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Henteria Chronicles Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to Henteria Chronicles Walkthrough & Guide, which helps you to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

Tips – Henteria Chronicles Walkthrough & Guide

A hint for those who might have forgotten: If you open the chest in your room, and have the boots of windwalk in your inventory, you just have to press A once to get your character to max speed, and A again to go back to normal.

Day 1 – Henteria Chronicles Walkthrough & Guide

Before anything else, you should head to the Manor’s Pond (outside, directly to the MC’s left after exiting his room). There you’ll find a fairy, Ixy, that’ll ask you to help her. Complete her really easy quest and you’ll unlock her hints: go talk to her when you feel lost of when you don’t remember what to do. It might help.

After that, as Nestia already told you, you should go talk to Celestine by the Onya river, to the MC’s right after exiting the manor.

However, don’t forget the practice sword in your room or you’ll have to go back to get it (but you should already have it if you completed Ixy’s quest).

After talking to Celestine, complete her mini-game and it’ll be afternoon. At this point, you’ll have to talk to Eleonora in her laboratory (lower west wing, last room on the MC’s left).

Go do what she told you, pick up beans in the forest accessible through the map “road to highlace manor”, and go to the clearing to watch the cutscene .

After watching the cutscene, go speak to Theas, he’ll give you 3 beans, then head out of the Clearing and straight to Fayne’s house (or not, it’s up to you. You can watch the first sex scene by peeping behind Fayne’s house, but the scene is not mandatory, and completely miss-able).

If you have all the beans (20 of them), go back to Eleonora’s and watch the cutscene until the end. It should then be the evening.

Head to the upper west wing and talk to Gary, pacing in front of the ladies’ bath. You don’t have to do anything there but watch the (I hope) funny/sexy cutscene. Once it’s done, go to your bed and get your well-deserved beauty sleep.

Day 2 and on – Henteria Chronicles Walkthrough & Guide

Now things are starting to get a bit more complicated!

You’ll have to gather four essences: The Essence of Ingenuity, the Essence of Tenacity, the Essence of Fortune and finally, the Essence of Loyalty.

At first, you’ll only be able to get Ingenuity and Tenacity. You can start with either one, no particular order.


First, talk to Nestia in the lower west wing in the morning. Then, head to the kitchen to talk to Gary. After that, go inside Gary’s cabin outside of the lower west wing and fight the fight of your life! Defeat your opponent and see it drop the key to the unused room Nestia was standing in front of. You can now enter said room.

You won’t be able to push the boulder right away though. Head to Fayne’s house in the afternoon, watch the cut scene and the sex scene (not mandatory, and also miss-able) by peeking behind the house.

Chop the wood and reap your reward. You’ll also get stronger from it, which will allow you to push the boulders of the unused room and solve the puzzle. Once you have, you’ll get the Essence of Ingenuity!


This one needs more grinding. You have two choices at first: either go speak to the cat in the morning by the Road to Highlace Manor and pick up what’s behind it, or speak to Neyn in his shop in the morning/afternoon (either way, you’ll have to do both at first, but the order you do it doesn’t matter).

After that, it’ll be a game of trade:

First thing first, speak to Theas in the Woodcutter’s Forest in the afternoon (he’ll be standing by the small pond), and trade what you got behind the cat for something Theas has.

Then, sleep until morning and go to the kitchen in the lower east wing. You’ll find Gary, ready to trade! Exchange with him what you got from Theas.

Last but not least, Lady Eleonora! Once you’ve exchanged items with Gary, go to her laboratory in the afternoon. She’ll be the last person you trade with before Neyn.

After you’ve traded with Eleonora, sleep until the evening and head to the manor’s garden outside of the upper west wing. Speak with Celestine there and come back the next morning.

She’ll be willing to open her maze in exchange of something valuable, which happens to be what you’ve traded with Eleonora before. Give it to Celestine, complete the maze (there’s some money hidden in it as well), and get your prize.

Finally, exchange said prize with Neyn and you’ll get the Essence of Tenacity! Congratulations!

Fortune – Henteria Chronicles Walkthrough & Guide

You can now aim to get the Essence of Fortune only after you got Tenacity. For that, speak with Nestia at night by the manor’s pond. Then, get a light in Nestia’s room (right next to yours), a rope in the storage room (in front of your room) or by buying it at Neyn’s, and a plank by talking to Fayne in her house in the afternoon.

Once you’ve picked up all the items, get to the hole in the center of the manor’s pond, explore the cave and answer the riddles.

Here are the answers:

1. The silence

2. A river

3. Time, time (both capital and lowercase accepted)

Enter the chamber, pick up the Essence of Fortune, then get out of the cave. (Do Ingenuity if you haven’t already).

After such an eventful day, get to your lovely bed and rest a while…


Here’s the last Essence! You need all three before you can access this one. You sleep in your bed…and wake up somewhere.

Find your way through the teleportation crystals (there are hints based on the reddish stones/blueish stones/green leaves scattered near the crystals: a single pile means the crystal near leads to an ice map, two, a fire map, and three, a jungle map. If there are none, it means it’s the right crystal to finish the puzzle).

For a more straight-forward walkthrough: Once you went through the purple crystal, use the left crystal (left from you player’s perspective), then left again, then right.

After that, it’s straight ahead, only cut scenes, nothing you can get lost on.

All the essences gathered – Henteria Chronicles Walkthrough & Guide

You’ll wake up in your room. Get out and find Celestine who’ll tell you to check the fence left of the manor’s pond. Do it, get jumped on by monsters, and do the mini-game (watch for the damn slime, this one’s a tricky bastard).

Once again, it’s pretty straight-forward.

The demons are here

Once you’re free to move again, go sleep in your room and wait until the evening . Go to the main hall, speak to Gary, and head to the guest room in the upper west wing.

Speak to Ezekiel and find the book he’s asked you to find. It is located on one of the bookshelves in the lower west wing. Pick it up and bring it back to the guest room. After that, exit the room, watch the cutscenes, and you’ll be transported through a series of cutscenes that mark the beginning of the first update of the game.

When the real deal starts (beginning of first update’s content)

Once you have finished watching all the cutscenes letting players catch a first glimpse of Eleonora’s past as well as her past relationship with Ezekiel (then disguising himself as Ezelion), you’ll be transferred in your room.

Go to the Main Hall and watch a cutscene with you, Nestia and Gizmo. Take the board you just received and set it in your room (this is optional, but it might help you out a lot). After that, the whole day is spent looking for Eleonora to progress through the game.

First, find her in her Study during the morning. Then, once you’ve watched this event, you’ll find her in the Guest Room in the Upper West Wing of the manor, having a conversation with Ezekiel. Once you’re done listening, you can head to your bed, and sleep until the evening, after which you want to head to Eleonora’s room to watch an H event.

(Keep in mind that there’s also a recurrent event involving Fayne and Kayne behind Fayne’s house in the morning. It won’t disappear immediately, but you might want to go and watch it before it is too late.)

After you’re done watching Eleonora’s event, go back to sleep and head to the Frontyard during the morning. Watch the event, and you now have a way to fast travel to the Woodcutter’s Forest from the Manor’s Frontyard, and back. You also have a mini-event involving both Ezekiel and Eleonora in Eleonora’s Study.

After that, in the afternoon, go check on Ezekiel and Gizmo in the Upper West Wing’s Guest Room. Once you’re done, you can either decide to switch to the evening or watch another mini-cutscene between Ezekiel and Eleonora in her room. Whatever you choose, your next step is Eleonora’s room in the evening: watch her other H event there, then go to bed until morning .

(–This will be the last time you can view Fayne and Kayne’s event behind Fayne’s house before it is replaced by another H scene–).

Nestia’s NTR – Henteria Chronicles Walkthrough & Guide

Nestia’s going to steal the limelight, finally, some might say! Go to the Main Hall in the morning, watch the cutscene, then head to your room, or watch the optional H cutscene between Fayne and Kane in Fayne’s house (watchable until the end of the update’s content).

Whatever you choose to do, your next destination should be the MC’s room in the morning. Step on the moving circle to start tailing Nestia on her first city date with Gizmo. Watch the events until the city park. You have a bit of gameplay there, just for fun . Head to the top right of the map, step on the circle and finish the small event. After that, you’re transferred to another city street, where you need to catch an old lady’s cat, Leon. Speak to the fish merchant right behind the old lady, he’ll give you a bit of fish with which you’ll be able to lure the cat and bring him back to the lady.

Watch all the cutscenes after that until you arrive to the hostel 5th floor. Speak to the maid (after which you can find her in a room masturbating), listen through the door she was standing in front of, get on the Hostel roof and try to peep through the window, but fail.

After that, head back to where you arrived in the 5th floor corridor and choose to go back to the manor. There’s a rather long cutscene after that, and once you’re free to move again, head to your room where another cutscene will appear.

A glimmer of hope? – Henteria Chronicles Walkthrough & Guide

Now, we’re back to Eleonora. Go to her room, speak with her, then meet up with her in the

afternoon in the Woodcutter’s Forest, near the small body of water on the left of the map. You also have a mini-event with Nestia in her room that you can watch in the afternoon, by the way.

So, as mentioned above, speak with Eleonora in the Woodcutter’s Forest, learn a bit about her and her feelings, then she’ll invite you to visit her in her room during the night .

In the evening, try to visit her room, but be stopped by Ezekiel (again!) who’ll ask you to retrieve a package for him at Neyn’s shop. Go there, read the letter, go through the trap door to find a small puzzle. The solution is: green – purple – red – blue. Once the safe room’s open, take the package, then go back to Eleonora’s room, and watch the last event, as well as see a faint glimmer of hope fade away…

Conversations and Chastity Belt (start of update 2)

The next morning, you’ll have to talk with the three ladies of the manor before anything else. Eleonora is located in her study, Celestine in the lower west wing, and Nestia near the manor’s pond.

I recommend you speak to Nestia last because after her cutscene it’ll be the afternoon and, if you haven’t spoken to Celestine and/or Eleonora yet, you’ll have to sleep again until the next morning to talk to them.

After you’ve spoken to all three ladies, an event in Ezekiel’s room, in the upper west wing, will be unlocked. Talk to him in the afternoon, do what he says, and then you’ll see a cutscene. After that, you can either go to the cellar (lower east wing), and watch an event between Gizmo and Nestia or go straight to sleep. The NestiaxGizmo cellar event isn’t mandatory to progress the story and could therefore be missed . If you’ve missed it and went straight to bed, it’ll stay on after that for a few days, but disappear if you progress the story too far, so watch it fast.,

Once it is done, go sleep until the next day. You’ll see another cutscene while you sleep, then wake up on the timeframe you’ve chosen to sleep to.

Into the succubus realm

The next day, you can watch an event with Fayne by going to the clearing first, then by peeking through the window behind her house. If you’ve seen the whole event, there’ll be mini events in the afternoon and during the night, triggered by looking through the window again. This scene is, once again, missable if you progress too much through the story. So watch it as soon as you can.

To progress the story, first go check on Eleonora’s door in the afternoon. It’ll lead to a cutscene. After you’ve finished watching it, meet up with Celestine in the main hall during the evening, then join her in the Woodcutter’s forest. Solve the puzzle, watch the event, then back to bed : ). Solution to the puzzle is written below. (Be warned: after doing this event, you won’t be able to watch NestiaxGizmo Cellar cutscene anymore.)

Void Dimension Puzzle – Henteria Chronicles Walkthrough & Guide

To complete the puzzle, just follow the green path first while making sure to step on the circles in the order written below. Then purple path, light blue path, and then the way will be open to go straight to the last circle (roughly indicated by the crimson line on the picture). Once you step on the last circle, the puzzle will be down and a cutscene will start.

The turning points

We’re getting into the main NTR stuff, this means things are about to get spicier!

First, two small scenes with Nestia: one in the morning, really small (just listening): once you exit your room, you’ll see Nestia go into her room with Gizmo. You’ll then be able to listen through the door.

The second small scene is in the afternoon: enter Nestia’s room, talk to her, then exit and re-enter the room.

Once you’ve seen the event and got first introduced to Nephenor, just head out of the morning into the frontyard in the morning. A series of custscenes will trigger automatically. Once you’re done watching them, you’ll be standing in the Main Hall in the afternoon.

From there, meet up with Ezekiel (also in the Main Hall), and do what he says (retrieve ssmall box in Gizmo’s room, give it to Eleonora in the ladies’ bathroom in the upper west wing, then report back to Ezekiel in his room, right next to the bathroom). After you exit Ezekiel’s room, another cutscene will trigger, and you’ll be transported to the evening.

There, all you need to do is just go back to your room and choose the option to sleep in your bed… (Be warned: after doing this event, you won’t be able to watch FaynexKane House’s cutscene anymore.)

Cutscenes will be shown, sex will be happening. You’ll wake up at some point and gain control of your character. You can go to Gary’s cabin to hear and see things through a window, but to truly progress through the story you’ll have to go back to Eleonora’s room, step in front of the door inside of her room, and let the cutscene trigger.

Camping trip, yay!?

The next morning, you can watch a small event with Fayne and Theas if you go to Fayne’s House. Also, there’s a bigger event involving Celestine and Gary that’ll trigger if you go speak to Gary in front of his cabin, but it is missable so try to do it ASAP.

The main event will take place in the afternoon, though. Go to the frontyard, and watch the cutscene.

(for those who have access to the extra scene, you’ll be asked to fetch something in the Woodcutter’s Forest before leaving)

Go to Ezekiel and say whether you’re ready or not, If you are, you’ll be leaving on a camping trip! You’ll make a stop halfway through. Nestia will go deeper into the forest for a while, and Gizmo will follow her. Just follow after them once you’re free to go again and watch the cutscene.

1,2,3…Start camping!

Since there are less maps to navigate, the game should be more straight-forward. First, watch the campfire intro cutscene, then you’ll have to pick up the camping supplies by the cart.

After that, go to the Ladies’ Tents Map up north, and set Eleonora’s tent, then head east, then north to get to the Men’s tents (Gizmo + Ezekiel). Set up Ezekiel and Gizmo’s tents, then head west of the map and set up your tent (the order you set up the tents doesn’t actually matter).

After that, watch the cutscene, and head to your tent to sleep. You’ll wake up in the middle of the night. Head to the carts (campfire map) and pick up an apple in one of them. Then go back to your tent (you’ll see a mini event as you go back to your tent, then you’ll automatically move forward to the next day).

Search for flowers – Henteria Chronicles Walkthrough & Guide

After you’ve woken up, go to the Men’s Tents Map and speak with Ezekiel. He’ll ask you to go pick up flowers, and Nestia will tag along. Meet her near the Forest’s Edge (go south then east), speak with her then follow her.

You must now pick up several little flowers. They’re easy to find, so walk around the small map, pick up the five flowers, then go back to Nestia and speak to her. Once you’re back at the camp, go to

Ezekiel (Men’s Tents Map), speak with him, then watch the rather long cutscene until you’re free to move again. Go back to your tent and sleep, to be met with another rather long flashback.

Nestia’s NTR – Henteria Chronicles Walkthrough & Guide

After you’ve woken up., go east and watch the small NestiaxGizmo cutscene. Speak with Nestia, then go meet Eleonora by the water (Ladies’ Tents Map). When you’re done speaking with her, go into the Forest (South to Campfire Map, then East until you can exit the map) then head to “Edge of the Forest (Look for Nestia)” . Step on the sparkling star on the ground, watch the event then head east.

You can now do the minigame. It is pretty straight-forward, but it is even easier when you realize that as long as ou’re not moving, the wolves won’t see you (you don’t even need to be hidden behind a tree). Maybe their ancestors were T-Rex, who knows?

Once you’ve crossed the map, exit and then be met with several custcenes, then go back to camp. There, you can either go directly to sleep in your tent or go to the Ladies’ Tents to watch a silhouette mini scene (skippable if you don’t do it right away and just go to sleep). Anyway, go to sleep to progress further.

End of your trip

Wake up, then go to the Men’s Tents map, watch the cutscene, then head to the Ladies’ Tents map and step in front of Nestia’s tent. Watch the 2- parts sex scene, then head back to Ezekiel and speak with him. He’ll ask you to go back to the Ladies’ Tents map to pick up drinks (by the shore). Go there, watch a cutscene on your way, then pick up the crate of drinks after speaking with Gizmo. Put it down by the campfire then speak with Ezekiel again.

You’ll be automatically transported to a long cutscene by the campfire, so you’ll just have to watch it until the next day. Speak to Eleonora and Nestia (Campfie Map) then step next to the carts on the sparkling star on the ground.

Back to the Manor – Henteria Chronicles Walkthrough & Guide

Now that you’re back, why not go say hi to everyone that was left at the manor? Go to the Woodcutter’s Forest in the afternoon and go say hi to Theas, then see a scene with FaynexKane.

After you’re done, go see Celestine in her room (still afternoon), and, after you spoke to her, meet up the next morning by the Onya river.

Then, you’ll start with the mini game already (it’s a really quick one, but a skip option has been added if you lose and don’t wanna start again).

Once you’ve finished, you’ve got a CelexGary scene to watch, after which you’ll go back to your room (afternoon) and stumble upon a scene with Gizmo and Nestia. Then you can go to sleep.

The Gizmo Nestia Crisis

Go speak with Ezekiel in his guest room in the morning. It’ll lead to a scene that will take you straight to the afternoon. Go out of the guest room, stumble upon Eze, then go to the guest room in the lower west wing. There you’ll watch a scene with Nestia and Gizmo.

Go back to Ezekiel and watch the scene. Then, you’ll have to go to your room, sleep till the evening, come out and see a short scene. After that, go to the bathroom, and speak first to Gary, then Ezekiel.

Once you’re done, go sleep in your room, which’ll lead to a long dream sequence.

Fayne-Theas, the confession

Once you wake up, read the note on the table in your room. Go to Theas in the Woodcutter’s Forest, who’ll tell you to go to Fayne.

Go to her house, where you can either wait or see a small scene behind her house, then wait. After waiting, you’ll speak with Fayne, then you can go to Theas. After you two are done speaking, come

back to the small pond in the Woodcutter’s Forest in the evening, and speak with Theas again. It’ll lead to a long-ish scene with Fayne. You can go sleep to the morning afterwards.

The Last Day – Henteria Chronicles Walkthrough & Guide

The last day will be pretty hectic. First, speak with Nestia on the Main Hall’s stairs. She’ll send you to the Woodcutter’s Forest, where you’ll watch a scene with Gizmo and Ezekiel, after which you’ll run back to Nestia.

It’ll lead to a scene with Nestia and Gizmo.

After you’re done watching it, go to Gary’s Cabin in the afternoon and speak with him. It’ll lead to yet another scene with Gary and Celestine, and an extra scene depending on your version.

After you’re finished, go to Eleonora’s room in the evening. After you’re done watching the scene, go back to your room.

From there, it should be pretty straight-forward before reaching the end of update 4! As always, a huge thanks for playing, it means a lot to me. : )

The Endings – Henteria Chronicles Walkthrough & Guide

After speaking to Gamaldayn, you’ll be given three choices, each leading to a different ending:

1) The NTR Ending

2) The Non-NTR Ending

3) The True Ending

1) The NTR Ending

After losing to Ezekiel, you’ll see a sex scene, then skip several months in time to reach the free- roaming mode. Below will be written the place and time of every scene, ranging from just seeing the characters and hearing moans to some mid-length events.


Day 1 Morning: In Eleonora’s Room

Day 1 Afternoon: There’s an extra-scene in Eleonora’s Room. For those who don’t have access to it, you’ll be able to hear moans through the door.

Day 2 Morning: In Ezekiel’s Guest Room

Day 2 Morning: In Eleonora’s Room

Day 2 Afternoon: In Old Man Gary’s Cabin

Day 2 Night: In Eleonora’s Room


Day 1 Morning: In Nestia’s Room

Day 1 Night: In Gizmo’s Guest Room

Day 2 Morning: In Nestia’s Room

Day 2 Afternoon: In Nestia’s Room

Day 2 Night: In Eleonora’s Room


Day 1 Morning: In Old Man Gary’s Cabin

Day 1 Afternoon: In Neyn’s Shop

Day 1 Night: In Old Man Gary’s Cabin

Day 2 Morning: In Old Man Gary’s Cabin

Day 2 Afternoon: In Old Man Gary’s Cabin

Day 2 Night: In Old Man Gary’s Cabin


Day 1 Afternoon: Inside her house (Only sounds in front of door)

Day 1 Night: Inside her house (Peek behind the house)

Day 2 Morning: In the Clearing

Day 2 Night: In Old Man Gary’s Cabin

-Other Characters:

Day 1 & 2 Afternoon: Lower Part of the Manor’s Pond

Those are all the scenes you can see. A majority of them are really short, and some involve 4+ characters at once.

You can see a small ending to this ending by stepping on the circle in your room which appears in the night of Day 2.

2) The Non-NTR Ending

This one will play slightly differently. After Ezekiel left for good, you’ll skip a few months in time. There, you’ll have to follow the events in turn.

(Fayne’s Ending during the free-roam part will change depending on whether you’ve seen her morning + afternoon events during the first non-ntr part. You can see the morning event by talking to Theas in the Woodcutter’s Forest first then listening on their conversation in front of Fayne’s house. The afternoon event will just be stepping in front of Fayne’s room door).

First, dress up and get out of your room. See the scene with Eleonora, Nestia and Celestine, then you’re free to move. There are two main actions to do now: 1) go speak to Eleonora in her room, then 2) go speak to Celestine in front of Gary’s Cabin, then go talk to Neyn in his shop (the order doesn’t matter, you can do 2) first then 1)). After that, go to sleep until the afternoon.

Once again, there are 2 actions to do: 1) go speak to Celestine in her room, and see a scene with her, then 2) go speak with Eleonora on the small island in the middle of the Manor’s Pond (once again, the order doesn’t matter). Now, you can sleep till the evening.

In the evening, just step on the circle in your room and see an event with Eleonora.

After you’re done watching it, you’ll skip a few years again, to the free roam part of the ending.

There are 4 scenes to watch in total: one in the morning in Eleonora’s Room, one in the afternoon in Celestine’s Room, and 2 in the evening: one in the lower west wing and one in Eleonora’s Room..

Same as the NTR Ending, you can see a small ending to this ending by stepping on the circle in Eleonora’s Room which appears in the evening.

3) The True Ending

This one’s rather short compared to the other two.

When you choose this ending, you’ll be transported to your room. Head outside your room, then the Main Hall, then to the Frontyard.

After that, go to the Onya River, and speak with the several guest of the party, and after talking to all of them (if they’re a group of two, you only need to speak to one of them, as the dialogue will usually be the same for both). After you’ve done so, you’ll see a sparkling star on the ground near the people standing by the bridge in the upper part of the map. Step on it, then they’ll move, and you can finally cross to the other side.

Approach Celestine and Gary, and an event will trigger automatically. You’ll be sent to the Frontyard again. Try to exit to the Main Road and see the last event.

Skip to the end. Just walk up the road, pick up a shining item on the ground, then keep heading north. Speak with the young man you find in a clearing, and there it is, you’re done with the True Ending!

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