LonaRPG Cheat Cods Full

Welcome to LonaRPG Cheat Codes, which provides all the useable cheat cod for console commands.

Press ‘F10’ to enter the console and type the cheats in, copy/paste is not possible (replace 9999 with the value you desire).
Adding ‘ >z’ to the end of the command allows you to input it multiple times, it will give an error sound but should work.

Replenish HP


Replenish Stamina


Replenish Food


Replenish Mood


Heal Injury

$game_player.actor.heal_wound >z

This command heals 1 wound at a time but can be inputted multiple times by pressing space bar multiple times, ignore the ‘invalid input’ sound as it still works.

Give Birth


Add P (Bartering Points)


Add Trait Points


Set Exp (Level)

$game_player.actor.change_exp(9999, false)

WARNING: This changes your exp to that value, not increase by that amount

Add/Remove Traits

Add Trait: $game_player.actor.add_state(TraitNumber)
Remove Trait: $game_player.actor.remove_state(TraitNumber)

Trait Number:

Nymphomaniac = 115
Tough = 116
Timid = 117

Prostitute = 131
Exhibitionist = 129

BloodLust = 125
Alchemy = 136

Weapons Expert = 135
Hunter Training = 130
Mana Knowledge = 134
Improve Throw = 137
Omnivores = 132
Succubus = 138
Cum Eater = 133

Cannibal = 127
Hitchhiker = 140
Masochist = 126

Bloody Mess = 128
Whore of Babylon = 139

Give Item

$game_party.gain_item(ItemID, 9999)

Using ‘ >z’ at the end is highly recommended so changing item ID is easier as it executes the command without exiting the console.


Format: “Item_Name: ItemID”

Note that quest items and traits have been removed from this list.

Normal Food

$game_party.gain_item(ItemID, 9999)

Raw Food:
Apple $data_items[1]
Mushroom: $data_items[4]
Grapes: $data_items[6]
Orange: $data_items[7]
Onion: $data_items[9]
Pepper: $data_items[10]
Blue Berry: $data_items[11]
Raw Fish: $data_items[12]
Carrot: $data_items[13]
Tomato: $data_items[15]
Cherry: $data_items[16]
Milk: $data_items[17]
Potato: $data_items[18]
Raw Meat: $data_items[46]
Golden Milk: $data_items[140]

Processed/Unspoilable Food:
Bread: $data_items[2]
Cheese: $data_items[3]
Sausage: $data_items[5]
Nuts: $data_items[8]
Smoked Meat: $data_items[19]
Dry Food: $data_items[20]
Fruit Wine: $data_items[33]
Meat Soup: $data_items[42]
Vegetable Soup: $data_items[47]
Good Soup: $data_items[49]
Beer: $data_items[56]
Bottled Beer: $data_items[57]

‘Trash’ Food

$game_party.gain_item(ItemID, 9999)

Rat: $data_items[14]
Insect: $data_items[48]

Unknown Semen: $data_items[34]
Human Semen: $data_items[35]
Orcish Semen: $data_items[36]
Abomination Semen: $data_items[37]
Fishkind Semen: $data_items[38]
Troll Semen: $data_items[39]

Poo: $data_items[40]
Vomit: $data_items[41]
Bottled Pee*: $data_items[58]

Undesirable Meat:
Mutant Flesh: $data_items[43]
Humanoid Flesh: $data_items[45]
Humanoid Brain: $data_items[134]
Human Flesh: $data_items[136]
Human Meat Soup: $data_items[137]
Human Good Soup: $data_items[138]
Smoked Human Meat: $data_items[139]
Mystery Meat Soup: $data_items[141]
Mystery Good Soup: $data_items[142]
Smoked Mystery Meat (Human): $data_items[143]


$game_party.gain_item(ItemID, 9999)

Processed Medicine:
Red Potion: $data_items[21]
Blue Potion: $data_items[22]
Contraceptive Pills: $data_items[23]
Joy Water: $data_items[24]
Witch Juice: $data_items[25]

Raw Medicine:
Dragon Root: $data_items[26]
White Dragon Grass: $data_items[27]
Tung Flower: $data_items[28]
Parasitic Flower: $data_items[29]
Repellent Herb: $data_items[30]
Bug Repellent: $data_items[31]
Troll Semen: $data_items[39]
Mutated Mushroom: $data_items[44]


$game_party.gain_item(ItemID, 9999)

Small Copper Coin: $data_items[50]
Large Copper Coin: $data_items[51]
Gold Coin: $data_items[52]


$game_party.gain_item(ItemID, 9999)

Orc Baby: $data_items[68]
Goblin Baby: $data_items[69]
Fishkind Baby: $data_items[70]
Abomination Baby: $data_items[71]
Human Baby: $data_items[72]
Moot Baby: $data_items[73]
Troll Baby*: $data_items[74]
Troll Child*: $data_items[75]
Orc Child: $data_items[76]
Ogre Child: $data_items[77]


$game_party.gain_item(ItemID, 9999)

Mineral: $data_items[53]
Rock: $data_items[54]
Holy Water: $data_items[135]

ID Paper: $data_items[104]
Fake ID Paper: $data_items[105]
Slope Temporary Visa: $data_items[113]

Inn Keys:
Buring Keg Room Key (Noer): $data_items[106]
Bane Room Key (Pirates Bane): $data_items[114]
Doom Inn Room Key (Doom Fortress): $data_items[116]


$game_party.gain_item(ItemID, 9999)

Timed Frag Bomb: $data_items[181]
Frag Bomb: $data_items[182]
Frag Mine: $data_items[183]

Timed Shock Bomb: $data_items[184]
Shock Bomb: $data_items[185]
Shock Mine: $data_items[186]


$game_party.gain_item(ItemID, 9999)

Short Sword: $data_weapons[1]
Wooden Club: $data_weapons[2]
Wooden Spear: $data_weapons[3]
Restraint Pole: $data_weapons[5]
Sickle: $data_weapons[10]
Pickaxe: $data_weapons[11]
Pitchfork: $data_weapons[12]

Weapons Expert:
Longbow: $data_weapons[4]
Halberd: $data_weapons[6]
Whip: $data_weapons[7]
Metal Spear: $data_weapons[9]
Saber: $data_weapons[15]

Mana Knowledge:
Filthy Staff: $data_weapons[8]
Fire Wand: $data_weapons[13]
Water Staff: $data_weapons[14]

Metal Harness: $data_weapons[20]
Full Metal Harness: $data_weapons[21]


$game_party.gain_item(ItemID, 9999)

Dagger: $data_armors[37]
Wooden Shield: $data_armors[39]
Lantern: $data_armors[40]
Bone Shield: $data_armors[41]

Weapons Expert:
Throwing Knives: $data_armors[38]
Metal Shield: $data_armors[43]

Mana Knowledge:
Abomination Totem: $data_armors[42]
Fire Spell Book: $data_armors[44]
Water Spell Book: $data_armors[45]


$game_party.gain_item(ItemID, 9999)

Red Cape: $data_armors[2]
Civilian Top: $data_armors[7]
Civilian Pants: $data_armors[15]
Leather Bag: $data_armors[18]
Glasses: $data_armors[33]

Dirty Shawl: $data_armors[3]
Dirty Rags: $data_armors[8]
Dirty Underwear: $data_armors[14]
Torn Apron: $data_armors[19]

Golden Harness: $data_armors[9]
Golden Pants: $data_armors[13]
Golden Headdress: $data_armors[32]

Metal Collar: $data_armors[21]
Chained Collar: $data_armors[22]

Double Braid: $data_armors[28]
Ponytail: $data_armors[29]

Light Iron Armor*: $data_armors[11]
Sunglasses(Dev Item): $data_armors[34]

Hope you like it.

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