Strip n Play with Valerie

Strip n Play with Valerie Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to Strip n Play with Valerie Walkthrough & Guide, which helps you to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

Hints – Strip n Play with Valerie

1. Make sure you pay attention to the Cum Counter! Some option require 9 or 10 points to progress

2. If you lose a game, you will cum, if you’ re out of Cum Points, Game Over!

3. There are some options that are not selectable. This means you need to cum, and go to sleep, then if you continue that option should be available the next time around.

4. When you sleep, the difficulties and cum counter will reset. After Val is naked, you will have a few different options to skip to. “Continue where we left off” is the fastest way to see all the content.

Full Walk-Through – Strip n Play with Valerie

1. First, follow the dialogue, it is pretty simple at first to answer questions without getting a bad ending, but I will list them anyway.

a. Enter your Name

b. Choose yes to play or “What Kind” for a simple breakdown of the games

c. Choose what game to play

2. Most of the time, when you win a game, you will see question progressions like this:

a. The answers should be obvious. No will get a game over, and Answers like “Sounds Great” will move you on to the next game.

b. Just keep repeating this process and I will screenshot and highlight the answers to the “trickier” questions.

3. When you see the options like this to cum. Save first. If you want to cum, go ahead! Then re-load and continue without cumming:

Then this scene:

Then you should be at 10 cum points and forced to cum: You will see this option: Go to sleep and watch the scene.

4. You should wake up to Val in a new outfit:

5. Choose Yes twice then play games until she is naked again:

a. Then you will get to the last scene with lower cum points to continue on:

6. You will be forced to cum again. Sleep again:

7. New outfit: get her naked again:

8. Then Continue where you left off:

9. Choose this:

10. You should be at 10 cum points here and forced to cum:

1 1. Then you need to rest

12. Choose any outfit, then continue where you left off.

13. If you are forced to cum, don’t worry about it, just continue playing.

14. Then, you will be forced to cum here or get this option:

15. Then sleep and you will get a new outfit:

16. Play through, see the two new scene, cum and choose “Continue where you left off”

17. Then choose these 2:

18. Then choose “Whatever you want Val”

19. Choose: “Ease it in” and Play through until you get here:

You shouldn’t be able to choose anal yet, That’s okay! Cum (in or out) and sleep!

20. You will have a new outfit:

21. Play through, see the scenes, cum, then “Continue where you left off”

22. Now choose anal:

23. Continue on to Doggy:

24. You will be forced to cum, and need to rest:


25. This time choose any of the FIRST 3 outfits:


26. Get to this scene with 8 CUM POINTS:

Cum (in or out) Then sleep.

27. You will get the final outfit!

28. Play through then choose I WANT TO BEND YOU OVER

29. Play through and choose ride me



a. Here is one way to get there CUM HERE and keep playing:

31. You should have 7 CUM POINTS now.

Then win the next 3 stages and you will be forced to cum at this scene:

32. Make sure you see this scene:

And choose this:

33. Then you will get to the FINAL SCENE

Choose either one … doesn’t matter

Follow the scenes.

Then choose this:


34. You will get a chance to ask 7 questions: the first 6 are important. you need to select the second option 3 times, and the third option 3 times (in any order.) this will unlock a 4th option for the 7th question. you will then be presented with 3 more options… SAVE at this point and choose the second option

If you don’t see these options (you need to select it) You need to re-load and choose questions again:

Then you will win the game!!! Play through the sex player and cum as many times as you want! When you are ready to see the ending, go to sleep!

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