Sisterly Lust Walkthrough

Sisterly Lust Walkthrough (Full)

This Sisterly Lust walkthrough will list the various conversation choices you can make in the game and the consequences they have for the story.

The walkthrough refers to the default names of the main characters:

Mrs. Smith/Susan, loving but stern. Liza, the trusting oldest girl, a bit naive.

Bella, the middle girl with a temperament.

Rachel, the inexperienced, but adventurous youngest girl.

Trust is important early in the game as a low value will end the game quickly. Later the level of trust will also come in to play when determining if a character is ready to perform certain sexual acts. Corruption mostly governs how depraved a character will act or the reaction to certain lewd conversations or situations.

Day 1 – Sisterly Lust Walkthrough


After Rachel has seen you naked and stormed out of the shower go after her and knock on her door. This will trigger a short masturbation scene. (Corruption +1)

Opening her door will result in a massive amount of mistrust and end the game. (Trust -10) Dinner

When you lie about your adjustment you’ll lose trust with Rachel. (Trust -1) Being honest will earn you Rachel’s trust. (Trust +1)

Complimenting Mrs. Smith on the food will gain you trust. (Trust +1) Bella encounter

Just greeting Bella will earn you her trust. (Trust +1) Mrs. Smith Conversation

Challenging the reason for your parents separation will annoy Mrs. Smith. (Trust -1) This is the first in a series of encounters with Mrs. Smith. You will be able to enter in a relationship with her during the course of the game which involves heavy femdom elements and a high class escort agency. You can bypass this route and try your luck with her in a different way by talking to her on Day 1, 3, 7 and 11. You’ll get the option to kiss her on Day 18, which opens the path to different kind of relationship.

Day 2 – Sisterly Lust Walkthrough


If you enter Liza’s room when she’s having an argument with Brody and tell him to fuck off you’ll gain trust with Liza. (Trust +5)

The other dialogue options do not have a negative impact. James

When you agree with James to spy on the girls Rachel will become more corrupted. (Corruption +1)

Bella and Liza Conversation

Agreeing with Bella in this conversation will earn you her trust. The other dialogue options will not negatively affect your relationship, but you might miss out on some story opportunities. (Trust +1)

A positive reaction to Liza not rushing things regarding her relationship with Brody earns you trust from both Bella and Liza. (Trust +2)

Rachel in the shower

If you start to masturbate when spying on Rachel in the shower and she has earned 2 corruption she will show her breasts and earn corruption while losing trust. (Corruption +1, Trust -1)

If she’s not corrupt enough you’ll lose trust. (Trust -1) Dinner

If Rachel is corrupt enough (2 corruption) and you’ve seen her shower, she’ll like it when you compliment Liza’s cooking skills. (Trust +1) Otherwise you’ll lose trust. (Trust -1)

Liza will always like the compliment. (Trust +2) Night Visits

This is the first time you get to visit the family at night, regardless if you’ve spied upon Rachel and her friends with James. You can only visit two people before going to bed.


A short scene showing Rachel in lingerie.


A short scene showing Liza in her pajamas.


A short scene featuring Bella in and out of her work uniform.

Mrs. Smith

A longer scene involving lesbian threesome based on a few snippets of ‘Juliette’ by Marquis de Sade.

Day 3 – Sisterly Lust Walkthrough

Mrs. Smith

When you ask too much about Mrs. Smith work you’ll lose trust and be none the wiser by her answers. (Trust



If you say something negative about Ana’s attitude to Rachel you’ll lose trust. (Trust -1) If you remain silent, Rachel will be happy and you’ll gain trust. (Trust +1)


Accepting Ana’s handjob will be the start of a relationship with her. Relationships with secondary characters will not negatively impact the story, but might introduce new opportunities with Liza, Bella and Rachel. Refusing Ana doesn’t cause any problems, but you’ll be unable to buy a dress for Liza later on.


If Rachel trusts you enough (2 trust) she’ll ask you about your girlfriends. If you boast about your conquests you’ll lose trust. (Trust -1) If you’re modest you gain her trust. (Trust +1)

If Rachel’s corruption is high enough she’ll continue the conversation. Telling her the truth about having sex you’ll gain trust. (Trust +1) With enough trust you can reassure Rachel about her being a virgin, earning you more trust. (Trust +1) Questioning her virginity will make her trust you more and increase her corruption. (Corruption +2, Trust +1) Boasting will end the conversation. (Trust -1)


When you knock on her door and have enough trust with Liza (4 trust) you’ll be able to enter and have a conversation about Brody.

Just opening the door will make you lose trust and you lose the chance of speaking with her. (Trust -4)

Comforting her will increase her trust. (Trust +1) Complimenting her as well. (Trust +1) You can put your hand on her leg if you have enough trust (5 trust). (Trust +1) If she pushes you away you’ll lose trust. (Trust -2)

She will like you reassuring her. (Trust +5) Confronting her less so. (Trust +3) Being indifferent will negatively impact your relationship. (Trust -5)

Your proposal for the dinner date will be accepted if you have enough trust with Liza (5 trust). The dinner will be the true start of your relationship.

Day 4 – Sisterly Lust Walkthrough


Refusing Ana will not have any serious consequences. However, you will not go shopping and be able to buy a present for Liza if you’re going on a dinner date with her.


Agreeing with Rachel will gain you trust. (Trust +1)

If you have enough trust (3) you can go out on a date with Rachel, otherwise she’ll refuse. James

Revealing your relationship to James might open up some options later. Talking to him about Mrs. Smith gives you the idea to find a business card with her work address on it.

Mrs. Smith’s Room

If you’ve talked to James about Mrs. Smith’s work you can visit her room and search for a business card or you could read the book and get the chance to see another scene from De Sade.


Visit Mrs. Smith’s room to search for a business card before going to the store, as the option will not be available again.

If you’re set to go on a dinner date with Liza you will get to buy her a dress. Evening


You can offer the dress to Liza if you’ve bought one. Otherwise she will wear the dress she wore during her disastrous date with Brody. Offering her the dress will add trust and corruption. (Trust +1) (Corruption +1)


You can propose a date to Rachel if you talked about it before and have enough trust (4).


If you offer Bella loan she will accept it and earn corruption. She will become less hostile towards you. (Corruption +1)

When you loan Bella the full amount you will be able to start a relationship with her at a later stage in the game and gain her trust. (Trust +5)

Lying about the loan and giving her small amounts will be the start of your dominant/submissive relationship with Bella. She will gain corruption. (Corruption +1)

Doing nothing will annoy Bella and you lose trust. (Trust -1)

Night Visits

You’ll have the opportunity to visit two people during nighttime and see some short scenes.

Day 5 – Sisterly Lust Walkthrough


You have the opportunity to start a sexual relationship with Alina. Her scenes will involve submissive roleplay, so if that’s not your thing you can refuse her without any adverse effects. Having a relationship with her doesn’t impact your optional sexual relationships with Ana or Liza, Bella and Rachel in any negative way.


You can either choose to give Bella the full amount of the money, effectively breaking off the dominant/submissive relationship, but gaining trust. (Trust +5) Proposing a deal will start the path of Bella’s corruption. (Corruption +1) If she trusts you enough (2) you can touch her breasts earning her more corruption. (Corruption +1)


If your trust with Liza is high enough (10) you can ask her about the sexual nature of her and Brody’s relationship, this will open a conversation path later. Pressing the issue with high enough trust (12) will net you trust and corruption. (Trust +2) (Corruption +1) If you don’t meet the requirements you’ll lose trust. (Trust -1)

Asking about the past will open up extra conversation paths after the food has arrived. If you’ve talked about Brody you can ask Liza about her hobbies and you get to invite her to a party, gaining trust and corruption. (Trust +1) (Corruption +1)

If you talk about Bella Liza will trust you more. (Trust +1) Asking about Rachel as well. (Trust +1)

Being nice the guy chatting Liza up will earn you her trust. (Trust +1) Being blunt earns you more. (Trust +2) (Corruption +1) And if you compliment her this will get you an extra point of trust. (Trust +1) If you’re aggressive she’ll trust you less. (Trust -2)

Kissing Liza on the mouth while having enough corruption (3) will start your relationship with her. She will be more trusting and corrupted. (Trust +1) (Corruption +4) If she pushes you away you’ll lose trust. (Trust -5)


If you keep masturbating while Rachel and she’s corrupted enough (4) watches she’ll earn more corruption. (Corruption +1) Otherwise you’ll lose trust. (Trust -1)

Day 6 – Sisterly Lust Walkthrough


If Bella is corrupted enough (4) she’ll agree to go to work without stockings and panties. (Corruption +1) If you don’t meet the requirements you’ll lose trust. (Trust -1)

Later, if you meet James for coffee, you’ll have the opportunity to check if Bella has kept her promise. (Corruption +1)

During the night if you (still) have a relationship with her you can check her phone and find out who her appointment with her blackmailer. This will make you position in the corruption process of Bella much stronger in the long run.


If you don’t make a call to Discreet Inc. you’ll effectively break off the investigation and continuation of this plot line. Only when you personally make the call you’ll be able to find out where Mrs. Smith is working. If James makes the call he’ll be rejected after completing the test on Day 8.


If Rachel has high enough corruption (5) you can discuss the movie more in-depth. If agree with Rachel and find the movie arousing she’ll earn trust and corruption. (Trust +1) (Corruption +1) Then you’ll have the opportunity to start your relationship with Rachel by choosing “Would you like that?”. Being modest about your sexual experience will gain you trust. (Trust +1) Rachel doesn’t like boasting about it. (Trust -1) If you say the movie is revolting Rachel will lose trust and corruption and impact the date negatively. (Trust -1) (Corruption -1)

You can sleep with Rachel for the first time by going to her room or going to sleep. (Trust +1) Refusing her will make her trust you less and end the relationship. (Trust -1) Encouraging her to sleep topless will gain her corruption. (Corruption +1) It’s better to not come across as too eager. (Trust +1) (Corruption +1) Being polite about Rachel’s breasts is not a good idea. (Trust -1) Praising them will make her more corrupted. (Corruption

+1) Cupping her breast right before going to sleep will add a corruption point. (Corruption +1)

Night Visits

You’ll have the opportunity to visit everybody during the night, but if you have a relationship with Rachel save her for last, otherwise you won’t have the opportunity to visit Mrs. Smith’s room.

Day 7 – Sisterly Lust Walkthrough


If Rachel slept with you you’ll awake together. If you touch Rachel’s thigh and do not remove your hand she’ll gain corruption. (Corruption +1) If you touch her pussy Rachel will trust you less. (Trust -2) If you say you misunderstood you’ll lose even more. (Trust -5)


If you went to the movie with Rachel and dismiss it you’ll lose trust. (Trust -1)

When you have a relationship with both Liza and Rachel the former will comment on Rachel’s behavior. If you say she’s fun you’ll gain trust. (Trust +1) Dismissing the situation will make you lose trust. (Trust -1)

If you’re understanding with Liza you’ll gain some trust. (Trust +1) Being honest will net you more. (Trust +2) Getting angry isn’t the wisest path. (Trust -2)

Bella Massage

If Bella is corrupt enough (5) you can massage her pussy and she’ll gain corruption. (Corruption +1) Bella Crying

If you lent Bella money on Day 4 and she trusts you enough (2) she’ll let you in. The supportive path will let you pursue a relationship based on love with her. You can comfort her to get trust. (Trust +2) And again. (Trust +1) Being supportive also adds trust. (Trust +1) Helping her as well and is the beginning of your relationship. (Trust


If you’re condescending about her situation you’ll lose a lot of trust. (Trust -4)

When you talk to Bella later after returning following MisterX you can reassure her which will add some trust. (Trust +1)

Evening Visits


If you’re in a relationship with Rachel you can try to french kiss her if she’s corrupted enough (8). This will corrupt her more. (Corruption +1)

Day 8 – Sisterly Lust Walkthrough


When you awake with Rachel and you’re working at the supermarket you can tell the truth about your job for extra trust. (Trust +2) Lying makes you lose trust. (Trust -1)

You should tell the truth about you erections because you’ll lose trust if you lie about it. (Trust -1) The truthful option also opens up the opportunity to talk more about Rachel’s masturbation habbits if she’s corrupted enough (8).


If you’re honest about why you took the job at the supermarket you can start a relationship with Riley. If you lie you get another opportunity to come clean on Day 9 and start the relationship then, but it might develop differently…

Discreet Inc.

If you take the test at Discreet you’ll have to pick specific answers to get a good score (2 or more). When your score is too low the opportunity to investigate the company further will be lost.

You should:

Describe your arousal

Describe how you stimulate her pussy Respect her authority

Day 9 – Sisterly Lust Walkthrough

Discreet Phonecall

If your test score is high enough (2 or 3 correct answers) you’ll be accepted as a client of Discreet Inc. If James was the one who visited Discreet you won’t find out about Mrs. Smith’s work.


If you have a relationship with either Liza or Rachel you’ll be able to go on a shopping trip with them. Supermarket

If you come clean with Riley you’ll still be able to start a relationship with her. If you evade she’ll drop the questions, but there won’t be an opportunity to romance her.

Shopping Trip


If your trust with Liza is high enough (14 or more) she’ll open up about Brody. When you hug her you gain trust. (Trust +1) When you do not have enough trust and press the issue you’ll lose trust. (Trust -1)


If you agree with Liza about the bikini being too revealing you lose trust with Rachel. (Trust -1) If you disagree you’ll gain trust. (Trust +1)

Standing up to Mrs. Steel also bolsters Rachels trust in you. (Trust +1)



Complimenting Rachel’s body increases her trust and corruption. (Trust +1, Corruption +1) Being polite will earn you negative trust. (Trust -1) If you give Rachel only one kiss she’ll be disappointed and you’ll lose trust. (Trust



If you have a relationship with Liza and she trusts you enough you can hug her. (Trust +1) If she’s corrupted enough (5) you can kiss her. (Trust +2, Corruption +1) Otherwise she’ll reject you and you lose trust. (Trust -2) If you let go of her without kissing after the hug you’ll gain some trust. (Trust +1)

Day 10 – Sisterly Lust Walkthrough

Discreet Inc.

You can back out of your visit or future visits at Discreet Inc. Either by refusing to sign the contract, backing out when asked to or after your first session when the receptionist asks if you’d like to schedule another appointment. Revealing yourself is a very stupid move and will end in a game over.

If you don’t back out your visit will be the start of your relationship with Mrs. Smith.



If you pursue a loving relationship with Bella she’ll ask you out for drinks. Refusing will effectively end a romantic relationship.

Day 11 – Sisterly Lust Walkthrough


If you try to explain Brody’s actions to Liza you’ll gain trust. (Trust +2) She doesn’t like you dismissing the situation. (Trust -5)


If you agreed to visit Bella at the bar and go to Rachel first you won’t be able to progress Bella’s storyline. Rachel will not agree to remove her bikini top if her corruption isn’t high enough (9).

If you agree with Rachel about the situation at the swimming pool she’ll gain corruption and trust. (Trust +1, Corruption +1) If you’ve seen better you’ll lose points. (Trust -2)


If you punch Brody Liza’ll gain trust and corruption. (Trust +1, Corruption +2) If you do nothing you’ll only gain trust. (Trust +3)


Kissing Bella while on the submissive path will net her corruption. (Corruption +2) If you don’t do as she asks in the restrooms, you’ll lose trust. (Trust -1)

On the soft path, if you confess that you peeked at the contents of the hard drive Bella will gain corruption. (Corruption +1) Otherwise you get a trust point. (Trust +1)


If you want to release the footage of Brody in the future you need to call Riley. Whether you accept her gift or not has no effect other than that you start a relationship with her.

Day 12 – Sisterly Lust Walkthrough


If you’re on the soft path with Bella and you failed to visit the bar where she was waiting for you your relationship ends and you lose trust. (Trust -5)


If you persuade Liza to drink alcohol she’ll always agree to dance with you, otherwise she must be corrupted enough (6) Dancing will make her more corrupted. (Corruption +1)

Day 13


You can set up a meeting with Hazel in order to take revenge on Dwayne. Later during the conversation with James you get to choose how you will begin your revenge. Either option will advance the storyline positively.


If you tell Liza she’s beautiful after staring at her breasts she’ll gain corruption. (Corruption +1) The excuse about dozing off will not work. (Trust -3)


If you ask to sleep with Rachel she’ll get angry with you. (Trust -3)

Day 14


If you fail to show up at Hazel’s you won’t be able to get your revenge on Dwayne. Discreet

Not showing up for the appointment at Discreet will end the relationship with Mrs. Smith. If you don’t mention a body part you like or tell Mrs. Smith that you have no interest in fucking Adriana she won’t allow you to do so later on.

If you’re the first to drop the stones Adriana will perform oral sex on Mrs. Smith. Bella

While watching television Bella will only go further if she’s corrupt enough (5) and on the submissive path, otherwise she’ll hold it off.

Day 15


If you want to continue your relationship with Rachel without too much drama you should attempt to kiss her when you have the opportunity and enough trust (16). You’ll also be able to visit Rachel during the night. If you

don’t have enough trust you’ll lose a small amount and you won’t be able to visit her. (Trust -1) If you don’t kiss her you’ll have a difficult conversation ahead of you on Day 16 and there is a possibility you’ll lose her forever.


If Bella is both corrupted (5) and trusting enough (2) and you tell her the full story about Dwayne you have the chance to alter your relationship with her a bit. Her behavior will change from combatant to a certain respect for you and you’ll gain trust and corruption. (Trust +1, Corruption +1) You can also put an end to the whole affair, which ends your relationship or continue to blackmail her at the cost of trust. (Trust -1)

If you don’t tell her and just continue to blackmail her Bella only gains corruption. (Corruption +1) Nia

Asking Nia to show you around will open up the ability to start a (sexual) relationship with her, this will mature from Day 17 and onwards.

Day 16


If you use your laptop you’ll be able to send the footage of Brody to the supermarket management and start pressuring Dwayne.


The conversation with Rachel will be difficult if you acted distant the previous day, but there is a chance to repair things.

If you answer “Yes” to her question if the source of her doubts really matters you lose trust. (Trust -1) Contradicting her will ensure you stay together. If you end the relationship she will be heartbroken and you lose trust. (Trust -8, Relationship Ended)


If you don’t do the tour with Nia you lose the chance to meet Rebeca. Mentioning you watch a lot of porn and complimenting Nia will count positively towards the chance of starting a relationship with her.


On the soft path, if Bella trusts you enough (6) she’ll talk freely about her love life. Otherwise she’ll be annoyed and if you press the issue you’ll lose trust and ruin your budding relationship. (Trust -3, Relationship Ended)

During the submissive path, Bella will only reveal both breasts if she respects you and she’s corrupted enough (5), gaining corruption in the process. (Corruption +1)


Acting distant towards Liza (fail to ask about her feelings during your walk), you will have problems with continuing your relationship the coming days.

If you ask her about what’s bothering her she’ll agree to go to a secluded place with you if she’s corrupted enough (7).


Agreeing to be Rebeca’s model starts your sexual relationship with her. If you follow her during your short walk you get the option to give your opinion about water-sports. Answering “Yes” will unlock the possibility of future piss content with Rebeca (and others) in the game.

Day 17

Nia and Rachel

Partnering with Rachel doesn’t have an added benefit, other than that the scene plays out a little differently. If you partner with Nia you can, more or less, explicitly state if you’re interested in her or not and start a relationship with her. This will lead to a possible threesome with her and Rachel later and opens up other content with her.


There are two opportunities to accept the dinner party invitation. Either Nia and Rachel invite you, or Nino comes by.

If you have a relationship with Rachel you should confirm that there is someone and gain more trust. (Trust +1) Denying any relationship will make Rachel trust you less. (Trust -5)

During the night, if you accept Rachel’s and Nia’s offer to have sex with you, Rachel will corrupt further. (Corruption +1) Declining to have sex with both girls results in ending any relationship with Nia and you lose some trust with Rachel. (Trust -1) If you want Rachel exclusively to yourself however, this is the way to go. Note that you may miss out on certain sexual scenes in the future.

Nia will want to have sex with you during the same night if you have a relationship with her or asks you for it if you’ve talked about porn and complimented her earlier.

Day 18

Clean the apartment

If you clean the apartment and read the book, Mrs. Smith will notice and watch you masturbating. Museum visit

If you want to kiss Mrs. Smith, you should wait for her to wake up. The option is available if you have a relationship with Mrs. Smith, or if you’ve interacted with her on Day 1, 3, 7 and 11. Kissing her will increase her corruption and trust. (Trust +1, Corruption +1) The kiss will also be the possible start of a relationship in future days, effectively bypassing the storyline Discreet Inc.

Though the outcome is roughly the same you should warn Mrs. Smith that she’s lost her bikini top. (Trust +1) Not doing so will make you lose trust. (Trust -1)

Bella’s blowjob

If you cum in Bella’s mouth or on her face during the submissive path she’ll gain corruption. (Corruption +1) Cumming on her chest will earn her trust. (Trust +1)

Day 19

Mrs. Smith

If you don’t knock you’ll embarrass Mrs. Smith and lose trust. (Trust -1)

If you’ve kissed her on Day 18 and make a joke about it you’ll gain trust. (Trust +1) Rebeca and Nia

If you decline Rebeca’s and Nia’s offer you’ll end your relationship with both. If you check in on Mrs. Smith for the second time the option to relax a little will be unavailable.


This scene will play out differently depending on how you’ve handled Liza on the previous days. If you’ve ignored her she’ll want you to confirm a feeling of mutual attraction. If you deny it this will effectively end your relationship with Liza for the remainder of the game.

Bella & Rachel

You can sleep with both Bella (on the romance path) and Rachel on this day if you’re in a relationship with them. Bella has the most content, while Rachel’s scene plays out on Day 20 regardless if you slept with her.

Do not try to force yourself on Bella, this will result in a loss of trust. (Trust -5) If you stop, you’ll gain trust and she’ll reward you. (Trust +5)

Day 20

Mrs. Steel

Your behavior towards Mrs. Steel and Mr. Woodman will have consequences later in the game. Be polite and defend Rachel or aggressive and scold Rachel for the best outcome. Scolding Rachel will make her lose corruption. (Corruption -1) Defending her will make her more corrupted. (Corruption +1)

Bella (submissive)

If you visit Bella this day you’ll begin her training to take your relationship to the next level on the submissive path. She’ll gain corruption and you get to visit her again this day. (Corruption +1)

During the night you can visit her again for more corruption. (Corruption +1) If you failed to visit her earlier this day, or at all, it will be harder to convince her to have sex with you on later days.


After you deflower Rachel you’ll have the opportunity to have sex with her regularly. When you creampie her after Day 20 there’s the possibility of opening up a pregnancy path with her.


You should tell Liza you had a great time for extra trust. (Trust +1) If you don’t she’ll be very disappointed. (Trust



To be able to meet Riley you have to check your laptop for a message from her and call her in the evening. Bella (Romance)

Again you can sleep with both Rachel and Bella, but the latter has the most content.

Do not attempt to go further with what you’re doing. If it’s the second time you try it, you’ll end your relationship and lose a lot of trust. (Trust -8, Relationship Ended) Otherwise you’ll still lose a lot of trust and go to sleep immediately. (Trust -5)

Day 21

Bella at the gym (Romance)

If you decide to finger her, Bella will gain corruption. (Corruption +1) You also get the opportunity to corrupt her further by forgiving her. (Corruption +2) Asking for an apology will make her lose corruption. (Corruption -2)

Discreet Inc.

Ramming the dildo in Adriana’s ass will lead to a slightly different scene flow, also Mrs. Smith won’t jerk you off. Being to rough on the girls during Discreet sessions might have negative consequences in the future.


If you decide to talk about your past to Rachel, she’ll trust you more. (Trust +1) If you don’t she’ll trust you less. (Trust -1)

Day 22


If you’re in a relationship with Rachel and failed to visit her at least one time on the previous day she’ll come to your room for a serious conversation. If this is the second time she feels neglected (because you didn’t kiss or hug on Day 15), Rachel will end the relationship and can’t be persuaded otherwise. If this is the first time you have the opportunity to make it right or end the relationship.

Ana and Alina

Ana and Alina offer to share you between them. Accepting their deal doesn’t have negative consequences. Declining also doesn’t affect your relationship status with either of the girls, though you might miss out on

future threesome scenes featuring both girls. James

The conversation with James can have several outcomes and the choices vary depending on your relationship statuses with the girls.

If you’re in a relationship with any of the girls you can empathize with James. You will remain friends with James and have the possibility to share more of your experiences later in the game.

If you’re in a relationship with Ana you can claim her or don’t, both options will let you remain friends with James. Keeping it all a secret will do the same.

Saying he should find help effectively ends your friendship with James. Mrs. Smith

Scheduling a date with Mrs. Smith will be available if you already have a relationship with her through Discreet, or if you’ve kissed her during the hike on Day 18. The date will open up a romantic relationship path, as well as a chance for people on the Discreet path to enjoy some more romantic scenarios with her in a addition to the Discreet sessions.


If you pick up the toy and have a conversation with Liza about it, she will become more corrupted. (Corruption

+1) Depending on her corruption level Liza will seem more or less interested in the toy. Bella (submissive)

If you sexually stimulated Bella at the gym and on both occasions on Day 20, or if you only did performed part of those actions and she’s is corrupted enough (7) a conversation will occur where you propose to have sex, otherwise she’ll storm out and the relationship ends. During the conversation if she respects you or is corrupted enough (8), she’ll agree to have sex with you. If you don’t meet the prerequisites there’s another chance to have sex with her, in order for that you need to offer to destroy her lewd pictures. Threatening to publish them will end the relationship.

Day 23

Sex Shop

For the best outcome, you should get the ribbed vibrator. Liza refuses to use the large one and her disappointment might have negative consequences later.

In the evening Liza will come to your room to apologize, if you agree with her that she was ungrateful she’ll trust you less. (Trust -1)

Mrs. Smith

When you talk about the opera, you should compliment her. (Trust +1) Do not talk about the kiss which will impact your date negatively, blocking a conversation option in the second part of your night with Mrs. Smith,

and makes you lose trust. (Trust -2)

You should explain yourself when talking about the future. (Trust +1)

Lying about the nature of your date with Mrs. Smith to Iris might cast your future relationship with the latter woman in another light. Choose to compliment her if you want her phone number and the opportunity to start a relationship with Iris in the future.

Be careful when choosing to react to the opera with Mrs. Smith. If you say you hated it, you’ll lose trust. (Trust

-1) Neutral doesn’t have any negative consequences, but no benefits as well. If you say you liked it, you’ll earn her trust. (Trust +1)

If you state that Jochanaan is a prude, you’ll make Mrs. Smith more at ease during the remainder of the date.

At the bar, it’s safe to ask Mrs. Smith about the kiss, unless you’ve already mentioned it to her in the first half of the evening, then the conversation only continues when she trusts you enough (5), otherwise the date is over and there’s no opportunity to start a relationship with her (unless you’re on the Discreet path).

If you answer “No”, to her question about the wrongness of your love, you’ll start you romantic relationship with Mrs. Smith, this route is available to players on the Discreet path was well.

Day 24


If you fail to meet Liza, she’ll end the relationship. (Trust -5, Relationship Ended)

Do not be too rough with Liza, if you lift her up while dancing you’ll lose trust. (Trust -1) Instead, hold her close. (Trust +1)

Grabbing her after the kiss results in negative trust. (Trust -5) It might also have negative consequences later in the game, if you continue to be too forward. If you let her go, she’ll trust you more. (Trust +2)


If you fail to meet Bella to confront Dwayne she’ll end the relationship (soft and submissive) and possibly end the game as well. (Trust -10, Relationship Ended)

Bella (submissive)

If you do not pull out your cock you miss out on a fellatio scene with Bella, but you’ll establish a dom/sub relationship based on respect. This puts you on a similar path as on Day 15, when you tell her the full story about Dwayne, provided Bella is corrupted and trusting enough.

Day 25


If you exchanged phone numbers and accept to meet Iris you will be able to start a sexual relationship with her. If you want to have sex with her you have to make a move when she goes upstairs to try her dress on. If you

acknowledge that your time with her was special you’ll have the chance to continue your relationship with her, else it will be a one-off.


Liza will be a little more hostile when you propose to swim if you bought her the wrong toy earlier. (Trust -1)

Day 26

Bella (Romance)

For the best possible outcome, you’ll have to be understanding with Bella. If you stand your ground you’ll lose trust and there’ll be a difficult conversation later. (Trust -2) If you be negative about the whole situation and visit her at night, Bella will not want to talk. Further pressing the issue will anger her and make it harder to make ammends on Day 27. (Trust -5) She’ll appreciate it if you leave her be. (Trust +2)

At the club you’ll have the chance to start a relationship with Megan, the friend from the coffeeshop. You can tell her Bella is your girlfriend and confirm that it’s still early days or say it’s complicated to start a relationship path with Megan. This will allow you to dance with Megan later during the evening. Dancing intimately with Bella will close any opportunity with Megan.

If you choose to dance with Megan, Bella will not like it and cut the date short (you won’t go to the hotel later on), but you will get Megan’s number and relationship troubles with Bella on Day 27. The best way is to just dance with Bella and choose one of the first two options when Megan hands you her number.

If you want to have the opportunity to have a threesome with Bella and Megan later on (Day 139), you should indicate you’re interested in Megan when Bella asks you on the way to the hotel.

At the hotel, affirm you’re nervous as well to make Bella trust you more. (Trust +1) Bella (submissive)

You’re free to fool around with Megan during the visit to the club, making Bella jealous in the process. If you want to share Bella with Megan in the future, it’s best to say you’re friends with benefits.


Asking if Adriana is okay after the session could have consequences later on for the Discreet storyline.

Day 27

Bella (Romance)

If you’re in a romantic relationship with Bella and have danced with Megan on the day before, you’ll have a chance to explain yourself. You can explain yourself, losing trust with Bella. (Trust -3) This gives you the opportunity to end the relationship or you can try to be monogamous, in that case Bella won’t like it if you lie about your other relationships in the future. Apologizing will not penalize you further and you will be able to continue to see other women without repercussions.

In the scenario where Bella cancelled her plans with Megan on Day 26 and you persisted in asking about why she felt bad in the evening, you won’t have the chance to make things right. The only thing you can do is insult her for an extra loss of trust. (Trust -5, Relationship Ended) Accepting and saying nothing won’t have consequences except for ending the relationship. (Relationship Ended) If you only made her stay at home and didn’t press the issue later that day, you’ll have the chance to fix things by apologizing straight away. Explaining will make you lose trust and end the relationship. (Trust -5, Relationship Ended)

Bella (submissive)

You can choose to give Bella the vibrator and she’ll accept if she’s corrupted (8) enough. During the cunnilingus you can either continue licking for a special orgasm or wait for Megan to leave. You’ll then have the option to leave the vibrator running or stop it. Either leaving the vibrator running or making her orgasm will have positive consequences for her corruption later on.

If you choose to just have a talk you’ll learn a little about Bella’s feelings during the previous night out with Megan. You’ll miss out on some future sexual content with Bella though.

Day 28

Mrs. Smith (Romance)

The choice is pretty straightforward, if you say you love her, you’ll officially be in a relationship with her. You can also back out of it, ending the chance to pursue a relationship with Mrs. Smith. (Relationship Ended) Complimenting her looks will make her gain trust and corruption. (Trust +1, Corruption +1) If you compliment her character she’ll only trust you more. (Trust +1)


Telling James that Kira is hot will increase your chances to have sex with her. After catching her when she falls during her dance you’ll confirm your interest in the girl.

There are three versions of the group sex scene during the sleepover, depending on your relationship status with the girls. You can let James participate or have him leave. This doesn’t have any negative bearing on your friendship with him.

The conditions for the sleepover sex events are as follows:

Sex with Alina (if you’re in a relationship) Sex with Rachel (if you’re in a relationship)

Threesome with Ana and Kira (tell Ana or James that Kira’s hot and catch her when she falls) Foursome with MC, Kira, James and Ana, if you have a relationship with Ana you’ll have sex with her. Otherwise with Kira, provided that you said she’s hot and caught her when she danced

Day 29


If you’ve had sex with Kira and you say you want to hang out some other time you’re considered to have a relationship, which opens up possible sexual content with her later on.


If you say you’re to busy to make the delivery with Liza, she’ll be very disappointed and it may have consequences later on.

Day 30


If you decline to talk to Iris after Liza has left, which leads to the extra scene, your relationship will be officially over. (Relationship Ended)

Bella & Rachel

If you’re on the submissive path and in a relationship with both girls, Bella will notice if you touch Rachel’s butt during the arcade session. You’ll make her more jealous this way and create an opportunity to have sex with her. It also opens up a conversation about your relationship with Rachel and a harem path later on.

If you’re just in a relationship with Rachel, Bella will fail to notice and will make Rachel more corrupted. (Corruption +1)

During your burger dinner you can allow Rachel to blow you, making her gain corruption. (Corruption +1) If you decline, she’ll trust you less. (Trust -1)


If you’re on both the Discreet and Romance path with Mrs. Smith you’ll have the ability to terminate the contract with Discreet entirely. This will only close off future content with Mrs. Smith at Discreet, the Romance path will still be active. If you don’t accept, you should ask for one more session.

Bella (submissive)

You’ll only be able to have sex with Bella if you touch Rachel’s butt during your outing and if you gave Bella the vibrator on Day 27. If you didn’t give her the vibrator, you’ll have a short conversation instead.

Rachel’s discovery

On both Bella’s Soft and submissive path, Rachel will walk in on you while you’re lying naked in Bella’s bed. This can be avoided by choosing not to sleep with Bella (soft) or keeping your hands to yourself during the arcade session (submissive). Not sleeping with Bella on the soft path will anger her, but keeps Rachel in the dark about your relationship and closes off the chances of a harem with Bella and Rachel.

Day 31

Bella & Rachel

There are multiple possible paths to take when dealing with the aftermath of Rachel’s discovery. Calming Bella might have a positive effect on your relationship with her later on, while chasing Rachel wakes up Mrs. Smith.


If you’re in a relationship with Alina you can ask her for help if you’re dealing with relationship troubles with Rachel or just for a booty call.

In the scenario where you meet her at the cafe to get help with Rachel, you can avoid having sex with her and just getting the information you want from her by telling her the truth. Just fucking her will leave her in the dark on the subject of you and Rachel (for now). Declining her doesn’t end your relationship with Alina, but she’ll be disappointed, of course.

Discreet Inc.

If you’re only on the Discreet-path with Mrs. Smith (so no romance), you’ll have the opportunity to take your relationship with Mrs. Smith and Adriana a step further. This will allow you to meet them outside the confines of the Discreet offices.

Declining the offer will end your relationship with Mrs. Smith and end the Discreet storyline. (Relationship Ended)


Confessing your relationship with Rachel to Bella is the best option if you want to create a harem. If you don’t you’ll possibly be forced to choose one girl over the other during the later stages of the story. If you promised Bella to swear off other women your relationship will automatically end. (Relationship Ended) Otherwise you’ll get the option to explain yourself further or give her space, choose the latter option.

You can also remain silent on the topic, but this may force you to confess later on and you’ll likely be unable to continue romancing two girls at once.

Day 32


If you’ve been careless with Rachel in the past, she might end the relationship whether you bought her a dress and tickets or not. Rachel might tell Bella about you (if you haven’t confessed to Bella already), which might have negative consequences for your relationship with Bella later on.

After talking to Rachel you get the option to propose a joint relationship with Bella and Rachel. Choose this option if you want to start a harem or be in a relationship with both Rachel and Bella at the same time.

You can also offer to break-up with Bella, this will automatically happen if you didn’t tell Bella the truth about you and Rachel and is a conversation option otherwise.

Breaking up with Rachel is also possible, but might makes things a little more difficult when dealing with Bella in the future. (Relationship Ended)


If you’ve confessed to Bella about being in love with Rachel and proposed a joint relationship, you can do the same with Bella. This is a requirement to stay in a relationship with both girls and share the same bed with both of them at times. It also opens up the harem option. You can also break-up with Bella or Rachel.

You’ll confess everything to Bella if you told Rachel you’d do so. This will result in ending the relationship with Bella if you promised to stay monogamous (Relationship Ended) or she orders you out of the room.

Breaking up with Rachel will automatically happen after you promised Bella to do so. (Relationship Ended) Mrs. Smith

If you’re on both the Discreet and romance path with Mrs. Smith and didn’t go to the concert with Rachel, she’ll reveal her knowledge of you being Mr. Holmes to you. You should apologize for your actions, otherwise the relationship will end. (Relationship Ended) If you went to the concert the same scene will occur during the next day.

Day 33

Rachel & Valentina Glorious

If you want to engage in a threesome together with Valentina you have to choose your responses carefully. You should “Say something” and tell Valentina to “Get rid of them”. This will make Valentina propose the threesome and you can either accept or decline, if you didn’t mark your relationship with Rachel as exclusive earlier on Day 17 (when a threesome with Nia was a possibility).


Bella will end the relationship if you failed to confess your relationship with Rachel on Day 31 and didn’t break up with her.

Mrs. Smith

If you’re on the Discreet-only path you can end the relationship with Mrs. Smith by declining her offer. (Relationship Ended)

If you’re romancing Mrs. Smith and are on the Discreet path you should apologize for your actions, otherwise the relationship will end. (Relationship Ended)

Day 34


If you did get tickets but failed to go to the concert with Rachel, she’ll end the relationship. (Relationship Ended) Liza

If you go look for Liza during the commotion at the mall, you will lose the option to have sex with Riley at the sex shop. It will also end the relationship with Riley. (Relationship Ended)

Rachel & Bella

If you’ve proposed the harem option to both Rachel and Bella, sleeping with Rachel on this night will formalize the bond between the two girls and the MC (Romance Path only).

Day 35

Bella (Submissive)

While visiting the shop with Bella you have the option to fuck Megan, if you decline the relationship with her will end. (Relationship Ended)

Bella (Romance)

The conversation at the cafe can be the starting point of a pregnancy path with Bella. While talking about the future, agree with her vision (“I want that too”), this will make Bella stop taking the pill at a future point in the story. The other option closes the pregnancy path for Bella and has no negative impact on your relationship. Make sure you’ve creampied Bella during one of times you’ve had sex with her (as early as Day 22).


If you go home with Liza instead of giving the book to Iris, you’ll miss out on a sexual encounter with Iris, but your relationship with her doesn’t end.


Having anal sex with Iris only changes the sex scene and doesn’t influence your relationship with Iris, but it might lead to more anal content with her.

Day 36

Mrs. Smith

Don’t lie about your possible relationship with Megan, she knows already and too many lies might negatively impact your relationship with Mrs. Smith later on.

Bella (Romantic)

If Rachel discovered your relationship and you ended things with her subsequently, Bella will talk to you about it. If you didn’t confess to Bella on Day 31, you have to defend yourself. Telling the truth will end the relationship. (Relationship Ended) You can also lie about it, but this will have a negative impact on your relationship with Bella later on.


Interrupting Liza the first time doesn’t have any consequences, but you shouldn’t take advantage of her by trying to go further. Stop her and your patience will be rewarded very soon.

Day 37 – Sisterly Lust Walkthrough


If you tried to penetrate Liza the night before she’ll end the relationship. (Relationship Ended) When you were a gentleman, you’ll be able to take Liza’s virginity. Cumming inside her will open up the opportunity to start a

pregnancy path with her.

Day 38 – Sisterly Lust Walkthrough


Liza will confront you about a possible pregnancy if you’ve creampied her the night before. Stating that it’s wonderful will put you on the pregnancy path as long as you’ve creampie her on Day 37 or Day 39. Not taking this route will not have any negative consequences for your future relationship with Liza.

If you’re on the harem path with Rachel and Bella you’ll have the opportunity to include Liza by telling her about it.

Mrs. Smith

You can open up the possibility of pregnancy by telling Mrs. Smith: “I could be the one” and giving her a creampie on Day 36 or Day 39. Not pursuing this path doesn’t have a negative influence on your relationship with her.


If you sleep with Rachel and you’ve creampied her on any of the days starting from Day 21, you’ll get a conversation which potentially opens her pregnancy path. If you’re happy about her news the path will open up, otherwise it will remain closed without any negative consequences for your relationship with her.

Discreet Inc.

After telling Mrs. Smith to clean Adriana’s ass, you have the opportunity to have her go further, this will lead to a more extreme version of the enema she’s received thus far.

Day 39 – Sisterly Lust Walkthrough


There are two variations of this scene, one with Liza and one without, depending on your relationship status. Picking a girl to fuck doesn’t exclude the others, so you’ll be able to have your way with them all, including how you finish. Creampies are tracked past this point, but if you didn’t have the pregnancy conversations or told the girls to stay on the pill nothing will happen in the future.

Day 40 to 138

The game skips several days to accommodate to develop possible pregnancies and to move the story along.

Day 139 – Sisterly Lust Walkthrough


Not visiting Riley at the cafe will result in the end of your relationship with her. If you offer her a place to stay she’ll join you in the house with the other girls (and possibly the harem). Otherwise your relationship will end. (Relationship Ended)

If Rachel isn’t part of the harem and you tell the truth about your relationship with Riley, she’ll force you to break up with her. If you don’t break up with Riley the next day, your relationship with Rachel will end on Day 141. If you choose to lie, you’ll be able to continue to see both girls, but Rachel will refuse to marry you on Day 144 and break off the relationship.


By accepting Iris will join the household (and possibly the harem). If you decline your relationship will end. (Relationship Ended)

Liza, Bella or Rachel

During the movie night a sex scene will trigger based on your relationship status or choice (if you are in a relationship with multiple girls). It’s only possible to have sex with one of the girls. Creampies might still be tracked, but won’t affect the pregnancy status of the girls.

Day 140 – Sisterly Lust Walkthrough


It’s possible to have a threesome together with James and either Alina or another girl. Say no to his proposal if you don’t want to share any of the girls with him, this doesn’t have any negative consequences.


It’s possible to end your relationship with Riley, which will cause her to leave the next day and possibly save your relationship with Rachel if you told her the truth. If you stay with Riley and told Rachel the truth, the latter will end the relationship on Day 141. If you lied, you’ll be able to continue both relationships, but won’t be able to marry Rachel on Day 144 if Riley goes with you to Belugio.

Lying about Iris (if she’s living with you in the house) has a negative impact on your relationship with Riley. You won’t be able to marry her on Day 144 and she’ll leave, ending the relationship.

Day 141 – Sisterly Lust Walkthrough


You’ll have the opportunity to ask Bella to come with you to Belugio exclusively and leave everyone else behind. This only happens if you’re not in a harem with the girls, the event with Mrs. Steel didn’t happen earlier that day and Adriana didn’t come by the house. You can also try to take people with you, only the ones you’re in a relationship with will actually decide to go with you.

Day 142 – Sisterly Lust Walkthrough

Depending on your relationship status the girls will decide to come to Belugio with you. If not, you’ll have the opportunity to ask each of them to come with you. Their willingness is based on whether you have a relationship with them or not. You’ll also have the opportunity to go with just one of the girls to the island.

For Iris and Riley this is another moment to end the relationship or invite them along.

Day 144 – Sisterly Lust Walkthrough

It’s possible to ask the girls to marry you. There are proposals for Rachel, Bella, Liza, Mrs. Smith/Susan, Riley and Iris. The latter two are only available on the harem routes or if didn’t bring any of the main characters to the island. If you’re in a harem with Susan/Mrs. Smith and on the Discreet path, Adriana will automatically join the marriage as a bride.

Riley will refuse to marry you and end the relationship if you weren’t truthful about Iris on Day 140. Rachel will refuse to marry you if you’ve lied about breaking up with Riley, she also ends the relationship.

Day 145 – Sisterly Lust Walkthrough

This is the last day before the end of the game, there are still some decisions influencing the endgame to be made for some of the side characters.

Miley, Sabine and Sasha

Miley will offer an apology for how things ended, if you want all three girls to stay on Belugio you’ll have to say that an apology is not needed.

The option to ask the girls to stay appears when you’ve exhausted the conversation options with them and when you’ve dismissed Miley’s apology as unnecessary.


Having sex with Kira ensures that you’ll remain in a relationship and get the best possible ending with her. Ana & Alina

If you visit Ana and Alina during the day you’ll be able to talk them into staying on the island. It doesn’t matter if you visited them on Day 142 though the conversation will be a little different.

The End

As soon as the wedding ceremony kicks off the game will enter it’s final stage. You’ll party with your friends and experience your wedding night with the ones you’ve chosen. A series of epilogues details the fate of all the side characters you’ve encountered during the game.

Thank you for playing, hope you enjoyed the game!

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