too, Jade.

• Kiss her. [nJadeLove +1; Galc5_6]

*** Jade sex scene *** [nJadeLove +1; Galc5_7]

{Go toC5 ACA After}

C5 X ACA Jenny

You go to the multipurpose room. [bc5aca_exp_done; bc5aca_exp_jen_event]

*** Jenny sex scene *** [nJennyLove +1; bJenRoute3; Galc5_8]

You bask in the afterglow of the intense sex.

• I didn’t expect that you’d cum. [nJennyLove +1; Galc5_9]

• We should be more careful next time.

Jenny is embarrassed to face the girls.

• Tease her. [nJennyLove +1]

• Okay.

{Go toC5 ACA After}

C5 X ACA Valery

You invite Valery to your room. [bc5aca_exp_val_event; bc5aca_exp_done]

Valery says she’s always found you very attractive.

• You’re beautiful too. [nValeryLove +1]

• I find it flattering.

You take your top off. Valery pinches your nipple.

• Return the favor. [nValeryLove +1]

• Kiss her again.

Valery asks if she can see your dick.

• Tease her. [nValeryLove +1]

• Sure..

** Valery blowjob **

Valery says other than her past, she’s a plain girl.

• That’s not the truth.. [nValeryLove +1]

• So what if you’re plain?

Valery says, “I-It doesn’t smell, right?”

• I can’t smell anything… [nValeryLove +1]

• It smells wonderful!

** Finger Valery **

Valery reacted strongly when you brushed her clit.

• Focus on her clit. [nValeryLove +1]

• Try to insert one finger in..

Valery signals you to lie down, then straddles you.

• Peek.

• Don’t peek.

** Valery grinding **

Valery tells you she just came.

• Tease her. [nValeryLove +1; Galc5_14]

• Don’t tease her.

{Go toC5 ACA After}

C5 ACA After

You return to the office to meet with Kale.

Bug: Wrong girl turns up late in many cases.

If bc5aca_exp_val_event: Jade asks where you’ve been.

Valery looks to you to answer.

• Nothing? [nValeryLove +1]

• We hung out.

Else If bc5aca_exp_jen_event: Jade asks where you’ve been.

Jenny says, “I’ll leave it to your girls’ imagination.”

Else If bc5aca_exp_reb_event: Jade asks where you’ve been.

Jade asks what you did to Rebecca?

• I brought her to my room. [nRebLove +1]

• We hung out.

Kale wants to talk to you privately.

• What if I say no?

• Is it because I refused to help?

If Not bc3_clint_life: Clint died.

You head back to your dorm.

C5 Sung Ji

If Not bSungRoute2: {Go toC5 Dorm After}

Sung Ji wants to talk in your room. [bc5aca_aft_sung; bSungRoute3]

Sung Ji asks if you’re interested in the other women?

• Maybe.

• I only have my eyes on you. [nSungLove +1]

Sung Ji says, “Though with my assets, my chances are very slim..”

• You’re unique. [nSungLove +1]

• Don’t compare yourself with the others..

You notice Sung Ji’s nipples are erect. She asks why you’re staring at them?

• Point them out.

• Try to avoid the topic.

You say there’s one thing you’d like to change. Sung Ji asks what?

• Not telling you. [nSungLove +1]

• Point downwards.

You notice her nipples are quite big.

• Make the comment. [nSungLove +1; Galc5_12]

• Don’t say anything.

You lightly pinched her nipples again.

• You’re so cute.. [nSungLove +1]

• You liked it, right?

** Sung Ji handjob, nipple play **

You motion her to stand in front of you.

• Straight to the point.

• Target her nipples. [nSungLove +1]

** Finger Sung Ji **

Sung Ji asks if you’re going to continue?

• Tease her. [nSungLove +1]

• Coming right up.

Sung Ji bends over the desk, warns you not to enter the wrong hole.

• Tease her.

• Of course I wont.

You decide to stop, Sung Ji is hurting way too much.

• I appreciate your effort. [nSungLove +1]

• It’s okay..

Sung Ji says, “Tell me if it hurts, okay?”

• Yeah..

• Have you done this before? [nSungLove +1; Galc5_13]

** Sung Ji blowjob **

{Go toC5 Dorm After}

C5 Dorm After

You don’t have anything else planned for tonight.

If bViRoute2: {Go toC5 Afternoon Vicky}

Else If bAshRoute: {Go toC5 Afternoon Ashley}

Else: {Go toC5 Dream Sequence}

C5 Afternoon Vicky

Vicky comes to your room. [bc5aca_aft_vi; bc5aft_vi_event]

You have a chance to make a move here.

• Kiss her. [nVickyLove +1]

• Sit down on the bed.

Vicky says she can tell you’re staring at her.

• You’re imagining things.. [nVickyLove +1; Galc5_15]

• That jacket looks hot on you.

{Go toC5 Dream Sequence}

C5 Afternoon Ashley

Ashley comes to your room. [bc5aca_aft_ash; bc5aft_ash_event]

Ashley thought that we could live together.

• Are you sure?

• I would love that too. [nAshLove +1]

You say you’d love to spend time with Ashley tonight.

• About yesterday..

{Go toC5 Dream Sequence}

C5 Dream Sequence – A.O.A. Academy Walkthrough & Guide

You dream of Adam persecuting…

If bc4_ashsex: Ashley. Bug: bc4_ashsex never set to True.

Else If bViRoute2: Vicky.

Else If bJenRoute2: Jenny.

Else If bValRoute2: Valery.

Else If bSungRoute3: Sung Ji.

Else: Jenny.

C5 Dorm Night – A.O.A. Academy Walkthrough & Guide

You wake up.

If bc5aca_aft_ash:

Ashley says it would be a good time to have a shower.

• Kiss her. [nAshLove +1; Galc5_1]

• I’ll do that.

If bc5aca_aft_sung:

Ashley visits your room to talk.

Ashley says she’s cool with you being with Sung Ji.

• I’m sorry.

• That’s a lie.. [nAshLove +1]

Ashley asks what you think of her. Is she just a friend?

• No.. You’re more than that. [bAshSungHarem1; nAshLove +2]

• I don’t know.

C5 Phone Night – A.O.A. Academy Walkthrough & Guide

Freeroam: The silence isn’t helping my state of mind.

Check Phone:

If bc5aca_exp_val_event: [bPhoneValeryMsg2]

Valery enjoyed what we did this afternoon. Hopes you did too?

• Of course I do.

• You were amazing.

If bc5aca_exp_jad_event: Jade thanks you for this afternoon. [bPhoneJadMsg5]

If bJenRoute3: Jenny messages you while waiting for Jessica. [bPhoneJennyMsg6]

If bEliRoute: Elizabeth tells you she’s swamped with work. [bPhoneEliMsg1]

Click Door icon (Right side): Ends freeroam.

C5 Night Choice

There’s nothing else planned for later, who to hang out with?

If bEliRoute:

• Go on a date with Elizabeth. [bc5ni_withel] {Go toC5 Elizabeth Date}

If bAurRoute:

• Go on a date with Aurora. [bc5ni_withau] {Go toC5 Aurora Date}

• Go with Ashley. {Go toC5 Night Takeout}

C5 Elizabeth Date – A.O.A. Academy Walkthrough & Guide

Elizabeth picks you up & takes you to a bar.

Elizabeth asks, “What do you think? It is awesome, right?”

• Yeah..

• Not as pretty as you. [nElLove +1]

Elizabeth asks if you dislike her drinking habit?

• It’s unhealthy.

• I don’t mind. [nElLove +1]

Why were you staring at Elizabeth?

• I’m lucky to be here. [nElLove +1]

• Distracted.

Elizabeth was ecstatic when you asked her out for a date.

• Other suitors.

Elizabeth asks about your preferences.

• No particular preferences.

• Older women. [nElLove +1]

Elizabeth asks which of the girls you like best?

• Rebecca.

• Valery.

• Jade.

• Jenny.

Elizabeth takes you back to her place.

You made a move & embraced Elizabeth.

• You look ravishing tonight. [nElLove +1]

• Did you dislike it?

Elizabeth leans over to move some clothes.

• Touch. [nElLove +1]

• Don’t touch.

*** Elizabeth sex scene ***

You caught Elizabeth glancing at your cock.

• Don’t say anything.

• What are you looking at? [nElLove +1]

** Elizabeth blowjob **

Elizabeth says it’s a little reward for making her feel so good.

• Return the favor.

• Don’t say anything.

You stay the night at Elizabeth’s place. [Galc5_5]

{Go toC5 Gold Jenny}

C5 Aurora Date – A.O.A. Academy Walkthrough & Guide

You go to the movies with Aurora.

Aurora notices you looking at her.

• Hard to take my eyes off you. [nAuroraLove +1; Galc5_2]

• What do you think of the movie?

The movie was boring. Aurora drives you to another spot.

Aurora asks what kind of music you like?

• Something relaxing.

• Something fun.

• Up to you.

Aurora asks which places downtown you’ve visited.

• Jenny’s cousin..

• The cafe.

Aurora asks, “How about we continue this at my place?

• Tease her. [nAuroraLove +1; Galc5_3]

• Come with her.

*** Aurora sex scene ***

Aurora drives you home.

{Go toC5 Gold Jenny}

C5 Night Takeout – A.O.A. Academy Walkthrough & Guide

You have takeout with the gang in Ashley’s room, then go to the rooftop.

C5 Gold Jenny – A.O.A. Academy Walkthrough & Guide

If bJenRoute3: * Jenny masturbates *

If bc5ni_withau Or bc5ni_withel: {Go toC5 Epilogue}

Else: Jenny calls you. {Go toC5 Night Events}

C5 Night Events

If bc5aca_aft_ash: Ashley joins you on the rooftop.

Ashley wants a piggy-back. Asks if she’s too heavy?

• Tease her.

• Don’t tease her.

Else If bc5aca_aft_vi: Vicky joins you on the rooftop.

Vicky asks if you accepted Kale’s deal?

• Perhaps..

• I’m not sure.

Vicky says she’ll stand by your decision, no matter what.

• Thank you. [nVickyLove +1]

• I don’t deserve you.

{Go to C5 Epilogue}

C5 Epilogue


C5 End

End Of Game

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