Lab rats 2 Walkthrough

Lab Rats 2 Taboo Break Walkthrough

This Lab rats 2 Taboo Break Walkthrough should hopefully help anyone seeking to break and keep broken any of the taboos with Jennifer & Lily.

First, define each tier of taboo along with each individual taboo that can be broken at that tier. Then list, first for Jennifer and then for Lily, the choices which can be taken once the taboo refresh event fires, including any quests you can take on for potential additional rewards

Taboo Tiers – Lab rats 2 Taboo Break Walkthrough

Foreplay: this tier covers breast and pussy nudity, kissing, groping, fingering, tit fuck, and handjob (when she takes control during sex). I suspect underwear nudity is also at this tier, but it appears to stay broken once broken. This is the tier with the greatest number of individual taboos that can be broken per day
Oral: this tier covers blowjob (and its two levels of escalation, Deepthroat and Skull Fuck, which do not count as additional taboos) and cunnilingus, so two sex actions that can break oral taboo per day
Vaginal: this tier covers all vaginal sex. It can be broken once per day
Anal: this tier covers all anal sex. It too can be broken once per day

When you see Jennifer or Lily on a day after breaking one of her taboos, she will confront you in an automatic event that fires upon entering the room she occupies. If you can’t satisfy one of the instant solutions (incest opinion or number of taboo breaks), you will have to either propose a quest to earn access, or accept defeat for now. She will lose 10 sluttiness and the taboos in question will be restored. If you broke multiple taboos at different tiers in one day this event might occur for each tier, losing you an additional 10 sluttiness each time. It pays to not skip ahead with Jennifer and Lily unless you have a strategy. Stick to one tier at a time until it’s broken for good, then move on to another. I find it easiest to go in order by tier, but you aren’t required to. If she has the sluttiness to do it, you can skip tiers to what you like most. Just remember that if she takes control during sex, she might break one of the tiers you’ve left unbroken and then you’re dealing with that the next day

giving them a positive opinion for incest

For some methods of perma-breaking a taboo tier you’ll need to give Lily or Jennifer a positive opinion for incest through the trance system. You’ll need hundreds (at most 800 each unless you’ve already trained them) of unlocked clarity for this, but that’s no problem even in the second week. If you’ve followed my week 1 walkthrough, you’ve unlocked Steph by the first Tuesday night as a permanent slut for you to fuck however you wish every day. Just try to cum in a different hole each day so her novelty has a chance to refresh for the off-holes on that day. I always have over 1k unlocked clarity by the end of the first week, and thousands more during the second week. Save the Lab Rats 1 color-coded serums Jennifer gives you on the first Thursday morning. They’ll come in handy for trancing her and/or Lily. If you run out of those, research a simple 25 suggestion serum and keep a few of those on-hand

To put a girl into a trance, dose her with a serum that has a suggestion value. This is easiest for Jennifer on Saturday morning once she’s at 20 sluttiness or higher and offers to begin doing favors. You can also take her out for lunch every day and sometimes get a chance to dose her then. Lily can be taken out for lunch on the weekend, but to take her out for lunch during the week you’ll need to gain access to the University location. Either of them can be taken on movie or dinner dates and dosed via popcorn and (a chance during dinner) drink there. Either (I wouldn’t dose both in one night) can be dosed if you offer to help Jennifer with dinner during the evening in your kitchen. And of course once they reach 120 obedience you can simply order them to take one. Anyway, back to that serum with a suggestion value. That value is the percentage chance she’ll trance each time she cums. That chance will also raise or lower depending on her opinion of the action you made her cum with. If she loves being fingered, every time she cums while being fingered in a session her chance to trance will raise by several percent. If she hates fingering, her chance to trance will lower for the rest of the session instead. You’ll find out her opinion the first time you use an action, so pay attention to her opinions for best results

A girl can be put into three levels of trance, all the way to “very deep trance.” At that level you have the highest discount on training actions, but your first few training actions won’t be too expensive even if you can’t get them all the way to very deep so don’t stress out about it. You’ll choose “take advantage of her trance” and then “inspire a new sex opinion.” At the first level of trance it’ll cost 400 clarity. Choose “incest” (it’s all the way at the bottom) and “create a positive opinion of incest” and she’ll gain “likes incest” as a sexy opinion. Each turn she’ll lose a level of trance unless she rolls % below her current suggestion, so this is where the purple serums come in handy. They can last all day, so if you use one on Jennifer on Saturday morning you could potentially have all day to train her if you get lucky rolls and she keeps her trance levels high. If you do get a second chance to train your girl of choice, this time choose “strengthen an opinion” for another 400 clarity (or less at deeper trances) and then “likes incest” and she’ll gain “loves incest” as a sexy opinion

Jennifer – Lab rats 2 Taboo Break Walkthrough


If she likes incest you can talk her into accepting it immediately. This is unlikely, but technically possible. You may also brute-force your way if you just keep breaking taboos at this tier. Two days of dedicated molestation could do it, but that’s a lot of wasted effort imo. “What can I do to convince you?” is the quest option, and leads to her asking you to do four chores around the house. They each take a turn of the day to do, and cost 20 energy to begin. You gain 20 energy a turn so it won’t look like you lost any. The chores are 1) laundry in your room, 2) clean the bathroom and 3) clean the living room, both started in the living room and 4) clean the fridge in the kitchen. Once you’ve finished all four you “check in” with her to finish the quest, re-breaking all the taboos that were refreshed and regaining the 10 sluttiness she lost. IF she was reduced below 20 sluttiness by the taboo refresh, take this opportunity before checking back in to flirt her back up to 20 sluttiness, and that bonus 10 will take her all the way to 30


Again, if she likes incest you can simply talk her into accepting it immediately. This is the earliest option once you’ve unlocked Foreplay permanently and can finger her into a trance. Or again you can brute-force her through repetition, but I still (and will always) consider that to be boring and a waste of effort since you’ll lose 10 sluttiness every day until you can accomplish it. Again, “What can I do to convince you?” is the quest option, but this time the quest isn’t my method of choice unless I’ve put this off until the third week because this quest involves gaining 40 love with Jennifer’s sister, Rebecca, who doesn’t move in until then. If you have access to Rebecca, you can affection grind her up to over 40 love in two days, but if she hasn’t moved in yet you’ll be stuck waiting. As with the foreplay tier, if you do the quest raise her sluttiness with flirting if it’s below 20, and with foreplay actions if it’s below 30, because you’ll regain the lost 10 at the end. After checking in, you can get an immediate blowjob by pressuring her into keeping her (implied) promise


You may (as always) brute-force through repetition but this is especially punitive since you can only break vaginal taboo once per day, and that’s 10 sluttiness lost every day it gets refreshed. The quest option here requires that she likes incest, but it’s worth it. If available, choose “let me change your mind” and she’ll tell you she needs to talk to someone online about this for some anonymous advice and end the talk. Once Jennifer is out of her room, choose “search Mom’s room” and “check her computer.” Enter the super-obvious password and you’ll find her post asking for advice. I always read the responses but you don’t need to. Next, go to your room. Scroll the actions to the bottom and choose “check Mom’s advice post.” You can choose whatever you want for every step. Some choices will influence her stats by adding a little sluttiness, love, or obedience, but do what you like most. Then you just have to wait a few days. Play normally, but stay out of her pussy or you’ll have to deal with taboo refresh the next day and lose another 10 sluttiness. About 3 days after you do the step in your room she’ll text you near the end of the day to meet her in her room. Make sure you have the energy to fuck her, because she’s got herself worked up for it. Have fun


This tier requires her to love incest for the instant acceptance, a step higher than the vaginal quest even though you talk her into anal by presenting it as the lesser option to fucking her pussy. Just a detail I found interesting. You may also brute-force through repetition. The quest option is “what can I do to convince you?” She’ll explain that she’s racked up some credit card debt and if you can prove you’re an adult by paying that off, she’ll let you fuck her ass. It’s a steal at $5000, lol. Gain the money, then check in with her. You can choose to give her the money with no strings, which gives her a big boost to happiness, love, and the lost 10 sluttiness. Or you can get your reward first, which gains 5 obedience and the lost 10 sluttiness, but loses 5 love. I actually break character and usually take the no strings option because she shows a sluttier side during that dialog, but there is a certain satisfaction to her stripping down and presenting her anus for fucking right away. Take your pick

Lily – Lab rats 2 Taboo Break Walkthrough


If she likes incest you can talk her into accepting it immediately. As with Jennifer, this is unlikely at this early stage of the game but technically possible. Brute force repetition is also a thing, with my same opinion of it. For the quest, choose “come on, how can I change your mind?” She’ll ask you to help her take some Insta pics (and introduce you to her Insta account if you haven’t already unlocked that) and agree to let you see her nude and do pervy stuff if you help her three whole times! Agree, then help her three times. I recommend not asking to watch her strip, because if you break nudity taboo you’ll lose an extra 10 sluttiness the next day if you can’t check in before then. Grind her sluttiness back up to 20 if it dropped below before checking in, natch


As with Jennifer, you can talk her into it if she likes incest, or just through repetition, but you get introduced to a new character if you take the quest so do it! For the quest, choose “let’s make a deal” and she’ll tell you how she wants the new hotness pi-phone, and you need to buy it for her. For the next step, you need to go to the Electronics Store when there are people there. If the number on the tile says (0) the next step won’t fire. Try again another turn. When you do get the event, it will tell you there’s a crowd in line for the phone, and inform you the phone costs $1200. Choose “buy a pi-phone” (when you have the money) from the options on the right, then “keep waiting” unless you don’t want to meet the new character and pay double from a scalper. Once the three girls show up, choose “talk to them” and you’ll meet Iris. New girl (plus phone number) get! Next time you see Lily you can check in with the pi-phone. Choose “ask for a reward” to get her to make good on her promise to blow you, or just “give it to her” (the phone) to see just how disinterested she is in anything not phone shaped right now. I take the reward option


As usual, you can just keep fucking repeatedly until she stops complaining about it. Since this quest requires so much effort I wouldn’t blame you for taking this as the relatively easy way. As with Jennifer, the quest requires Lily to like incest to begin with. Again, no big deal as I detail above. When available, choose “let me change your mind” and she’ll tell you she wants drugs (10 doses) for her friends. Then the talk ends with a hint to make some with happiness to fill what she asked for, or perhaps something else… it’s sluttiness. Add sluttiness to get the best (imo) ending to this quest

So! For this, you’ll need to unlock tier 1 research and eventually tier 1 serum production. You want to research the traits Mood Enhancer (+10 happiness/turn) and Distilled Aphrodisiac (+15 sluttiness). You might think the tier 0 Inhibition Suppression would work, but that has a cap of 30 sluttiness, and by now she’s probably over that cap and so I don’t think the serum will show any effect. Try it if you want, but it doesn’t take much more effort to get the 15 sluttiness trait

IF you create a serum with Mood Enhancer (but no sluttiness) and then produce 10 of those to give to her, you’ll get a scene where she takes a sample and then gets very happy. She’s quite pleased with the drug and agrees to the deal you made, but is far too happy right now to think about sex. Boo

IF you create a serum with Distilled Aphrodisiac (but no happiness) and then produce 10 of those to give to her, you’ll get a scene where she takes a sample and progressively gets hornier but is unsure if it will make her friends happy. You volunteer to convince her, and that leads to a sex scene. Do what you want, but I’d recommend sticking to taboos you’ve already broken and vaginal since that’s what we’re breaking now. After sex she’ll accept the drugs and the deal

IF you take my recommendation and create a serum with both Mood Enhancer and Distilled Aphrodisiac and then produce 10 of those to give to her, you’ll get a scene where she gets very happy, and begins stripping down in front of you until she finally gleefully invites you to fuck her. Do eet, and when you’re done filling her box she’ll tell you to leave the box of drugs


To insta-convince her she needs to love incest. It says “like” but that’s an error which has been reported to Vren. We’ll see if he changes the requirement or the text to match. For now, it’s loves incest, repetition, or the quest. For the quest choose “let me change your mind” and she’ll explain that her Insta followers are going absolutely mad about your Mom (even if you haven’t begun taking pictures with Jennifer yet) and promises that if you can talk Jennifer into some topless shots, Lily’s ass is yours.

For the next step, you need to advance Lily’s instathot quest to the point where she asks you if she should start taking topless and nude shots to help Jennifer with the bills. Say yes, of course, and then wait for Jennifer to ask you about it on Saturday morning. The earliest I’ve seen it was the 3rd weekend, iirc. Rat Lily out*, and then wait for Lily to confront you about it that night or the following one. When the idea of having Jennifer pose with her comes up, choose what you want and then you’ll invite her to join the next time you help Lily with instapic. Even if you chose “just do it once” Jennifer will insist on dressing up. After that, the next day you speak to Lily she’ll tell you about Jennifer going viral on her instapics, and accept the possibility of doing more shoots. Now you can invite Jennifer every time you do shots with Lily, getting progressively more risque with each shoot. Once you get the option “take your tits out” you’ll need to fulfil one of three requirements to convince Jennifer. She needs to either like showing her tits (a sexy opinion, which can be trained via trance), have 50 sluttiness, or 140 obedience. Each option leads to a slightly different scene (I like the obedience one for how gobsmacked Lily is about it), but they all satisfy Lily’s anal quest. Unfortunately, this one’s turn-in is anticlimactic for the effort you need to take. Oh well

*If you covered for Lily when Jennifer asked, don’t worry. Every time you take extra topless or nude shots with Lily it sets a flag for Jennifer to ask you about it the following Saturday morning. You can force taking topless or nude shots by making a special request in insta when you check your phone and then going to Lily and doing the shoot right away. If she’s slutty enough (over 40 for nude) she’ll bring it up after the normal shots. I just tested it in my own game and got Jennifer to ask about it three weekends in a row, with MC repeating the “I guess she’s working between classes” lie each time

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